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Early Census Data

1841 - 54 people and 12 houses

1851 - 36 and 8 houses

1861 - 50 people (26 males & 24 females) and 9 houses



No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Language  
  William Doherty and Sophia O'Donnell household            
1 Doherty Sophia Head RC Can't read 58 Farmer Widow Donegal    
  Doherty William son RC RW 31 Farmer's son Married Donegal    
  Doherty Annie Dau-in-law RC RW 29   Married Donegal    
  Doherty Daniel Son RC RW 25 Farmer's son Single Donegal    
  William Doherty and Anne Connaghan Household            
2 Doherty William Head RC RW 40 Farmer Married     Donegal
  Doherty Annie Wife RC RW 42   Married Married 10 yrs 3 ch born/living Donegal
  Doherty Sophia Dau RC RW 8 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Doherty Columb Son RC Only reads 5 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Doherty Annie dau RC Can't read 2   Single     Donegal


Marriage Banns for William and Sophia dated 23 Jan 1859, Conwal & Leck register

Sophia d 27 Jan 1905 aged 64 years and is buried in Gartan Graveyard with her husband William Doherty, who d 22 Jun 1899 aged 66 years - see headstone inscription & photo

Children of William and Sophia:

- Pat b 17 Mar 1867

- William b 3 May 1869

Children of William and Anne:

-Sophia b 27 Jun 1902, Godparents Patrick and Frances Connaghan

  Farrigal Bradley and Margaret Campbell Household            
3 Bradley Ferrigal Head RC Can't read 63 Farmer Married Donegal    
  Bradley Margaret Wife RC RW 35   Married Donegal    
  Bradley Margaret Sister RC Can't read 68 Farmer's sister Single Donegal    


Farrigal Bradley, Lacknacoo, son of Edward, married Margaret Campbell, Meenacung, dau of William, 11 Feb 1888. Witnesses Hugh and Margaret Gallagher

  Charles Ward and Frances Gallagher Household            
4 Ward Charles Head RC RW 40 Farmer Married Donegal    
  Ward Fanny Wife RC RW 38   Married Donegal    
  Ward Michael Son RC RW 20 Farmer's son Single Donegal    
  Ward Ellen Dau RC Can't read 16 Farmer's dau Single Donegal    
  Ward Patrick Son RC RW 14 Scholar Single Donegal    
  Ward Bridget Dau RC RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal    
5 Ward Charles Head RC RW 71 Farmer Married     Donegal
  Ward Fanney Wife RC RW 70   Married Married 35 yrs 7 ch born/5 living Donegal
  Ward Francis Son RC RW 22 Farmer's son Single     Donegal
  Ward Charles Son RC RW 20 Farmer's son Single     Donegal
  Ward Bridget Dau RC RW 24   Single     Donegal
  Nicholson William James Grandson RC RW 11 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Nicholson Mary Anne Granddaughter RC RW 10 Scholar Single     Donegal

Notes :

Charles Ward married twice :

Marriage 1 - Isabella Sweeney in 1872?

- Isabella Ward d 18 Jan 1873 in Murroe

Marriage 2 - Charles Ward, widower, Labourer, Murroe, son of Francis, Farmer, married Fanny Gallagher, spinster, Murroe, dau of Michael, 26 Dec 1878. Witnesses Neil and Mary Ward

Charles' brothers, John and Neal in Murroe - see 1901 census Murroe

Charles d 12 Nov 1923 & Fanny d 4 Jan 1924 - see Headstone, Gartan Graveyard

Children of Charles and Isabella? :

James b 25 Dec 1872 d 23 Jan 1873

Children of Charles and Frances :

Mary b 15 Nov 1879 (8 Oct by Church baptism register) in Murroe

- married John Nicholson, Inishkeel Parish - see 1901 census Eden

- William James and Mary Anne ch of John and Mary

Michael b 1 Sep 1882 in Murroe

Ellen b 16 Jul 1884 in Murroe

Patrick b 1 Oct 1886 in Murroe

Bridget b 15 Feb 1889 in Lacknacoo

Francis b 25 Sep 1891 in Lacknacoo

Charles b 1 Nov 1893 in Lacknacoo

  John Gallagher and Catherine Gallagher Household            
6 Gallagher John Head RC Can't read 32 Farmer Married Donegal    
  Gallagher Kate Wife RC RW 24   Married Donegal    
  Gallagher Maggie Dau RC Can't read 5 Farmer's dau Single Donegal    
  Gallagher Michael Son   Can't read 4 Farmer's son Single Donegal    
7 Gallagher John Head RC RW 48 Farmer Married Donegal    
  Gallagher Michael Son RC RW 14 Scholar Single Donegal    


John Gallagher son of Edward Gallagher and Bridget Gallagher

Edward and Bridget married in 1849, according to their son James' pension application in 1921

- James' address at the time of application was 41 New St, Calderbank, Airdrie, Scotland

Edward died 28 Jun 1890 aged 80 years - informant, his daughter, Margaret

Bridget died 9 Sep 1911 aged 70 years - informant, her dau-in-law, Catherine

Children of Edward and Bridget :

Mary b abt 1859, married Condy Murray, 26, Drumdeevin, son of John Murray and Rose Murray, 5 Feb 1889. Witnesses Pat Kelly, Drumdeevin and Anabella Murray, Drumboghill

Margaret b abt 1866, married Frank O'Donnell, Gardener, 26, son of Manus O'Donnell (Derryfad) and Mary Coll, 24 Dec 1893. Witnesses Patrick and Annie Connaghan

Bridget b 16 May 1868


William b 12 Oct 1877

John married Catherine Gallagher, Drumnakillew, Clondahorky, dau of John, 4 Feb 1894 in Dunfanaghy. Witnesses John ad Bridget Ferry, Cashel - see marriage

- Catherine with her father in Drumnakillew in 1911 - see 1901 census Drumnakillew 1911 census Drumnakillew

Children of John and Catherine -

John b 17 Dec 1894, bapt Doe 17 Dec, Godparents Michael and Ellen Gallagher - see baptism

Maggie b 21 Jan 1896, bapt Glendowan 22 Jan, Godparents Patrick and Catherine Duddy

Michael b 1 Feb 1897, bapt Glendowan 4 Feb, Godparents Patrick and Teresa Duddy

  William Buchanan and Ann Buchanan Household            
8 Buchanan Mary Ann Head CI Can't read 50 Seamstress Single Donegal    
  Buchanan Elizabeth Sister CI Can't read 30 Seamstress Single Donegal    
  Buchanan Alexander Brother CI Can't read 34 Farmer Single Donegal    


Mary Ann, Elizabeth & Alexander possibly children of William Buchanan and Ann Buchanan - see 1901 census Drumcavaney

Mary Ann Buchanan b 9 Feb 1853
Elizabeth born born 19 Mar 1867

Mary Ann, Elizabeth & Alexander in Roshin in 1911 - see Roshin census

Researcher: Muriel - Email

  Daniel Gallagher and Susan Gallagher Household            
9 Gallagher Dan Head RC RW 38 Farmer Married Donegal    
  Gallagher Susan Wife RC RW 34   Married Donegal    
  Gallagher John Son RC Can't read 6 Farmer's son Single Donegal    
10 Gallagher Daniel Head RC RW 52 District Councillor/Farmer Married     Donegal
  Gallagher Susan Wife RC RW 45     Married 13 yrs 8 ch born/6 living Donegal
  Gallagher Charles Son RC RW 9 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Gallagher Isabella M Dau RC RW 8 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Gallagher Bridget E Dau RC RW 6 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Gallagher John C Son RC Can't read 4   Single     Donegal
  Gallagher Hannah Dau RC Can't read 2   Single     Donegal
  Gallagher Joseph D Son RC   11mths   Single     Donegal


Daniel Gallagher, son of John Gallagher and Bridget Molloy, Ballybuninabber, Kilmacrenan, married Susan Gallagher, dau of Michael Gallagher and Hannah McLaughlin, Doon, Kilmacrenan,

10 Feb 1898 at Termon. 4 & 4 degree consanguinity

Daniel's family - see 1901 Ballybuninabber census

Susan's family - see 1901 Doon census

Daniel d 15 Aug 1917 & Susan d 23 May 1950.

Buried Gartan - see Headstone photo


John Neeley and Margaret Tease Household

11 Neeley John Head Pres Can't read 54 Farmer Married Donegal    
  Neeley Margaret Wife Pres Only reads 46   Married Donegal    
  Neeley James Son Pres RW 16 Scholar Single Donegal    
  Neeley Bella Dau   RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal    
12 Neely John Head Pres Can't read 75 Farmer Married born   Donegal
  Neely Margaret Wife Pres Only reads 69   Married Married 52 yrs 10 ch born/6 living Donegal
  Neely Bella Dau Pres RW 24   Single born   Donegal
  Ferguson Thomas John Grandson CofI RW 13   Single born   PA, America


John Neely, Cloncarney, full age, son of Moses Neely & Martha Lindsay, married Margaret Tease, 16 yrs, Trenta, dau of James Tease and Mary Campbell, publican, 20 Jan 1859 in Trenta

John's brother Moses m Matilda - see 1901 census Cloncarney

John died on the 27th Feb 1913 Lacknacoo, Churchill aged 78 - Informant Margaret Neely

Children of James Tease and Mary Campbell (all b Trentatease, Conwal) -

Moses bapt 15th Sep 1840

Margaret  bapt 11 Dec 1842 m John Neely

Fanny bapt 28 Feb 1845 d 15 June 1845

John bapt 22 Jan 1847 m Elizabeth Maylem 18 Oct 1871 in Manhattan, New York

Catherine bapt 9 Jul 1849

Eliza Jane bapt 15 Oct 1851

- Mary Tease, married woman, d 9 Dec 1890 aged 80 in Lacknacoo, informant James Tease, Householder

Children of John and Margaret -

Eliza - Bapt 21 Feb 1860 Trenta
Mary - Bap 20 Dec 1862 Dromore
Matilda - Bapt 30 Sep 1865 Trentatease (civil registration details
23 Dec 1865 in Dromore), m Ferguson. Two children b Pennsylvania -

- Margaret J Ferguson b1 Jan 1897

- Thomas John Ferguson b 3 Feb 1899

- Emigrated to Philadelphia 24 April 1891 on the Devonia dep Londonderry, with sister  Margaret Ann
Margaret Ann - Bapt 16 Feb 1869 Maghernagran (civil registration details
20 Feb 1869), emigrated to Philadelphia in 1891 with sister Matilda
Fanny - Bapt 1 Jan 1872 b
William John - Bapt 12 May 1875 Dromore, married a Catherine Board from Battersea London 15 Sep 1904 Trenta. They had 6 children -

- Alice May Neely b 12 Oct 1905 Glenveagh, fathers occupation Coachman

- Arthur John Neely b 11 Aug 1909 Fort Stewart, Ramelton, fathers occupation Gardener

- George Neely b Dunbartonshire, Scotland 1914.
- Percy Charles Neely b Dunbartonshire 30 Dec 1915 (Carol's Grandfather)
- James Neely b Dunbartonshire 23 Apr 1918
- Margaret Neely b Dunbartonshire 1920

- William died in Inverness, Scotland 3 Oct 1961
Moses - Bapt 24 Mar 1874 Dromore

Male b 22 Mar 1878 in Dromore
James - Bapt 14 Mar 1881 Dromore - he i
s a coachman and domestic servant in 1911 census for Mullangore - see Mullangore census
Isabella - Bapt 5 Jun 1887 Dromore

Fanny and Isabella emigrated on the SS California 26 Sep 1908 to NY. They were going to join cousin Robert Birland, 5536 Morris St, Germantown, Philadelphia. Both were 5'6" tall - Fanny had a

fair complexion, brown hair and eyes; Isabella had a dark complexion, dark hair and blue eyes.

Researcher: Carol - Email

  Photograph Submitted by Carol


Margaret Neely ms Tease along with her daughter Isabella and grandson Thomas John Ferguson, circa 1905

(Select to enlarge)

  Andrew James Stafford and Margaret Moore (nee Robinson) Household            
13 Stafford Andrew Head CofI RW 33 Farmer/carpenter Married     Donegal
  Stafford Margaret Wife CofI RW 33   Married Married <1yr no children Donegal
  Moore Isabella Step dau CofI RW 11 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Moore John William Step son CofI RW 10 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Moore Charles Step son CofI RW 8 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Moore Frances Anne J Step dau CofI RW 7 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Moore Violet Margaret Step dau CofI RW 5 Scholar Single     Donegal
  Moore Andrew Step son CofI   3   Single     Donegal


Andrew James Stafford m Margaret Moore Jan-Mar 1911 in Letterkenny. Civil marriage ref vol 2 pg 155

Andrew Stafford son of James Stafford and Mary Long? Andrew as a single man, with his parents - see Churchtown census

Margaret widow of Charles Moore of Glenbeagh - see Glenbeagh census

Researcher: Narelle - Email



Townland Notes:


Margaret Doherty, dau of James Doherty and Margaret Connaghan, b 12 Jun 1887 in Lacknacoo. Bap 16 Jun, sponsors John and Catherine Connaghan


Frank O'Donnell, Gardener, 26, son of Manus, married Margaret Gallagher, Servant, 27, dau of Edward, 24 Dec 1893. Witnesses Patrick and Annie Connaghan


Daniel Ward, 55, married, Cotter, d 7 Apr 1870. Informant Mary Ward, householder


Anne Ward, 60, married, farmer's wife, d 18 Oct 1873. Informant Mary Ward, householder


Anne Ward, 30, spinster, Cotter's dau, d 1 Feb 1875. Informant Edward Ward, householder


Bryan Doherty, 102, widower, Lacknacoo, d 18 Jan 1869. Informant householder Bridget Gallagher


Patrick Gillen, 2, farmer's child, d 10 Feb 1871. Informant Margaret Doherty, Churchtown


Bridget Gillen, 99, spinster, d 19 Jan 1872. Informant householder Susan Gillen




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