1841/1851 Census Search Forms - Glencolumbkille Parish

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The first weekly payment under the Old Age Pension Act (1908) was made at all the post offices in Ireland on New Year’s Day 1909. The five shillings pension (ten shillings per couple) was granted to all citizens who could prove that they were seventy years of age.

As Civil Registration did not begin until 1864, birth certificates were not available for those born before that date. Where baptismal records could not be found, the government found it necessary to establish a person’s age by allowing the census returns of 1841 and 1851

to be searched (these national census returns were subsequently destroyed by accidental fire in 1922). Applicants provided the information by letter, and where there were sufficient details, a search was carried out. When the family was found, and the applicant identified

as a child of the family, a certified copy of the return was provided on payment of two shillings.


The information in the Census Search Forms is given here.


Applicant Application Details Family Townland Results
Byrne, Thomas Aghragh, Teelin Byrne, Condy & Mary Aghragh Found. Condy & Mary marr 1843. No return of Thomas. Condy, 40, head, Mary, 28, wife, children John 2. Brother Patt 28, Servant John Malowney 17, Visitors Mary 20, Patt 53, Mary 40. Died 1847 Father Patt 70 & son Patt 9 mths
Gara, Kate Carrick Byrne, Owen & Margaret (Gparents) Braade Lower/Upper Not found
Byrne, Bridget Aghragh, Teelin Byrne, Patrick & Doherty, Kate Aghragh Found Families - Sheet 14: Daniel Gara, 50, head, Patt Byrne, 40, Visitor marr 1831. Sheet 10: Patt & Susan Byrne marr 1840. chidlren Thomas 10, Condy 9, Hanah 7, Mary 4, Bridget 1
Cannon, Ann Malin More Cannon, Daniel & Catherine Malin Beg/More Found Daniel & Catherine marr 1839, children: Unity 11, Rose 9, Biddy 6˝, Mary 2yr 8mths. No dau Ann
McLoughlin, Bridget McBrearty, Cappagh Charles & Hannah McLoughlin Aghragh Found. Bridget 4 yrs
Cleary family Ballyshannon Cleary, Conor & Anne Cloghan Not found
Connaghan, Mary Glenties Connaghan, John & Annie Straboy Found John & Ann Conaghan marr 1850, no children
Craig, James Malin Beg Craig, Ignatius & McGinley, Bridget Malin Beg/More Found John & Maggy McGinley marr 1843. No trace James. Children supposed to be Rose, John, Daniel, James, Mary, Patrick, Ignatius, Bridget & Margaret. Found John & Mary McGinley marr 1824 with gson John Craig 4 yrs in Malin Beg
Cunnea, Peter Doonalt Cunnea, Edward & Nancy Doonalt Found Edward & Biddy Cunnea marr 1846, son Peter 4
Cunningham, Mary Meenaneary Cunningham, Bryan & Anne Straboy Found Bryan marr 1835 & 1847, Catherine wife marr 1847. First wife Catherine 35 d 1848. No return of Mary
Cunningham, James Carrick Upper Cunningham, Daniel & O'Donnell, Mary Carrick Upper Not Found. Children of family John, Margaret, Bridget & James
Cunningham, Mary Meenaneary Cunningham, James & Mary Meenaneary Not found
Cunningham, Maggie Malin More Cunningham, John & Dollie Malin Beg/More Found - no details recorded
Cunningham, James Meenacharvey Cunningham, Peter & Cannon, Bridget Meenacharvey Found Peter & Bridget McCunigham marr 1842, children John, Connell, Hugh & Patrick. No trace other children Eugene, James & William
Doherty, Catherine Cunningham, Carrick Doherty, James & Doherty, Nancy Carrick Lower Found - no details recorded
Donegan, Mary Haughey, Rinnakill Donegan, Michael & Mary Ummerawirrinan Found James Haughey 60 head marr 1821, Giles 56 wife, Michael Dunigan 26 son-in-law marr 1850, Mary Dunigan 21 dau, Condy Dunigan 6 mths gson. No return of Mary
Doogan, Bridget Cunningham, Straleel Doogan, Mortimer & Cunningham, Margaret Ummerawirrinan Found Murty & Peggy Doogan marr 1839, children Anne 9, Kate 7, Mary 3, Margaret 2. No return Bridget
Gara, Mary Carre, Meenadreen Gara, Edward & Mary/Molly Meenadiff Found - no details recorded
Gara, Mary Kinnakillew Gara, Patrick & Breslin, Anne Kinnakillew Found Patt & Any Gara marr 1844, children Michael 6, John 1. Died in infancy Denis & Anne (1847). Children b after 1851: Mary, Anne, Patrick
Gillespie, Bridget Gannew Gillespie, Andy & Molloy, Nancy Kinnakillew Found Michael & Elenor Gilespy with Henry, son 35 marr 1846, Anne 29 dau-in-law, Biddy 4 gdau & Frank 1 gson
Gillespie, Anne Carr, Kilgoly Gillespie, Con & Boyle, Mary. Gfather Charles Gillespie Kilgoly/Cashel Found Con & Mary marr 1847. No dau Anne. Children supposed to be Connell, Mary & Nancy
Cannon, Ann Malin More Gillespie, Condy & Bridget Dooey Found Connell & Biddy Gillespy, no trace Ann Cannon. Sheet 3: Ann Cannon 54 yrs, single. Sheet 13: Paddy & Ann Cannon marr 1832 chidlren Nancy 13, Hugh 18, Mary 15, James 10
Gillespie, Mary Cunningham, Carrick Gillespie, Edward & McShane, Bridget Malin More Found - no details recorded
Gillespie, John Kinnakillew Gillespie, Patrick & McGinley, Bridget Kinnakillew Found - no details recorded
Haughey, Ellen Cunningham, Colway Haughey, James & Barron, Mary Lergadaghtan Found - no details recorded
Haughey, Bridget Rinnakill Haughey, John & Gallagher, Bridget Rinnakill Found John & Biddy marr 1830, children John 21, Anne 16, Mary 13, James 9, Patt 6, Hannah 2. Catherine d 1849. No trace Bridget
Haughey, Bridget McBrearty, Cappagh Haughey, John & Peggy. Condy Haughey Gfather Shanbally Found - no details recorded
Heekin, Patrick Largynaseragh Heekin, Andy & Shovelin, Bridget Straboy Found. Children William 10, Mary 8, Bridget 7, Patrick 4
Hegarty, Michael Malin More Hegarty, James & Ann Malin More Found. Children Patrick 16, James 14, Maurice 11, Mary 9mths
Hegarty, Sarah McIntyre, Malin Beg Hegarty, Patrick & Byrne, Bridget Ummerawirrinan Found with child Patrick 4. Children b after 1851: Katie, Bridget, Anne & Mary
Maguire, Ann 1911 Maguire, Pat & Ann Carrick Not found. Claimant's father is supposed to have served in the police
McGinley, James Edinborough McGinley, Andrew & Campbell, Mary Meenacharvey Found Meenaneary Henry McGinley 76 head, marr 1810, Winifred 70 wife, Patrick 33 son marr 1849, Charles 30 son, Andrew 27 son marr 1849, Catherine 22 dau-in-law, Bridget 2mths gdau. Other children supposed to be Bernard & James
McGinley, Patrick Kinnakillew McGinley, James & Cunningham, Bridget Kinnakillew Found - no details recorded
McGinley, Margaret Boyle, Owenteskna McGinley, John & Catherine Meenacross Found with children Bridget & Margaret. Other children of family John, James & Betty no trace
McGinley, Michael Malin More McGinley, Michael & Mary Malin More Found. Michael & Mary marr 1845, children Mary 8 mths. Son Patt 2 yrs dead
McGonagle, Michael Meenadreen McGonagle, Peter & Bridget Meenadreen Found Peter & Bridget marr 1829, children Mary 16, Margaret 14, John 13, Bridget 11, Patt 9, Peter 7, Michael 1
McGuinness, Madge Meenaneary McGuinness, Paddy & Doherty, Biddy Straleel Not found
McHugh, Mary Meenaneary McHugh, John & Kate Meenacharvey Not found
McIntyre family Dungloe McIntyre, Michael & Catherine Malin Beg Found Michael & Catherine marr 1826 children: Mary 19, Condy 17, Nancy 15, Kate 13, Hannah 10, Hugh 7˝, Mick 4yr 2mths, Patt 9mths. Dead: Patt 70 uncle, Hugh 85 father, Patt 19 son
McNelis, Patrick Ballard McNelis, Denis & Gillespy, Catherine Ballard Found. Children Mary 9, Nancy 7, Dan 5, Giles 3, Patrick 6 mths. Lanty born aft 1851
McNelis, Cecilia Browne, Ballymoon McNelis, Laurence & Giles Straleel South Found Laurence 50 mar 1826, Giles 45 wife, children John 23, Philip 18, Mary 16, Catherine 13, Laurence 10, Biddy 7, Nancy 4, Sisly 9 mths. Son Patt 21 absent
McShane, Hannah McBrearty, Ballymore McShane, Michael & Heekin, Anne Ballymore Not found
McShane, Thomas Cappagh McShane, Patrick & Byrne, Margaret Cappagh Found - no details recorded
McShane, Michael Ballymore McShane, Thomas & McBrearty, Mary Cappagh Found - no details recorded
O'Donnell, Bridget Meenaneary O'Donnell, Dudley & Gillespie, Bridget Straleel Found Patt O'Donnell 60 head, Didelty 28 son marr 1850, Biddy 19 dau-in-law. No return of Bridget. Other children b after 1851: Patrick, Bridget, Donal, Mary, Con, Charlie, Dudley, Anne
Sharpe/Guerin, John Straboy Sharpe, Connell & Gallagher, Anne Straboy Not found
Walker, John Straid Walker, William & McNelis, Susan Ballard/Cashel Not found. Chilren of family Anne, William, John
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