Tithe Applotment Book for the Parish of Inver, 1825

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Tithes to be paid to the Revd Alexander Montgomery
Surname  First  Townland
ALLINGHAM Andrew Coolshannan
ALLINGHAM Andrew Fanahan
ALLINGHAM Edward Drimadart Newtown East
ALLINGHAM Francis Port Parks
ALLINGHAM James Crucknacully
ALLINGHAM James Drimedart Upper
ALLINGHAM John Port Parks
ALLINGHAM Robert Ruskey Hill
ALLINGHAM William Fanahan
BABINGTON Murray Crany Upper
BARNETT William Drumgorman
BARON Bryan Ballybrilihan
BARON Condy Ballybrilihan
BARON Patt. Ballybrilihan
BASKIN John Stone Park
BASKINS Thomas Altcor
BATTLES? Denis Stone Park
BEATY Robert Drimedart Lower
BIRN Charles Crimlin
BIRN Charles Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry]
BIRN Daniel Meenacharbit
BIRN Francis, Jun. Gortward
BIRN Francis, Sen. Gortward
BIRN Owen Townatawllon
BIRN Patt. Drumnahirk West
BIRN Patt. Gortward
BIRN Robert Killen
BLAIR John Fanahan
BLAKE Hugh Meenegraney
BLAKE Hugh Meentakill
BLAKE James Townatawllon
BLAKE William Glencoagh
BONAR Edward Crimlin
BONAR John Crimlin
BONAR John Port Parks
BONAR Patt. Tadawley [Tievedooly?]
BONAR Patt. Crimlin
BONAR Widow Commons & Turris Hill
BONAR Widow Glencoagh
BOVAIRD Robert Drimkeelan
BOYD George Commons & Turris Hill
BOYD John Commons & Turris Hill
BOYLE [..?] Stone Park
BOYLE Andrew Drimadarrow [Drumaderry?]
BOYLE Charles Drimnacullin
BOYLE Conl. Meengran
BOYLE Edward Drumgorman
BOYLE Edward Meengran
BOYLE Francis Drumnahirk West
BOYLE Hugh Loughnabroge
BOYLE James Drumnahirk West
BOYLE James Glencoagh
BOYLE James Lettermore Lower
BOYLE James Lettermore Upper
BOYLE James Lignawl
BOYLE John Castleogry
BOYLE John Drimadarrow [Drumaderry?]
BOYLE John Drimaneery
BOYLE John Killoughs Upper
BOYLE Michael Drumnahirk West
BOYLE Owen Clonagass
BOYLE Owen Lignawl
BOYLE Patt. Clonagass
BOYLE Patt. Loughnabroge
BOYLE Patt. Sollis Lower
BOYLE Rodger Drimalust [Drumnalost]
BOYLE Widow Drumnahirk West
BRANIGAN Brine Tullyhummer [Tullycumber?]
BRANIGAN Daniel Tullyhummer [Tullycumber?]
BRANIGAN Owen Knocknahorna
BRANIGAN Patt. Tullyhummer [Tullycumber?]
BRENAN Lanty Drimareeny [Drumrainy]
BRENNAN Patt. Meenacurrin
BRENNAN Thomas Glencoagh
BRESHLIN Andrew Meentachan (East & West)
BRESHLIN Andrew Tullynaglack
BRESHLIN Charles Carrokeel
BRESHLIN Condy Drimadarrow [Drumaderry?]
BRESHLIN Conl. Sollis Lower
BRESHLIN Darby Ballybrilihan
BRESHLIN Edward Drimalust [Drumnalost]
BRESHLIN Hugh Meentachan (East & West)
BRESHLIN Hugh Meentacor
BRESHLIN James & partners Drimkeelan
BRESHLIN James Ballybrilihan
BRESHLIN James Carrokeel
BRESHLIN James Townatawllon
BRESHLIN Owen Ballybrilihan
BRESHLIN Patt. Carrokeel
BRESHLIN Patt. Letterfad Lower
BRESHLIN Patt. Stone Park
BRESHLIN Thomas Port Parks
BROGAN Conl. Roose Upper
BROGAN Denis Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
BROGAN Edward Tullyvoose
BROGAN James Ballymacahil No. 3
BROGAN James Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
BROGAN James Lettermore Upper
BROGAN John Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
BROGAN Michael Ballymacahil No. 3
BROGAN Michael Lettermore Lower
BROGAN Neal Commons & Turris Hill
BROGAN Neil Drimkeelan
BROGAN Owen Drimarone [Drumrone]
BROGAN Owen Drimkeelan
BROGAN Patt. Drimcoe
BROGAN Patt. Tullyhernan? Fosters
BROGAN Thomas & partners Lettermore Upper
BROGAN Widow Ballymacahil No. 3
BROGAN Widow Roose Upper
BROGAN William Drimkeelan
BROWN Mick Roose Upper
BUCHANNON Samuel Commons & Turris Hill
BUCHANNON William Drimkeelan
BURNS David Drimkeelan
BURNS David Drimkeelan
BURNS James Crany Upper
BURNS James Drimkeelan
BURNS James Drimkeelan
BURNS James Drimkeelan
BURNS John Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
BURNS Teague Roose Upper
BUSTARD Thomas Ardaghey
BYRN Patt. Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
CACHIN Thomas Meenelig
CAMBLE Michael Raneely
CAMPBLE Peter Drimcoe
CANNON Bryan Drimnacapple [Drummacachapple]
CANNON Charles Drumnahirk West
CANNON Cornelius & partners Drimconnor
CANNON Hugh Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
CANNON James Ballybrilihan
CANNON James Coolshannan
CANNON James Glencoagh
CANNON John Drimadarrow [Drumaderry?]
CANNON Neal Drimkeelan
CANNON Patt. Drimkeelan
CANNON Patt. Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry]
CANNON Patt. Dromore
CANNON Patt. Tullynagrena
CANNON Patt., Jun. Drimkeelan
CANNON Patt., Sen. Drimkeelan
CANNON Widow Ballybrilihan
CANNON Widow Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
CANNON William Drimkeelan
CARIBIN Edward & partners Derryhirk
CARMEN Neal Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
CARR Conl. Meentacor
CASSIDY Andrew Corradowey[ Carraduffy?]
CASSIDY Andrew Drimnacullin Wood
CASSIDY Andrew Kilmacreddon
CASSIDY Andrew Port Parks
CASSIDY Bryan Crockbrack
CASSIDY George Corradowey[ Carraduffy?]
CASSIDY Hugh Drimedart Lower
CASSIDY Hugh Horse Park
CASSIDY John Drimfin
CASSIDY John Drimnacullin
CASSIDY Rodger Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
COLLINS? John Port Parks
COLVIN A. Tullyvoose
COLVIN Henry Ballybrilihan
COLVIN Henry Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
COLVIN James Craig Dooran
COLVIN John Tullyvoose
COLVIN Widow Point
COLVIN William Tullyvoose
COLVIN William Tullyvoose
CONAGHAN [..?] Drimaneery
CONAHAN Andrew Tullynagrena
CONAHAN Charles Corradowey [Carraduffy?]
CONAHAN Charles Drumgorman
CONAHAN Condy Drimarone [Drumrone]
CONAHAN James Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
CONAHAN James Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
CONAHAN James Dromore
CONAHAN James, Jun. Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
CONAHAN John & partners Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
CONAHAN John Ballybrilihan
CONAHAN John Drimaneery
CONAHAN John Roose Upper
CONAHAN Michael Castleogry
CONAHAN Patt. Castleogry
CONAHAN Patt. Derryhirk
CONAHAN Shane Drimaneery
CONAHAN Widow Ballybrilihan
CONAHAN  Widow Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
CONNOLLY Patt. Altcor
CONWELL Patt. Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
CONYNGHAM Edward Drimduff
CONYNGHAM James Craig Dooran
CONYNGHAM John Craig Dooran
CONYNGHAM John Drumatumfer
CONYNGHAM Robert Drumatumfer
CONYNGHAM Thomas Drumatumfer
CONYNGHAM William Drumatumfer
CONYNGHAN James Fanahan
COOPER Richard Drimareeny [Drumrainy]
CORR Thomas Glencoagh
CORSCADEN Alexander& partners Drimconnor
CORSCADEN Alexander Gortward
CORSCADEN George Drimconnor
CORSCADEN Richard & partners Drimconnor
CORSCADEN Robert & partners Drimconnor
CORSCADEN Thomas Gortward
COULTER Andrew Munternees
COULTER Andrew Munternees
COULTER George Creevin
COULTER John Munternees
COULTER John Raneely
COULTER Nathaniel Munternees
COULTER Patt. Point
COULTER Richard Sen. & partners Munternees
COULTER Robert Creevin
COULTER Samuel Craig Dooran
COULTER Widow Munternees 
COULTER Widow Point
COWAN James Drimedart Upper
CRAWFORD David, Esq. Drimenenagh
CROGIN William& partners Drumatumfer
CULLEN James Altcor
CULLEN John Altcor
CUNNIGAM Huey Ardaghey
CUNNINGHAM James Port Parks
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Townatawllon
CUNNINGHAM Thomas? Point
CURRAN Daniel & partners Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
CURREN John Townagorrim [Tawnygorm]
CURRIN Denis Drimlaghtafin
CURRIN Shane Drimlaghtafin
DAVIS Robert  Altcor
DAVITT Patt. Tivehuckey [Tievachorky]
DEAZLEY Philip Commons & Turris Hill
DEERIN Conl. & partners Townagree
DEERMOD John Drimborty
DEERMOD Peter Lettertrain
DEERMOOD Michael Drimborty
DEERY Edward Drimlaghtafin
DEERY John Meenawillihan
DELLAP John Letterbarron
DEVER [..?] Stone Park
DIVER Owen Drimalust[ Drumnalost]
DIVER Tully Ballymacahill Middle
DOHERTY Anthony Ballymacahill Middle
DOHERTY George Meengran
DOHERTY George Meentachan (East & West)
DOHERTY Hugh Stone Park
DOHERTY James Tullyneeny?
DOHERTY John Ballymacahill Middle
DOHERTY John Castleogry
DOHERTY Neal Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
DOHERTY Patt. Ballymacahill Middle
DONEGAN Owen Fanahan
DONEGAN Patt. Fanahan
DONEL James Ballymacahil No. 2
DONNEL Nelly Creevin
DONNELL James Drimaneery
DONNELL John Gortward
DONNELL Patt. Townatawllon
DONNELL Widow Taheger?
DOOEY Charles Drimkeelan
DOOGAN Owen Ardaghey
DORIAN Andrew Drumnakillew [Drumnakilly?]
DORIAN Anthony Drumnakillew [Drumnakilly?]
DORIAN Charles Drumnakillew [Drumnakilly?]
DORIAN Charles Woodhill & Coghran
DORIAN Francis Glencoagh
DORIAN Hugh Raforty
DORIAN James Inver
DORIAN James Killoughs Upper
DORIAN Michael Munternees
DORIAN Neal Killen
DORIAN Owen Drimfin
DORIAN Patrick Drimfin
DORIAN Patt. Drimcoe
DORIAN Patt. Drimlaghtafin
DORIAN Patt. Townagorrim [Tawnygorm]
DORIAN Peter Drumnakillew [Drumnakilly?]
DORIAN Thomas Drimfin
DORRIAN John Townagorrim [Tawnygorm]
DORRIAN Michael Townagorrim [Tawnygorm]
DUNCAN [..?] & partners Drimconnor
DUNCAN Edward Drimcoe
DUNCAN James Drimaneery
DUNIAN Widow Ardaghey
DUNLEVY Ambrose Meenacurrin
DUNLEVY Patt. Sollis Lower
DUNNIAN Owen Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
DUNNIN Michael Drimkeelan
DUNNION Charles Tullyhummer [Tullycumber?]
DUNNION Hugh Drimcoe
DUNNION Mick Munternees
DUNNION Owen Tullyhummer [Tullycumber?]
EDWARDS John Ballybrilihan
EDWARDS John Drumatumfer
EDWARDS Mark Drimduff
ELLIOTT Hugh Drimcoe
ELLIOTT James Raneely
ELLIOTT John Point
ELLIOTT John Raneely
ELLIOTT Patt. Raneely
ELLIOTT William Raneely
F......? H., ESQ. (Demesne) Kilmacreddon
FIFE William Commons & Turris Hill
FOX Darby Ardaghey
FOX Owen Ardaghey
FRANKLIN John Tullylaggin [Tullinlagan]
FREEBIN? John Point
FREEL James Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
FREELE Bryan Castleogry
FREELE Bryan Munternees
FREELE Darby Drimkeelan
FREELE Darby Killen
FREELE Darby Killoughs Upper
FREELE Darby Point
FREELE Hugh Drimaneery
FREELE James Castleogry
FREELE James Creevin
FREELE James Drumnahirk West
FREELE James Glencoagh
FREELE James Killoughs Upper
FREELE James Legans
FREELE James Munternees
FREELE John Creevin
FREELE John Killen
FREELE Owen Castleogry
FREELE Owen Drimcoe
FREELE Owen Glencoagh
FREELE Owen Legans
FREELE Patt. Drimalust [Drumnalost]
FREELE Patt. Drimcoe
FREELE Patt. Killoughs Upper
FREELE Thomas Meenacharbit
FURRY Widow Dromore
FURY Bryan Drimlaghtafin
FURY Charles Deesart
FURY Charles Tivemean
FURY Conl. Deesart
FURY Conl. Drimlaghtafin
FURY Francis Castleogry
FURY Hugh Altcor
FURY Patt. Crimlin
FURY Patt. Drimlaghtafin
FURY Patt. Tivemean
FURY Thomas Tivemean
GALAGHER Admiral & partners Legans
GALAGHER Andrew Letterbarron
GALAGHER Brine Ballymacahil No. 1
GALAGHER Charles Drumgorman
GALAGHER Charles Lettermore Upper
GALAGHER Charles Sollis Lower
GALAGHER Conl. , Sen. Drimlaghtafin
GALAGHER Conl. Townatawllon
GALAGHER Cormick Ballymacahil No. 2
GALAGHER Daniel Tieflough
GALAGHER Edward Castleogry
GALAGHER Edward Drimlaghtafin
GALAGHER Edward Fanahan
GALAGHER Francis Castleogry
GALAGHER Francis Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
GALAGHER Francis Drumnakillew [Drumnakilly?]
GALAGHER Francis Meenacharbit
GALAGHER Hugh Creevin
GALAGHER Hugh Cronasleeve
GALAGHER Hugh Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry]
GALAGHER James Castleogry
GALAGHER James Castleogry
GALAGHER James Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
GALAGHER James Drimbarren
GALAGHER James Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry]
GALAGHER James Lettermore Upper
GALAGHER James Meengran
GALAGHER James Shantmeen
GALAGHER James Sollis Lower
GALAGHER James Stone Park
GALAGHER James Stone Park
GALAGHER James Tullyhernan? Fosters
GALAGHER John Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry]
GALAGHER John Lignawl
GALAGHER John Port Parks
GALAGHER John Port Parks
GALAGHER John Tullyhernan? Fosters
GALAGHER Michael Castleogry
GALAGHER Michael Killoughs Upper
GALAGHER Michael Lettertrain
GALAGHER Michael Lettertrain
GALAGHER Michael Roose Upper
GALAGHER Nail Meenacahin (Attimore part)
GALAGHER Neal Cronasleeve
GALAGHER Neil Sollis Upper
GALAGHER Owen Deesart
GALAGHER Owen Derryhirk
GALAGHER Patt. Point
GALAGHER Patt. Castleogry
GALAGHER Patt. Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry]
GALAGHER Patt. Lettertrain
GALAGHER Patt.  Lignawl
GALAGHER Patt. Roose Lower
GALAGHER Patt. Sollis Lower
GALAGHER Peter Edenamuck
GALAGHER Teague Carrokeel
GALAGHER Teague Meengran
GALAGHER Thomas Drimbarren
GALAGHER Widow Ballymacahil No. 2
GALAGHER Widow Castleogry
GALAGHER Widow Gortward
GALAGHER William Coolshannan
GALAGHER William Crany Upper
GALAGHER William Drimaluny Park
GALAGHER William Drimbarren
GALAHER James Ballymacahil No. 2
GALAHER John Fanahan
GALAHER Owen Ardbawn
GALLAGHER Charles Ballymacahill Middle
GALLAGHER Farigle Ballymacahill Middle
GARA Edward Frosses
GILDEA Daniel Letterbarron
GILDEA Widow Stone Park
GILLASPIE Bryan Meenacharbit
GILLASPIE Charles Fanahan
GILLASPIE Conl. Killoughs Upper
GILLASPIE James Deesart
GILLASPIE James Fanahan
GILLASPIE James Meenacharbit
GILLASPIE Patt. Meenacharbit
GILLASPIE Patt. Tieflough
GILLESPIE Bryan Drimarone [Drumrone]
GILLESPIE Charles Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
GILLESPIE John Derryhirk
GILLESPIE Thomas Letterbarron
GILLISPIE Patt. Ballybrilihan
GIVEN Charles Crimlin
GIVEN Henry Ballybrilihan
GIVIN William Drimborty
GLACAN John Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
GLACKAN Denis & partners Creevin
GLACKAN Denis Mullin Boys
GLACKEAN Denis Drimcoe
GLANCON [GLACKAN?] Patrick Drimfin
GLANCY Patt. Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
GLANCY Patt. Drimbarren
GLANCY Peter Derryhirk
GLANCY William Drimbarren
GLANCY William Frosses
GLEN Daniel Drimadarrow [Drumaderry?]
GLEN Widow Drumard (formerly Patt. Miller)
GOUGH John & partners Tadawley [Tievedooly?]
GRAHAM Richard Drimcoe
GRAHAM Richard Point
GRAHAM Robert Raneely
GRAHAM Widow Raneely
GRIFFITH [..?] Tullynagrena
GRIFFITH Ambrose Commons & Turris Hill
GRIFFITH Ambrose Gargrim
GRIFFITH Anthony Drimborty
GRIFFITH Anthony Tullynahar
GRIFFITH Charles Drimborty
GRIFFITH Daniel Sen. & partners Legans
GRIFFITH Edward Commons & Turris Hill
GRIFFITH Edward Legans
GRIFFITH Jacob Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
GRIFFITH James Drimkeelan
GRIFFITH John Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
GRIFFITH John Drumnahirk West
GRIFFITH John Meenacharbit
GRIFFITH John Tullynahar
GRIFFITH Michael Drimborty
GRIFFITH Michael Drumnakillew [Drumnakilly?]
GRIFFITH Mick Roose Lower
GRIFFITH Patt. Gargrim
GRIFFITH Peter Drimborty
GRIFFITH Widow Roose Lower
GRIMES William Glencoagh
HAGERTY Denis Castleogry
HAGERTY Widow Castleogry
HAILEY Hugh Drumard (formerly Patt. Miller)
HAILEY James Drumard (formerly Patt. Miller)
HAMILTON George Altcor
HAMILTON James Munternees
HAMILTON James Townatawllon
HAMILTON John Drimaneery
HAMOND Andrew Dromore
HAMOND Robert Rock
HAMOND William Tullyvoose
HANLON Andrew Ardaghey
HANLY Margaret Drimadarrow [Drumaderry?]
HARAGH Widow Lignawl
HARAGHEY Bryan Edenamuck
HARAGHEY Charles Ballybrilihan
HARAGHEY Charles Drimadarrow [Drumaderry?]
HARAGHEY Charles Drumgorman
HARAGHEY Conl. Letterbarron
HARAGHEY Denis Killoughs Upper
HARAGHEY Edward Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
HARAGHEY James Drimkeelan
HARAGHEY James Glencoagh
HARAGHEY Neal Edenamuck
HARAGHEY Neal Knocknahorna
HARAGHEY Neil Ballybrilihan
HARAGHEY Owen Ballybrilihan
HARAGHEY Owen Ballymacahil No. 1
HARAGHEY Owen Drimarone [Drumrone]
HARAGHEY Owen Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
HARAGHEY Pat. Sen. & partners Castleogry
HARAGHEY Patrick Ballymacahil No. 1
HARAGHEY Patt. Ballybrilihan
HARAGHEY Patt. Drimkeelan
HARAGHEY Shane Drimalust [Drumnalost]
HARAGHEY Shane Drimkeelan
HARAGHEY Thomas Castleogry
HARAGHEY Thomas Letterbarron
HARAGHY Conl. Meenacurrin
HARAGHY Denis Castleogry
HARAGHY Neil Tullyhernan? Fosters
HARAGHY Owen Tullyhernan? Fosters
HARAGHY William Coolshannan
HARAN Henry Altcor
HARAN John Altcor
HARKIN John Commons & Turris Hill
HARKIN Patt. Munternees
HARKIN Patt. Rock
HARKIN Thomas Meenawillihan
HARKIN Thomas Munternees
HARKIN Widow Dromore
HARLEY Charles Derryhirk
HARLEY Condy Frosses
HARLEY Condy Meenacloghy-Sparr
HARLEY Daniel Clonagass
HARLEY Hu. Knockagar
HARLEY Hugh Frosses
HARLEY John Killen
HARLEY Patt. Frosses
HARLEY Patt. Knockagar
HARLEY Patt. Letternacahey
HARLY Hugh, Jun. Frosses
HARLY Hugh, Sen. Frosses
HARRISON Patt. Drumnahirk West
HASTY Patt. Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
HAUGHEY Edward Sollis Upper
HAUGHEY James Drimareeny [Drumrainy]
HAUGHEY Michael Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
HEGARTY Barny Dromore
HEGARTY Charles Drimcoe
HEGARTY Charles Townatawllon
HEGARTY Conl. Townatawllon
HEGARTY Cornelius Edenamuck
HEGARTY Denis Drimarone [Drumrone]
HEGARTY Francis Drimarone [Drumrone]
HEGARTY Francis Letterbarron
HEGARTY George Drumgorman
HEGARTY James Dromore
HEGARTY Morris Drimarone [Drumrone]
HEGARTY Noher Tullyvoose
HEGARTY Owen Drimadarrow [Drumaderry?]
HEGARTY Owen Drimarone [Drumrone]
HEGARTY Patt. Letterbarron
HEGARTY Patt. Townatawllon
HEGARTY Peter Meenawillihan
HEGARTY Shane Drimalust [Drumnalost]
HEGARTY Thomas Crimlin
HEGARTY Thomas Drimarone [Drumrone]
HEGARTY Thomas Dromore
HENDERSON George Crucknacully
HENDERSON George Ruskey Hill
HENDERSON Hugh Drimedart Lower
HENDERSON Hugh Townagorrim [Tawnygorm]
HENDERSON Robert  Ruskey Hill
HUGHES James Creevin
JOHNSTON John Altcor
JOHNSTON John Corradowey [Carraduffy?]
JOHNSTON Thomas Altcor
JOHNSTON William Crany Upper
KEARNS Hu. Knockagar
KEARNS John Knockagar
KEARNS Patt. Knockagar
KEENAHAN Owen Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
KEENEY William Lettertrain
KEENY Denis Letterfad (Claghergart Division)
KEENY Thomas Coolshannan
KEENY Thomas Letterfad (Claghergart Division)
KEENY? Patt. Raforty
KEERAN James Letterfad Lower
KEERAN Michael Townatawllon
KEERAN Shane (or Frank Boyle) Tullynagrena
KEERAN William Letterfad Lower
KEEREY Widow Ardbawn
KEERNAN Lawrence Letternacahey
KEERNON Michael & partners Drimborty
KEERNY Denis Letterfad (Mena....d? Division)
KEERNY Thomas Letterfad (Mena....d? Division)
KELLY Conl. Lettermore Upper
KELLY Cormick Drimkeelan
KELLY Edward Roose Lower
KELLY Edward Sen. & partners Roose Lower
KELLY Hugh Crimlin
KELLY James Ardbawn
KELLY James Knocknahorna
KELLY James Lettermore Upper
KELLY James Roose Lower
KELLY James Tivehuckey [Tievachorky]
KELLY John Ardbawn
KELLY Patt. Crimlin
KELLY Teague Ardbawn
KELLY Teague Letterfad (Claghergart Division)
KELLY Widow Knocknahorna
KENEDY James Ballymacahil No. 1
KENNEDY Arthur Meenacahin
KENNEDY Arthur? Drimareeny [Drumrainy]
KENNEDY Bryan Drimalust [Drumnalost]
KENNEDY Charles Drimareeny [Drumrainy]
KENNEDY Charles Drimalust [Drumnalost]
KENNEDY Edward Drimareeny [Drumrainy]
KENNEDY Edward Meenacahin
KENNEDY Henry Drimcoe
KENNEDY James Lettertrain
KENNEDY Michael Gargrim
KENNEDY Patt Drimareeny [Drumrainy]
KENNEDY Patt. Meenacahin
KENNEDY Teague Clonagass
KENNEDY Thomas Munternees
KENNEDY Widow Drimareeny [Drumrainy]
KENNEDY Widow Drimcoe
KENNY William Tivehuckey [Tievachorky]
KERIGAN Henry Port Parks
KERIGAN Michael Castleogry
KERNS Michael Drimcoe
KILDEA James Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
KILPATRICK Arthur Drimedart Upper
KILPATRICK James Commons & Turris Hill
KILPATRICK James Letterbarron
KILPATRICK John Coolshannan
KILPATRICK William Ballybrilihan
KILPATRICK William Drimadarrow [Drumaderry?]
KIRGAN [KERIGAN?] Morris Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
KIRGAN [KERIGAN?] James Glencoagh
KIRK Daniel Meenacahin (Attimore part)
KIRK Daniel Mullin Boys
KIRK James Mullin Boys
KIRK William Mullin Boys
KNOUD James Meenawillihan
KNOUD Robert Meenawillihan
KNOUD Thomas Meenawillihan
KYLE J....? Stone Park
KYLE Thomas Stone Park
LENAHAN Daniel Drimalust [Drumnalost]
LENAHAN Jane Drimalust [Drumnalost]
LENAHAN John Dromore
LONG Alexander Drimedart Upper
LONG Alexander Glencoagh
LONG George & partners Drimconnor
LONG John Drimaneery
LONG Joseph Drimaneery
LONG Samuel Drumgorman
LONGAN Hugh Drimedart Upper
LOUGHEY James Crockbrack
LOVE Thomas Rock
LYONS Alexander Legans
LYONS James Legans
LYONS John Craig Dooran
LYONS Patt. Legans
LYONS Robert Legans
MAGINTY/ MAGURTY? Rodger Castleogry
MAGRATH Owen Letterfad Lower
MAGRORTY Bryan Killoughs Lower
MAGRORTY Charles Killoughs Lower
MAGRORTY Chas. Crockbrack
MAGRORTY Conl. Coolshannan
MAGRORTY Darby Letterfad (Claghergart Division)
MAGRORTY Hugh Killoughs Lower
MAGRORTY James Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
MAGRORTY James Sollis Lower
MAGRORTY John Killoughs Lower
MAGRORTY  Nail Drumard (formerly Patt. Miller)
MAGRORTY Neal Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
MAGRORTY Neil Killoughs Lower
MAGRORTY Patt. Crockbrack
MAGRORTY Patt. Drimalust [Drumnalost]
MAGRORTY Patt. Letterfad (Claghergart Division)
MAGRORTY Widow Letterbarron
MAGRORTY William Killoughs Lower
MALONE Mark Coolshannan
MARTIN Andrew Letterbarron
MAXWELL James Point
MAXWELL Robert Point
MAXWELL Robert Raforty
McBREARTY Daniel Meenawillihan
McBREARTY Robert Horse Park
McBREARTY Robert Townagorrim [Tawnygorm]
McBREARTY Robert Townatawllon
McBREARTY William Ballymacahil No. 3
McCABE James Meenacahin
McCABE James Meentakill
McCABE Widow Corradowey [Carraduffy?]
McCADDON Anthony Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
McCAFFERTY Nola? Creevin
McCAFFERTY Widow Munternees
McCAFFERTY William Munternees
McCAHILL Andrew Drimbarren
McCAHILL Charles Drimbarren
McCAHILL Chas. Drimnacapple [Drummacachapple]
McCAHILL Conl. Gargrim
McCAHILL Daniel Killen
McCAHILL Denis Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry]
McCAHILL Denis, Sen. & partners Killen
McCAHILL Hugh Drumgorman
McCAHILL James Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
McCAHILL James Drimbarren
McCAHILL James Killen
McCAHILL John Townatawllon
McCAHILL Owen Ballymacahil No. 2
McCAHILL Owen Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry]
McCAHILL Patt. Corradowey [Carraduffy?]
McCAHILL Patt. Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry]
McCAHILL Patt. Drimnacullin
McCAHILL Patt., Jun. Drimnacapple [Drummacachapple]
McCAHILL  Patt., Sen. Drimnacapple [Drummacachapple]
McCAHILL William Corradowey [Carraduffy?]
McCAHILL William Drimnacarrow [Drumnacarry]
McCAHILL William Killen
McCALLIN Patt Edenamuck
McCARTHY Charles (for John Mullan) Stone Park
McCAULE Hugh Drimalust [Drumnalost]
McCAULE Thomas Drimalust [Drumnalost]
McCAULEY Widow Kilmacreddon
McCAY Patt. Crimlin
McCLINTOCK Daniel Port Parks
McCLURE Edward Tullyvoose
McCLURE John Raforty
McCLURE John Tullylaggin [Tullinlagan]
McCLURE Richard Tullylaggin [Tullinlagan]
McCOLLIN Anthony Drumnahirk West
McCOLLIN Charles Coolshannan
McCOLLIN Edward Drimkeelan
McCOLLIN Francis Drumnahirk West
McCOLLIN Francis Killen
McCOLLIN Francis, Jun. Drumnahirk West
McCOLLIN Francis, Sen. Drumnahirk West
McCOLLIN James Drimalust [Drumnalost]
McCOLLIN James Drimaneery
McCOLLIN James Killen
McCOLLIN James Tullyvoose
McCOLLIN John Killen
McCOLLIN Morris Drumnahirk West
McCOLLIN Morris Killen
McCOLLIN Naul? Drumnahirk West
McCOLLIN Thomas Drimcoe
McCOLLIN William Drumnahirk West
McCOLLY Bryan Drimaluny Park
McCOLLY William Drimaluny Park
McCONAGHAN William Drimfin
McCONNELL Dominick Townatawllon
McCONNELL Richard Mullin Boys
McCONNELL William Port Parks
McCREADY James Drimfin
McCREADY John Drimfin
McCREADY Thomas Drimfin
McCREDY Peggy Creevin
McCREEDY William Tadawley [Tievedooly?]
McCREERY Matt. Mullin Boys
McCUE Charles Castleogry
McCUE Charles Drimagraw [Drumagraa]
McCUE Charles Fanahan
McCUE Charles Shantmeen
McCUE Charles Sollis Upper
McCUE Conl. Shantmeen
McCUE Edward Fanahan
McCUE John Tullynahar
McCUE Michael Gargrim
McCUE Neal Castleogry
McCUE Owen Knocknahorna
McCUE Patt. Castleogry
McCUE Patt. Knocknahorna
McCUE Peter Drimkeelan
McCUE Rodger Meenacharbit
McCUE Shane Shantmeen
McCUE Thomas Fanahan
McCUE Widow Castleogry
McCUE Widow Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
McCUNN William & partners Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
McDACKA William Drimbeigh & Castlekenny
McDADE Brian, Sen. & partners Castleogry
McDADE Bryan Castleogry
McDADE Daniel Carrokeel
McDADE Dominick Letterfad (Mena....d? Division)
McDADE Michael Letterfad (Mena....d? Division)
McDADE Owen Castleogry
McDADE Owen Drimlaghtafin
McDADE Peter Castleogry
McDAID Anthony Meenebradin [Meenybraddin]
McDAID Daniel Meenebradin [Meenybraddin]
McDERMOTT Michael Knockagar
McDIAR Hugh Lignawl
McDIAR James Drimalust [Drumnalost]
McDIAR Manus Castleogry
McDIAR Neal Drimalust [Drumnalost]
McDIRE John Drimfin
McDIRE Owen Drimfin
McDONAGH Thomas Fanahan
McFADDEN James Raforty
McGAHAN Charles Inver
McGEE Andrew Crany Lower (including part of Clover Hill)
McGEE Charles Drimduff
McGEEVER Hugh Meenawillihan
McGEEVER Hugh Townatawllon
McGEEVER James Crimlin
McGEEVER Patt. Drimalust [Drumnalost]
McGERIGAN John Castleogry
McGETICAN James Crimlin
McGETICAN James Meentakill
McGILTON Andrew Drimduff
McGINTY Denis Castleogry
McGLOSKEY Peter Tadawley [Tievedooly?]
McGLOSKY Charles Drimfin
McGLOSKY Charles Port Parks
McGLOSKY Edward Tullynagrena
McGLOSKY George Castleogry
McGLOSKY Henry Frosses