Kill Church of Ireland Graveyard, Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal


(Photograph by Bernie)

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Erected by their Family

In Loving Memory of

Our dear father and mother


Died 7th August 1913 aged 91 years

Margaret Alcorn

Died 22nd March 1913 aged 86 years



In Loving Memory of


Who passed away

Nov 23rd 1969 aged 75 years

His wife Jane

Died 21st April 1973 aged 80 yrs



In Loving Memory of

Andrew ALCORN, Muntermellan

Died 14th April 1975 aged 57 yrs

Erected by his wife Annie

And sons Andrew & Moses



ALCORN, The Cottages

In Loving Memory of

Catherine (Cassie)

Died 28th December 1975 aged 77 years

Her husband Andrew

Died 21st August 1981 aged 86 years



In Loving Memory of


Died 24th July 1928 aged 75 yrs

And his wife Mary

Died 26th July 1948 aged 89 yrs

Their children

Mary and George

Also their daughter

Annie Alcorn

Died 27th June 1972 aged 82 yrs



In Loving Memory of


Died 5th Dec 1951 aged 55 years

Also his wife Susanna

Died 10th June 1958 aged 69 years

Their children Fanny and George

Their son Thomas

Died 4th Jan 1993 aged 61 years

Plaque in front

In Loving Memory of

Susanna Thomas & Twins



In Loving Memory of

William ALCORN

Died 2nd March 1941 aged 71 yrs

His wife Martha

Died 26th Sept 1956 aged 77 yrs

Their daughter

Margaret J. Thompson

Died 22nd Oct 1974 aged 68 yrs

At Rest



In Loving Memory of


Died 8th Sept 1919

His wife Fanny died March 1923

Their daughter Jane

Died 8th March 1955 aged 63 yrs

Also their son Samuel

Died 28th Sept 1957 aged 78 yrs

His wife Jane

Died 18th Oct 1951 aged 68 yrs

Also Charles Campbell

Died 27th Aug 1997 aged 85 yrs

Catherine Campbell

Died 30th Mar 2000 aged 85 yrs

Gone but not forgotten



Sacred to the Memory of

Charles COX,

Died 26th April 1902 aged 85

Be thou faithful unto death

And I will give thee a crown.



In Loving Memory of

Alexander DINSMORE

Who died 9th August 1903 aged 83 years

Also his son William

Also his wife Eliza

Who died 12th Nov 1913 aged 83 years

And of their daughter


Who died 3rd March 1963 aged 89 years

and her husband

Thomas Alcorn, Dunfanaghy

Who died 23rd July 1951 aged 77 years

The Lord is my Shepherd





In Loving Memory of

Alexander DINSMORE aged 61

His son Robert aged 22

Both drowned at sea

April 5th 1925

Mary, wife of Alexander

Died March 29th 1946

Mary Jane Stewart

Daughter of Alexander & Mary

Died June 1st 1960

James, son of Alexander & Mary

Died April 22nd 1985



Erected to the memory of

George GREER, Dunfanaghy

Who died 23rd Feb 1941 aged 83 years




In Loving Memory of

Thomas HAY, Muntermellan

Died 11th July 1940 aged 70 yrs

His wife Fanny

Died 14th March 1924 aged 37 yrs

Their Children


Died 22nd May 1918 aged 2 days


Died 6th Dec 1920 aged 11 months

And grandson Thomas

Died 14th Oct 1936 aged 2 yrs

Also Elizabeth Dinsmore (nee Hay)

Died 1st Aut 1991 aged 75 yrs



In Loving Memory of


Died 23rd April 1953

Also Margaret Irvine

Died 9th July 1970



Kate McCULLOUGH wife of

John McCullough

Who departed this life on

12th November 1900 Aged 84

Also his wife Jane

Died 4th Dec 1912 aged 96 years



In Loving Memory of

Our dear Parents


Died 19th Dec 1938 aged 84 years

Also Andrew Alcorn son in law

Died 31st Oct 1964 aged 64 years

And his wife

Elizabeth Jane Alcorn

Died 15th Jan 1991? Aged 91 years




In Loving Memory of

Our Dear Father


Who died 5th December 1907 aged 87 years

Also our beloved Mother


Who died 19th December 1914 aged 78 years



McKinley, Purt

In Loving Memory of

Margaret McKinley

Died 21st Nov 1931 aged 55 yrs

Her husband Thomas McKinley

Died 5th April 1939 aged 73 yrs

Their son James McKinley

Died 26th Nov 1965 aged 60 yrs

Abide with me



In Loving Memory of

Moses McKINLEY, Muntermellan

Died 8th Dec 1978 aged 59

His uncle Moses McKinley, Muntermellan

Died 29th Dec 1942 aged 71



In Loving Memory of

Our Dear Parents and Brothers


Died 28th April 1915 aged 58

Johanna McKinley

Died 23rd July 1965 aged 89

Robert McKinley

Died 17th July 1904 aged 7 mt

William McKinley

Died 25th March 1968 aged 69

Erected by their Family, Grandchildren

And Uncle James



In Loving Memory of

Thomas McKINLEY, Muntermellan

Died 21st Dec 1944 aged 59

His wife Annie

Died 1st March 1982 aged 86

And his son James

Died 19th Feb 1943 aged 18



Erected by

Fanny McKinley

In Loving Memory of

Her father William McKINLEY

Who died 1st April 1900

And her sister Bella McKinley

Who died 2nd Nov 1902 aged 18 years

Also Elizabeth McKinley

Who died 25th Oct 1911 aged 58 years

Bone but not forgotten




In Memory of


Died 11th January 1951 aged 40 years

His wife

Margaret Elizabeth (Lily)

Died 2nd January 1999 aged 89 years



Annie MOORE, Pound St.

Born 26th July 1883

Died 9th September 1962



In Loving Memory of

My beloved husband

Robert A MOORE

Died 14th Jan 1965 aged 79 yrs

Also our dear son Andrew

Died 26th June 1918 aged 4 yrs

Sarah Jane Moore

Died 25th Jan 1976 aged 89 yrs

And their daughter

Sarah Jane

Died 16th Jan 2000 aged 80 yrs



In Loving Memory of

Sarah Jane MOORE

Died 5th June 1949 aged 77 years

Her husband

James Moore

Died 10th Feb 1953 aged 87 years

Their daughter

Margaret A Moore

Died 10th Oct 1903 aged 3 years

Infant twins

James died 17th Jan 1898

Wm Robert died 21st Jan 1898

Their daughter

Fanny Ann Moore

Died 2nd May 1974 aged 69 years



In Loving Memory of


Died 15th Aug 1946 aged 66 yrs

His wife Fanny

Died 30th April 1971 aged 90 yrs

Their twin Daughters

Fanny Ann

Died 3rd May 1919 aged 8 mts

& Mary Isabella (Mabel)

Died 30th Nov 1922 aged 4 yrs 3 mts

Also Mary Robinson (nee Moore)

Died 27th June 1994 aged 89 yrs

And her husband

Robert Robinson (Bob)

Died 25th Aug 2001 aged 91 yrs

Peace Perfect Peace



In Loving Memory of

Our dear Father


Who passed away 28th Jan 1943

Also our dear Mother

Margaret Robinson

Who passed away 10th April 1960



In Memory of

William ROBINSON, late of Philadelphia

Who died 1st March 1888 aged 82 years

This stone was erected by his sorrowing

Mother & Sisters



Sacred to the Memory of

Elizabeth Frances

Wife of

Charles Fredk STEWART of Horn Head

Born June 9th 1846

Died March 5th 1881

Also Walter Edward

Son of above

Born June 12th 1876

Died October 15th? 1883

(inside Church)



Erected by

In Memory of

Charles Frederick STEWART, D.L.

Born 10th March 1845

Died 21st August 1917

(inside Church)



Erected by

Eleanor Margaret

In Loving Memory of

Her beloved husband

Surgeon Major J.H. USSHER, M.B.T.C

Who died January 16th 1892 aged 47 years

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found

Call ye upon him while he is near

Frances D Wheeler (nee WILSON)

25.12.1918 19.11.2004


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