1825 Tithe Applotment Book - Killymard Parish, Co Donegal

The following is an index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Killymard, transcribed Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.



Surname First Townland
ARMSTRONG Alexander Mullans
ARTHUR John Rossilongan
BABBINGTON Murray Cottage Farm
BABINGTON Murray Drumgun
BASKEN Widow Tawnadrissog
BIRNE Catherine Beef Park
BLAKE Widow Beef Park
BLAKE William Glencoagh
BOGLE John Glencoagh
BOGLE John Tawnadrissog
BONNER James Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
BOURK Thomas Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
BOYLE Hu. Dromore (Upper)
BOYLE James Mullans
BOYLE Michael Meenacally Keeran (or Bog)
BOYLE Patrick Ballydivitt (Large)
BOYLE Widow Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
BOYLE William Meenacally Keeran (or Bog)
BRADLEY James Croaghenergate [Croaghnaget]
BRADLY James Drumnacarry
BRADLY John Grennans [Greenan]
BRADLY Michael Drumnacarry
BRADY James Drumnacarry
BRENAN Peter Golands
BRENAN Peter Meenawilderg
BRISLAND Edward Dromore (Upper)
BROGAN James Ball Hill
BROGAN James Ballydivitt (Little)
BROGAN James Holmes (East)
BROGAN John Ball Hill
BROGAN Patrick Ball Hill
BROGAN Robert Holmes North
BROGAN Thomas Ball Hill
BROGAN Widow Scraw Hill
BROGAN William Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan](Lower)
BROGAN William Holmes North
BROWN Charles Scraw Hill
BROWN Daniel Newtown East
BURNETT Roger Dromore (Upper)
BURNS Edward Dromore (Upper)
BURNS James Dromore (Upper)
BURNS Patrick Dromore (Upper)
BURNS Robert Dromore (Upper)
CAIN John Drumgornan West
CALLAGHAN James Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Upper)
CALLAGHAN John Drumnacarry
CALLAGHAN John Lough Eske Domain
CAMPBELL Daniel Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
CAMPBELL Daniel Golands
CAMPBELL John Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
CAMPBELL Neil Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
CAMPBELL William Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
CAMPBELL William Meenacally North
CANNON Catherine Mullans
CANNON Connel Golands
CANNON Darby Rossilongan
CANNON James Glencoagh
CANNON James Lyneleagh
CANNON Manus Golands
CARNEY Arthur Cottage Farm
CARNEY Charles Newtown West
CARNEY Hu. Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
CARNEY Michael Drumgornan West 
CASSIDY Patrick Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
CATHERINES Alexander, Jun. Doonan
CATHERINES Alexander, Sen. Doonan
CLEARY John Island Lough Eske (Part of Friery)
CLEARY Patrick Island Lough Eske (Part of Friery)
COCHRANE Archibald Clenboreeen [Clanboorhin]
COLGAN John Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
COLGAN John, Jun. Altilow
COLGAN Patrick Altilow
COLGAN Widow of John, Sen. Altilow
COLGAN William Altilow
COLGAN William Heneys (Upper)
COLME? Thomas Dromore (Lower)
CORR James Revlin
CORR Thomas Revlin
CORR William Doonan
CORR William Revlin
CORRICAN Robert Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
CORRICAN Thomas Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
CORRICAN Widow Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
COULDON James Drumnacarry
COULTER Arthur Revlin
COULTER Robert Rossilongan 
COULTER William Doonan
CRAWFORD Alexander Lacrum [Lackrom]
CRAWFORD Andrew Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Upper)
CRAWFORD James Ballydivitt (Little)
CRAWFORD James Doonan
CRAWFORD John Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
CRAWFORD John Drumroosk West
CRAWFORD Robert Ballydivitt (Large)
CRAWFORD Thomas Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
CRAWFORD Walter Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
CRAWFORD William Doonan
CREIGHTON Edward Clenboreeen [Clanboorhin]
CREIGHTON Robert Drumgornan West
CROMMER Andrew Drumgornan East
CRUMMER Andrew Drumroosk East
CRUMMER Widow Drimnahoo
CULBERTSON Gabriel  Friery
CUNN Charles Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
CUNN Edward Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan](Lower)
CUNN James Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan](Lower)
CUNN John Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan](Lower)
CUNN Neil Rossilongan
CUNN Patrick Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
CUNN Widow Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
CUNNAGHAN Lanty [Meenataggart]
DAVIS Alexander Drumroosk East
DAVIS Alexander Haugh
DAVIS Alexander Islands Green (or Davis’s Islands)
DAVIS Alexander Lough Eske Wood (Upper)
DAVIS Alexander Tullyfinn
DAVIS William Ballydivitt (Large)
DELHAISE James Drummark East
DEVANY Brien Revlin
DEWARD Connel Croaghenergate [Croaghnaget]
DEWARD John Croaghenergate [Croaghnaget]
DEWARD Owen Meenawilderg
DILLON Charles Mullans
DINSMORE John Lacrum [Lackrom]
DIVER Charles Lough Eske Domain
DIVER John Grennans [Greenan]
DIVER Lawrence Grennans [Greenan]
DIVIR Neil Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
DIVIR Widow Ballydivitt (Large)
DOHERTY Edward Dromore (Upper)
DOHERTY James Beef Park
DOHERTY James Glencoagh
DOHERTY John Rossilongan
DOHERTY Robert Drumgornan West
DONLEVY Patrick Dromore (Lower)
DONNEL John Altilow
DONNEL Michael Golands
DONNEL Patrick Golands
DONNEL Thomas Holmes (East)
DONNEL William Dromore (Upper)
DUIGAN Edward Mullans
DUIGAN James Mullans
DUIGAN William Mullans 
DUNCAN Alexander Drumroosk West
DUNCAN John Altilow
DUNNION Owen Effernagh (or Hill Upon Earth)
EGAN William Ballydivitt (Large)
ELLIS Edward Rossilongan
ELLIS John Ballyweel East
ELLIS William Rossilongan
ELVIN John Islands Green (or Davis’s Islands)
FAUCETT Alexander Doonan
FAUCETT Andrew Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
FAUCETT Andrew Doonan
FAUCETT Andrew Drumgornan East
FAUCETT Andrew Revlin
FAUCETT Henry Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
FAUCETT John Doonan
FAUCETT John Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Upper)
FAUCETT John Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
FAUCETT Michael Doonan
FAUCETT Robert Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
FAUCETT Samuel Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
FINLAY James Doonan
FLAHERTY Denis Dromore (Lower)
FLAHERTY Edward Dromore (Lower)
FLAHERTY Neil Dromore (Upper)
FLAHERTY Patrick Dromore (Lower)
FLANAGAN Edward  Dromore (Upper)
FLOOD Francis Altilow
FLOOD Francis Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
FLOOD Francis Heneys (Lower)
FLOOD James Heneys (Lower)
FLOOD Jane Heneys (Lower)
FOSTER John Island Foster
FOSTER John Rossilongan
FREEL Maurice Beef Park
FRIEL Brian Beef Park
FRIEL Hu. Dromore (Upper)
FRIEL Owen Glencoagh
FURY Bryan Abournadowry [Abbernadoory]
FURY Manus Rossilongan
FURY Patrick Rossilongan
GALASPEY [GILLESPIE] William Drimnahoo
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] Denis Newtown West
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] Thomas Ballydivitt (Little)
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] Widow, Jun. Ballydivitt (Little)
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] Widow, Sen. Ballydivitt (Little)
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] James Drumgornan East
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] Lawrence Drumgornan West
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] William Clenboreeen [Clanboorhin]
GALLAGHER Bryan Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
GALLAGHER Charles Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
GALLAGHER Connel, Jun. Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
GALLAGHER Connel ,Sen. Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
GALLAGHER Daniel Newtown West
GALLAGHER Hu. Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Middle)
GALLAGHER Hu. Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan](Lower)
GALLAGHER James Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
GALLAGHER James Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Upper)
GALLAGHER James Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan](Lower)
GALLAGHER James Golands
GALLAGHER James Grennans [Greenan]
GALLAGHER John Dromore (Lower)
GALLAGHER Manus Doonan
GALLAGHER Michael Crohenterry
GALLAGHER Owen Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
GALLAGHER Owen Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
GALLAGHER Patrick Beef Park
GALLAGHER Patrick Croaghenergate [Croaghnaget]
GALLAGHER Patrick Crohenterry
GALLAGHER Patrick Doohro [Doocrow]
GALLAGHER Patrick Revlin
GALLAGHER Widow Grennans [Greenan]
GALLAGHER  William Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
GALNAGH Henry Drummark East
GALNAGH John Drummark East
GALNAGH Roger Ballydivitt (Little)
GALNAGH Roger Doonan
GETHINGS Darby Drumroosk West
GETHINGS Dudly Newtown East
GETHINGS James Drumroosk West
GETHINGS Owen Ballydivitt (Little)
GETHINGS  Peter Clenboreeen [Clanboorhin]
GILDEA Condy Abournadowry [Abbernadoory]
GILDEA Cormick Beef Park
GILDEA James Abournadowry [Abbernadoory]
GILDEA James Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
GILDEA Michael Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
GILLESPY William Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
GILLIS James Scraw Hill
GIVEN Edward Holmes (Middle)
GIVEN Francis Holmes (Middle)
GIVEN Francis Holmes North
GIVEN James Ball Hill
GIVEN John Drumcliff
GIVEN Samuel Ball Hill
GIVEN Thomas Holmes (Middle)
GIVEN William Cottage Farm
GORRELL John Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Ban
GORRELL Moses Heneys (Upper)
GOULD Flora Ballyweel East
GOULDING Patrick Drumnacarry
GOULDING William Grennans [Greenan]
GREER William Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
GRIERSON Captain Lough Eske Domain
GRIFFITH John Scraw Hill
GRIFFITH John Tawnadrissog
GRIFFITH Michael Scraw Hill
GRIFFITH Michael Tawnadrissog
GRIFFITH William Tawnadrissog
GRIMES William Glencoagh
HAGARTY Darby Glencoagh
HAGARTY Edward Haugh
HAGARTY James Dromore (Upper) 
HAGARTY James Haugh
HAGARTY John Gortlosky
HAMILTON Gloud Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
HAMMOND Alexander Grennans [Greenan]
HAMMOND Alexander Lough Eske Wood (Lower)
HAMMOND Andrew Friery
HAMMOND John Friery
HAMMOND William Burns Mountain or Ardinawark
HARRAGHY Brien Dromore (Lower)
HARRAGHY Brien Drumnacarry
HARRAGHY Charles Dromore (Lower)
HARRAGHY Daniel Ballydivitt (Little)
HARRAGHY Darby Drumnacarry
HARRAGHY Francis Heneys (Upper)
HARRAGHY Hu. Heneys (Upper)
HARRAGHY James Lyneleagh
HARRAGHY John Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan](Lower)
HARRAGHY Michael Dromore (Upper)
HARRAGHY Michael Drumgornan East
HARRAGHY Neil Dromore (Upper)
HARRAGHY Owen Ballydivitt (Little)
HARRAGHY Owen Dromore (Upper)
HARRAGHY Owen Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
HARRAGHY Pat. Friery
HARRAGHY Shane Dromore (Upper)
HARRAGHY Widow of John  Dromore (Lower)
HARRAGHY William Drawn [Burns Mountain?]
HARRAN Andrew Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Middle)
HEGARTY Thomas Beef Park
HENDERSON Alex. Ballyweel East
HENDERSON T. Lough Eske Domain
HENDERSON Thomas Ardigatt or Ardnagault
HENDERSON Thomas Maghryboy
HENDERSON William Ballyweel East
HERRIRAN Connel Croaghenergate [Croaghnaget]
HEWITT Andrew Glen
HEWITT Charles Lacrum [Lackrom]
HEWITT Robert Glen
HIGGINS James Newtown East
HIGGINS Michael Newtown East
HILFERTY James Ballydivitt (Large)
HILFERTY John Ballydivitt (Large)
HILLY Michael Drumnacarry
HINDMAN John Dromore (Upper)
HOLMES Archibald Mullans
IRVIN James Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Middle)
IRWIN Robert Ballydivitt (Large)
JAMESON John Lough Eske Domain
JOHNSTON Richard Ballydivitt (Large)
KEARIN James Newtown East
KEARIN Michael Newtown East
KEARIN Patrick Newtown East
KEARNS Alexander Lough Eske Domain
KEIRAN Daniel Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
KEIRAN Michael Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Upper)
KELLY Daniel Ballydivitt (Little)
KELLY Francis Friery
KELLY James Golands
KELLY Patrick Ballydivitt (Little)
KELLY Shane Friery
KELLY Widow Newtown East
KENNEDY Art. Shroohil [Sruel]North 
KENNEDY Charles Eglish
KENNEDY Charles Grennans [Greenan]
KENNEDY Charles Shroohil [Sruel]South 
KENNEDY Connel Newtown West
KENNEDY Dudly Ballydivitt (Large)
KENNEDY Edward Shroohil [Sruel]South 
KENNEDY Francis Grennans [Greenan]
KENNEDY Francis Meenaguish (Meenaguse)
KENNEDY Francis Newtown West
KENNEDY Patrick Ballydivitt (Large)
KENNEDY Patrick Shroohil [Sruel]South 
KENNEDY Thomas Doohro [Doocrow]
KENNEDY Thomas Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
KENNEDY Thomas Meenaguish (Meenaguse)
KENNEDY Widow Newtown East
KENNEDY Widow Shroohil [Sruel]South 
KENNY Denis Meenaguish (Meenaguse)
KENNY John Shroohil [Sruel]North 
KENNY William Meenaguish (Meenaguse)
KERRIGAN Patrick Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
KERRIGAN Tom Drumroosk West
KILPATRICK William Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
KIRK George Glencoagh
KNIGHT Edward Drimnahoo
KNIGHT Edward Drumroosk West
KNIGHT Richard Altilow
KNIGHT Richard Drimnahoo
KNIGHT William Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
KNOUD? William Mullans
LIPSETT Andrew Dromore (Lower)
LIPSETT John Dromore (Lower)
LONG David Ballyweel East
LONG William Tullyfinn
LOVE Andrew Drumgornan West
LOVE Andrew Lough Eske Domain
LOVE David Tullyfinn
LOVE Richard Doonan
LOVE Robert Meenacally North
LOVE Robert Revlin
LOVE William, Jun. Doonan
LOVE William Meenacally South
LOWRY James Maghryboy
LOWRY John Smarsgat [Tawnyvorgal?]
LOWRY William Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
LOWRY William, Jun. Smarsgat [Tawnyvorgal?]
LOWRY William, Sen. Smarsgat [Tawnyvorgal?]
LYONS Alexander Clenboreeen [Clanboorhin]
LYONS James Grennans [Greenan]
LYONS James Lough Eske Wood (Lower)
LYTTLE Joseph Drumnegarren
MAGIEVOR [McIVOR?] John Glencoagh
MAGINLY James Grennans [Greenan]
MAGROARTY James Drimnahoo
MAGRUDDY Joseph Altilow
MAGUIGAN James Mullans
MAGUIRE James Glencoagh
MAGUIRE John Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
MAGUIRE John Haugh
MARTIN Alexander Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Middle)
MARTIN Bryan Lyneleagh
MARTIN Francis & partner Lyneleagh
MARTIN Francis Island Lough Eske (Part of Friery)
MARTIN James Dromore (Upper)
McCADDEN Edward Drumroosk West
McCADDEN Phil Drumroosk West
McCAHILL Daniel Drumgornan East
McCAHILL  Patrick Drumgornan East
McCALLION  Neil Grennans [Greenan]
McCLOSKY James Mullans
McCLOSKY John Drumroosk West
McCLOSKY John Mullans
MCCLOSKY Patrick Heneys (Upper)
McCLURE Anthony Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
McCOLLIAN Lawrence Beef Park
McCONLY Edward Island Lough Eske (Part of Friery)
McCORMICK James Drumnacarry
McCORMICK John Mullans
McCREERY J. Lacrum [Lackrom]
McCULLION Patrick Ballydivitt (Large)
McCUNNIGAN John Dromore (Lower)
McCUNNIGAN John Dromore (Upper)
McCUNNIGAN Robert Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
McDAID Connel Grennans [Greenan]
McDAID Connel Lough Eske Wood (Lower)
McDAID Edward Beef Park
McDAID James Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Upper)
McDAID Michael Beef Park
McDAID Nicholas Beef Park
McDAID Owen Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Upper)
McDAID William Burns Mountain or Ardinawark
McDONAGH Ralph Ballydivitt (Large)
McDONAGH William Mullans
McELHAR Daniel Grennans [Greenan]
McELHAR Lawrence Friery
McELHAR Lawrence Lough Eske Wood (Lower)
McELHAR Patrick Grennans [Greenan]
McFADIN Andrew Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
McGARRIGLE Denis Scraw Hill
McGARRIGLE Patrick Golands
McGEEVOR [McIVOR] James Scraw Hill
McGINLY John Dromore (Lower)
McGLINN David Friery
McGLINN John Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
McGONIGLE Charles Drumgornan West
McGROARTY Denis Clenboreeen [Clanboorhin]
McGROARTY John Ballydivitt (Large)
McGROARTY Michael Ballydivitt (Large)
McGROARTY Tim Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
McGRORTY John Tullyfinn
McGRORTY Owen Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
McGRORY Edward Friery
McGRORY James Meenawilderg
McGRUDDY Darby Meenacally North
McGUIRE Pat. Owenbwee [Owenboy]
McGUIRE Thomas Dromore (Upper)
McHUGH James Doohro [Doocrow]
McHUGH James Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan](Lower)
McHUGH Patrick Doohro [Doocrow]
McHUGH Patrick Drumgun
McHUGH Peter Drumgun
McINTIRE James Mullans
McKELVIE Denis Ballydivitt (Large)
McKELVIE Denis Clenboreeen [Clanboorhin]
McKELVIE John Drumcliff
McKENNITT Robert Clenboreeen [Clanboorhin]
McLOON Daniel Doohro [Doocrow]
McLOON Henry Doohro [Doocrow]
McLOON Hu. Doohro [Doocrow]
McLOON John Doohro [Doocrow]
McLOON Peter Doohro [Doocrow]
McMENOMEN Patrick Adergill [Edergole]
McMULLIN Charles Drumroosk Middle
McMULLIN John Drumroosk Middle
McMULLIN Tim Drumroosk Middle
McNELIS George Dromore (Lower)
McNELIS Michael Altilow
McNULTY John Beef Park
McNULTY John Drawn [Burns Mountain?]
McNULTY Manus Beef Park
McNULTY Patrick Drawn [Burns Mountain?]
McSWINE Denis Drummark East
McSWINE Miles Cronkeeran
MEIGHAN Ann Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
MEIGHAN James Dromore (Upper)
MEIGHAN James Lough Eske Domain
MEIGHAN James Newtown East
MEIGHAN James Tawnadrissog
MEIGHAN John Owenbwee [Owenboy]
MEIGHAN Patrick Drumnacarry
MEIGHAN Thomas Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
MEIGHAN Thomas Drumnacarry
MEIGHAN Thomas Lough Eske Domain
MEIGHAN Widow Ballydivitt (Little)
MEIGHAN Widow Friery
MEIGHAN William Drumgornan East
MELDRUM John Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
MELLY Edward Holmes North
MELLY Hugh Altidooth [Altadoo]Upper
MELLY Tim Gortlosky
MELLY William Ballyweel East
MELLY William Gortlosky
MILLER Hu. Haugh
MILLER James Haugh
MILLER James Maghryboy
MILLER James Maghryboy (for Tawnawaragh[?])
MILLER John Lacrum [Lackrom]
MILLER Widow Haugh
MILLER Widow Lacrum [Lackrom]
MILLS Edward Doonan
MILLS John, Jun. Doonan
MILLS John, Sen. Doonan
MOLLOY Widow & partner Croaghenergate [Croaghnaget]
MONAGHAN James Dromore (Upper)
MONAGHAN Patrick Dromore (Upper)
MONAGHAN Thomas Dromore (Upper)
MONTGOMERY Alexander Ballydivitt (Little)
MONTGOMERY James Ballydivitt (Little)
MONTGOMERY John Drumgornan West
MONTGOMERY M. Drumgornan West 
MONTGOMERY William Drumgornan West
MONTGOMERY William, Sen. Drumgornan West
MOORE Widow Friery
MOORHEAD John Mullans
MORROW Alexander Drumroosk Middle
MORROW Andrew Drumroosk Middle
MORROW Edward Ballydivitt (Large)
MORROW George Haugh
MORROW Hu. Holmes (Middle)
MORROW Robert Drumroosk Middle
MORROW Robert Winter Hill
MORROW Widow of Adam Drumgornan West
MORROW Widow of Adam Drumroosk Middle
MORROW William Haugh
MULHEARIN James Owenbwee [Owenboy]
MULHEARIN Neil Newtown East
MULREANY Hu. Drumnacarry
MURDOCK James Tawnadrissog
MURPHY James Dromore (Upper)
MURRAY Connel Holmes North
MURRAY Denis Holmes (East)
MURRAY Widow Holmes (East)
NESBITT William Glencoagh
NICHOLSON Stephen Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
NICHOLSON William Haugh
O’BEIRNE Brien Lacrum [Lackrom]
O’BEIRNE Patrick Lacrum [Lackrom]
O’DONNEL Daniel Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
O’DONNEL Hu. Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
O’NEILL John Friery
OLIVER Noble Ballydivitt (Large)
PATERSON Thomas Beef Park
PEARSON Thomas Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
PERRY Andrew Drumroosk West
PERRY Andrew Gortlosky
PERRY Edward Ballyweel East
PERRY Francis Ballyweel East
PERRY John Ballyweel East
PERRY Robert Altilow
PERRY Robert Haugh
PERRY Thomas Winter Hill
PHILIPS R. S. Drumcliff
PILKINGTON Edward Mullans
PORTER Widow Dromore (Upper)
PORTER William Dromore (Upper)
RANKIN David Meenacally South
REED James Ballydivitt (Large)
REED Widow Ballydivitt (Large)
RICHEY William Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
RICHY John Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
RUDDY Connor Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Upper)
RUDDY William Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Upper)
SCOTT George Haugh
SCOTT George Lacrum [Lackrom]
SCOTT Hu. Forth Hill
SCOTT John Altilow
SCOTT John Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
SCOTT John Forth Hill
SCOTT John Haugh
SCOTT John Heneys (Upper)
SCOTT John, Jun. Forth Hill
SCOTT John, Jun. Lacrum [Lackrom]
SCOTT John Mullans
SCOTT John, Sen. Forth Hill
SCOTT Patrick Altilow
SCOTT Robert Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
SCOTT Robert Lacrum [Lackrom]
SCOTT Robert Winter Hill
SCOTT Stephen Forth Hill
SCOTT Thomas Meenacally South
SCOTT Widow Heneys (Upper)
SCOTT Widow Lacrum [Lackrom]
SCOTT Widow of William Altilow
SCOTT William Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
SHEERIN Peter Newtown East
SHIELE James Glebe (Middle) [Eddrim Glebe]
SLEAVIN Lawrence Adergill [Edergole]
SLEAVIN Peter Adergill [Edergole]
SLEAVIN Peter Dromore (Lower)
SMITH Rev. William Lough Eske Wood (Upper)
SMITH Rev. William Woodpark
SMULLIN John Milltown Drumroosk
SPENCE David Drimstevlin [Drum Stevlin]
SPENCE Jacob Drimstevlin [Drum Stevlin]
SPENCE James Drimstevlin [Drum Stevlin]
SPENCE John Drimstevlin [Drum Stevlin]
SPENCE John Dromore (Lower)
STEEN John Drumgun
STEPHENSON Thomas Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
STEWART David Milltown Drumroosk
STEWART John Revlin
STEWART Ralph Mullans
STEWART Robert Doonan
STEWART Robert Mullans
STEWART William Drumgun
SWEENY Alexander & partner Friery
SWEENY John Scraw Hill
SWEENY Miles Friery
SYMS James Dromore (Upper)
TATE Richard Doonan
TAYLOR James Dromore (Upper)
THOMAS Fergal Adergill [Edergole]
THOMAS Michael  Adergill [Edergole]
THOMAS Owen, Jun. Adergill [Edergole]
THOMAS Owen, Sen. Adergill [Edergole]
THOMAS Patrick Adergill [Edergole]
THOMAS Phil. Island Lough Eske (Part of Friery)
THOMAS Philip Adergill [Edergole]
THOMAS Widow Island Lough Eske (Part of Friery)
THOMPSON George Clenboreeen [Clanboorhin]
THOMPSON John Ballydivitt (Little)
THOMPSON William Ballydivitt (Little)
TOBIN John Mullans
TORRENS William Altidooth [Altadoo]Lower 
TUMMENY Edward Gortlosky
TUMMENY Mark Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan](Lower)
TUMMENY Patrick Haugh
TUNNY Edward Grennans [Greenan]
TUNNY Patrick Haugh
VIRTUE David Tullyfinn
WARD Brien Eglish
WARD Connel Grennans [Greenan]
WARD Connel Lough Eske Wood (Lower) 
WARD Darby Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Upper)
WARD Denis [Meenataggart]
WARD Denis Eglish
WARD James Altilow
WARD James Grennans [Greenan]
WARD Michael Meenacally Keeran (or Bog)
WARK Alexander Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
WARK John Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
WARK Joseph Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
WARK Stephen Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
WARK Thomas Augherbeg [Ogherbeg]
WARNOCK Thomas Beef Park
WATSON James Dromore (Lower)
WEIR James Ballydivitt (Little)
WILLIAMSON Charles Glencoagh
WILLIAMSON James Dromore (Lower)
WILLIAMSON Richard Mullans
WILLIAMSON Robert Clenboreeen [Clanboorhin]
WILLIAMSON William Drumgornan West
WILSON Alexander Ballydivitt (Large)
WILSON James Ballydivitt (Large)
WILSON Widow of Alexander Ballydivitt (Large)
WILSON Widow of Robert Ballydivitt (Large)
WOODWARD Andrew Drimmenanaugh or Thrush Bank
WRAY Alexander Drimstevlin [Drum Stevlin]
WRAY James Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Middle)
WRAY Joseph Drimstevlin [Drum Stevlin]
WRAY William Drimkeehan [Drumkeeghan] (Middle)
WRAY William Drimstevlin [Drum Stevlin]
YOUNG Mrs (for bog) Lyneleagh
YOUNG Mrs (for Crawford’s Hill) Lough Eske Domain
YOUNG Mrs (for Rossdooth) Lough Eske Domain
YOUNG Mrs Lough Eske Domain


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