Tithe Applotment Book for the Parishes of Killybegs Upper and Lower

Signed 1834


This index was compiled by John McLaughlin & Lindel, and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Please note the following:
1. The book was transcribed from the original handwritten form - in many places the writing was very difficult to decipher.
2. Some townlands do not appear to exist now - the spelling has stayed the same as the original
3. Names have been transcribed as they were written, so in some cases you will have to be imaginative when searching for your ancestors name.
4. Part of the film of the Tithe book was out of focus so there are 27 names missing from the townland of Stragar.
6. We have tried our utmost to be as accurate as possible with the transcription however, it was a very difficult task and there may be some errors.

Surname, First, Townland

Adair, Andy, Garawart
Aiken, John, Killybeggs
Aiken, John, Killybeggs
Alcorn, William, Killrean - Clonconwell
Armstrong, James, Storm Hill
Babington Murray, Carntullough
Babington,Wm., Croaghlin
Barran, Henry, Ceonchoe
Basken, Thomas, Ardara  
Basken & son William, Garawart
Baskins, Adam, Brockagh
Baskins, Moses, Gortnacart
Baskins, Moses, Gortnacart
Baskins, Thomas, Gortnacart
Baskins, William, Ardara
Baskins, William, Cladagh
Battles, John, Crucknagaple
Battles, WIdow, Crucknagaple
Beats, William, Ardara
Beaty, Glen, Ardara
Beaty, Isaac, Ardara
Beaty, John, Ardara
Beaty, John (smith) Ardara
Beaty, Thomas, Ardara
Birn, Beirne, Meenarushin
Birn, Bryan, Gortnamuck
Birn, Chrisr., Doughill W.
Birn, Denis, Stragar
Birn, Francis, Gortnamuck
Birn, James, Ballyarra W.
Birn, James, Largysallagh
Birn, James, Stragar
Birn, John, Largysallagh
Birn, John, Rushin   
Birn, Owen, Coolnagapog
Birn, Owen, Stragar
Birn, Peter, Stragar
Birn, William, Ballyarra E. 
Blair, Mrs., Drumbarity
Blair, Wm. Nesbitt Killybeggs
Blair (Fideles),William, Killybeggs
Boyd, Andrew, Aughewig
Boyd, Aron, Aughewig
Boyd, David, Tullycullion 
Boyd, Edw., Carricknabohil
Boyd, John, Aughewig
Boyd, Patrick, Aughewig
Boyd, Patt., Tullycullion
Boyd, Rich., Aughewig
Boyd, Widow Hanna Tullycullion
Boyd & son Rich., Killybeggs
Boyd Sr. David, Tullycullion
Boyle, Charles, Mogumna
Boyle, Charles, Mullinacligh
Boyle, Conely, Carricknabohil
Boyle, Edw., Glengish
Boyle, Edw., Glengish 
Boyle, Hugh, Ballyarra W.
Boyle, Hugh, Gortnagolan
Boyle, Hugh, Killrean - Gortnagossig
Boyle, Hugh, Killrean - Groves
Boyle, James, Carricknabohil
Boyle, James, Glengish
Boyle, James, Glengish  
Boyle, James, Mogumna
Boyle, James, Mogumna
Boyle, John, Ardara
Boyle, John, Carricknabohil
Boyle, John, Killybeggs
Boyle, Michl., Mogumna
Boyle, Neal, Ballysallagh & Meenahohan
Boyle, Neal, Killrean - Stranacross
Boyle, Pat., Ceonchoe
Boyle, Patr., Ballysallagh & Meenahohan
Boyle, Patt., Ardara
Boyle, Patt., Aughewig
Boyle, Patt., Carricknabohil
Boyle, Patt., Crucknagaple
Boyle, Patt., Grany
Boyle, Robt., Ardara
Boyle, Shawn, Tieveskeelta
Boyle, Teague, Mullinacligh
Boyle, Widow, Killybeggs
Boyle, William, Ardara  
Boyle Sr. Hugh, Killrean - Blackpark
Bradden, Charles, Crucknagaple
Bradden, Charles, Killrean - Park
Bradden, Danl., Corness
Bradden, Hugh, Ardara  
Bradden, James, Doughill W.
Braddin, Charles, Carrickclave
Braddin, Daniel, Monargan
Braddin, Daniel, Straoughter
Braddin, Denis, Monargan
Braddin, James, Straoughter
Braddin, Michl., Ardara
Braddin, Neal, Altnagaple  
Braddin, Neal, Monargan
Braddin, Owen, Castledoherty
Braddin, Owen, Monargan
Braddin, Teague, Doughill E.  
Branigan,Coridy, Carricknabohil
Bredden, Owen, Killrean - Gortosky
Brenan, Francis, Meenawana Drumcross Bar
Brenan, Patt., Brockagh
Brenan, Patt., Brockagh
Breshland,Andrew, Drumanooe old town
Breshland,Bryan, Drumanooe newtown
Breshland, Charles, Crucknagaple
Breshland, Charles, Drumanooe old town
Breshland, Denis, Crucknagaple
Breshland, Denis, Doughill E.
Breshland, Henry, Gortnamuck
Breshland, James, Croghlin Beg
Breshland, John, Faifannan   
Breshland, John, Killrean - Shadowny
Breshland, Mary, Crucknagaple
Breshland, Neal, Crucknagaple
Breshland, Owen, Crucknagaple
Breshland, Owen, Crucknagaple
Breshland, Owen, Crucknagaple
Breshland, Patt., Ceonchoe
Breshland, Owen, Crucknagaple
Breshlen, Andrw., Killrean - Gortosky
Breshlen, Daniel, Crucknagaple
Breshlin, Andrew, Rushin
Breshlin, Arel, Monargan
Breshlin, Arel & son, Monargan
Breshlin, Bryan, Killybeggs
Breshlin, Charles, Meentanadea
Breshlin, Conely, Glengish
Breshlin, Conely, Glengish  
Breshlin, Conely, Monargan
Breshlin, Conely, Monargan
Breshlin, Daniel, Ardara
Breshlin, Daniel, Carrickclave
Breshlin, Daniel, Meentanadea
Breshlin, Darby, Corrin
Breshlin, Darby, Glengish
Breshlin, Darby, Glengish  
Breshlin, Denis, Ardlougher
Breshlin, Denis, Castledoherty
Breshlin, Denis, Cleggan
Breshlin, Denis, Cronkeeran
Breshlin, Edw., Ardara
Breshlin, Edw., Ardlougher
Breshlin, Francis, Glengish
Breshlin, Francis, Glengish  
Breshlin, Hugh, Castledoherty
Breshlin, Hugh, Cronkeeran
Breshlin, Hugh, Crucknagaple
Breshlin, James, Massfin
Breshlin, John, Ardara  
Breshlin, John, Carrickclave
Breshlin, John, Glengish
Breshlin, John, Glengish  
Breshlin, John, Meentanadea
Breshlin, Mary, Ardlougher
Breshlin, Mich., Ardara
Breshlin, Neal, Ardara
Breshlin, Neal, Gortnamuck
Breshlin, Owen, Carricknabohil
Breshlin, Owen, Cronkeeran
Breshlin, Owen, Meentanadea
Breshlin, Patrick, Ardara  
Breshlin, Patt., Cullion
Breshlin, Patt., Killrean - Park
Breshlin, Patt., Meentanadea
Breshlin, Patt., Tullied
Breshlin, Teague, Ardara
Breshlin, Teague, Castledoherty
Breshlin, Teague, Monargan
Breshlin, Thomas, Ardlougher
Breshlin, Thomas, Cronkeeran
Breshlin, Thomas, Meentanadea
Breshlin, William, Gortnamuck
Brice, Eprim , Ardara
Brice, James, Ardara
Brice Jr. Andrew, Ardara
Brice Sr. Andrew, Ardara
Brogan, Farigle, Carrickclave
Brogan, Farigle, Doughill W.
Brogan, James, Ardara
Brogan, James, Doughill Middle
Brogan, Nancy, Croghlin Beg
Brogan, Patk., Ardara
Brogan, Rodger, Doughill W.
Brogan, S, Killybeggs
Brogan, Thomas, Carrickclave
Brogan, Thomas, Gortnacart
Brogan, Thomas, Gortnacart
Brown, Alx., Killybeggs
Brown, Alxr., Killybeggs
Brown, Alxr., Killybeggs
Brown, John, Drumbeigh
Brown, Widow, Killybeggs
Burk, Edw., Ardara
Burk, Patrick, Ardara
Burns, Anthy., Monargan
Burns, Edw., Carricknabohil
Burns, John, Ardara  
Burns, John, Carricknabohil
Burns, Robt., Ardwolla
Burns, Robt., Moagh
Calahan, Conel, Corrlan
Calahan, Hugh, Corrlan
Calahan, James, Corrlan
Campble, Anthy., Croghlin Mor
Campble, Denis, Ardara  
Campble, James, Ballysallagh & Meenahohan
Campble, James, Killrean
Campble, Patrick, Ardara  
Cannon, Bryan, Carricknabohil
Cannon, Bryan, Croghlin Mor
Cannon, Cormick, Carricknabohil
Cannon, Denis, Carricknabohil
Cannon, Denis, Killybeggs
Cannon, Francis, Doughill Middle
Cannon, James, Croghlin Mor
Cannon, Michl., Corrlan
Cannon, Owen, Brockagh
Cannon, Owen, Carricknabohil
Cannon, Patt., Brockagh
Cannon, Patt., Largysallagh
Cannon, Thomas, Killybeggs
Cannon, Thomas, Killybeggs
Cannon, Thomas, Killybeggs
Cannon, Thomas, Knockahenny
Carlen, Hary, Ardara
Carlin, Widow D. Ardara  
Carr, Michl., Largysallagh
Cartin, Daniel, Ardara
Cartin, Hugh, Ardara
Cartin, James, Ardara
Cary, Bryan, Killrean - Cousin
Cary, James, Killrean - Blackpark
Cary, Peggy, Killrean - Cousin
Cary, Peter, Killrean - Cousin
Cary, Sally, Killrean - Cousin
Cassidy, Andrew, Straoughter
Cassidy, Patt., Largysallagh
Clark, James, Killybeggs
Col?, Rodger, Derries 
Conahan, Bryan, Roughroe
Conahan, Catherine Ardara
Conahan, Cormick, Roughroe
Conahan, James, Ardara
Conahan, Peter, Killrean - Culbeg
Conahan, Roger, Corness
Conahan, Roger, Roughroe
Conahan, Widow, Ardara
Conel, Fury , Derries    
Conelly, John, Carricknagore
Conolly, Col., Killybeggs
Conwell, Anthony, Straleeny
Conwell, Charles, Killybeggs
Conwell, Charles, Killybeggs
Conwell, Charles, Killybeggs
Conwell, Glen, Killybeggs
Conwell, James, Killybeggs
Conwell, James, Killybeggs
Conwell, Jas., Cashel Crummin
Conwell, John, Straleeny
Conwell, Mathew, Killybeggs
Conwell, Mathew, Killybeggs
Conwell, Michl., Faifannan   
Conwell, Michl., Killybeggs
Conwell, Owen, Killybeggs
Conwell, Owen, Killybeggs
Conwell, Patt., Aughewig
Conwell, Patt., Aughewig
Conwell, Patt., Killybeggs
Conwell, Patt., Killybeggs
Conwell, Patt., Killybeggs
Conwell, Patt., Killybeggs
Conwell, Rich., Faifannan
Conwell, Ritch., Killybeggs
Conwell, Robt., Killybeggs
Conwell, Robt., Killybeggs
Conwell, Stephen, Killybeggs
Conwell, Stephen, Knockahenny
Conwell, Thomas, Straleeny
Conwell, William, Killybeggs
Corseaden John, Ardara
Crawford ?, Stragar
Crawford Andr., Largysallagh
Crawford George, Stragar
Crawford John, Stragar
Crawford Robt., Rushin
Crawford Thomas, Rushin
Crawford Wm., Killybeggs
Criniley John, Ardara
Cue, Thomas, Killybeggs
Cunnea, David, Drumbarity
Cunnea, James, Aughewig
Cunnea, James, Killybeggs
Cunnea, James, Stragar Mill
Cunnea, Owen, Aughewig
Cunnea, Owen, Aughewig
Cunnea, Patt., Stragar Mill
Cunnea, Thomas, Killybeggs
Cunnigan Daniel, Mogumna
Cunnigan William, Killybeggs
Cunnigan Anth., Ardara  
Cunnigan Cathr., Ballyarra W.
Cunnigan Conel, Rushin
Cunnigan Daniel, Faifannan
Cunnigan Edw., Tullied
Cunnigan Francis, Lissnacliay
Cunnigan George, Gortnacart
Cunnigan Hugh, Tullied
Cunnigan James, Lissnacliay
Cunnigan John, Tullied
Cunnigan Miles, Lissnacliay
Cunnigan Patt., Lissnacliay
Cunnigan Shawn, Tullied
Cunnigan Widow, Ballyarra W.
Cunnigan William, Ardara
Cunnigan William, Ceonchoe
Cunnigan William, Moagh
Cunnigan William, Tullied
Cunnigan, Gortnacart
Currin, Denis, Killybeggs
Currin, Dennis, Killybeggs
Dair, John, Ardara
Davis, Alex., Aughewig
Davis, Alxr., Tullycullion
Davis, John, Aughewig
Davis, John, Aughewig
Daw, James, Carricknabohil
Delany, Anthny., Killybeggs
Devany, Conel, Lissnacliay
Devany, John, Island
Devany, Patt., Tullied
Devitt, Cornelius Killrean - Clonconwell
Devitt, James, Killrean - Clonconwell
Deyerind Denis, Gortnagolan
Diver, Andrew, Largysallagh
Diver, Charles, Coolnagapog
Diver, Edw., Ballyarra E.
Diver, Edw., Killrean - Tullyhonwar
Diver, Edw., Killybeggs
Diver, Edward, Drumbeigh
Diver, Hugh, Croghlin Beg
Diver, Hugh, Lissnacliay
Diver, James, Corness
Diver, James, Grany
Diver, James, Lissnacliay
Diver, John, Lissnacliay
Diver, Mrs., Ardara
Diver, Owen, Coolnagapog
Diver, Owen, Killybeggs
Diver, Owen, Killybeggs
Diver, William, Ardara
Doad, Mrs. Jane Killybeggs
Dobbins, Thomas, Cladagh
Doherty, Art, Ardara
Doherty, James, Gortnagolan
Doherty, John, Gortnagolan
Doherty, John, Tawna Sligo
Doherty, Philip, Croghlin Beg
Doherty, Philip, Gortnagolan
Doherty, Roger, Corness
Doherty, Thomas, Ballyarra W.
Doherty, Widow, Gortnagolan
Doherty & son Owen, Corness
Dolan, Biddy, Killrean
Dolan, James, Killrean
Donel, Owen, Straoughter
Donell & son William, Ardara
Donlevy, Anthny., Killrean - Shadowny
Donlevy, Anthony, Gortnamuck
Donlevy, Darby, Killybeggs
Donlevy, Darby, Knockahenny
Donlevy, Eleanor, Killrean - Shadowny
Donlevy, James, Killrean - Clonconwell
Donlevy, Murty, Altinashallog
Donlevy, Murty, Altinashallog
Donlivey James, Mullinard
Donnel, Bryan, Killybeggs
Donnel, James, Killybeggs
Donnel, Kitty, Gortnamuck
Donnel, Neal, Killybeggs
Donnel, Owen, Ballyarra Middle
Donnel, Owen, Killybeggs
Donnel, Owen, Tawna Sligo
Donnel, Patt., Gortnamuck
Donnel, Widow, Ballysallagh & Meenahohan
Donnel, Widow, Gortnagolan
Donnel, Widow, Killybeggs
Donnell, John, Leiter
Doogan, Daniel, Ballyarra W.
Doogan, Hugh, Gortnamuck
Doogan, Kitty, Lissnacliay
Doogan, Owen, Ballyarra W.
Doogan, Patt., Ballyarra W.
Dorrian, James, Ardara
Dowd, Thomas, Croghlin Mor
Drury, Capt., Killybeggs
Duffy, Biddy, Stragar
Duncan, Francis, Ballyarra E.
Duncan Jr. Geo., Killrean - Terrynoguna
Duncan Sr. Geo., Killrean - Terrynoguna
Dunlevy, Anthny., Killrean
Dunnigan Philip, Carricknabohil
Early, Dan. (Rev.) Derries 
Early, Daniel, Ardara
Early, Edw., Mullinard
Early, Neal, Mullinard
Early, Patrick, Ardara
Early, Thomas, Meenahull and Meenakillawolle
Elliott, Andrew, Drumnacross
Elliott, Mathew, Largysallagh
Erskine, Mathew, Bungostin
Erskine, Widow , Bungostin
Erskine, Widow Mary Bungostin
Figory, Patt., Ardara
Finn, John, Ardara
Folwill/Tolwill Mrs., Carricknagore
Foster, William, Derries 
Fox, Patt., Killybeggs
Fury, Andw., Gortnacart
Fury, Andw., Gortnacart
Fury, James, Derries 
Fury, James, Killrean - Groves
Fury, James, Straoughter
Fury, Owen, Straoughter
Fury, Patt., Derries 
Gaghan,  Ardara
Gaighen, Rodger, Glengish  
Gallagher, Anne, Ardara  
Gallagher, Daniel, Glengish
Gallagher, James, Derries 
Gallagher, Patt., Stragar
Gallagher, Widow, Bellbawne
Gallagher, Edw., Ardara  
Gallaher, Charles, Gortnacart
Gallaher, Charles, Gortnacart
Gallaher, Charles, Gortnacart
Gallaher, Charles, Gortnacart
Gallaher, Charles, Killrean - Tullyhonwar
Gallaher, Charles, Meenahull and Meenakillawolle
Gallaher, Charles, Mullinacligh
Gallaher, Charles, Mullintaboyle
Gallaher, Cormick, Crucknagaple
Gallaher, Daniel, Carrickataggart
Gallaher, Daniel, Glengish  
Gallaher, Daniel, Glengish   
Gallaher, Denis, Cronkeeran
Gallaher, Edw., Carricknabohil
Gallaher, Edw., Derries 
Gallaher, Edw., Glengish
Gallaher, Francis, Grany
Gallaher, Francis, Killybeggs
Gallaher, James, Carricknabohil
Gallaher, James, Glengish
Gallaher, James, Glengish
Gallaher, James, Glengish  
Gallaher, James, Killrean - Clonconwell
Gallaher, James, Mullinacligh
Gallaher, James, Mullintaboyle
Gallaher, John, Ardara
Gallaher, John, Ardara
Gallaher, John, Glengish
Gallaher, John, Glengish
Gallaher, John, Glengish
Gallaher, John, Glengish  
Gallaher, Manus, Ardara
Gallaher, Mary, Derries 
Gallaher, Nial, Carricknabohil
Gallaher, Owen, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
Gallaher, Patrick, Ardara
Gallaher Patrick(jailor) Ardara
Gallaher Patt., Killrean
Gallaher Patt., Killybeggs
Gallaher Patt., Killybeggs
Gallaher Patt., Tawna Sligo
Gallaher Peter, Glengish  
Gallaher Phelim, Glengish
Gallaher Phelim, Glengish  
Gallaher Philip, Killybeggs
Gallaher Rose, Faifannan
Gallaher Teague, Meenahull and Meenakillawolle
Gallaher Teague, Meenahull and Meenakillawolle
Gallaher Thomas, Drumnacross
Gallaher Thomas, Glengish
Gallaher Widow, Faifannan
Gallaher Widow, Glengish
Gallaher Widow, Island
Gallaher Widow Mary Meenahull and Meenakillawolle
Gallaher William, Killybeggs
Gallaher William, Straoughter
Gallaher & son John, Ardara
Gaughen, James, Glengish
Gaughen, James, Glengish  
Gaughen, John, Glengish
Gaughen, John, Glengish  
Gavan, Jas. & son Ardara
Geeran, Bryan, Straoughter
Geeran, John, Straoughter
Geeran, Widow, Straoughter
Geeren, Teague, Killrean - Tullyhonwar
Geerin, Cathr., Corness
Geighan, Rodger, Glengish
Gettin, James, Killybeggs
Gildea, Conel, Killrean - Clonconwell
Gildea, Denis, Carrickclave
Gildea, Denis, Drumnacross
Gildea, Hugh, Killrean - Clonconwell
Gildea, James, Carrickclave
Gildea, James, Carrickclave
Gildea, Jas., Carrickclave
Gildea, Owen, Carrickclave
Gildea, Patt., Killrean - Clonconwell
Gildea, Patt., Monargan
Gillaspie Charles, Drumanooe old town
Gillaspie James, Ceonchoe
Gillaspie James, Drumanooe old town
Gillaspie John, Meenabol
Gillaspie Patt., Tawna Sligo
Gillaspie Peter, Drumanooe old town
Gillaspie Peter, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
Gillespie James, Faifannan
Given, Michl., Ardara
Givern, John, Aughewig
Givern, Patt., Killrean - Tullyhonwar
Greenlaw Hugh, Tullycullion
Greenlaw Joseph, Killybeggs
Greenlaw Ritd., Scottys Hill
Greenlaw Widow, Killybeggs
Greenlaw William, Killybeggs
Griffith Nately, Altinashallog
Grimes, Edw., Largysallagh
Grimes, Hanna, Carricknabohil
Grimes Jr. Michl., Largysallagh
Grimes Sr. Michl., Largysallagh
Hamilton Alx., Tullycullion
Hamilton Andrw., Tullycullion
Hamilton Fany, Tullycullion
Hamilton Hugh, Aughewig
Hamilton Hugh, Tullycullion
Hamilton James, Fintra    
Hamilton James, Knockahenny
Hamilton John, Killybeggs
Hamilton John, Tullycullion
Hamilton Widow, Aughewig
Hamilton Alx., Killybeggs
Hamilton Andrew, Killybeggs
Hamilton James, Grany
Hamilton James, Killybeggs
Hanlen, William, Moagh
Hanlon, Aichy, Mullintaboyle
Hanlon, James, Mullintaboyle
Hanlon, Owen, Killrean - Tullyhonwar
Hanlon, William, Ardwolla
Hanlon , James Sr. Mullintaboyle
Harahy, James, Ardara
Haran, Patt., Brockagh
Harkin, James, Ballysallagh & Meenahohan
Harkin, Widow, Ardara
Harley, Conely, Castledoherty
Haskin, Edw. Or James Ardara
Haskin, Gregory, Ardara
Haskins, Denis, Doughill E.
Haughy, Conel, Carricknabohil
Haughy, Patt., Rushin
Hegarty, Andrew, Killrean - Mountain
Hegarty, Bryan, Fintra
Hegarty, Francis, Killybeggs
Hegarty, Fras. Or Chas. Drumanooe newtown
Hegarty, James, Killybeggs
Hegarty, John, Corness
Hegarty, Owen, Killybeggs
Hegarty, Owen, Killybeggs
Hegarty, Patt., Tyreown
Hegarty, William, Stragar
Henderson W., Killybeggs
Higgins, Owen, Killybeggs
Higgins, Owen, Knockahenny
Higgins Manus, Straleeny
HIll, Alexr., Ardara
Hill, Edw., Ardlougher
Hill, James, Ardara
Hill, John, Ardlougher
HIll, John, Ardwolla
Hill, William, Ardara
Hill, William, Ardwolla
Hill, William, Doughill Middle
Hill, William, Moagh
Huston, Manus, Coolnagapog
Jones, John Capt. Killybeggs
Jones, John Capt. Killybeggs
Jones, William, Killybeggs
K?, Henry, Bellbawne
Kaine, Charles, Moagh
Kamel, James, Rushin
Keenahan Donel, Ardara
Keene, Charles, Ardwolla
Keeney, Neal, Bellbawne
Keeney, Widow, Bellbawne
Keeny, Charles, Carrickclave
Keeny, James, Drumanooe old town
Keeny, Patt., Castledoherty
Keeny, Patt., Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
Keeny, Thomas, Largynagreana
Kelly, Charles, Ardara  
Kelly, Hugh, Castledoherty
Kelly, Margt., Ardara
Kelly, Thomas, Ardara
Kenady, Manus, Killrean
Kenedy, Ambrose, Killrean - Graveyard
Kenedy, Ambrose, Killrean - Stranacross
Kenedy, Charles, Killrean 
Kenedy, Charles, Killrean - Culbeg
Kenedy, Charles, Killrean - Graveyard
Kenedy, Francis, Killrean
Kenedy, James, Ardara
Kenedy, John, Ardara  
Kenedy, Manus, Killrean - Mountain
Kenedy, Mary , Killrean - Stranacross
Kenedy, Owen, Killrean - Mountain
Kenedy, Owen, Killrean - Tullyhonwar
Kenedy, Patrick, Ardara
Kenedy, Patrick, Ardara  
Kenedy, Patrick, Ardlougher
Kenedy, Philip, Straoughter
Kenny, John, Crucknagaple
Kereran, Patrick, Ardara
Keriran, Bryan, Mullinacligh
Kerr, James, Cashel Crummin
Kerray, Andrew, Killrean - Clonconwell
Keucan?, Patt., Brockagh
Laffaty & son Charles, Corrlan
Laird, Hugh, Gortnagolan
Lamman, Geo., Monargan
Lee, Capt., Corrin
Lees, Cathr., Gortnacart
Leslie, Owen, Massfin
Lockard, Alex., Ardara
Long, Charles, Mullintaboyle
Long, James, Aughewig
Long, Mathew, Mullintaboyle
Long, Widow, Ardara
Longan, Nably, Largysallagh
Lyons, George, Ardlougher
Lyons & son Widow, Aughewig
MacKay, Thomas, Gortnacart
Magill, Anthy., Meenreagh
Magill, Bryan, Glengish
Magill, Charles, Ardara
Magill, Charles, Glengish
Magill, Charles, Glengish
Magill, Charles, Glengish  
Magill, Charles, Killybeggs
Magill, Daniel, Glengish  
Magill, David, Glengish
Magill, Edw., Glengish
Magill, Francis, Gortnagolan
Magill, James, Glengish
Magill, James, Glengish  
Magill, Michl., Croghlin Mor
Magill, Nail, Glengish
Magill, Owen, Meenreagh
Magill, Patt., Glengish
Magill, Patt., Glengish
Magill, Patt., Glengish
Magill, Patt., Glengish  
Magill, Thomas, Glengish
Magill, Ths., Largynagreana
Magill, Sr. Thos., Largynagreana
Maheany, Patt., Killybeggs
Malloy, S. or A.? Mullinard
Martin, Andrew, Ardara
Mathews, Alex., Cleggan
Maxwell, William, Garawart

McAdool, Laurence Aughewig
McAfee, John, Storm Hill
McAfee , John, Storm Hill
McAtee?, Widow, Aughewig
McBriarty Charles, Largysallagh
McBriarty Conel, Carricknagore
McBriarty Danl., Faifannan
McBriarty Denis, Drumanooe Croagh
McBriarty Fra., Faifannan
McBriarty Hugh, Killybeggs
McBriarty Hugh, Killybeggs
McBriarty Hugh, Tawna Sligo
McBriarty Jane, Killybeggs
McBriarty Jas., Leiter
McBriarty John, Cashel Crummin
McBriarty John, Largynagreana
McBriarty John, Largysallagh
McBriarty John, Tawna Sligo
McBriarty Michl., Largysallagh
McBriarty Michl., Lissnacliay
McBriarty Neil, Fintra
McBriarty Shawn, Killybeggs
McBriarty Thomas, Gortnamuck
McBriarty Widow, Ballysallagh & Meenahohan
McBriarty Widow, Drumanooe old town
McBriarty Widow, Tullied
McBride, Alexr., Ardara  
McBride, Charles, Ardara
McBride, Mary, Carricknabohil
McBuarty Shawn, Killybeggs
McCabe, Bryan, Mennahull and Meenakillawolle
McCabe, Charles, Meenahull and Meenakillawolle
McCabe, Shawn, Meenahull and Meenakillawolle
McAdaris James, Binroe
McAdaris L, Binroe
McCafferty Cormick, Brockagh
McCafferty Else, Killrean
McCafferty Francis, Killybeggs
McCafferty Hugh, Brockagh
McCafferty John, Ballysallagh & Meenahohan
McCafferty P, Stragar
McCafferty Patk., Ballysallagh & Meenahohan
McCafferty Patt., Brockagh
McCahil, James, Aughewig
McCahil, Patt., Croghlin Mor
McCahill Conel, Killybeggs
McCahill Conel, Stragar Mill
McCahill Mary, Massfin
McCahill Mathew, Stragar Mill
McCahill Patt., Stragar Mill
McCallen Widow, Lissnacliay
McCabe, Bryan, Killrean - Mountain
McCabe, Francis, Killrean - Mountain
McCloskey Mary, Croghlin Mor
McClosky Anth., Killybeggs
McClosky Anth., Tyreown
McClosky Archb., Rushin
McClosky Charles, Faifannan
McClosky Charles, Meenakullilan
McClosky James, Killybeggs
McClosky James, Killybeggs
McClosky James, Killybeggs
McClosky James, Killybeggs
McClosky John, Carricknabohil
McClosky John, Carricknafews
McClosky John, Faifannan
McClosky John, Killybeggs
McClosky John, Killybeggs
McClosky John, Killybeggs
McClosky Kenny, Tyreown
McClosky Patt., Tawna Sligo
McClosky Patt., Tyreown
McClosky John, Killybeggs
McClure, Jas., Carricknabohil
McClure, Thomas, Ardara
McCollin Widow, Gortnamuck
McCollin William, Gortnamuck
McConel, Charles, Ardara
McConel, James, Garawart
McConel, Manus, Killrean - Tullyhonwar
McConel, Owen, Straoughter
McConel Jr. Alex., Killrean - Groves
McConel Sr. Alex., Killrean - Groves
McConnel Widow, Ardara
McCoole, Sherman, Monargan
McCormick Charles, Rushin
McCosky, John, Killybeggs
McCoy, Conel, Altinashallog
McCue, Alx., Drumbarity
McCue, Charles, Carricknabohil
McCue, Charles, Meenreagh
McCue, Daniel, Carricknabohil
McCue, Dudly, Doughill Middle
McCue, Hanna, Ardara
McCue, James, Ardara
McCue, James, Carricknabohil
McCue, James, Faifannan
McCue, James, Glengish
McCue, James, Glengish  
McCue, James, Killybeggs
McCue, Manus, Coolnagapog
McCue, Manus, Largysallagh
McCue, Owen, Killybeggs
McCue, Owen, Killybeggs
McCue, Patt., Ballyarra W.
McCue & son Charles, Ardara
McCullough Owen, Ardara
McCullough Robert, Doughill W.
McCullough Robt., Doughill Middle
McCullough Thomas, Aughewig
McCullough William, Doughill Middle
McCunnigan Cath., Drumanooe Croagh
McCunnigan Conel, Drumanooe newtown
McCunnigan Hugh, Grany
McCunnigan James, Bungostin
McCunnigan James Jr. Bungostin
McCunnigan Michl., Ballyarra W.
McCunnigan Moses, Tawna Sligo
McCunnigan Owen, Ballyarra E.
McCunnigan Owen, Ballyarra W.
McCunnigan Owen, Drumanooe old town
McCunnigan Patt., Killybeggs
McCunnigan Peter, Ballyarra Middle
McCunnigan Rich., Drumanooe Croagh
McCunnigan Richd., Grany
McCunnigan Robt., Drumanooe newtown
McCunnigan Widow, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
McCunnigan William, Grany
McDar, Patt., Carricknabohil
McDier, Francis, Derries 
McDier, James, Derries 
McDier, Shawn, Derries 
McDiver, James, Killrean
McDonnel Farigle, Carricknabohil
McEarly, Rev., Mullinard
McEarly, Rev., Mullintaboyle
Meehan, Cornelius, Drumbarity
Meehan, James, Binroe
Meehan, John, Castledoherty
Meehan, Owen, Leiter
Meehan, Patt., Leiter
Meehan, Widow, Straoughter
Meehan, William, Croghlin Mor
Meehan, William, Meenakullilan
Meehan & son Biddy, Mogumna
Meekey, Widow, Ardara
Meekey?, Thomas, Ardara
Meelly, John, Ardara
McFadean James, Rushin
McFadian Charles, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
McFadian Denis, Drumanooe newtown
McFadian Farigle, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
McFadian James, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
McFadian James, Meenarushin
McFadian Patt., Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
McFadian Thomas, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
McFadian Widow, Drumanooe Croagh
McFee, John, Ardara
McFee, William, Ardara
McFury, Hugh, Killybeggs
McFury, James, Killybeggs
McGaghren Charles, Gortnagolan
McGaghren Peter, Drumanooe old town
McGarigle Farigle, Killybeggs
McGarigle John, Ballyarra E.
McGarigle Patt., Ballyarra E.
McGarigle Widow, Ballyarra E.
McGarvy, James, Island
McGend, Charles, Ardara
McGetigan Betty, Killybeggs
McGetigan Conely, Rushin
McGetigan James, Killybeggs
McGetigan James, Killybeggs
McGetigan James, Killybeggs
McGetigan Michl., Killybeggs
McGetigan Michl., Killybeggs
McGetigan Michl., Killybeggs
McGetigan William, Killybeggs
McGill, Hugh, Ardara
McGinlay Bryan, Killybeggs
McGinlay Conely, Drumanooe old town
McGinlay Henry, Drumbarity
McGinley Henry, Ballysallagh & Meenahohan
McGinley John, Aughewig
McGinley John, Tawna Sligo
McGinly, Patt., Grany
McGinty, Manus Jr., Altinashallog
McGinty, Manus Sr., Altinashallog
McGlinchy Frank, Ardara
McGlinchy Neal, Ardara
McGlinchy Patk., Ardara
McGonigle Daniel, Rushin
McGonigle Farigle, Knockahenny
McGonigle Francis, Gortnamuck
McGrath, James, Cleggan
McGrath, James, Killybeggs
McGrath, James, Killybeggs
McGrath, Jane, Cleggan
McGrath, Jane, Killybeggs
McGrath, Mary, Cleggan
McGrath, Mary, Killybeggs
McGrath, Mary, Killybeggs
McGroarty Patt., Killybeggs
McGroarty Patt., Killybeggs
McGroarty Susan, Killybeggs
McGrory, Charles, Carricknagore
McGrory, Hugh, Killybeggs
McGrory, James, Carricknagore
McGuiness Edw., Tullied
McGuiness James, Coolnagapog
McGuiness Jas., Largysallagh
McGuiness Jas., Largysallagh
McGuiness Michl., Coolnagapog
McGuiness Michl., Largysallagh
McGuiness Owen, Coolnagapog
McGuiness Shawn, Largysallagh
McGwire, Conel, Killrean - Clonconwell
McGwire, Edw., Lissnacliay
McGwire, Francis, Killrean - Tullyhonwar
McGwire, John, Killybeggs
McGwire, Philip, Carricknabohil
McIlhare Conel, Killybeggs
McIlhare Conel, Killybeggs
McIlhare Francis, Rushin
McIlhare Owen, Stragar
McIlhare Patt., Faifannan
McIlhinny Bryan, Corness
McIlhinny Peter, Corness
McIlwain Alx.?, Killybeggs
McIlwain Alx.?, Killybeggs
McIlwain Arch., Ballyarra E.
McIlwee, Andrew, Corness
McIlwee, Eleanor, Killrean
McIlwee, John, Killrean
McIlwee, R, Killrean
McIntire Anthy., Croghlin Mor
McIntire Chas., Largynagreana
McIntire James, Killybeggs
McIntire James, Largynagreana
McIntire James, Largysallagh
McIntire Jas., Killybeggs
McIntire Margt., Tyreown
McIntire Owen, Carricknacahan
McIntire William, Tyreown
Mionay, Rich., Coolnagapog
Mitchell Michl., Killybeggs
McLaughlin Denis, Ardara
McLaughlin Henry, Drumanooe old town
McLaughlin Henry, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
McLaughlin James, Drumnanooe, Roscocraw & Griggog
McLaughlin James, Drumnanooe, Roscocraw & Griggog
McLaughlin James, Killybeggs
McLaughlin John, Ardara
McLaughlin John, Ballyarra E.
McLaughlin John, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
McLaughlin Patt., Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
McLaughlin Patt., Glen Lee
McLaughlin William, Carricknagore
McLevine Hugh, Killybeggs
McLevine Patt., Killybeggs
McLevine? Hugh, Killybeggs
McLitter Owen, carricknacalian
McMongile John, Gortnamuck
McMonigle James, Coolnagapog
McMonigle James, Coolnagapog
McMonigle John, Coolnagapog
McMoore, Rev., Ardara
McMullin Robt., Killybeggs
McNeel, Denis, Killrean - Tullyhonwar
McNeel, James, Ardara  
McNeil, Charles, Ardara  
McNeil, Conel, Killrean - Mountain
McNeil, Daniel, Castledoherty
McNeil, Hugh, Castledoherty
McNeil, Mary, Castledoherty
McNeil, Thomas, Killrean - Mountain
McNelinne? Doctor, Ardara
McNelis, Anth., Killrean
McNelis, Bryan, Crucknagaple
McNelis, Bryan, Killrean - Clonconwell
McNelis, Charles, Altnagaple 
McNelis, Denis, Corness
McNelis, Denis, Drumnacross
McNelis, Francis, Killrean - Clonconwell
McNelis, James, Killrean
McNelis, James, Killrean - Clonconwell
McNelis, Jas., Killybeggs
McNelis, John, Ardara
McNelis, Neal, Killrean
McNelis, Neal, Killrean
McNelis, no name, Gortnacart
McNelis, Owen, Ardara
McNelis, Patrick, Killrean - Mountain
McNelis, Patt., Ardara
McNelis, Patt., Killrean
McNelis, Philip, Gortnagolan
McNelis, Thomas, Killrean
McNelis, Thomas, Killrean - Mountain
McNelis, Widow, Ardara  
McNelis, Widow, Crucknagaple
McNelis, , Gortnacart
McNulty, Anthy., Rushin
McNulty, James, Scottys Hill
McNulty, Patt., Ardara
McNulty, Patt., Scottys Hill
McNulty, Peter, Drummanooe Croagh
Molloy, John, Killrean - Clonconwell
Molloy, William, Killrean - Clonconwell
Moony, Conely, Ardara
Moony, Widow, Ardara
Moony, Widow Mary Ardara
Moorey, James, Monargan
Morison, Hugh, Stragar
Morison, Jas., Ballysallagh & Meenahohan
Morison, Patt., Drumanooe old town
Morison, Widow, Gortnamuck
Morison, Widow, Killybeggs
Morison, William, Stragar
Morison & son Patt., Ballyarra E.
Morrison Hugh, Drumbarity
Morrison James, Ceonchoe
Morrison James, Rushin
Morrison John, Fintra
Morrison Patrick, Ardara  
Morrison William, Fintra
Morrison? Bryan, Croghlin Beg
Morrow, Alexr., Drumanooe old town
Morrow, Frank, Ardara
Morrow, John, Carricknagore
Morrow, Rich., Binroe
Morrow, Rich., Binroe
Morrow, Ritd., Scottys Hill
Morrow, Widow, Drumanooe newtown
McQue, Dudly, Ardara
McRiarty John, Killybeggs
McShawn, Conel, Tawna Sligo
McShawn, James, Killybeggs
McShawn, John, Island
McShawn, John, Killybeggs
McShawn, Owen, Ceonchoe
McShawn, Owen, Corrin
McShawn, Owen, Drumnanooe, Roscocraw & Griggog
McShawn, Owen, Killybeggs
McShawn, Patt., Island
McShawn, Widow, Gortnagolan
McSwine, Miles, Ardara
McSwine, Patrick, Ardara
McTeague Bryan, Carrickataggart
McTeague Daniel, Mogumna
McTeague James, Killrean - Tullyhonwar
McTeague John, Cashel Crummin
McTeague Michl., Carrickataggart
McTeague Patt., Crucknagaple
McTeague William, Carrickataggart
McTeague William Jr. Carrickataggart
Mulheran John, Straoughter
Mulheran Thomas, Straoughter
Mullen, Owen, Drumanooe newtown
Mullenan Denis, Faifannan
Mullin, J., Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
Mullin, Shawn, Drumanooe newtown
Mullowny Andrew, Killrean
Mullowny Finnes, Ardara
Mullowny James, Glengish
Mullowny Manus, Ardara
Mullowny Owen, Glengish
Mullowny Owen, Glengish  
Mullowny Owen, Killrean - Park
Mullowny Patt., Killrean - Clonconwell
Mullowny Widow, Killrean - Park
Munin, Patk., Ardara
Murcer, Michl., Carricknabohil
Murray, Rich., Coolnagapog
Murren, Bryan, Grany
Murren, Patt., Croghlin Mor
Murrin, Bryan, Ceonchoe
Murrin, Bryan, Drumnanooe, Roscocraw & Griggog
Murrin, James, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
Murrin, James, Drumnanooe, Roscocraw & Griggog
Murrin, James, Killybeggs
Murrin, Patt., Killybeggs
Murrin, Thomas, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
Murrin, Thomas, Killybeggs
Nebell, Wm. Blain Killybeggs
Nesbitt, Andrew, Carricknagore
Nesbitt, Major, Ardara  
Nesbitt, Major, Demesne
Nesbitt, Major, Mogumna
Nesbitt, Miss, Ardara
Nesbitt, Miss, Carricknagore
Nicholson John, Tullycullion
N'Nelis, Edw., Carricknagore
O'Boyd, George Rev. Killybeggs
O'Donel, Daniel, Drumanooe, Carragh & ?
O'Donel, James, Ardara
O'Donel, James, Tawna Sligo
O'Donel, James, Rushin
O'Donel, John, Ardara
O'Donel, Widow, Ardara
O'Donel & son John, Ardara
O'Donnel Anthony, Altnagaple
O'Donnel Anthy., Altnagaple
O'Donnel Daniel, Lissnacliay
O'Donnel Denis, Ardara
O'Donnel Edw., Ardara
O'Donnel Edw., Mogumna
O'Donnel Hugh, Ardwolla
O'Donnel James, Ardara
O'Donnel John, Altnagaple
O'Donnel John, Altnagaple
O'Donnel Michl., Altnagaple
O'Donnel Neal, Drumanooe Croagh
O'Donnel Owen, Altnagaple
O'Donnel Owen, Altnagaple
O'Donnel Owen, Altnagaple
O'Donnel Owen, Ardara
O'Donnel Patrick, Ardara
O'Donnel Patt., Ardara
O'Donnel Patt., Cullion
O'Donnel Shawn, Altnagaple
O'Donnel Thos., Cullion
O'Donnel & son Shawn, Altnagaple
O'Donnell Anthy., Killrean - Graveyard
O'Donnell Edw., Derries 
O'Donnell Francis, Carricknacahan
O'Donnell Hugh, Moagh
O'Donnell John, Mogumna
O'Dowd, John, Ardara
O'Hair, Frat., Ardara
Patton, James, Carricknabohil
Patton, John, Ardara
Patton, Thomas, Knockahenny
Pearson, James, Ardara
Philips, William, Killybeggs
Philips, Wm., Killybeggs
Porter, James, Carricknabohil
Porter & son Patt., Ballyarra E.
Quigly, Conel, Drumnacross
Quigly, Conel, Drumnacross
Quigly, Rose, Drumnacross
Randle and son William, Ardara
Richardson John, Carricknagore
Rimble/Himble Robt., Killrean - Terrynoguna
Robinson Alex., Ardara
Robinson Thomas, Ardara
Roddy, Andw., Tawna Sligo
Rodgers, James, Largynagreana
Rogan, Daniel, Gortnagolan
Roughlin Widow, Drumbeigh
Scott, Alex., Ardara
Sees, Cathr., Gortnacart/Glebe
Sheal, James, Island
Shearan, Thomas, Doughill W.
Sheeran, James, Cronkeeran
Sheeren, Thomas, Doughill E.
Sheeren, Thomas, Doughill Middle
Sheerin, Edw., Ardara
Sheerin, John, Ardara
Sheerin, Owen, Ardara
Sheerin, Thomas, Ardara
Sheerin, William, Ardara
Sheldon, Alexr., Aughewig
Shovlen, Henry, Bellbawne
Shovlin, Charles, Carrickataggart
Shovlin, Denis, Meentadin
Shovlin, James, Ardara
Soughry, Patt., Ardara  
Spence, Henry, Ardara
Stewart, Rev. George Rushin
Strong, Alex., Ballyarra Middle
Strong, Thomas Jr. Ballyarra Middle
Strong, Thomas Sr. Ballyarra Middle
Sungan?, John, Ballyarra E.
Sweeny, Daniel, Ardara  
Sweeny, Frat., Meentanadea
Sweeny, Owen, Ardara  
Thompson Hugh, Largysallagh
Walker, James, Carntullough
Walker & son James , Carntullough
Ward, Bryan, Killrean - Park
Ward, Bryan, Straoughter
Ward, Farigle, Cronkeeran
Ward, James, Ardara
Ward, John, Ardara
Ward, John, Killrean - Park
Ward, Michl., Killrean
Ward, Michl., Killrean - Mountain
Ward, Owen, Cronkeeran
Ward, William, Ardara
Ward, William, Ardara  
Ward, William, Ardara  
Watson, Aron, Largysallagh
Watson, Jas., Largysallagh
Watson, Jas. & son Largysallagh
Watson, John, Aughewig
Watson, Thomas, Largysallagh
Watson & son James, Largysallagh
Watson Sr. John, Largysallagh
Welch, James, Aughewig
Welch & son Patt., Corness
White, James, Killrean - Blackpark
White, John, Ardara
White, Patt., Ardara
White, Patt., Ardara
Whitten, Cath., Garawart
Young, Alex., Ardara
Young, Andrew, Ardara
Young, John, Ardara
Young, William, Ardara

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