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Na Cealla Beaga Íochtaracha - Killybegs Lower


The parish, from which a portion has been separated to form the district parish of Ardara, is for civil purposes distinguished into Upper and Lower Killybegs. It comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 30,962 1/4 statute acres, of which 4304 1/4 are in that part of Lower Killybegs, which is in the barony of Boylagh; 1 l,074 1/4, including a detached portion, and 51 covered with water, are in the other part, in the barony of Bannagh; and 15,583 3/4, including 41 3/4 covered with water, are in Upper Killybegs, in the barony of Bannagh: 30,160 statute acres are applotted under the tithe act, of which about two-thirds are mountain and uncultivated land: agriculture is in a very unimproved state. The principal seats are Wood Hill, the residence of Major Nesbitt; and Fintra, of J. Hamilton, Esq. The living is a consolidated rectory and vicarage, in the diocese of Raphoe, and in the patronage of the Bishop; the tithes amount to £300. The church, a neat small edifice, was built on rising ground to the east of the town in 1829, at an expense of £1000. The glebe-house is of recent erection, and the glebe comprehends six townlands, comprising together 2000 Irish acres. In the R. C. divisions the parish is the head of a union or district, comprising also the parish of Killaghtee; the chapel here is a spacious and neat building, and there is also a chapel in Killaghtee. About 250 children are taught in two public schools, of which the parochial school is supported by an annual donation from Col. Robert-son's fund, and the other by -- Murray, Esq., of Broughton; there are also three private schools, in which are about 140 children, and a Sunday school. A small Franciscan friary was founded here by Mac Swiny Bannig, but there are no remains. Some ruins of the ancient castle of St. Catherine yet exist.


(Extract from A Topographical Dictionary Of Ireland by Samuel Lewis, 1837)



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Townland   Area
Altnagapple   454
Ardara   482
Ardara Town    
Ardlougher   184
Ardvally   160
Carrickatlieve Glebe   1,824
Cashelodogherty   106
Clonconwal   470
Corraness Glebe   383
Crocknagapple   818
Cronkeeran   320
Derries   398
Doochill North   448
Doochill South   152
Drumbaran   92
Drumnacross   318
Garvegort Glebe   411
Glencoe Snugborough  
Glenconwal Clonconwal  
Glengesh   1,626
Gortnacart Glebe   681
Kilrean Lower   322
Kilrean Upper   1,503
Lurganboy   71
Meenachallow   701
Meenakilwirra   442
Meenawannia   270
Meentanadea   217
Mogumna   201
Mogumna Mountain   108
Monargan Glebe   361
Moy   84
Mullanacloy   120
Mullantiboyle   98
Snugborough   406
Stormhill   100
Strawoaghter Glebe   720
Tullyhonwar   247
Woodhill   62



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