Headstone Inscriptions, Church of St. Finian and St. Mark, Kilmacrenan, Co Donegal

(Kilmacrenan Church of Ireland)


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In Memory of The

Rev. William Allman, M.D.

For 22 years rector of the

Parish of Kilmacrenan

Died 6th August 1895 aged 76 years

Erected by his Parishioners and other

Friends in grateful appreciation of his

Life and Labour


(RHS of above)

Also of

Elizabeth C. Georgina

Wife of The

Rev. William Allman, M.D.

Died 26th March 1904



In Loving Memory of

The Brown Family

Ballyherron 1919



In Loving Memory of

George Burrowes

Who died 30th March 1919 aged 46 years

And his father

George Burrowes

Who died 3rd July 1907 aged 60 years

Also his wife

Eliza J. Burrowes

Who died 9th August 1942 aged 91 years


(LHS of above headstone)

In Loving Memory of our Mother

Martha A. Burrowes

Whom God called home

18th April 1964 aged 76 years

In Loving Memory of

A dear wife and mother

Margaret Burrowes

Who died 4th April 2008 aged 90 years




In Loving Memory of

David Diver, Gortnaskeagh

Died 26th December 1975 aged 90 years

Also his dear wife

Annie Diver

Died 15th September 2001 aged 90 years



See 1901 census Gortnaskeagh



In Loving Memory of

The Gordon Family


James, William, Mary

Henry, John, Mary

Thomas, Catherine,

James, William

From 1903 to 1983

Erected by Gladys and William



In Loving Memory of

Catherine Hazlett

Who died 6th July 1882 aged 30 years

Also her beloved Mother

Who died May 8th 1889 aged 70 years

And her father

Robert Hazlett

Who died 17th Sept 1905 aged 85 years

Also her brother

Samuel D. Hazlett

Who died 28th Aug 1931 aged 75 years

Not gone from Memory nor from Love

But gone to Our Fathers home above




In Loving Memory of

The Kennedy Family,




In Loving Memory of

James Mitchell, Legnahoorey

Died 21st Feb 1988 aged 78 years



In Loving Memory of

John Patterson, M.B.

of Ramelton

Died 9th Dec 1945 aged 92 years



In Loving Memory of

Our Parents

Jane Patton

Died 3rd Dec 1965 aged 90 years

Her husband

Andrew Patton

Died 13th Oct 1967 aged 89 years

And their son

William Alexander Patton

Died 20th Dec 2007 aged 94 years



In Loving Memory of

Robert Russell


Died 17 Aug 1998

Aged 77 years



Russell, Legnahoory

In Loving Memory of

Sarah Anne

Born 1st August 1923 died 4th June 1925

Also her brother Charles

Died 14th February 1994 aged 73 years




In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth (Betty)

Died 2 Sep 1996

The Lord is my Shepherd



In Loving Memory of

Robert Sayers, Killycreem

Died 26th July 1932 aged 50 years

His wife Annie Sayers

Died 7th Jan 1957 aged 76 years





The Scott Family

Safe in the arms of Jesus



In Loving Memory of

The Scott Family




In Loving Memory of

The Scott Family




In Loving Memory of

The Stewart Family

Leiter 1943



In Loving Memory of

George Wasson

Died 23rd December 1949

And loving wife

Margaret Wasson (Nee Armstrong)

Died 4th February 1956

Also their sons

George Wasson

Died 30th July 1987

Edward Wasson

Died 26th November 2000



Erected by the

Presbyterian Church of Killmacrenan

In Memory of their beloved and

Deeply lamented pastor

The Rev. Robert James Watts, B.A.

Son of the Rev. Professor Watts

Assembly’s College, Belfast

Born 19th January 1859

Ordained 4th March 1885

Died 4th December 1889

As a Preacher and a Pastor

He endeared himself to the hearts

Of his people, and a beautiful

Manse bears witness to his

Self-sacrificing Labours.



In Loving Memory of

My dear Husband

James Wisheart

Who died 14th August 1926

And was interred in Strabane Cemetery

Also my dear Son

Charles Wisheart

Who died 17th June 1927 aged 38 years

Also Mary wife of the above

James Wisheart

Died 1st March 1929 aged 75 years

Also their daughter Martha

Died 9th Nov 1974




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