Kilmonaster Graveyard, Clonleigh

(Photograph by Bernie)

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This is as complete graveyard survey as was possible. There are a few more headstones, but these are either toppled or unreadable

Some graves are only have grave markers - rocks without inscriptions

Others have been disturbed over the years and there can be seen some human bones, scattered on the surface of the burial ground

The graveyard has been recorded variously as Kilminster, Kirkminster, Kirkminister and Churchminster

Also see Photographs of Kilmonaster Graveyard


Genealogical Data relevant to transcribed headstones within this Burial Ground





 As a Mark of Gratitude & Respect to the Memory of

Elisabeth Blackburn formerly of Mulaghany

Late of Coolaugheymore

Who departed this life the

26th August 1838 aged 60 years


This stone was placed over her remains

By her niece Mary Galbraith




Erected by Anne Liston, Cottown

In Loving Memory of

Alexander Liston

Who died December 18th 1878 aged 9 months

Also Thomas Liston

Died July 18th 1879 aged 64 years

Also Alexander Liston

Died August 7th 1888 aged 84 years

The above Anne Liston

Died 28th March 1917 aged 70 years

Her daughter

Mary Liston

Died 16th Feb 1953




Erected by

Andrew Lowry, Argrey

In Loving Memory of his father

Andrew Lowry, sen

Died 11th April 1895

His mother Esther

Died 25th March 1910

His daughter May

Died 11th June 1910

His wife Annie Liston

Died 19th May 1916

His infant daughter

Died 5th June 1916

And the above

Andrew Lowry

Born Jan 1872 died Mar 1959

And Mary Lowry

Born Nov 1873 died Dec 1967

Mary Alexandra Lowry

Born Feb 1913 died Jan 1980




In Fond Memory of

James Lowry

Who died at Argry

Oct 1st 1886 aged 84

Also Margaret Lowry his wife

Died Dec 9th 1883 aged 73

Also Ann Lowry

Died March 27th 1869 aged 56?



William McGinley

Died 2nd May 1822 aged 38?

Daniel McGinley

Father to the above named

Died 15th Aug 1822 aged 70


(stone beside above)

In Memory of

Cornelius McGinley

Who departed this life

26th of Sept 1827 aged 75




Here Lies The Body of

Charles McLinchey





Erected in Memory of

William Snodgrass of Cottown

Died January 18th 1886 Aged 84 years

Also his wife

Mary Snodgrass

Died October 7th 1899 aged 89 years

Also their son

William Wilkey Snodgrass

Died December 13th 1903 aged 55 years

Also their daughters

Eliza died April 1st 1916

And Catherine died June 19th 1916

Their grandson

William Brooks

Died Dec 16th 19

And his son

William Snodgrass Brooks

Died April 21st 1902

And his wife

Elizabeth Brooks

Died Sept 28th 1940 aged 67 years





Erected by Eady Taylor of Gortfad

In Memory of his Wife

Mary Taylor

Who died May 11th 1889 aged 68 years

Also the above named

Eady Taylor

Who died May 17th 1898 aged 80 years

Also their son

Solomon Taylor

Died 2nd October 1915 aged 54 years

Mary Colquhoun Taylor

Died 25th March 1929 aged 60 years

Margaret Taylor

Died 29th April 1984 aged 73 years

Robert Taylor

Died 29th June 1995




Erected 1893 by

William Wilkey Snodgrass

In Memory of

John Wilkey, Kirkminster

Who died February 9th 1892 aged 85 years




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