Kilrean Graveyard, Killybegs Lower, Co Donegal


(Photograph by Bernie)

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This is not a complete collection of headstones/inscriptions for this graveyard


Some headstones are badly weathered and difficult to read, but the utmost care was taken to record an accurate transcription


Also see Kilrean Graveyard Photographs


The Inscriptions

Baskin grave




Boyle, Meenalig

In Loving Memory of


Who died on 5th Feb 1964

His wife Bridget

Who died on 10th Feb 1974

Their son John

Who died on 14th July 2005



In Loving Memory of

Edward Boyle, Derries

Died 19th May 1943

And deceased members of his family

His wife Mary Agnes

Died 2nd October 1993




Gortlosk and Mullinard



In Loving Memory of

Anne Breslin, Kilraine

Who died 13th Oct 1928 aged 88 years



In Loving Memory of

James Breslin, Kilraine

Died 21st June 1932 aged 78 years

His wife Mary Anne

Died 23rd December 1960 aged 80 years

Their grandson

Patrick Breslin

Died 11th April 1951 aged 7 months



Pray for the Souls of

Mary Brislin (sic)

Who died Dec 20th 1885 aged 75 years

And of Andrew Brislin

Who died Aug 30th 1888? Aged 84 years



In Loving Memory of

Mary Breslin, Kilraine

Who died 25th June 1933 aged 58 years

John Patrick Breslin, Kilraine

Who died 2nd March 1934 aged 65 years




 In Loving Memory of

Patrick Breslin, Kilraine

Who died 8th August 1920 aged 86 years



In Loving Memory of

Tommy Breslin, Kilraine

Died 12th Dec 1969 aged 65 yrs

His wife Catherine (O’Donnell)

1901 – 1987



Here lies the body of

Ann Elliott alias Watt

Who departed this life

October 12, 1773 aged 21 years

Here lies the body of

Isbel Elliot

Wife of Simon Elliot

Who departed this life

February 10, 1770 aged 43 years




Here lies the body of

John Elliot who departed this life

And is entered under this stone

August the 3, 1787 aged 80 years

Also lies the body of

Simon Elliot his son

Who departed this life

And was entered under this stone

November the 6, 1773 aged 35 years

Here lies the body of

Hugh Elliot

Who departed this life

April the 16, 1775 aged 11 years

This stone was erected by

Charles Elliot for his father………





Here lies the body of

William Elliott

Who departed this life

September the 7th 1803 aged 72 years

This stone was erected by his wife




In Loving Memory of

The FUREY family




Erected in Loving Memory of

Charles Furey

Who died 6th Jan 1882

Also his wife Mary

Who died 12th Nov 1917

Their daughter Mary Anne

Who died 17th Oct 1932

His sister Susan

Died 26th Aug 1881


Dan, Susan and Mary




In Loving Memory of

Denis Furey

Died 17/3/1951 aged 71 years

His wife Mary

Died 20/7/1995 aged 89 years

Their daughter

Kathleen Teresa

Died 6/8/1941 aged 6 years



In Loving Memory of 
The Gallagher Family



 In Loving Memory of

John Patrick Gallagher

Born 27th October 1940

Died 19th January 1998


(this stone in same grave as above)

Pray for the Souls of

Patrick Gallagher, Straoughter

His wife Ann

His daughter Rose Ann

His son James


(this stone in same grave as above)

In Memory of

Clara Gallagher, Straoughter

Died 12th May 1974

Her husband Francis John

Died 17th Nov 1985




In Loving Memory of

Kate Gallagher, Straoughter, Kilraine

Died 29th May 1986 aged 82 years

Her husband Patrick

Died 30th October 1990



In Loving Memory of

Rev Michael J. Gallagher, C.C., Fintown

Born in Kilraine 1876

Ordained in Rome 1900

Died in Kilraine 27th Feb 1918?

Also his brother Bernard

Who died 10th June 1906 aged 18 years





John Gildea

20. July 1928

Catherine Gildea

7. October 1978



This tomb is laid over the body of

Isabella Hanlon of Mullantiboyle

By her husband Welsh Hanlon

Who lived happily with her for 50 years

She died in the hope of God’s mercy

Through Christ

April 29th 1876 aged 75 years

(verse below this)



In Loving Memory of

James Keeney, Drimnacrosh

Who died 7th Sep 1967 aged 76

Cassie Keeney

Who died 24th Dec 1978





In Loving Memory of

Peter Keeney, Straoughter

Died 25th Dec 1945

His wife Bridget

Died 26th Aug 1984

Their daughter Maggie

Died 28th Aptil 1937

And daughter Mary Ellen

Died 27th Dec 1988

Son Francie

Died 15th July 1992



In Loving Memory of

Frank Kennedy, Tullyhoniver

Who died 7th February 1933

His wife Mary Kennedy

Who died 25th December 1920

Their daughter Ellen

Died January 1894

Also Agnes Kennedy

Who died 25th July 1954

Their family

Pat, died 7 – April 1976

Mary, died 26 Feb. 1977




In Loving Memory of

Frankie Kennedy, Kilraine

Died 14th Nov. 2002 aged 75 years



In Loving Memory of

Mary Kennedy

Died 10th February 1958 aged 72 years

And her grandson

Michael Kennedy

Died 21st October 1956 aged 7 years



In Loving Memory of

Rev. Peter Kennedy, Kilraine

Born 1865 – died 1941

Also his parents

Peter Kennedy died 1907

And Mary Kennedy died 1924

His brother Charles died 1927

And his sister Anne died 1924

His nephew Michael died 1931

Brigid Kennedy

Died 20 Dec 1953

Peter Kennedy

Died 12 Sept 1988 aged 74 years




Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Souls of

Peter Kennedy and his wife Mary, Kilraine

Also John Kennedy

Brigid Morrow, Kilraine

Died 12 April 1993



(Lees, Baskin & O'Dear grave slabs)



Here lies the body of

Elisabeth Lees

Who departed this life

January the 24th 1771 aged 29 years




Here lies the Body of

Jane Lees

Who departed this life

May the 10, 1770 aged 75 years

This tomb was erected by

James Lees Junr for three of his children

also James Lees

who departed this life and

was enla… under this stone

November the 24th 1780 aged 87 years




Memento Mori

Here lies the body of

Thomas Lees

Who departed this life and was interred under this stone

April the 28th 1782 aged 56 years





In Memory of

James McCafferty, Kilraine

Who died Feb 1911

And his wife Brigid

Who died Nov 1888

And their son  Frances

Who died April 1878

Their daughter Mary

Died Oct 1922



In Loving Memory of

James McCloskey, Kilraine

Who died 19 May 1960 aged 80 years

Also his wife Margaret

Who died 7 April 1964 aged 84 years




Here lie the bodies of

Alexander McConnell of Kilraine

Aged 75 years who died

March 7 1879 also

Margaret his wife who died

July 23 1884

(further inscription also which I couldn’t make out at time of visit)



In Loving Memory of

Alexander McDyer (Sonny)

Died 10 June 1984 aged 76 yrs

His wife Brigid

Died 26 Sept 1990 aged 68 yrs

Their daughter

Margaret Philomena

Born Jan 1950 died Feb 1950

And their son Leonard

Died 13 Oct 1961 aged 17 yrs



Pray for the souls of

Alex. McDyer, Kilraine

Who died 11 June 1952

And of his wife Margaret

Who died 25 October 1953


Pray also for the souls of

His Father and Mother

James and Brigid

And his brothers

Dan and Hugh

Who are buried here



In Loving Memory of

Columba McDyer, Kilraine

Born 13-1-1921, died 18-9-2001



In Ever Loving Memory of

John McDyer, Derries

Who died October 1917 aged 77 years 



In Loving Memory of

John McDyer, Kilraine

Died 11 Nov 1940

And of his son Mark McDyer

Died Nov 1918?

Also Brigid wife of John

Died 7 March 1966



In Loving Memory of

Owen McDyer, Kilraine

Who died 17th March 1893 aged 71 years

His wife Grace

Died 3rd September 1888 aged 47 years

Their son Owen

Died 11th February 1898 aged 34 years

Erected by Rev. John McDyer, Goulburn



In Loving Memory of

Rose McDyer, Derries

Died 7th Dec 1971 aged 77 yrs

Her husband John

Died 9th Nov 1974 aged 89 yrs




This stone was erected here by

Andrew McElwee of Kilrain

To mark the resting place

Of his beloved parents

John and Mary McElwee

Who died respectively on

The 28th of May 1867

And on the 29th of November 1871

(Bible verse inscribed also)



In Loving Memory of

William McElwee

Who died 19th June 1884

And of his wife

Anne McElwee

Who died 28th May 1896


(identical stone to and beside above)

In Loving Memory of

Andrew McElwee

Who died 7th July 1887



In Loving Memory of

James McHugh, Drimnagrosh

Died 29th July 1987 aged 65 years



In Loving Memory of

Joseph McNelis, Kilraine

Died 24 – Nov 1972 aged 77 yrs



Pro Patria Semper

Here lies the body of

William O’Deare

Who departed this life

March ye 18th 1762 aged 50 years

This Tomb was erected by his wife and

Son James here for his father and ?






(note: in Gaeilge)

Front of Stone

Daniel O’Donnell  1825 -1915

Mary O’Donnell  1828-1916

Anthony O’Donnell  1790-1882

Brian O’Donnell  1829-1852

Brigid O’Donnell  1794-1863

Michael O’Donnell  1853-1864

Seamus/James O’Donnell  1821-1898

Anne O’Donnell 1827-1904

Seamus/James 1851-1915

Ann (Boyle?) 1875-1917

Agnes O’Donnell 1899-1921

Daniel O’Donnell 1872-1923


Right side of stone

Something like

His Eminence Cardinal O’Donnell

Archbishop of Armagh and

Primate of all Ireland


Mother Brigid, Loreto Sisters


John O’Donnell, Doctor of Medicine




(note: in English)

Plaque in front of stone

Mary O’Donnell Died 1916

Mary O’Donnell 1865-1942

Margaret (O’Donnell) Hunt 1894-1969


Daniel O’Donnell Died 1919

Anthony O’Donnell 1852-1942

John O’Donnell 1907-1977




In Loving Memory of

Daniel O’Donnell, B.L.

Who died 7th May 1923



In Loving Memory of

Frank O’Donnell, Straoughter

Died 18th Dec 1955 aged 56 yrs

His wife Bridget

Died 22nd Feb 1981 aged 80 yrs

Their son Patrick

Died 26th Feb 1992 aged 59 yrs



In Loving Memory of
Godfrey O'Donnell
1941 -1942 aged 13 months
Also pray for the soul of his mother
Annie J. O'Donnell
Nee McGrath
1910 - 1992



In Memory of

Very Rev. Michael O’Donnell, D.D.

Distinguished theologian renowned

Canonist, and erudite scholar

Dearly loved in life, regretted in death.

6. Feb. 1944   R.I.P


(click on inscription for enlargement)



Patrick J. O’Donnell

1896 - 1982




In Loving Memory of

Rose 1.5.1910 – 26.7.1957

James 14.2.1900 – 28.2.1979

Rory 24.11.1932 – 13.12.2006



 In Loving Memory of

James O’Haire, Kilraine

Died 2nd April 1969 aged 87 years

His wife Annie

Died 25th March 1968 aged 83 years

Their Grandsons

James Patrick

Born 26/1/1968 died 1/10/1968

James Anthony

Born 24/9/1969 died 1/2/1970

Their son

James Joseph

Died 7th Feb 1996 aged 73 years



In Loving Memory of

Annie Shovlin, Kilraine

Died 27-March 1976 aged 57 yrs

Also her son Hugh

Died 25-April 19954

And her husband Peter

Died 2-January 2003 aged 92 yrs


(same grave as above)

In Loving Memory of

Grainne Shovlin, Kilraine

Died 15th March 1986 aged 32 years

Beloved wife and mother


(same grave as above)

Baby Martin Joseph

Born 12-9-90  died 14-9-90



 In Loving Memory of

Hugh Toland, Tullynaglaggan

Died 1st March 1956 aged 82 years

His wife Rose Toland

Died 8th Sept 1957 aged 73 years

Their son Peter Toland

Died 12th April 1918 aged 18 months

Eddie Toland

Died December 1990

Annie Toland

Died July 1998








Pray for the Soul of

Patrick Christopher Verdon, Kilraine

Died August 11th 1965

His wife Brid (O’Donnell)

Died December 4th 1993





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