Muff Church of Ireland Graveyard, Muff, Co Donegal


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In Loving Memory Of

Mary Jane Allison

Who Departed This Life

4 Sep 1911 (aged 56 years)

Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord

Erected By Her ? Joseph Allison Stewart




In Memory Of


Beloved Wife Of Joseph S Campbell

Died 3 Sep 1934 Aged 34 Years

Also Her Sister

Rebecca Jane Long

Died 19 Aug 1925 Aged 28? Years

Also Their Father

Henry Long

Died 18? Aug 1939 Aged 69 Years

Also Their Mother

Sarah Ann

Died 7 Sep 1942 Aged 76 Years




In Loving Memory Of

Samuel Donaldson

Died 31 Jan 1920

Aged 78 Years

Also His Wife Jane

Died 20 Feb 1893?

Aged 49 Years

Also Their Grand Daughter

Martha E Donaldson


Only Child Of

William & Elizabeth Dickson

Died 10 Sep 1921

Aged 8 Years

Erected By Their Loving Daughter

Elizabeth Dickson




In Loving Memory Of

Joseph Donnell

Died 27 Apr 1888

Aged 86 Years

Susana Anderson

Beloved Wife of Henry D Anderson


Died 14 Mar 1918

Also The Above Henry D Anderson

(incomplete inscription)



In Loving Memory Of My Husband

William DOnnell

Who Died 8 Jul 1889

Aged 37 Years

Also His Wife Sarah Ann

Who Died 11 Apr 1982

Aged 98 Years









Sacred To The Memory Of

Andrew Kerr


Who Departed This Life

The 4 Jul 1871

Aged 20 Years

And Left A Dieing Testimony Behind Him

That He Slept In Jesus




In Loving Memory of

Samuel King

Died ?

(possibly 1871 aged 60 years or 1873 aged 28)

"Loved in Life

Not To Be Forgotten In Death"




In Loving Memory Of

James Long

Died 18 Feb 1940 Aged 63

His Wife Matilda

Died 23 Jun 1946 Aged 59

Their Son In Law Robert Bell

Died 10 Sep 1978 Aged 74

Their Daughter Matilda Bell

Died 9 Feb 1993 Aged 80

'Ye Rightious In The Lord Rejoice'




Erected in Memory Of

William Long

Of Iskaheen

Died 8 May 1912 Aged 80 Years

Also His Uncle

Alexander Wiley

Died 22 May 1878 (aged 75 years)

Also His Mother Ann

Died 28 Jan 1888 (aged 93 Years)

Also His Sister

Mary Died 18 Jun 185?

Martha Died 7 Jan 1903 (aged 72 years)

Isabella Died 15 Nov? 1923?


Also see 1901 census Eskaheen








John McConnell


Who Died Apr 30 1908

Aged 85 Years

Also His Wife


Who Died 20 Mar 1911

Aged 82 Years

And Their Daughter

Catherine Hay

Died Aug 1870 Aged 3 Months

Their Grand-Son John

Died 23 Sep 1973? Aged 79 Years

Husband Of Margaret J

Died 9 Jan 1980

Aged 75 Years




In Loving Memory Of

Catherine Emily

Beloved Wife Of

William T McMonagle

The Cutt, Ture

Who Died 24 May 1905

Aged 32 Years

Also His Father And Mother

William McMonagle

Who Died 20 Feb 1914 Aged 94 Years

Elizabeth McMonagle

Who Died 6 Sep 1912 Aged 96 Years

Also The Above

William T McMonagle

Who Died 9 Jun 1922

Also Caroline Emily

Youngest Daughter Of The Above W.T. McMoangle

Accidentally Killed In USA 1 Jul 1930

And Whose Remains Are Interred Here




In Loving Memory Of

Elizabeth McMonagle

Died 20 Apr 1892 Aged 74

Beloved Wife Of

Isaac McMonagle

Died 6 Oct 1984 Aged 84

'Thy Will Be Done'




In Loving Memory Of

Robert McMonagle

Of Ture

Also His Wife And Family




The Burying Ground of

The Orr Family





In Loving Memory Of

Samuel Kyle Orr

Died 18 Jul 1944

His Wife Matilda Josephine

Died 3 Jul 1949





In Loving Memory Of

A Dear Husband And Father

Albert George Windsor

Died 9 Nov 2006

Aged 69 Years



In Loving Memory Of

Thomas J Peoples

Died 20 Jun 1911 (aged 24 years)

Also Andrew Peoples

Carrowreagh, Burt

Died 2 May 1927 (aged 90 years)

And Andrew Hunter Peoples

Died 24 Mar 1928 (aged 46 years)

Also Thomas Peoples

Died 10 Feb 1922 (aged 84 years?)

And Elizabeth Peoples

Died 29 Jan 1923 (aged 39 years?)

Also Margaret Elizabeth

Wife Of The Late Samuel Peoples

Died 15 Oct 1928 (aged 70 years)

And Matthew Thomas C Peoples

Died 24 Sep 1960




In Loving Memory Of

The Platt Family


"Thy Will Be Done"




In Memoriam

Matthew Platt

Who Died 9 Feb 1885? (1895 aged 60 years)

And Of His Two Daughters

Mary E and Maggie E

The Former Fell Asleep In Infancy

The Latter at 2 Years And 9 Months





In Loving Memory of


Died 9 Nov 1963

Also Her Dearest Husband


Died 20 Feb 1982



In Loving Memory of

Margaret (Daisy) Ross

Died 1 Dec 1958

Aged 48 Years

Lovingly Remembered By

The Browne Family, Lenamore

Also Her Nephew

John Ross Browne

Died 18 Oct 2004

Aged 71 Years




In Loving Memory Of

The Smyth Family

Oldtown, Iskaheen

Safe In The Arms Of Jesus



In Memory of

Alexander Wiley

Of Drumhaggard

Who Died 25 Jan 1841 Aged 34 Years

Also Mary Wife of

Richard Wiley

Died 13 Dec 1885? Aged 45 Years

Also Richard Wylie

Of Carnamoyle

Died 4 Nov 1922

Also His Wife Elizabeth

Died 17 Dec 1930



In Loving Memory Of

David Alexander Wylie

Of Drumhaggart

Died 31 Jul 1926

Aged 71 Years

Also His Son

William Alexander

Died 11 Mar 1890

Aged 10 Months

And His Wife

Martha Annie

Died 21 Nov 1945

Aged ? Years

Also Their Son John Long

Died 24 Jan 1944?

Aged 48 Years


Also see 1901 census Drumhaggart




In Loving Memory of

Georgina I Wiley, Colpy

Died 10 Feb 1964 aged 76

Beloved Wife of Boyd Wiley

Also Her Son Albert IA Wiley

Died 8 May 1969 Aged 46

Also The Above Boyd Wiley Died 22 Dec 1976 Aged 81

Also Their Son David Norman Wiley

Died 27 Mar 2004 Aged 77

"The Lord's My Shepherd"





Gilbert Bogle

Died 18 Oct 1966 Aged 74 Years

And His Wife Margaret

Died 28 Aug 1997 Aged 88 Years

'The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended'





In Loving Memory Of

Isaac Erskine Wylie

Ardmore Muff

Died 21 Mar 1940

Also His Wife Fanny

Died 2 Feb 1946

Also Their Son Robert John

Died 22 Aug 1976

At Rest


Also see 1901 census Ardmore




In Loving Memory Of

Jean Elizabeth Wiley, Colpy

Died 18 May 1983 Aged 55

Also Her Husband

Victor Stewart Wiley

Died 14 Dec 1991 Aged 60



In Memory Of

Robert Wylie

Died 28 Aug 1913 (aged 59 years)

His Wife Annie

Died 27 Nov 1923 (aged 60 years)

Also Their Daughter Sarah Louisa

Widow Of The Late James McNutt

Died 9 Dec 1962

And Their Sons Robert Thompson

Died 3 May 1968

John Alexander

Died 27 Jan 1969

"Thy Will Be Done"




In Loving Memory Of

William Wylie

Of Callagh

Died 24 Nov 1920

Aged 72 Years

Also His Wife Eliza Mary

Died 28 Nov 1920

Aged 68 Years

Also John W Coulter


Died 25 Oct 1962

His Wife Mary Eliza (Ida)

Died 15 Dec 1993

Aged 101 Years

Her Sister Annie Wylie

Died 24 Apr 1993

Aged 98 Years




In Loving Memory Of

William Wiley, Muff

Died 13 Mar 1930 Aged 78? Years

Also His Wife

Martha Love

Died 23 Mar 1920 Aged 66 Years





In Loving Memory Of

William Andrew (Sandy)

Ardmore, Muff

Died 14 Mar 1983 Aged 84

Also His Wife Jeannie

Died 29 Oct 1994 Aged 89 Years




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