Old Carrigart Graveyard, Umlagh, Mevagh, Co Donegal

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This graveyard is a few miles from Carrigart and lays around the walls of an old Chapel built about 1807

I have photographed and transcribed almost all of the visible headstones however, it should be noted that there are many burials

where there are just grave marker stones or where there is nothing visible to mark a burial except for an obvious mound.

For instance, I found just one Gallagher headstone, but there are many more Gallagher graves there.........they just did not

ever have a headstone - the family knew who was there and where they were buried


I transcribed this graveyard for two main reasons :

1. to help researchers of the Duffy/McGinley/McFadden family

2. to help preserve what is left visible of the headstones


The photographs on this page have been reduced in size, but if you want a larger photograph of any particular headstone,

please Email me


Also see Burials without Moniments, below


Irish Graveyards




Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Our Dear Son

Charles James Bonner

Died 12 Aug 1907

Aged 16 years

Erected by his Loving Parents



See 1901 census Glenree



In Memory of the

Boyce Family









In Loving Memory of

Bernard Boyce, High Glen

Who died Apr 1898

His Wife Mary died Jun 1917

And their Family

Bernard Boyce

And his Wife Catherine

James Boyce

And his Wife Margaret

And Michael Boyce



In Loving Memory of

Bridget & William Boyce

And their Daughter





In Loving Memory of

James Boyce, Meenacross

Died 22 Mar 1912

Susan died 29 Jan 1922

John died 29 Apr 1943

Mary Theresa died 11 May 1959

Brigid died 1 Jan 1924

Sadie died 4 Aug 1930

Bernadette died 22 Aug 1974


(book shaped plaque in front, barely readable)

Sons of

Johnny and Mary?


Died 23 Jan 2000

Aged 80 years


Died 11? Dec? 2000

Aged 88 years



In Loving Memory of

James Boyce


Died 17 Oct 1958

His Wife Katherine

Died 5 Sep 1964

And Daughters

Annie, Sophie and Mary



John J Boyce

1925 - 2008




In Loving Memory of

Johnny Boyce

Died 10 Jul 1964

His Wife Mary

Died 1 Jul 1998

Sacred Heart of Jesus Pray for Them



In Loving Memory of

A Dear Husband and Father

Joseph Boyce

Died 25 May 1963 aged 56 years

His Wife Eileen

Died 1 Dec 1985 aged 76 years

Patrick & Mary Boyce, Tullagh

Parents of Joseph Boyce



See 1911 census Tullagh



Thy Will Be Done

In Loving Memory of

Mary Boyce

Died 1 Mar 1924


Michael Doherty

Died 1 Dec 1938




In Loving Memory of

Susan Boyce

Died 30 Sep 1937



William Boyce


Died 14 May 1954

Aged 67 years




In Loving Memory of

Maurice Bradley

Died 19 Mar 1969

Aged 81 years

His Wife Bridget

Died 30 Dec 1976

Aged 90 years

Their Daughter Mary

Died 28 Mar 2004

Aged 87 years




In Loving Memory of

Michael Bradley


Died 26 Jan 1963 aged 53

His Wife Bridget

Died 23 May 1986 aged 73

And His Mother Mary

Died 13 Jul 1932 aged 44




In Loving Memory of

Patrick Bradley


Died 22 Dec 1935 aged 58 years

His Son Patrick

Died 18 Jun 1933 aged 20 years

His Son Denis

Died 26 Jun 1995 aged 84 years




In Loving Memory of

Sarah Caldwell

Died 29 Aug 2003 aged 83 years

Her Mother Mary McElhone

Died 21 May 1935 aged 53 years

And Other Members of the

McFadden Family Buried here

Robert Caldwell

Buried in Derry

Mick McElhone Sen.

Buried in Scotland

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Mary Coll


Died 27 Mar 1978

Aged 71 years

Her Husband John

Died 7 Mar 1990

Aged 88 years




In Loving Memory of

Bernard Connor


Died 29 Jan 1891

His Wife Catherine

Died 4 Apr 1897

Their Sons

Bernard died 17 Mar 1899

James died 16 Mar 1908

Their Grandson

Bernard died ? Jan ?



In Loving Memory of

Edward Connor

His Wife Annie

Also Kathrine Connor

Helen Connor, Fanny Connor

And Elizabeth Slowik Connor

Erected by her Husband

Vincent Slowik



In Loving Memory of the

Coyle (Shearlai Roise) Family


Charles Coyle

Died 4 Apr 1932

His Wife Mary

Died 26 Apr 1944

Their Son Charles

Died 28 Jan 1934

And their Family

Who are Buried at Home

And in America



In Loving Memory of

Andy Coyle


His Brother Manus

Their Sister Annie

Their Sister Nora

Departed this life in their youth




Michael Coyle


1918 - 1985

Beloved Husband & Father

His Parents

James Coyle

1868 - 1934

Mary Coyle nee Gallagher

1884 - 1959

In Memorium Hugh Coyle



In Loving Memory of

Peggy Cullen

Also her Husband

Charles Cullen

Who died 29 Jan 1974

And their Son


Died Aug 1936

Aged 13 Years



In Loving Memory of

James Cullen

Upper Gortnabrade

Died 29 May 1983 aged 84 years

His Brother Manus

Died 9 Jan 1977 aged 79 years

And their Father Patrick

Our Dear Mother Mary Ellen

Died 5 Nov 2004 aged 89 years




See 1901 census Gortnabrade



In Memory of

Manasses Denniston

Died 20 Oct 1887

Aged 58 years

And his Wife Grace

Who died 27 Jul 1910

Aged 85 years

Their Son George 1857 - 1931

His Wife Sarah 1855 - 1943

Their Son Mandy 1892 - 1943




In Loving Memory of

Mary Doherty

Dooey, Downings

Died 16 Nov 1982

Her Husband Johnny

Died 4 Jun 1936

Their Son Denis

Died 31 Dec 1967



In Memory of

Patrick Doherty

Died 13 Jan 1941

His Wife Mary Doherty

Died 13 Aug 1949

Michael Doherty

Died 24 Jan 1977




In Memory of

Rose Doherty

Aged 76 years

Died 17 Mar 1932




In Loving Memory of

The Duffy Family


Rest in Peace



In Memory of

Dennis Duffy

Aged 37 years died 20 Mar 1898

His Wife Rose Duffy

Aged 84 years died 10 Feb 1944

Edward Duffy

Aged 42 years died 26 Aug 1988

(fallen headstone, very difficult to read)



Possibly Denis Duffy & Rose Coll of Altmore

See 1901 census Carrigart



(this appears to be the above headstone,

but an updated version)


In Loving Memory of

Dennis Duffy, Altmore

Died 20 Mar 1898 aged 37 years

His Wife Rose died 10 Feb 1944 aged 84 years

John Duffy died 25 Aug 1962 aged 62 years

Michael Duffy

Died 25 Dec 1982 aged 94 years

Margaret Duffy

Died 13 Jan 1985 aged 93 years



In Loving Memory of

John Duffy

Died 23 Oct 1923

His Wife Hannah

Died 30 Sep 1959



(plaque above grave on wall of old church)

In Proud and Loving Memory of

Lieutenant Joseph Duffy

Killed on Active Service

Ramelton Feb 1922



In Loving Memory of

Sarah Duffy

Died 8 Dec 1959

Her Husband Anton

Died 3 Jul 1974




Anton Duffy and his wife Sarah McBride



In Loving Memory of

John Duggan, Downings

Who died 20 Mar 1926

Aged 60 years

His Son James Duggan

Who died 31 Oct 1930

Benjamin R Duthie

Who died 26 Feb 1934

Aged 39 years

Catherine Duggan

Died 8? Oct 1971



Sacred to the Memory of

Cormac Dunlevy NT

Who died 20 May 1934

Aged 69 years

Erected by his loving Wife




John Friel & Family




Erected by Michael Friel

In Loving Memory of his Father

William Friel

Died 26 Jun 1848 aged 57 years

His Mother Hannah Friel

Died 15 Mar 1897 aged ? years

His Sister, Mrs Mary Kelly

Died 26 Apr 1902 aged 56 years

His Daughter, Rose Friel

Died 31 Oct 1899, aged 8 months

Michael Friel died 9 Apr 1916, aged 70 years

His Wife Catherine Friel, died 23 Dec 1934

Sons, George Friel died 14 Mar 1936

Michael Friel, died 20? Mar 1941



Thy Will Be Done

In Loving Memory of

Hugh Gallagher

Died 10 Oct 1953

And His Sons

Michael died 30 Apr 1933

Edward died 12 Jun 1937

John died in Africa 27 Sep 1937

Also his Wife

Grace Gallagher

Died 29 Aug 1965

Aged 82 years




Hugh Gallagher, Milford, son of Anthony and Grace Gallagher, Gortamore, dau of Anthony

Married 15 Feb 1903

See 1911 census Carrigart



In Loving Memory of

Neal Harkin

Died 4 Jul 1940

His Wife Bridget

Died 6 Oct 1949

Their Daughter Annie

Died 15 Sep 1915

Their Sons

Fred died 28 Jan 1914

Neal died 24 Nov 1974, USA

Michael died 20 Aug 1977

Their Daughters

Nellie died USA 23 Nov 1989

Mary McFadden

Died USA 1 Jun 1991




Pray for the Souls of

John Heraghty

Who died in Jun 1841

Aged 45 years

And Margaret Heraghty

Who died in May 1886

Aged 82 years

This Cross is Erected by their Son

Denis Heraghty

In Loving Memory of his Dear

Father and Mother



O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Have Mercy on the Soul of
Daniel Logue
Died 23 Nov 1873 aged 75 years
Also his Beloved Wife Susan Logue
Died 11 Sep 1839 aged 30 years
Also Mary Logue
Beloved Wife of Daniel Logue snr
Died 17 Feb 1894 aged 55 years
Also her Sons
Fred Logue
Died 7 Feb 1895 aged 39 years
And John Logue
Died 8 Nov 1901 aged 41 years
Also her Daughter Mary Logue
Died 22 Oct 1905 aged 26 years
Also Andy Logue
Brother (of) Daniel Logue jun
Died 5 Jun 1883 aged 51 years
And His Brother
Revd Patrick Logue PP (Kilcar)
Died 22 May 1889 aged 55 years
Also Daniel Logue
Died 14 Jan 1914 aged 76 years
Patrick Logue
Died 21 Oct 1945 aged 86 years
Marion Shegreen - Logue
Died 6 Mar 1947 aged 36 years
Edith Logue
Died 2 Nov 2002 aged 86 years
(slab at base of headstone)
Pray for the Soul of
John Logue
Died 14 Apr 1843 aged 76 years



Here lieth the Body of
Michael Logue
Who departed this life 12 Apr 1827
Aged ?7 years



Erected by

Michael Cardinal Logue

In Memory of his Father Michael

Died 13 Dec 1886

Of his Mother Catherine

Died 13 May 1882

And of his Sister Margarite Ward

Died Jan 24 1893

Requiescant in Pace



Pray for the Souls of

Peter Marley, High Glen

Died 9 Sep 1937

His Wife Bridget

Died 19 Dec 1944

Their Daughters Catherine

Died 17 Mar 1938

Mary died 2 Jul 1957



See 1901 census Highglen



In Memory of

Rev John McAteer CC


Who died 1 Aug 1909

Erected by his fond sister Mary

And his niece Marion Moss



See 1901 census Fintown



In Memory of

Annie (McBride)


1906 - 1941

Micky, Dooey

1901 - 1990

And Daughter Brigid

Derrychassan, California



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Ellen McBride nee Sweeney


Who died 27 Sep 1934

Aged 36 years



Here lyeth the body of

Eneas? McBride

Who departed this life

Feb ? ?

Aged 71 years

(very badly weathered grave slab)



Pray for the Soul of

Hugh McBride

Who died 9 Jul 1923

Aged 76 years



In Loving Memory of

Michael McBride died 2 Apr 1920

His Wife Margorie died 14 Mar 1921

Their Sons John died 18 Jul 1948

Patrick died 1 Dec 1948

Their Grandchildren

Gertrude Frances died 1 Dec 1925

Michael Leo died 22 Jun 1926

Mary Margorie died 18 Dec 1929

Mary Ann died 4 Jun 1924

Lawrence died 14 May 1943

Alfonsus died 30 Aug 1937

John's Wife Bella died 4 Aug 1919

Michael died 3 May 1963

Leo died 25 Mar 1989



See 1901 census Carrick



In Memory of

The McCafferkeys


Upper Derryhassen More



In Memory of
Brigid McCaul
Died 23 Apr 1922 aged 71 years
(Father) Neil
Died 9 Oct 1922 aged 66 years
(Brother) Joseph
Died 20 Dec 1910 aged 30 years
(Brother) Bernard
Died 23 Jan 1920 aged 32 years
Margaret Foreman
Born 29 Jul 1889 died 26 Jan 1961
Mary McIntyre
Born 16 Nov 1890 died 5 Oct 1961
John McCaul died 8 May 1891


In Loving Memory of

Afric McDevitt

of Glen

Died 2 Jan 1915

Aged 72 years



See 1901 census Glenmenagh



In Memory of

Dugal McFadden

Who died 20 dec 1883

Aged 83 years

Also his Wife

Mary Deniston died 18? Jun 1862

Aged 70 years

Dan McFadden died 12 Jan 1887

Aged 71 years



RIP McFadden

Pray for the Souls of

Edward McFadden

Died 1 Apr 1953

His Wife Bridget

Died 16 Apr 1976




In Loving Memory of

Hannah McFadden

Died 10 Mar 1924

Manus Duffy

Died 11 Aug 1962

Mary Duffy

Died 5 Nov 1965

(very weathered concrete plaque with a deteriorated wooden cross)



In Loving Memory of

Hugh McFadden, Glen

Who died 9 Feb 1917

His Wife Sarah

Who died 17 Apr 1921

Their Son Hugh

Who died 27 Dec 1903

Their Son Patrick

Who died 11 Oct 1936

Also their Grandson Hugh

Who died 2 Dec 1935

Their Son Manus

Who died 20 Dec 1941

Their Son Anthony

Who died 13 Jul 1947

And their Daughter Bridget

Who died 13 Mar 1953



Pray for the Souls of

James McFadden, Carrick

Who died 13 Jan 1956

Bridget McFadden

Who died 3 Sep 1965

Michael McFadden

Who died 26 Sep 1966

Neil McFadden

Who died 18 Jan 1967




Of Your Charity
Pray for the Souls of
John MacFadden, Claggan
Who died 29 Nov 1877
Aged 67 years
And his Beloved Wife
Annie Molloy
Who died 16 Jul 1882
Aged 75 years
James Joseph Gallagher
Who died 9 Jul 1951
Grace McFadden
Who died 24 Jan 1920
Aged 80 years


In Loving Memory of

Manas McFadden

Died 11 Jun 1929

His Wife

Kathleen McFadden

Died 3 Nov 1937

Their Son Andrew

Died 2 Aug 1968

His Wife Kathleen

Died 28 Dec 1989

Manus McFadden

Died 28 Aug 2004





Manis McFadden

Departed this life

? Dec 1832? Aged ? years

(inscription very badly weathered)



In Loving Memory of

Neil MacFadden


Died 5 Mar 1925

Edward MacFadden

Died 13 Mar 1926

His Wife Bridget

Died 16 Jan 1946

Their Son Neil

Died Dec 1903

Daughter Bridget died 4 Nov 1982




Rosemary McFadden

Died 8 Sep 1947

Age 11 years

Her Brother Jacky

Aged 11 months




In Loving Memory of

Teague McFadden

High Glen

Died 5 Feb 1929

And His Loving Wife Mary

Died 12 Jul 1949

Michael McFadden

Died 25 Feb 1959

Dominic McFadden

Died 6 Apr 1965

Brigid McFadden

Died 22 Jan 1972

Bernard McFadden

Died 15 Dec 1974



See 1901 census Glengilligrana High



To the Memory of

William McFadden

Who departed this life

10 Oct 1844 aged 54

Also John, his Son

Who departed this life

5 Mar AD 1859

Aged 40 years



Barney McGarvey




In Loving Memory of

Anthony McGettigan

Who died 1 Jan 1937

And his Wife Sophia

Who died 11 Aug 1956

And their Sons

Anthony who died 2 Jun 1927

Daniel who died 1 Jun 1951

Pray for

Patrick McGettigan


Died 8 Dec 1937 aged 68 years

His Wife Bridget

Died 15 Feb 1953 aged 80 years

Their Family


Died 11 Oct 1925 aged 24 years

Mary McGlynn

Died 13 May 1966 aged 67 years


Died 27 Dec 1988 aged 79 years



See 1911 census Crocknamurleog for Anthony and Sophia

See 1901 census Glenieraragh for Patrick and Bridget



In Loving Memory of

Sean McGettigan


Who died 9 Jun? 1922

And his Father Seamus

Who died 30 Jan? 1946

And his Mother Susan

Who died 9 Sep 1952



In Memory of

Charles McGinley

Died 22 Aug 1890

Aged 88 years

Also Maggie McGinley

Died 8 Dec 1888

Aged 36 years



In Memory of

Edward McGinley

Died 6 Apr 1950 aged 77 years

His Wife Rose McGinley

Died 8 Mar 1934 aged 45 years

Their Son Edward McGinley

Died 30 Jun 1958 aged 43 years

Their Daughter Nellie aged 21

Died 26 Mar 1942




In Loving Memory of

James McGinley



Died 8 Jul 1994

Aged 83 years

Rest in Peace



Erected by

Michael ?Ne?l McGinley

In Memory of

Their Beloved Father

Michael McGinley

Who died 11 Mar 1889 aged 80 years

And their Beloved Mother

Cecilia McGinley

Who died 21 Feb 1893 aged 65 years

Also their Infant Brother, John

Who Died in 1848

Also their Brother & Sister Dan & Sarah

Who died in 1856 age 5 & 3 years respectively

Also their Beloved Brother, Hugh

Who died 13 Jul 1907 aged 43 years

Denis, who died 14 Dec 1907 aged 57 years

Stephen, who died 19 Jan 1908 aged 45 years

Patrick, died 3 Jun 1920 aged 73 years

Sarah, died 17 Aug 1929 aged 63 years

Neal, died 28 Apr 1930 aged 62 years

Michael, died 16 Oct 1936 aged 83 years

May they Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Owen McGinley

High Glen

Died 1 Mar 1927

Aged 75 years

Rose McGinley

Died 24 Jul 1937

Aged 12 weeks




In Loving Memory of

Our Mother

Brigid McGonigle


Died 22 Apr 1981

Her Husband Mick

Died Dec 1937


Erected by her Son and Daughter



In Loving Memory of

Dominick McGroddy

Died 11 May 1971 aged 80

Norah McGroddy

Died 12 Dec 1946 aged 23

Madge McGroddy

Died 20 Jan 1953 aged 21

Dan McGroddy

Died 2 May 1976 aged 56




See 1901 census Umlagh



In Memory of

McHugh Family


Fanny, John

Michael, Sarah








Oh Jesus Have Mercy on the Soul of

Ellen McHugh


Who died 24 Jul 1897

And on the Soul of

Maryann Logue, Coole

Who died 15 Jan 1911


Erected by the Family 1911



In Loving Memory of

John McHugh


Died 30 Apr 1957

His Wife Grace

Died 12 Feb 1985



In Loving Memory of

John McHugh

Mary Ellen Doherty

Died Feb 1948 aged 40 years

Michael Doherty

Died 12 Mar 1997 aged 89 years



In Loving Memory of

Mary McHugh

Died 11 Jan 1930




Mick McHugh

Died 13 Nov 1882

Mary McHugh

Died 4 Mar 1901



In Loving Memory of

John McIlhargey

Died 1 Jul 1916

Bridget McIlhargey

Died 1 May 1917

Minnie McGettigan

Died 5 Jul 1926

Grace McGettigan

Died 25 Dec 1948




In Memory of

Mary McLafferty

Died 16 Jul 1915 aged 25

Annie 9 Jun 1913 aged 17

John 2 Mar 1925 aged 29

Their Father Patrick

3 Apr 1929 aged 75



In Loving Memory of

Our Beloved Mother

Ellen Murray

Died 27 Aug 1971 Aged 71 years

Her Father Hugh McBride

Died 2 Mar 1952 aged 82 years

And her Mother Frances

Died 23 May 1960 aged 86 years




In Loving Memory of

The O'Donnell Family


Rest in Peace



In Memory of

John O'Neill

Who died 8 May 1924

His Wife Brigid nee McGettigan

Son John Herbert

Died 21 Sep 1953

His Wife Helen nee Sweeney

Died 19 Jan 1972

Buried Glasnevin, Dublin



In Memory of

Catheirne Maria

Died 29 Nov 1944

Aged 5 months

Daughter of the late

Edward and Catherine Quigley




In Loving Memory of

Anthony Rogers

And Family

Who died 13 Apr 1937

Aged 76 years



In Loving Memory of

Catherine Ronayne


Died 8 Mar 1964

Aged 78 years




In Loving Memory of

Mom, Annie Shields

Died 28 May 1932

Also Dad, Donal Shields

Died 7 Feb 1960



In Loving Memory of

Catherine Shields

Died 22 Sep 1944

Her Husband Dominick

Died 22 Jan 1959



In Loving Memory of

John Shields

Died 29 Jun 1921

Sarah Shields

Died 4 Aug 1923

Michael Shields

Died 12 Jun 1933

Andrew Shields

Died 22 Sep 196?

Catherine Duffy (nee Shields)

Died 12 Jun 19?

Charles Shields

Died 5 Dec 1995

(difficult to photograph and not disturb the grave)



Erected to the Memory of the

Sweeney Family

Umlagh Carrigart

By the Surviving Members

Dominick Sweeney

Born 1876 - died 1941

Sophia Sweeney

Born 1886 - died 1957

Requiescant in Pace

(plaque in front)

In Loving Memory of

Winnie Sweeney

Died 15 Feb 1999

Our Lady of Lourdes

Pray for Her

From Nellie, Dan and Family



Dominick Sweeney and Sophia McClafferty

Dominick Sweeney, Umlagh, son of John, married Sophia McClafferty, Gortnabrade, dau of Neal, 2 Dec 1906

Also see 1901 census Gortnabrade for Sophia's family

And 1901 census Umlagh for Dominick's family



In Loving Memory of

James Sweeney

Who died 16 Dec 1900

Aged 65 years

Also his Son

Daniel Sweeney

Who died 23 Oct 1918 aged 48 years

Michael Sweeney

Died 22 Feb 1947 aged 67 years

Annie Sweeney

Died 5 Jul 1966 aged 68 years

Annie Strain

Died 14 Jan 1968 aged 86 years

Ann Sweeney

Died 21 Nov 1927 aged 82 years

Annie Teresa Sweeney

Died 21 Feb 1928 aged 13 months

Daniel Sweeney

Died 31 Aug 2002 aged 67 years



In Memory of

Rosey Sweeney

Died 10 Jun 1909

Aged 24 years

Patrick McBride

Died 12 Jun 1913

Aged 18 years

Maggie McBride

Died 8 Sep 1913

Aged 16 years

Also their Mother

Hannah Bella McBride

Died 8 Jun 1917

Aged 62 years

Mary McGarrigle, Carrick

Died 1 Feb 1977




Rosey Sweeney nee McBride, dau of Peter, married Michael Sweeney, Carrick, son of Patrick, 10 Sep 1905

Also see 1901 census Carrigart




(badly weathered)




(no markings)




(possibly Connor?)










(grave marker)




(grave marker)




(grave marker)




(grave marker)





















In Loving Memory of

Ellen Ward

Born 1845 died 1945

Hugh Ward

Died 1964

William Ward

Died 12 May 1969

Bill Ward

Cranford and New Zealand

Died 12 May 1997


Time Passes, Regrets Stay

Loved and Remembered Every Day

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Thomas Ward, Carrigart

Died 3 Apr 1944

Charles Ward

Died 29 Aug 1960

Katie Ward

Died 25 Sep 1962

Rest in Peace



Pray for the Repose

Of the Souls

Of the Wilhare Family


In Memory of

Sarah (Sally) Stacey

Nee Wilhare

9 Nov 1921 - 27 Aug 2000

And her beloved Husband

Gordon Ivan Stacey

26 Nov 1912 - 2 Jan 2001

Returned from South Africa

They Live in Our Hearts


Burials without Monuments:


Rodger McBride from Tirlaughan

Michael Connor from Rosapenna

Bridet Duffy from Aughlatty d aged 27 1905
Neil d aged 76 1944
Ellen d aged 87 1955

Michael Friel from Aughadahor d 1882
James d Jan 1955 aged 85
James d Jul 1967 aged 77
Mary O'Donnell d Feb 1978 aged 88

Hannah Friel from Dunmore d 1948

Edward McBride from Miuslack d Sep 1902
Norah McBride from Rosapenna d aged 77 1952
John d aged 44 1944
Mary d aged 55
Annie d Sep 1973 aged 71

Edward J. Boyle from Devlinmore
Kate Wilhare from Devlinmore
John Wihare from Devlinmore

Mary & Pat Friel from Dunmore

Joseph Connor from Towneylough d Nov 1961 aged 75
Hannah d Dec 1943 aged 60

Patrick McFadden from Umlagh d 1946
Dan d aged 28 1920

Hughie Boyce from Towneylough d Sep 1953 aged 42

William McBride from Gortnabrade
Jamesd aged 13
Dim d aged 1
Patrick d aged 1
Manus d as Infant

Family Kiely from Carrigart
Eddie d 1962

Biddy Kelly from Claggan

Ellen Kelly from Claggan

Bernard Kelly from Claggan

Manus Boyce from Tullagh d Aug 1905
John d Oct 1942 infant
Barney d Nov 1943 aged 41
Mary Duffy from Tullagh d 1945

Barney Doherty from Devlinreagh

Francis Doherty from Devlinreagh

Biddy Doherty C. from Devlinreagh

Dominic Doherty from Devlinreagh

Bridget Doherty from Devlinreagh

Family Coyle from Carrick

John Boyle from Tullagh

Hannah Boyle from Tullagh

John Boyle from Tullagh

Jimmie Boyle from Tullagh

Eddie Boyle from Tullagh

Ellen Coyle from Meinanea d Oct 1917 aged 40

Patrick Coyle from Meinanea d Feb 1919 aged 54

Patrick Coyle from Meinanea d aged 21

Ellen Coyle from Meinanea

Michael ODonnell from Glen d aged 2

Maryanne ODonnell from Glen d Jun 1930 aged 65

Mandy ODonnell from Glen d Nov 1931 aged 79

Mary McHugh from Tullagh d as infant 1941

Catherine V. McHugh from Tullagh d as infant 1945

Catherine T. McHugh from Tullagh d aged 7 1956

John McBride from Gleneraugh d 1976

Patrick McBride from Gleneraugh d as infant 1926

William McBride from Gleneraugh d Apr as infant


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