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The following pages contain the full passenger lists for the first five ships sponsored by the Donegal Relief Fund. Also included are the two final ships which brought the last of the Donegal Relief Fund passengers to Australia. There are a number of things that you will have to take note of BEFORE you go to the lists…


  1. The lists are in alphabetical order, by surname.
  2. The spelling of names and places are as they are written in the original lists - they were recorded in Australia by Immigration and were written down as the recorder heard them. The Donegal accent is very strong and distinct compared to the rest of the country, therefore you will see quite a variety of spellings.
  3. Both Bill and I have checked and re-checked the names and places in these lists and where it has been impossible to read the original handwriting, a '?' has been used.
  4. I have checked all the place names against the list of Townlands I have and in most cases I have been able to identify the correct spelling/place name - in others I could find nothing on the stated Townlands and left it 'as is', because it is possible that those places existed at the time and have since disappeared.
  5. Being a full transcription, these entries are, in most cases, wider than the normal page view, so please scroll across to the right to see the full record.


1) SAPPHIRE - Arrived Sydney, NSW, Australia on 24 May 1859

2) QUEEN OF ENGLAND - Arrived Sydney, NSW, Australia on 8 Jul 1858

3) LADY ELMA BRUCE - Arrived Sydney, NSW, Australia on 14 July 1859

4) CARIBOU - Arrived Sydney, NSW, Australia in Oct 1859

5) NILE - Arrived Sydney, NSW, Australia on 16 May 1861

6) ABYSSINIAN - Arrived Sydney, NSW, Australia on 29 May 1862

7) MONTROSE - Arrived Sydney, NSW, Australia on 27 Mar 1864

8) SANDRINGHAM - Arrived Sydney, NSW, Australia on 26 Jun 1864

There was another ship which arrived between the Montrose and Sandringham, which appears to have carried more DRF sponsored immigrants -

9) QUEEN OF THE EAST - Arrived Sydney, NSW, Australia on 30 Apr 1864


Lindel Buckley

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