A List of Persons Who Paid Hearth Tax in 1665 in the Parish of Raphoe, Co Donegal

(Includes Convoy Parish)

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Indexed by Marianne Philson, Auckland, New Zealand. 25 May 1994

Sourced, with permission, from Hugh Winters website at http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~hughw/



ADAM, Mathew, Raphoe

ALEXANDER, John, Maghrisollus
ALEXANDER, Wm., Lismontigly
ALLASON, Andrew, Tullidonell
ALLEN, John, Kiltoell
ARKLESS, John, elder, Cloghroy
ARKLESS, John, younger, Cloghroy
BELL, Patrick, Carrickbrack
BLAINE, Patrick, Aghenkurragh
BLAIRE, John, Maghrisollus
BREADY, James, Raphoe
BROWNE, Robert, Ardechilly
BUCHANAN, George, Cullaghy
BURNESYDE, Robert, Castletorris
CALDWELL, James, Lismontigly
CALDWELL, Robert, Killinour
CALDWELL, William, Tullidonell
CAMPBLE, John, GlenMcquein
CARPENTER, Thomas, Raphoe
CARSON, John, Beltany
CARSON, Richard, Culladery
CARUTH, John, Hubistown
COCKEN, Mathew, Raphoe
COGHRAN, Robert, Lismontigly
COGHRAN, Robert, Carrickbrack
COLEMAN, Marmaduke, Raphoe
CONINGHAME, Walter, Aghenkurragh
CUNNINGHAME, Alex., Raphoe
DAVISON, John, Ardechilly
DEASLY, Wm., Gobnascale
DICK, Hugh, Maghricoren
DICK, James, Maghricoren
DREDDAN, David, GlenMcquein
DRYELAND, Hugh, Beltany
DUNCKAN, John, Raphoe
DUNCKAN, John, Raphoe
EWING, Wm., Maghrihee
FERGUSON, Andrew, Figert
FINLAY, James, Ardechilly
FLEMING, George, Cornigillagh
FLOOD, David, Killinour
FORRSET, Mecum, Gortness
FORSYTH, Robert, Findurk
FRAM, Thomas, Drumgumerlan
FRAMM, Archibald, Castletorris
GALBRAITH, Thomas, Lisnowall
GEMBLE, Robert, Carrickbrack
GRAY, George, Ardechilly
GRAY, John, Castletorris
GRAY, Robert, Castletorris
GRAY, Widow, Colghcor
GREER, Gilbert, Raphoe
HALL, James, Carrickbrack
HAMILTON, Francis, Killinour
HARRIS, John, Lismontigly
HARVY, Edward, GlenMcquein
HENDERSON, Daniel, Rusky
HENDERSON, Hugh, Lismontigly
HENDERSON, James, Rusky
HENDERSON, John, Rusky
HENDERSON, Michael, Carrickbrack
HENDERSON, Robert, Maghrihee
HENDERSON, Thomas, Rusky
HENDERSON, Wm., Lismontigly
HOMES, Gabriel, Arvernock
HOMES, James, Assmoyne
HOMES, John, Assmoyne
HOMES, John, Tulliveny
HOWE, Robert, Raphoe
HUGH, Wm., Assmoyne
HUGHES, David, Raphoe
HUNTER, John, Beltany
HYNEMAN, John, Beltany
JOHNSTON, James, Lismontigly
JOHNSTON, John, Raphoe
KERR, Daniel, Daveclogh
KERR, james, Raphoe
KIRKEWOOD, James, Raphoe
KNOX, Thomas, Raphoe
KYLE, Archibald, Raphoe
LAIRD, Alex., Arvernock
LAIRD, Alex., Assmoyne
LAIRD, James, Assmoyne
LAIRD, Robert, Assmoyne
LAUGHLAN, Lobert, Maghrisollus
LAWRY, Patrick, Assmoyne
LEARD, Robert, Tulliveny
LEETCH, John, Hubistown
LESLEY, James, Raphoe, 2, Hearths
LINDSAY, David, Maghrychan
LINDSAY, John, Maghrychan
LONG, Finlay, Culladery
LOWRY, Andrew, Cullaghy
McCASKER, Alex., Hubistown
McCLERY, James, Agagalty
McCLINTOCK, James, Maghrihee
McCLINTOCK, John, Maghrihee
McCLINTOCK, Robert, GlenMcquein
McCLUER, Robert, Findrum
McCLUIR, John, Agagalty
McCLUIR, John, snr., Agagalty
McCONNAGHY, Donnell, Knockegerran
McCONNELL, Edmund, Drumkeen
McCONNELL, Neale, Drumkeen
McCORMICK, John, Raphoe
McGUIRE, Dunckan, Drumgumerlan
McILFAILL, Owen, Ardechilly
McILROY, Donnell, Cloghroy
McILTURNOR, Patrick, Tullidonell
McILTURNOR, Robert, GlenMcquein
McILTYRE, John, Raphoe
McKELVEY, Neale, Lettermore
McKELVEY, Owen, Lettermore
McKERRAN, Byan, Drumkeen
McKERRAN, Neale, Drumkeen
McKERRAN, Pat., Lettermore
McKERRAN, Shan, Drumkeen
McMENEMY, Phelomy, Castletorris
McMONGELL, Donnell, Beltany
McNEEVIN, James, Cullaghy
McNEEVIN, Wm., Cullaghy
MACHAN, John, Ardechilly
MAIZE, James, Convoy
MAIZE, John, Convoy
MATHY, Robert, Maghrihee
MITCHELL, Andrew, Tullidonell
MITCHELL, Robert, Findrum
MITCHELL, Robert, Ardechilly
MITCHELL, Wm., Ardechilly
MONTGOMERY, Hugh, Raphoe
MOODY, John, Raphoe
MOORE, James, Maghricoren
MORISON, Robert, Bellehely
MURRAY, Alex., Carrickbrack
MURRAY, Thomas, Rusky
NISBET, George, Figert
NISBET, Hugh, Tullidonell
NISBET, John, Esq., Tullidonell, 3, Hearths
NISBIT, Robert, Cessnecully
NISBITT, Alex., Cornigillagh
O'AILFALLE, Donnell, Drumgumerlan
O'BARRAN, Torlagh, Callen
O'BRILLAGHAN, James, Drumkeen
O'CASSIDY, Turlagh, Lettermore
O'COLLOUN, Donnell, Callen
O'COLLUNE, Owen, Killinour
O'CRENAN, Turlogh, Trinteboy
O'DIVER, Cormick, Drumkeen
O'DIVER, Shaw, Lettermore
O'DONNELL, Neale, Trinteboy
O'DOUGERY, Wm., Killinour
O'DOWARD, Gilbreed, Drumkeen
O'GALLAGHER, Phelemy, Trinteboy
O'GALLAGHER, Torlagh, Cornigillagh
O'GALLOGHER, Hugh, Lettermore
O'KERIGAN, Rorry, Agagalty
O'LONGAN, Owen, ballagh, Agagalty
O'LUNGAN, Torlagh, Agagalty
O'LUNSHAGHAN, Roory, Drumkeen
O'MUGHAN, Owen, Callen
O'MULLOG, Edmund, Lettermore
O'MULLOUGHERY, Hugh, Killinour
O'PATTEN, Bryan, Drumgumerlan
O'PATTEN, Cashel, Trinteboy
O'PETTAN, Bryan, Cloghroy
O'QUIGLEY, Art, Cloghroy
O'ROERTY, Hugh, Callen
O'ROGAN, Connor, Killinour
O'SCANLAN, Rorry, Callen
O'TINNY, Feale, Drumkeen
O'TWOLAN, Shan, Killinour
ORR, Alex., Beltany
PATON, James, Maghricoren
PATON, John, Maghricoren
PATTERSON, John, Gortequigley
PERRY, Alen, Beltany
PERRY, Widow, Beltany
POAK, John, Raphoe
POAK, Robert, Raphoe
QUANTEIN, Robert, Raphoe
RAMSAY, Thomas, Findrum
RANKEIN, Georgh, Raphoe
RANKEIN, John, Raphoe
RAPHOE, Dean, of, Raphoe, 4, Hearths
RAPHOE, Lord Bishop, Robert, Raphoe, 10, Hearths
RICHMOND, Andrew, Killinour
ROBINSON, Alexander, Daveclogh
ROBINSON, Hugh, Agagalty
RODGER, Andrew, Lismontigly
RODGER, George, Cullaghy
RODGER, John, Cullaghy
ROGER, Thomas, Ardechilly
ROLISON, Robert, Convoy
SHIELDS, James, Figert
SMITH, John, Knockegerran
SMITH, Robert, Gortequigley
SMITH, Robert, GlenMcquein
SNODGRASS, Robert, Beltany
SPROULE, Archibald, Lismontigly
SPROULL, John, Stranorlughan
STEVENSON, Thomas, Culladery
STEVINSON, Robert, Beltany
STEWART, John, Raphoe
THOMPSON, Thomas, Raphoe
TWYFORD, John, Raphoe
WALKER, Alex., Raphoe
WALKER, John, Daveclogh
WALKER, John, Findurk
WALKER, Wm., Gortequigley
WALLACE, Michael, Carrickbrack
WALWOOD, John, Dr., Raphoe
WIGTON, Andrew, Raphoe
WIGTTON, John, Raphoe
WILSON, Alex., GlenMcquein
WILSON, Humphrey, GlenMcquein
WILSON, Richard, GlenMcquein
WRIGHT, Wm., GlenMcquein
WYLLY, Thomas, Cessnecully


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