Headstone Inscriptions, Old Ray Graveyard, Raymoghy, Co Donegal


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The original survey of this graveyard was conducted by the Letterkenny Heritage Centre in 1991

Thanks go to the Donegal County Library, Letterkenny, for their help with these inscriptions

Thanks also to Michael M for additional inscriptions




In Loving Memory Of

My Dear Parents

Thomas Armour

Died 19th Apr 1963

His Wife Maria Armour

Died 7th Aug 1963

Safe In The Arms Of Jesus



In Memory Of

Joseph Armour Magher


Who Died Nov 22 1856

Aged 76 Years



Erected By Presbyterian Congregation

Of 1st Ray As A Tribute To The Mayor

Of Their Late

The Rev John Browne

Who Died Nov 2 1851

Aged 47 Years

Rev XIV.13



In Memory Of

Dougal Clarke

Of Carricknamart

Who Died 4th Jan 1869

Aged 89 Years

Also His Wife

Jane Tease Clarke

Who Died 1st Jul 1873

Aged 86 Years

Their Son Samuel Clarke

Who Died 22nd Mar 1884

Aged 60 Years

His Wife Margaret Miller

Who Died 24th Dec 1884

Aged 70 Years

David Clarke

Who Died 17th Jan 1916

Aged 87 Years

William Dougal Clarke

Died 3rd Feb 1920

Aged 68 Years

And His Wife Jane

Died 1st Aug 1928

Aged 75 Years

Erected By Their Son David


Also see 1901 census Carricknamart

Researcher: Marilyn - Email




Mary Colhoun





Sacred To The Memory Of

William Colhoun

Of Greencottage In This Parish

Who Departed This Life

10th Apr 1823

Aged 46 Years

Also Catherine Colhoun, His Wife

Who Departed This Life

Dec The 29th 1917

Aged 73 Years



In Loving Memory Of

Francis James Colquhoun


Died 21st Mar 1929

His Wife Frances Margaretta

Died 10th Feb 1948

Their Daughter Maude

Died Sep 1915

Their Son Francis James

Died 8th Dec 1946

And His Son Samuel Young Colquhoun

Died 30th Sep 1958

Aged 30 Years




In Memory of

John Crawford

Died 29th April 1917

His Daughter Annie

Died 2nd April 1919

His Wife Mary

Died 24th March 1958

His Son Charles

Died 22nd September 1968


Rest In Peace






In Loving Memory of

My Dear Grandparents


James Devenny Died 1957

Mary Ann Devenny Died 1943

Their Son James Devenny Died 1967

Grandson John Devenny Died 1942

Bridget Devenny (Nee Curran) Died 1931

James Devenny Died 1966

My Dear Mother

Mary Stokes (Nee Devenny) Died 1984

Interred in Florida U.S.A.

Rest In Peace


Erected by Annie Jinks




Bernard Doherty

Late of Hamilton Street Derry

Died May 1925

Aged 1 Year



 Son of John Doherty (formally of Manorcunningham) and Bridget Carberry (Glenswilly)

No marker exists, however, this information was provided by his 97 Year old cousin, Glenswilly



James Donaghey


Who Died 6 August ? (broken stone)

Aged 87 Years

Also Jane his Wife

Who died March 1864

Aged 64 Years

Also John their Son

Who Died 18th April 1864

Aged 70 Years

James Donaghey

Who Died April 1900

Aged 70 Years

 Erected by their Daughter Eliza



In Loving Memory Of

Andrew Farrell


Died 23rd Nov 1904

Aged 69 Years

His Wife Rebecca

Died 9th Feb 1909

Aged 60 Years

Her Daughter ? Wife Of James Russell

Died 9 Jul 1910

Aged 42 Years

And Their Son James

Died 10th Jul 1943

Aged 7

'Thy Will Be Done'



In Loving Memory of

Charles Flood


Died 5 November 1933

Aged 73 Years



In Memory Of

B Gallagher

Died 1851



Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Have Mercy On The Souls Of


The Beloved Wife Of

William Gallagher


Asylum, Letterkenny

Who Died 16th Mar 1906

Aged 55 Years

Also The Above

William Gallagher

Who Died 11th Nov 1923

Aged 84 Years


Erected By Her Husband



Also see Family of William Gallagher & Ellen McCleary



In Memory of

Francis Gallagher Raymoghy Died 7th Nov. 1877

His Wife

Nancy Died 4th Sept. 1887

His Daughter

Sarah Anne Peoples Died 16th March 1881

Also remembering her husband Alexander Peoples and Daughter Ann

Both interred in LongIsland New York

His Daughter Margery Gallagher Died 10th June 1907

His Son James Died 12th Dec. 1924

His GreatGrandSon William McLaughlin

Manorcunningham Died 18th March 1936

Also William’s Niece and Nephew

Baby Mary McLaughlin Died 1946

Baby Gerard McLaughlin Died Dec. 1952


Erected by the McLaughlin Family



Pray For The Soul Of

John Gallagher

Who Died At Londonderry

2nd Apr 1866



Pray For The Soul Of

Margaret Gallagher

Who Died 26th Jan ?

Aged 63 Years

And Also For Her Son James

Who Died 25th Mar ?

Aged 43 Years

And For Her Husband

William Gallagher

Who Died 1862

Aged 82 Years




O Gallagher

Jan ? 1875



In Loving Memory of

Kathleen Veronica Gillen

Died 3rd May 2005 Aged 85 Years

Joe Gillen Died 28th April 2000 Aged 75 Years

Frank Gillen Died 12th September 1979 Aged 97 Years

Katie Gillen Died 21st October 1967 Aged 81 Years

Thomas Gillen Died 9th February 1960 Aged 97 Years

Elizabeth Gillen Died 19th August 1959 Aged 81 Years

Baby Gillen Died 27th October 1960

(Infant Son of Eddie and Josie Gillen Labbadish)

Eleanor Gillen Died 6th August 1959 Aged 85 Years

John Gillen Died 30th December 1945 Aged 78 Years

Annie Bernadette Gillen

Died 15th February 1944 Aged 10 Months

(Daughter of Packie and Mary Gillen Convoy)

Patrick Gillen Died 13th March 1932 Aged 62 Years

Sarah Gillen Died 17th February 1932 Aged 49 Years

Margaret Gillen Died 20th September 1980 Aged 92 Years


Rest In Peace



The Family Burial Ground Of

David Graham


Erected By David Graham

June 1914



In Loving Memory Of

Eleanor Graham

Of Claremont, Londonderry

Her Husband

David Graham

Their Infant Son

James Archibald

And Her Sister

Elizabeth Anne McCrea

Also Her Daughter

Margaret E Graham

Who Died At Claremont, Londonderry

4th May 1920

And Her Daughter

Eleanor Graham

Who Died At Claremont

13th May 1925

Erected 1903

Quis Separabit



In Loving Memory Of

James Alexander Gutherie


Who Died 21st Jun 1925

And His Wife Jane Gutherie

Who Died The 28th Jun 1914

Their Son John N Gutherie

Who Died 12th Dec 1943

Their Daughter Elizabeth

Who Died 29th Dec 1946

'In Sure And Certain Hope'






In Loving Memory of

Our Dear Parents


Andrew Hamilton

Died 24th October 1969 Aged 73 Years

His Wife Mary

Died 23rd January 1981 Aged 83 Years

Also the Infant Daughter of

Noel and Ruby Hamilton

Born Sleeping 16th February 1968


Safe In the Arms of Jesus



In loving Memory of

A Husband and Father

Edward Harold

Died 10th February 1987

Aged 64 Years

Also his Mother Kathleen

And Sister Ann

 From Wife and Family


Memory Of


13 Mar 189?


In Memory Of

?B Haughey

Died 14 Mar 189?

Aged ?




In Memory Of

Thomas Hume

Who Died 20th Sep 1871

Aged 64 Years

Also Isabella Hume

Wife Of Thomas Hume

Who Died 9th Mar 1900



In Memory Of

John Johnston


Who Died 16th Mar 1871

Aged 60 Years

Also His Wife Sarah

Who Died 6th Nov 1882

Aged 66 Years



Here Lieth The Body Of

Mildridge King

Who Departed This Life

The 4 Aug 1776

Aged 56 Years



William King

Departed Oct 28th 1817

Aged 55 Years

Also Elizabeth His Wife

Who Died Aug 26th 1817

Aged 48 Years



Leitch Of Creeve

Oliver Died 1775

Hannah His Wife - 1810

George - 1806

Martha His Wife - 1833

Oliver - Sep 1838

Sarah His Wife - Feb 1889

George, Son - 1830

Robert - 1861

'Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord

From Henceforth Yea Saith The Spirit

That They May Rest From Their Labours And

Their Works Do Follow Them'

Rev 14-13



Pray For The Soul Of

Mary McAleer

Died 8th Jan 1890




In Loving Memory Of

James McConnell

Who Died 18th Sep 1852

Aged 37 Years

His Wife Mary Jane

Who Died 25th Mar 1893

Aged 82 Years


Died Jan 1919

Erected By Their Daughter

Margaret McConnell




In Loving Memory Of

Andrew James McConnell


Who Died 21st Mar 1908

Also His Wife Bessie

Who Died 31st Mar 1910

And Their Children

Thomas Aged 2 Years

Abraham Aged 18 Months



Pray For The Soul Of

Catherine McDermott

Who Died 2nd Jul 1876

Aged 64 Years



In Loving Memory of

Daniel McElwaine


Who Died 28th Aug 1932

Aged 84 Years

His Wife Mary

Who Died 16 Jul 1939

Aged 88 Years



In Loving Memory Of

James McElwaine


Died 19th Feb 1919

Aged 46 Years

His Wife Margaret McElwaine

Died 27th May 1927

Aged 59 Years

His Parents William McElwaine

Died 28th Feb 1919

Aged 72 Years

His Wife Anne McElwaine

Died Oct 1916

Aged 74 Years


Erected By Their Daughter

Annie Doherty And Family



McFadden Family



(slate on grave)

Fanny McFadden

Died June 9









Erected By The Congregation

Of 1st Ray Presbyterian Church

In Memory Of

Rev Robert McMorris


Born 17 Jun 1830

Ordained 14 Jun 1855

Died 29 Aug 1903

'The Memory Of The Just Is Blessed'



In Loving Memory of

Annie Meehan

Died 3rd June 1924 Aged 13 Years

John Meehan

Died in Infancy 15th January 1939

William Meehan

Died 9th June 1998 Aged 79 Years


Rest In Peace

In our hearts forever

Until we meet again



In Affectionate Memory Of

John Mills

Of Listillion

Who Having Served God

In His Day And Generation

Fell Asleep On Sunday

The 4th Day Of Feb 1908

Aged 77 Years

And Of His Wife

Bridget Mills

Who Entered Into Rest On

The 5th Day Of Sep 1876

Aged 50 Years




In Loving Memory Of

William Montgomery

Of Ray

Who Died AD 1879

Aged 75 Years

Also His Beloved Wife

Margaret Rentail

Who Died AD 1875

Aged 76 Years

Their Son John

Who Died At Sailkote India AD 1866

Aged 30 years

Their Infant Children

Isabella And Robert

'Until The Day Break And The Shadows Flee Away

Goodnight Father And Mother

Soft Thy Sleeping

Till The Morning Bell Shall Ring

Then For Getting Death And Weeping

From The Dust Thoult Wake And Sing'


In Loving Memory Of

William And Eliza Mary

Infant Children Of

Alexander And Maria King Montgomery

Also The Above

Alexander P Montgomery

Of Ray

Who Died 28th Apr 1897

Aged 59 years

And His Wife

Maria Montgomery

Who Died 27th Dec 1920


In Loving Memory Of

John Montgomery

Of Ray

Who Died 18th Sep 181?

Aged 68 Years

Also His Beloved Wife

Mary Crawford

Died AD 1816

And Their Family John, Martha, Mary

Barbara, Isabella And William



Erected By John Moore

On His Return From Australia

To The Memory Of His Beloved Parents

John And Sarah Moore

Late Of Ballyholey

The Former Died 14th Jan 1826

Aged 66 Years

The Latter Departed This Life

22nd Nov 1846

Aged 84 Years

John Moore

Who Died 26th Sep 1884

Aged 79 Years

And Rebecca His Wife

Who Died 17th Mar 1920

Aged 87 Years



In Memory Of

Susannah Murray

Died 15th Apr 1840

Aged 20 Years

Christopher Murray

Died 30th Apr 1845

Aged 75 Years

Mary Murray

Died 6th May 1870

Aged 80 Years



In Loving Memory of

Margaret O’Hagan


Who Died 10th March 1896

Aged 48 Years

And Her Husband Owen

Who Died 16th October 1908

Aged 73 Years

Also Their Daughter Ellen

Who Died 21st March 1924

Aged 56 Years

Joseph O’Hagan Raphoe

Died 23rd January 1945

On their Souls

Wilt Jesus Have Mercy



Erected By John Parke

In Loving Memory Of

His Dearly Beloved Wife Rebecca

Who Departed This Life The

20th Sep 1969

Aged 69 Years




Sacred To The Memory Of


The Beloved Wife Of

James Philson

Who Died 25 Dec 1868

Aged 62 Years



In Loving Memory Of

John L Quigley

Died 18th Dec 1918

Aged 65 Years

Also His Wife Catherine

Died 28th Dec 1921

Aged 63 Years

Erected By Their Sorrowing

Sons And Daughters




Mary Roarty

Died 16th Aug 1989

Aged 80 Years






Revd. Nathenial Patterson Rogers, Minister of Leiter Church in Kilmacrennan

Died Oct-Dec 1883 Aged 76



The Reverend Nathenial Rogers is the grandfather of John Rogers late of Mooreview House, Gortnavern, Coolboy, Letterkenny

Information submitted by Michael






In Loving Memory Of

Charles Steward

Late Of Corkey

Who Died At His Residence

Bishop St Londonderry

Died Nov 24th

Was Interred Here

Nov 27th 1905

Aged 72 Years

'Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord'



In Loving Memory of

Kathleen Sweeney

Died 18th December 1959

Her Husband Robert

Died 3rd January 1963

Their Children

Teresa, Robert, Mary

Kathleen and Denis



James Taylor

Died At Culmore

On The 29th June

Aged 21 Years

Also His Father

James Taylor

Who Died On The 19th May 18?

Aged 86 Years

Also Mary His Wife

Who Died 24th Mar 1876

Aged 64 Years



Here Lyeth The Body Of

Charles Teaz

Who Departed This Life The

8th Day Of Oct Ano Dom 1755

Aged 54 Years



In Loving Memory Of

Samuel Thompson

Of Sheskin

Died 26th Sep 1912

Aged 79 Years

Mary Jane Thompson

Died 30 Dec 1965

Aged 52 Years

'Forever With The Lord'

His Wife Frances Margaretta

Died 10th Feb 1948

Their Daughter Maude



In Memory Of

Ed Toye

Who Died 27th Mar 1928



Edward Toye was married to Mary Peoples

See 1901 census Roosky



In Loving Memory of

William Wallace, Grawky

Who Died 5th Mar 1890

Aged 89 Years

Also His Wife Catherine Brown

Who Died 29th Nov 1890

Aged 77 Years

Their Daughter Matilda

Who Died 23rd Mar 1915

Aged 75 Years

Their Son Adam

Who Died 15th Feb 1925

Aged 78 Years

Also Martha A Elder

Beloved Wife Of William Wallace Junr

Died 27th Jan 1922

Aged 34 Years

And Was Interred In Gortlee With Her Parents

Their Daughter Catherine

Who Died 31st May 1835

Aged 70 Years

Also The Above William Wallace Junr

Who Died 17th Nov 1935

Aged 80 Years




Here lythe the Body of

Mr Robyn Wilson of Sna? (broken stone)

Who departed this Life the 5th of March A.D 1798

Aged 67

Also the body of

Margaret Wilson

Wife of the above

Who departed this life

The 26th February AD 1802

Aged 71 Years



In Loving Memory Of

Samuel Wilson


Died 24th Dec 1960

Aged 75 Years

Asleep In Christ



In Loving Memory Of

Bessie Young

Died 17th Feb 1929

Robert Birnie

Died 21st Nov 1934

Margaret Millar

Died 7th Jul 1950

Joshua Miller

Died 8th Apr 1961

'He Giveth His Beloved Sleep'

Psalm 127-2



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