Headstone Inscriptions, St Ninian's Church of Ireland, Convoy


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In Loving Memory of

Samuel ASHE

Died 15th February 1953

Also his wife

Mary Frances Ashe (Nee MARTIN)

Died 28th April 1989

Their son

Samuel Edward David

Died 5th Dec 2000

At Rest



In Memory of

The BARCLAY Family

The Spout

The Lord is my Shepherd



In Loving Memory of


Called Home

6th September 1978

“The Lord is my Shepherd”

Erected by the Oliver Family



In Loving Memory of

Our dear Daughter

Donna BARCLAY, Corradooey

Died 2nd November 1998 aged 9 Years

The Lord is my Shepherd





In Loving Memory of


Died 22nd July 2000 aged 57 years

And her dear mother Jeannie

Died 14th May 2002 aged 81 years

And her dear father Bertie

Died 8th January 2004 aged 84 years

Abide with Me

Loved and Remembered Always



In Loving Memory of

William T. BARCLAY

Died 31st August 1986

Also his wife, Kathleen

Died 31st December 1991

Thine be the Glory







Letterkenny also Convoy



In Loving Memory of

Stewart Laird BONAR

Died 25 October 1960

And his wife Elizabeth

Died 4 November 1956




In Loving Memory of

David Brown

Died 20th March 1981 aged 62 years

Abide with Me




In Loving Memory Of

William John

Died 6th July 1995 aged 83 years

“The Lord Is My Shepherd”



In Loving Memory of

John Inch? BRYSON

Born 26th May 1901

Died 6th Nov 1985







In Memory of

Elizabeth CAMPBELL

Second daughter of

John Campbell, Malin

Who died at Greenhill

June 3rd 1856 aged 25 Yrs




In Loving Memory of

Matilda Jane (Tillie) COLEBORN (Nee CLARKE)

Born 22nd March 1913

Died 29th February 2000

“In Heavenly Love Abiding”



In Memory of

Margaret, the dearly beloved wife


Who fell asleep 12th December 1913

And of

David Cromie

Who died 17th December 1953

Safe in the arms of Jesus




In Loving Memory of

My Dear Wife

And Our Loving Mother


Who died 3rd January 1996 aged 59 years

In Our Hearts You Will Always Stay

Loved And Remembered Every Day.

1937 – 1996




In Loving Memory of

William James Galbraith

Died 14th October 2007 aged 76 years

The Lord is my Shepherd



In Loving Memory of


Died 4th January 1978

Also his wife

Bella Gibson

Died 26th April 1980

In Heavenly Love Abiding



In Loving Memory of


Died 18th February 1976 aged 70 years

His grandson Ronald

Died December 1968

His son Harry Gibson

Died 6th December 1984 aged 51 years

Also Ellen Gibson

Died 18th July 2003 aged 91 years



In Loving Memory of

George GIBSON, Ballyboe

Died 15th Sept 1969 aged 75 yrs

The Lord is my Shepherd




Mullinard, Convoy

In Loving Memory of

Samuel Gibson

Died 13th Oct 1937

Also his wife Margaret

Died 20th Aptil 1972

Their son George

Died 5th Jan 1956

Their daughter Margaret

Died 6th Nov 1958

Peace Perfect Peace




In Loving Memory of

My Dear Husband & A Loving Father

William John

Died 5th February 1992 aged 63 years

Son David James

Died 31st August 2000 aged 40 years

Safe in The Arms of Jesus

1928 – 1992

1960 – 2000




In Memory of

A Loving Wife and Mother

Elizabeth (Bessie)

31/3/1923 – 7/3/2002

Nearer my God To Thee





The Lord is my Shepherd





In Loving Memory of

Mary Jane Hanna Kennedy

Died 16th June 1983 aged 52 years

Her husband Joseph Kennedy

Died 21st Oct 1998 aged 72 years

And at this right hand there is pleasure for evermore










KILPATRICK, Magheranappin

In Loving Memory of

John Victor

Died 5th December 1998 aged 79 years

And his beloved wife Elizabeth Ann (Nan)

Died 21st November 2005 aged 86 years

“Nearer My God To Thee”




In Loving Memory of

A dear Wife Mother and Grandmother

Doris died 21st April 2005 aged 74 years

And a dear Husband Father and Grandfather

James died 2nd April 2008 aged 83 years

The Lord is my Shepherd



In Loving Memory of

William McCLURE, Gobnascale

Died 29th December 1943 aged 83 years

Also his wife Elizabeth Jane

Died 14th June 1953 aged 88 years

Their daughter Elizabeth A WITHEROW

Died 1st Dec 1973

Also her husband David Witherow

Died 22nd March 1984

Their grandson David Sterritt Witherow

Died 1st August 1977 aged 6 weeks

“Until the day break and the shadows flee away”



In Loving Memory of

William McGRORTY

A Distinguished Scholar

Born A.D. 1777 died 17th Aug 1870

And of Sarah, his beloved wife

Who departed this life

20th Dec 1871

And of James McGrorty

Their Eldest son

Who died 21st Oct 1836 aged 21 years

Also of their grand-children

Sarah Jane Little

Who died 29th Oct 1871 aged 15 years

And Mary Little

Died 12th Dec 1865 aged 18 months



Sacred to the Memory of


Wife of the late

Revd Frederic NORRIS M.A.

Rector of Gransden

In the County of Cambridge

Died 22nd October 1869 aged 70 years

Also of their daughter

Harriett Frederica

Wife of

George Spence FENTON

Who died on the

1st December 1875 aged 55 years





Forever With the Lord



Christopher OLIVER

Born 18th December 1989

Died 12th August 1990

“The light of your short life

Shines forever in our hearts”




In Loving Memory of

Samuel, died 14th Nov 1907

Also his wife

Matilda, died 20th Sept 1930

And their son

Samuel, died 27th July 1982

And his wife

Gretta, died 11th July 2004



In Loving Memory of

Isabella Jane QUINN

Died 18th January 1969

And her husband John Quinn

Died 22nd February 1984

Safe in the arms of Jesus




In Loving Memory of

John James Watson

Died 31st August 1998

What a Friend we have in Jesus





In Loving Memory of

David Scanlon

Died 19th January 1987

And his sister Agnes

Died 26th April 1989

Safe in the Arms of Jesus



In Loving Memory of

A Dear Wife and Mother

Maud Elizabeth VANCE

Died 3rd August 2006 aged 83 years

The Lord is my Shwpherd”




In Loving Memory of

Charles Bisset Fenwick

Died 3rd August 1955

Robert died 24th March 1965

Arabella died 4th December 1978

Robert Samuel died 22nd January 1997

Hamilton died 3rd August 2005

Alfred died 25th August 2005



In Loving Memory of

Our dear Sister and Parents


Died 10th August 1958

Johnny Wallace

Died 21st July 1999

Tillie Wallace

Died 6th July 2001

The Lord is my Shepherd





In Loving Memory

Of a dear husband and father

William WATSON

Died 18th June 1970 aged 57 yrs

Also Samuel Watson

Died 16th May 2000 aged 63 yrs

Also Margaret Watson

Died 24th Nov 1956 aged 69 yrs

Also Charles Watson

Died 18th Jan 1957 aged 48 yrs

Also Kenneth Watson

Died 26th Nov 1992 aged 53 yrs

Also Mina Watson

Died 25th Nov 1998 aged 82 yrs



In Loving Memory of

Thompson WHYTE

Died 26th April 1958

His wife Jeannie

Died 7th December 1969

“In Heavenly Love Abiding”



In Loving Memory of

The WILKIE Family

Abide With Me



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