RC Marriages, St Peter's, Lagg, Tullyfern 1885 - 1911

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Date Surname Groon First name Townland Father Father's Townland Bride Surname First Name Townland Father Father's Townland Witnesses
1910, 23 Nov Barker Willie Craig     Morrison Maggie Rathmullan, Killygarvan     George McMackin & Kate Morrison, Rathmullan
1890, 1 Jun Barr Hugh Milford, Tullyfern James Buncrana? Kennedy Hannah Milford, Tullyfern James Loughfad, Inishkeel Manus Gallagher, Milford & Mary Anne Levey, Tullybeg, Milford
1899, 9 Nov Barrett John Garrygort, Tullyfern Cornelius   Toland Mary   William Gortnavern, Tullyfern John Doherty, & Margaret McBrearty
1897, 30 May Birney Hugh Gortnavern, Tullyfern Patrick Gortnavern, Tullyfern McBride Grace Gortnavern, Tullyfern Maurice Derrycassan, Mevagh Patrick McCaffrey & Mary Go?, Gortnavern
1895, 10 Feb Blaney Anthony Drumfad, Clondavaddog James Fannet McBride Margaret Drumbern, Tullyfern John Drumbern, Tullyfern James McBride, Drumbern & Ellen Fahy, Milford
1907, 20 Jul Boyce Barney Cranford, Kilmacrenan     McPaul Sarah Cratlagh, Tullyfern     John Boyce, Cranford & Mary McBride, Cartlagh
1896, 29 Jul Boyle James Clydebank, Glasgow Charles Ramelton, Aughnish Green Roseann Fogher, Tullyfern John Fogher, Tullyfern John Green & Sophia Sweeney, Milford
1892, 10 Jan Boyle John Clydebank, Glasgow Charles Ramelton, Aughnish Green Margaret Milford, Tullyfern John Roshine, Milford Patrick Green, Roshine, Milford & Bridget Dhoerty, Derry
1890, 6 Apr Buchanan Robert Milford, Tullyfern Robert   Boyce Sarah Milford, Tullyfern John Milford, Tullyfern Edward McCaffrey & Elizabeth Green, Milford
1891, 15 Nov Cannon James Ardnaree, Tullyfern Charles Aghawoney, Kilmacrenan O'Donnell Jane Ardnaree, Tullyfern John ? Hugh McDevitt, Milford & Brodget Boyle, Bridge End, Ramelton
1908, 20 Jul Cannon Willie Oughterlin, Killygarvan     Ferry Catherine Glenalla, Aughnish     Dan Cannon & Anne McGrory, Oughterlin
1903, 31 Dec Carr William Ballyarr, Tullyfern Joseph   Boyle Jane   George?   Patrick Boyle & Mary McGrory
1903, 24 Feb Carr Thomas Ballyconnelly, Tullyfern Thomas   Griffin ?   Michael Ray Hugh McElwaine & Anne Griffin
1903, 13 Aug Carron Daniel Carradoan, Killygarvan William   McGinley Anne   Daniel Ougherlin, Killygarvan William Friel & Catherine McGinley
1901, 24 Apr Coll Anthony Drumabodan, Kilmacrenan James   Leavey Catherine   William Tullymount Ferigal Coll & Elizabeth Friel
1894, 1 Feb Coyle Charles Coyles Town, Oughterlin, Killygarvan Hugh Coyles Town, Oughterlin, Killygarvan McVey Catherine Dunmore, Carrowkeel, Tullyfern Charles Dunmore, Carrowkeel, Tullyfern Thomas & Anne McGrory, Dunmore
1898, 19 May Coyle Patrick Cottian, Kilmacrenan John   McPaul Bridget   Bernard Oghill, Tullyfern Neal McPaul & Bridget McGrory
1900, 21 Jun Craig Alexander Grange ?, Derry Patrick   Friel Bridget   Philip Drumacloghan, Tullyfern Philip Friel & Anne Craig
1903, 19 Nov Curran Charles Carn High, Tullyfern Patrick   Doherty Ellen   Peter Lagg, Milford Joseph Stevenson & Mary Doherty
1889, 22 Jan Doherty James Glenalla, Aughnish Denis Glenalla, Aughnish Dunlevey Ellen Glenalla, Aughnish Charles Glenalla, Aughnish Mary & Cecilia Doherty, Lagg
1898, 15 Feb Doherty Patrick Glenvar Denis   Sweeney Mary   Patrick   William & Ellen Doherty, Lagg
1907, 9 Apr Doherty George   William   Ferry Mary   Patrick Glenalla, Aughnish James Ferry & Margaret Doherty
1895, 31 Oct Doherty Neal Glentidaly William Glentidaly Cullen Sarah Skerry, Kilmacrenan Charles Skerry, Kilmacrenan Francis O'Donnell & Catherine McCafferty, Milford
1895, 23 May Doherty John Garrygort, Tullyfern William Doherty & Catherine Creanor   Birney Catherine Anne Gortnavern, Tullyfern Patrick Birney & Ellen McBride Gortnavern, Tullyfern Ellen & Mary Doherty, Lagg
1895, 9 May Ferry William Moyle Hill, Tullyfern Patrick Moyle Hill, Tullyfern Dinesse Winifred Glenalla, Aughnish William Glenalla, Aughnish Daniel McElwee, Glenalla & Bridget McBride, Gortnavern
1900, 20 Dec Friel James Kilmacrenan Bernard   Crossan Roseann   Daniel Friel Drummond, Milford Mary Friel & Mary Doherty
1888, 14 Feb Friel James Elly, Killygarvan James Elly, Killygarvan Gallagher Hannah? ?town Peter? ? ?
1910, 6 Feb Friel James Dunmore, Tullyfern     Begley Mary Glenalla, Aughnish      
1894, 23 Nov Gallagher Patrick Milford, Tullyfern Edward Milford, Tullyfern Rodden Mary Milford, Tullyfern John Glasgow, Scotland Margaret Kelly, Lagg & Mary Boyce, Glenkeen, Milford
1900, 2 Aug Gallagher John Letterkenny, Conwal James   Ewing Ellen   James Ballyarr, Tullyfern William Munn & Margaret Carney, Derry
1898, 13 Feb Gallagher Michael Carrowkeel, Tullyfern John   Coll Catherine Carrowkeel, Tullyfern Charles Carrowkeel, Tullyfern Micahel ? & Ellen Doherty
1893, 30 Nov Gallagher Michael Cranford, Kilmacrenan Patrick Cranford, Kilmacrenan McMonagle Catherine Cratlagh, Tullyfern Daniel Cratlagh, Tullyfern Hugh Gallagher, Cranford & Mary O'Donnell, Skreen?
1904, 4 Jul Gallagher Patrick   William   Barker Alice Ballykenny, Tullyfern Henry Ballykenny, Tullyfern James Gallagher & Rose Barker
1897, 19 Apr Green John Milford, Tullyfern John Milford, Tullyfern Henry Anne Milford, Tullyfern Charles Magilligan, Derry James ? & Eliza Green, Milford
1891, 26 Apr Green Patrick Carrowkeel, Tullyfern William Carrowkeel, Tullyfern Blaney Rose Anne Rosnakill, Clondavaddog Henry Rosnakill, Clondavaddog Charles McDaid, Carrowkeel & Mary Anne Blaney, Rosnakill
1911, 18 Feb Griffin Michael Ray, Aughnish     Doherty Teresa Ray     Charles Barker & Anne Griffin, Ray
1905, 26 Jan Hamilton Patrick   John   McHugh Mary Goland & Tully Andrew Goland, Kilmacrenan Winifred McHugh & Mary Doherty
1894, 29 Jul Harkin John Ramelton, Aughnish Edward Golan, Klimacrenan McBride Madge Cratlagh, Tullyfern Joseph Cratlagh, Tullyfern James McBride, Cratlagh & Sarah Sweeney, Golan
1894, 4 Feb Harkin Edward Drumbern, Tullyfern George   McBride Mary Anne   Michael Cratlagh, Tullyfern Bernard Cullen & Mary Foy, Milford
1891, 31 May Harkin Joseph Drumbern, Tullyfern Hugh Drumbern, Tullyfern Begley Catherine Carrowkeel, Tullyfern William Carrowkeel, Tullyfern Daniel Clinton, Milford & Hannah Kelly, Carrowkeel
1905, 7 Mar Harkin Denis   Patrick   McBride Mary Cratlagh, Tullyfern Joseph Cratlagh, Tullyfern James McBride & Mary Harkin
1886, 7 Feb Hilferty Edward Portleen, Kilmacrenan John Portleen, Kilmacrenan Ferry Ellen Moylehill, Tullyfern Patrick Moylehill, Tullyfern James Strain & Margaret McCLoskey, Milford
1905, 19 Aug Kelly Bernard   Edward   McVeigh Ellen   Charles   Thomas Boyle & Mary McVeigh
1906, 29 Jun Kelly James Anny Glenvar John   McAteer Sophia   John Glenvar William & Mary Doherty
1904, 29 Jun Kelly John   John Anny Glenvar Lynch Sarah Anny Glenvar William Anny, Killygarvan James Desmond & ? Duffy, Milford
1905, 9 Nov Lafferty Patrick   James   Gallagher Bridget   Anthony Milford, Tullyfern Joseph & Mary Gallagher
1894, 12 Jul Leaney John Glenalla, Aughnish William   McElwee Ellen Glenalla, Aughnish Hugh Glenalla, Aughnish Patrick McBrearty & Ellen Doherty, Magheradrumman
1901, 25 Apr Logan James Glenalla, Aughnish Thomas   Sweeney Sophia   John Glenalla, Aughnish John Barnett & Patrick McGuire
1896, 13 Feb Logue Bernard Drumatrumman, Tullyfern Patrick   McBride Bridget Gortnavern, Tullyfern Rodger Gortnavern, Tullyfern Charles McBride, Gortnavern & Norah Doherty, Milford
1904, 10 Jan Loughrey Patrick Carrowkeel, Tullyfern Manus   Sheridan Catherine   Thomas Craig, Tullyfern John Gallagher & Margaret Sheridan
1901, 29 Jan Loughrey Denis Carrowkeel, Tullyfern Patrick   Morgan Catherine   John Derry Edward Gallagher & Grace Coyle
1890, 21 Jan Loughrey John Bridge End, Tullyfern Patrick   Patton Anne Bridge End, Tullyfern Thomas Bridge End, Tullyfern Edward Mc?, Rathmullan & Susan Kennedy, Milford
1904, 14 Feb Margey William   Hugh Glasgow Farrell Catherine Milford, Tullyfern Thomas Milford, Tullyfern Katherine McIntrye, King St Galsgow & Jane McWhirten, Mathieson St Glasgow
1907, 4 Oct Martin Bernard Goland, Kilmacrenan Bernard   Peoples Hannah   Patrick Goland, Kilmacrenan Joseph & Anne Martin
1904, 16 Feb Martin William   Bernard Coole, Kilmacrenan Campbell Roseann Cratlagh, Tullyfern James   Francis McNutt & Eliza McElwee
1899, 2 Feb McAteer Patrick Carrowkeel, Tullyfern Francis?   Friel Catherine Drumatrumman, Tullyfern James Drumatrumman, Tullyfern John & Bridget Friel, Drumatrumman
1901, 11 Feb McAteer Edward Carrowkeel, Tullyfern James   Ferry Bridget   Hugh Carrowkeel, Tullyfern John Crossan & Roseanne Duffy
1890, 11 May McBrearty Patrick Magheradrumman, Tullyfern Charles   McGrory Margaret Magheradrumman, Tullyfern John Magheradrumman, Tullyfern ?
1897, 7 Jan McBride ? Ramelton, Aughnish Daniel Ramelton, Aughnish McHugh Hannah Milford, Tullyfern James Milford, Tullyfern ?
1891, 5 Feb McBride Edward Cratlagh, Tullyfern Joseph Cratlagh, Tullyfern McMonagle Sophia Cratlagh, Tullyfern Cormack Cratlagh, Tullyfern Daniel McBride, Cratlagh & Anne Coyle, Woodquarter
1909, 10 Jun McBride William Gortnavern, Tullyfern     Loughrey Hannah Dunmore, Carrowkeel, Tullyfern     John Gallagher, Gortnavern & Mary Loughrey, Dunmore
1900, 9 Oct McCafferty Daniel Milford, Tullyfern Charles   Harkin Mary   Hugh   John McCafferty, Milforf & Sarah McGinley
1892, 1 Mar McCaffrey William Fogher, Tullyfern Charles Milford, Tullyfern Sweeney Maryanne Fogher, Tullyfern Edward Newmills, Ramelton Edward McCaffrey & Rose McFadden, Fogher, Milford
1908, 12 Jan McCauley John Portglmore?     Farrell Bridget Milford, Tullyfern     Dr McCloskey, Crrigart & Mary Sweeney, Rathmullan
1897, 1 Mar McCloskey Bernard Glenvar Anthony   Doherty Maryanne Milford, Tullyfern Edward Milford, Tullyfern Hugh McCloskey & Catherine Green, Glenvar
1897, 8 Aug McCollum Hugh Glenalla, Aughnish Patrick Glenalla, Aughnish McFadden Ellen Drumhallagh, Killygarvan William Drumhallagh, Killygarvan Patrick McFadden & Ellen Boyle, Drumhallagh
1892, 26 Jun McCue John Ballyarr, Tullyfern Charles Derryreel, Doe Faichney Jesse Ballyarr, Tullyfern James Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland William & Hannah Logue, Ballyarr
1903, 14 Jul McDaid John Ramelton, Aughnish John   Doherty Anne   William Garrygort, Tullyfern James & Julia Doherty
1888, 6 Nov McDaid Charles The Glen, Ramelton Rodger   McElwaine Grace Ballyconnelly, Tullyfern Edward Ballyconnelly, Tullyfern Hugh & Anne McDevitt, Milford
1887, 13 Nov? McDermott Patrick Milford, Tullyfern John Milford, Tullyfern Green Mary Carrowkeel, Tullyfern William Carrowkeel, Tullyfern Owen Doherty & ? Kenndy, Milford
1904, 11 Feb McDermott Joseph   William   Toland Martha   Daniel Garrygort, Tullyfern Charles & Martha Toland
1899, 18 Feb McDevitt William Milford, Tullyfern John   McClure? Mary Milford, Tullyfern Patrick Milford, Tullyfern  
1899, 13 Apr McElhinney Patrick Londonderry Bernard   McElwaine Catherine Ballyconnelly, Tullyfern Edward Ballyconnelly, Tullyfern Alexander McElhinney, Conaghrud & Catherine Farrell?, Milford, Tullyfern
1896, 7 May McElhinney John Ballyarr, Tullyfern Daniel   Greer Catherine Moylehill, Tullyfern James Glen, Tullyfern Edward McGrory, Ballyarr & Ellen Doherty, Lagg
1905, 11 May McFadden William   Alexander   Friel Catherine   Philip Drumacloghan, Tullyfern Edward & Sophia Green
1903, 23 Jun McFadden Hugh Gortcally, Tullyfern Edward    Friel Mary   John Drumatrumman, Tullyfern James & Catherine Friel
1886, 7 Mar McFadden Michael Goland, Kilmacrenan Michael   O'Donnell Anne Cratlagh, Tullyfern Daniel Cratlagh, Tullyfern Henry McFadden & Catherine McCole, Goland
1888, 5 Jul McFadden William Carrowkeel, Tullyfern William   McDaid Elizabeth The Glen, Ramelton Rodger The Glen, Ramelton Charles De?, Inniskil & Mary McBride, Springfield
1900, 5 Jun McGarvey John Kilmacrenan James   McGrory M?   Charles Mullagheep, Tullyfern Peter McGrory & Catherine McGarvey
1899, 2 Apr McGinley Edward Milford, Tullyfern Hugh   Harkin Mary   Hugh Drumbern, Tullyfern  
1887, 25 Dec McGinley Michael? ?ghan, Kilmacrenan James   Gallagher Mary Moylehill, Tullyfern John Moylehill, Tullyfern Peter Doherty & Mary McGrory, Lagg
1893, 8 Jan McGlinchey John Ards, Ramelton John Portleen, Kilmacrenan McElhinny Grace? Tully Mills Daniel Tully Mills William McElhinny & Susan McGinley, Tully Mills
1888, 1 Jun McGlinchey John Bridge End, Tullyfern William   Sweeney Margaret Bridge End, Tullyfern William Bridge End, Tullyfern James O'Brien, Bridge End & Mary Doherty, Lagg
1907, 30 Dec McGoldrick Edward Glenalla, Aughnish Edward   Glackin Mary   John C? Charles Sweeney & Mary Sheils
1889, 21 Feb McGrory John Gortnavern, Tullyfern Daniel   McCart Sarah Glenalla, Aughnish Bernard Glenalla, Aughnish Charles & Mary McBride, Gortnavern
1891, 9 Feb McLaughlin William Dunmore, Tullyfern Charles Tirlaydan, Clondavaddog McGrory Catherine Drumatrumman, Tullyfern John Drumatrumman, Tullyfern James & Anne McGrory, Dunmore
1889, 21 Feb McMonagle Bernard Cratlagh, Tullyfern Cormack   O'Donnell Catherine Cratlagh, Tullyfern Daniel Cratlagh, Tullyfern Denis Harkin, Cool Upper & Anne McCauley, Gortmacall
1899, 9 Feb McMonagle Manus ?, Milford James   Harkin Susan? Ray Bernie? Ray  
1891, 11 May McNight Thomas Maas, Inishkeel Edward   Kennedy Susan Milford, Tullyfern James Loughfad, Inishkeel Michael McLoone, Glenties & Catherine Hayes, Milford
1898, 21 Aug/Apr? McPaul Neal Oghill, Tullyfern Bernard   McBrearty Bridget   Charles Drummond, Milford James Boyle, Oghill & Catherine McBrearty, Magheradrummond
1898, 26 Nov Meehan Bernard Ray, Aughnish Bernard   Boyle Mary   Bernard Glenalla, Aughnish ? Boyle, Glenalla & Hugh McElwane, Ballyconnolly
1900, 2 Aug Mooney William Ramelton, Aughnish William   Cullen ?   Daniel Milford, Tullyfern William Doherty & Elizabeth Nunn
1890, 30 Jan O'Donnell James Cratlagh, Tullyfern Daniel   McPaul Mary Anne Oghill, Tullyfern Bernard Oghill, Tullyfern James McCaffrey, Gortmacall & Margaret McPaul, Cratlagh
1898, 13 Feb O'Donnell Patrick Dunmore, Kilmacrenan James   McGrory Catherine Mullagheep, Tullyfern Charles Mullagheep, Tullyfern Joseph McBride & Anne O'Donnell
1891, 1 Jan O'Donnell James ? John   Glackin Sarah Loughdoo John Loughdoo ? Doherty, Lagg & ? Glackin, ?
1906, 11 Jan O'Donnell William Glasgow John   Ferry Teresa   Hugh Carrowkeel, Tullyfern John Whorisky & Sarah O'Donnell
1908, 5 Feb Parry Eugene Ramelton, Aughnish     Reid Mary Rathmullan, Killygarvan     Patrick Riley & Mary Tease, Ramelton
1910, 28 Jul Patterson Willie Ramelton, Aughnish     McTaggart Susan Ballyarr, Tullyfern     Patrick Cullen, Milford & Martha McTaggart, Ballyarr
1901, 28 Jan Patton Patrick Ramelton, Aughnish Thomas   McDaid Mary Anne   James Carn, Tullyfern John Doherty, Ramelton & Margaret McDaid, Carn
1895, 30 Jun Reynolds Michael Urbalshinny, Tullyfern John Reynolds & Bridget Doherty   Glackin Roseann Loughdoo, Tullyfern John Glackin & Bridget Sweeney Loughdoo, Tullyfern John Doherty, Garrygort & Ellen Sweeney, Conaghrud
1891, 8 Jan Strain Patrick Creve Edward Creve Strain Maryanne Oghill, Tullyfern William Oghill, Tullyfern John Strain, Oghill & Bridget McBrearty, Magheradrumman
1905, 6 Jun Strain Patrick   James   Sweeney Hannah   James Goland, Kilmacrenan Charles McCafferty & Margaret Strain
1885, 12 Feb Strain Charles Creve Thomas Creve Hilferty Margaret Milford, Tullyfern John Portleen, Kilmacrenan McAteer, John & Mary, Creve
1894, 27 Dec Sweeney William Drummond, Tullyfern Andrew Sweeney & Margaret McGarvey   McDaid Margaret Mullagheep, Tullyfern John McDaid & Anne McGettigan   James McDaid, Mullagheep & Catherine McElhinney, Conaghrud
1891, 5 May Sweeney John Drumatrumman, Tullyfern James --- Logue Margaret   Patrick Drumatrumman, Tullyfern Susan Kennedy, Milford & Margaret McGrory, Dunmore
1905, 12 Jan Sweeney Alexander   Patrick   McElhinny Catherine   Bernard Drumacloghan, Tullyfern Charles Sweeney & Mary Doherty
1888, 2 Feb Toland John Gortnavern, Tullyfern William   O'Donnell Bridget Garrygort, Tullyfern John Garrygort, Tullyfern ?
1895, 30 May Toland William Tirhomin, Tullyfern William Gortnavern, Tullyfern Canning (Cannon) Madge Garrygort, Tullyfern Joseph Garrygort, Tullyfern Hugh Birney & Mary Toland, Gortnavern
1909, 20 Jul Toland Edward Newtown Tully     Dunlevey Mary A Meentagh, Clondavaddog     Thomas & Maggie McDermott, Clara
1907, 14 May Toy Edward Milford, Tullyfern Edward   Doogan Bridget   ? Tirhomin, Tullyfern Thomas Doogan & Martha Toland
1898, 27 May Ward Hugh Milford, Tullyfern Francis   McCafferty Anne   Charles Milford, Tullyfern Elizabeth Noone & Sarah Logue, Milford
1897, 21 Nov Whoriskey Denis Conlan, Glenvar Hugh   Logue Catherine   ? Glenalla, Aughnish William & Ellen Doherty, Lagg

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