Civil Marriage Registration Index 1877 - 1878

Moore, McCarron, McColgan and Roulstone

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Year Surname First Vol/Page District Quarter
1877 Moore Alexander 7/195 Londonderry  
  Moore Anne 17/159 Londonderry  
  Moore Anne 2/413 Strabane  
  Moore Elizabeth 17/39 Donegal  
  Moore Ellen 17/337 Strabane  
  Moore Fanny cant read Letterkenny  
  Moore James 12/167 Londonderry  
  Moore John 2/275 Londonderry  
  Moore John 7/145 Londonderry  
  Moore Joseph 12/153 Londonderry  
  Moore Mary Jane 17 /175 Londonderry  
1878 Moore James 1/526 Coleraine 1st Qtr
  Moore Joseph 2/239 Letterkenny 1st Qtr
  Moore Margt. E 2/239 Letterkenny 1st Qtr
  Moore James 1/539 Coleraine 2nd Qtr
  Moore Margaret Jane 1/553 Coleraine 3rd Qtr
  Moore Ellen 2 ///39 Donegal 4th Qtr
  Moore Isabella 2///93 Inishowen 4th Qtr
  Moore James 1/618 Coleraine 4th Qtr
  Moore John 2/191 Londonderry 4th Qtr
  Moore Nancy 1/589 Coleraine 4th Qtr
1877 McCarron James 2/265 Londonderry  
  McCarron Margaret   7/187 Londonderry  
  McCarron Mary Ann 17/115 Inishowen  
1878 McCarron Bridget 2/ Londonderry 2nd Qtr
  McCarron Bridget 2/107 Inishowen 3rd Qtr
  McCarron Bridget 2/102 Inishowen 4th Qtr
  McCarron James 2/101 Inishowen 4th Qtr
1877 McColgan Catherine 12//97 Inishowen  
  McColgan John 12//99 Inishowen  
  McColgan Helen 2//9 Ballyshannon  
  McColgan Teresa 12//5 Ballyshannon  
1878 McColgan Bernard 2/199 Londonderry 2nd Qtr
  McColgan Ellen 2/195 Londonderry 2nd Qtr
  McColgan Hugh 2/122 Inishowen 2nd Qtr
  McColgan John 2/313 Strabane 3rd Qtr
  McColgan James 2/187 Londonderry 4th Qtr
  McColgan John 2/109 Inishowen 4th Qtr
  McColgan Neil 2/109 Inishowen 4th Qtr
  McColgan Rose 2/345 Strabane 4th Qtr
1877 Roulston Alexander 7/287 Strabane  
  Roulston Margaret A.S 17/171 Londonderry  
  Roulstone Lilly Ann 2/439 Strabane  
  Roulstone Mary Jane 2/435 Strabane  
  Roulstone Rebecca 7/299 Strabane  
  Roulstone Rebecca J. 12/315 Strabane  
  Roulstone Sarah 17/373 Stranorlar  
1878 Roulstone William 1/181  Londonderry 2nd Qtr
  Roulstone William 2/335 Strabane 4th Qtr


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