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Headstone Inscriptions

(photograph by Boyd)

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Bovaird, Boyd, Campbell, Cochran, Colhoun, Crockett, Crowe, Cunningham, Davidson, Devenney, Devenny, Doherty, Dolan, Donnell, Duncan

Edmeston, Edmifton, Fennell, Fulltolin, Fulton, Gallagher, Gallaugher, Gamble, Hall, Hamilton, Hammon, Hetherington

King, Latta, Little, Marshall, McAdoo, McCahill, McCauley, McClintock, McCrab, McGee, MeMenamin, Moore, Motherell, Motherwell, Mothrell

Nesbitt, O’Donnell, Orr, Patterson, Pemberton, Peoples, Rankin, Risk, Robb, Roulston, Steen, Stevenson, Thompson, Treson, Walsh, Wark, Wilson




In Memory of Mathew Hammon

Who depd this life the 20th day of Feby 1811 aged 64 years

Mary relict of the above named Mathew Hammon

Who departed this life ?? 1831 (stone chipped)

Also their grandchildren Robert Wilson and Catherine Hamilton

Who departed this life July 1842 and January 1853

Also of Henry S Hamilton late of Trenta

Who departed this life 16th February 1871 aged 64 years

Son of the above named Mathew and Mary

And his son Andrew Allen Hamilton of Ship Quay Street, Derry

Who died 2nd November 1875 aged 34 years

Also of his daughter Hannah who died 22nd February 1877 aged 26? Years

Also his sons Samuel died 31st October 1866

Mathew died 26th March 1887

Also his wife Jane Hamilton who died 16th June 1898 aged 85 years

Also Catherine B Hamilton died 9th February 1929 aged 74?? Years.



Sacred to the memory of John Roulston of Glentown

Who departed this life the 17th of August 1845 aged 68 years

Also Elizabeth Roulston his wife who died 17th March 1857 aged 70 years

James Roulston their son died 19th April 1852 aged 25 years

Also Richard Roulston died 13the February 1858 aged 35 years

Also Rebecca wife of Archibald Roulston of Rushfield

Who died 21st March 1876 aged 42 years

Also the above named Archibald Roulston of Rushfield

Who died 8th December 1886 aged 68 years



In loving memory of our dear mother

Elizabeth Anne Moore died 30th June 1920

Her children Margarie died 22nd January 1891

John 24th September 1900

Also her brother-in-law William Moore

Died 2nd June 1915

Also her husband James Moore

Died 23rd June 1943

Also their son Oliver died 27th October 1961




Stat Nominis Umbra

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, Ann,

Fanny and Isabella Gallaugher of Ruskey

Who all died in the flower of their youth

Being freed their gentle spirits flew to

Scenes where joy and bliss immortal reign.

This stone was erected by their father William,

Anno 1856 who died the 4th March 1862 aged 76 years

Also his wife Margaret who died the 14th November 1859 aged 53 years




In memory of William Davidson, Drummay

Who died 9th January 1863 aged 78 years

Also his wife Margaret

Who departed this life 17th September 1863 aged 73 years

This memorial is erected by her brother

John Motherwell as a tribute of affection



Hugh Peoples, Tullyannon

Who died 23rd February 1809 aged 52 years

Also his wife Mary Peoples who died 1st May 1812 aged 64 years

Also their son Ephraim Peoples who died 2nd May 1818 aged 36 years

Also Margaret wife of Ephraim Peoples

Who died 7th February 1857 aged 67 years

Hugh son of Ephraim and Margaret Peoples

Who died 15th August 1886 aged 69 years

William Ephraim son of Hugh and Elizabeth Peoples who died in infancy

Margaret Patterson only daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth Peoples

Who died 2nd November 1879 aged 18 years

And Elizabeth wife of Hugh Peoples who died

1st November 1889 aged 73 years

Also their son James Hamilton Peoples who died 23rd March 1919 aged 63 years

Also their son Thomas Woods Peoples who died 9th Marcy 1926

Also their son John who died 13th June 1936

In Christ shall all be made alike


(bottom of above stone)

And Maude Campbell wife of Thomas Woods Peoples

Who died 20th March 1945 aged 67 years

And Margaret Thompson wife of John Peoples

Who died 14th June 1964 aged 88 years


(plaque in front of above stone)

Also the sons and daughters of the above Thomas and Maud

Frederick Edwards died 2nd July 1990 aged 74 years

(interred in Killea Parish Churchyard)

Hugh Mervyn died 22nd February 1995 aged 85 years

Charlotte Elizabeth died 23rd December 2001 aged 87 years

John Hamilton died 12th March 2002 aged 91 years

(Interred in Ballyoan, Londonderry)

Margaret Geraldine died 24th March 2003 aged 83 years

Thomas Woods died 17th February 2004 aged 91 years




Stat Nominis Umbra

Alexander Gallaugher late of Ruskey, Portlough

Died 28th October 1853 aged 27 years

He, (being dead) yet speaketh

This tomb was erected by his father William

Anno 1853



Alexander Orr died July 17th 1831

Aged 19 years



The following three headstones stand side by side in the same plot


1st stone RHS

Erected to the memory of Samuel Marshall (of Gartan)

Who died 8th May 1862 in the 46th year of his age

(also of) Jean Marshall widow of the above

Samuel Marshall who died at Gartan

March 31st 1874


Middle stone

Erected in loving memory of James Billingsly Marshall

Died at Sallybrook, October 11th 1879 aged 79 years

Also his wife Rachel Cunningham

Died March 16th 1890 aged 83 years

Also their son James Billingsly

Died 16th December 1864 aged 26 years

Also their son William Cunningham

Died March  28th 1881 aged 42 years

Also his son James Alexander

Died September 22nd 1889 aged 19 years

Also Samuel Marshall son of James B Marshall

Born 4th December 1840 died 13th June 1918

And Jane Elizabeth Marshall daughter of James B Marshall

Born 29th August 1846 died 13th August 1922

And Annie Billingsly Marshall

Died 16th October 1924 aged 81 years

Bottom of stone

Also Rachel Marshall died 11th April 1926 aged 84 years

And their daughter Sarah C Marshall

Died 5th July 1934 aged 85 years


Third stone LHS

Erected in Loving Memory of Rev. James Marshall of Fannet

Died at Milford December 1st 1826

Also his wife Sarah Cunningham died in 1829

Also their son William died at Gartan Feb 1st 1849

Also their daughter Sarah Cunningham died at Sallybrook

February 28th 1899 aged 80 years



Here lieth the body of …..y (maybe Mary) Colhoun

Alias Owen who died y. 9th day of September 1741 aged 70

Also the body of John Colhoun who died the 17th day of March 1743 aged 78

Also the body of Mary Colhoun aliso

Nesbitt who died the 17th day ( I forgot to add month) 1743 aged 38

Here lyeth the body of Mr? John Colhoun who departed this life

The 21st April 1755 aged 55??? Years



Unity McCauley died 29th August 1862 aged 75 years

Her granddaughter Unity McCauley

Died 17th May 1862 aged 3 years



In Loving Memory of James Dolan

Died 9th October 1943

Annie Dolan

Died 9th September 1927

Also their son Samual

Died 2rd September 1995



In Memory of William O’Donnell

Who died 9th April 1900



In Memory of Patrick Doherty,

Hillhead, St. Johnston

Died 9th November 1945 aged 55 years

His wife Bridget

Died 13th May 1981 aged 77 years



Erected in memory of William M’Cahill of Brockagh

Who died 20th April 1878 aged 85 years

Also his wife Esther

Who died 17th March 1878 aged 80 years



The Gallagher family

Lusticle, Carrigans.



Front of stone

In Memory of Robert Crockett of Plaister

Died 8th August 1909 aged 83 years

And his wife Martha Jane died 24th Dec. 1910, aged 77 years

Also their son James died 22nd Oct. 1893, aged 27 years

Also their daughter Jane Park died 22nd May 1898, aged 28 years

And their son Thomas who died 21st March 1933



Also their son Samuel P. Crockett

Died 25th Dec. 1956, aged 83 years

And their son William T died 23rd July 1864, aged 93 years



In memory of James Crockett of Plaister

Died 22nd March 1890, aged 73 years



In Loving Memory of

Joseph Wark who died 26th May 1874, aged 81 years

And of his wife

Jane McAdoo, who died 8th December 1877 aged 77 years

Also their son William

Who died 29th January 1868 aged 31 years

And their daughter Sarah

Who died 23rd May 1911, aged 76 years.



In Memory of David Gamble, Claspeygowan

Who died 30th Sept. 1872, aged 80 years

Also his wife Jane who died July 26th 1881

Erected by Samuel Crowe



William Gamble died 14th July 1986




In memory of Joseph Roulston died Dec 1887

And his wife Mary A. Beatty Roulston who died June 1850



Grandfather James Roulston died Dec 1854

Wife Margaret Roulston died Mar 1857



James Roulston who died Feb 1865 age 19 years

Erected by William J and David Roulston



Erected in Loving Memory of Robert Gamble

Late of Bready, who died 31st March 1895 aged 84 years

Also his beloved wife Isabella Gamble

Who died 13th November 1905 aged 80 years

And their son Joseph Gamble

Who died 28th August 1938 aged 77 years



Erected by Mary Devenny

In affectionate memory of her husband

James Devenny who died 12th Jany 1901

Aged 68 years



Here lyeth the body of Ieams/Iemms Campbell

Son to Iohn Campbell who departed this life

August the 14th ANO 1753

Here lyeth the body of Marget Campbell

Who departed this life the ? of February

Aged ? ANO 1884

(day and age eroded)



King, Killea

“Thy will be done”

(no first names or dates)



MeMenamin, Ardagh

(no further info)



In Loving Memory of

William Bovaird died 23rd October 1974 aged 62 yeaars

His wife Margaret died 19th November 1949 aged 28 years

Infant son Joseph died 1940




Harry Roulston

Died 6th September 1996

(small cross)



In Loving Memory of

William Robb, who died at Collon, Londonderry

April 22nd 1906 aged 66 years



In Memory of the Revd. Samuel Rankin

For many years curate in this Church

Died 1820 aged 69 years

Sibella Rankin his wife

Died 1819 aged 44 years

Hannah Walsh his sister

Died 1844 aged 71 years


This stone was erected by

William Thomas Rankin, M.D.,

Of the 84th Regt. Oldest son of

Above Sam. and Sibella Rankin

Died 1848 aged 49 years

He lies interred in Little Georges, Dublin.



Here Lyeth the body of the late Revd. …. William Boyd

Who departed this life May 2nd 1772 aged 87.

He had been Prisbyterian minister

In Taughboyn 47 years

Here also Lyes the body of his wife

Who died June 21d 1764 aged 68



In memory of James Stevenson

Who departed this life on the

1st of March 1840 aged 75 years



Here lieth the body of

John Latta of Bready, who departed this life

November the 25th? (cant make out year)

Aged 88 or 68 years

Here lieth the body of Mary Latta alias Steen

Wife to John Latta who departed this life

August the ?th 1758 aged 89 years

Also Jane Latta wife of William Latta of Bready

Who died July 9th 1852 aged ? years

(stone very hard to read)



In Loving Memory of our dear little son

Joseph Hetherington who died on the

24th December, 1924 aged 3 ˝ years



In Loving Memory of Cunningham Duncan

Who died 21st February 1921

Also his sister Margaret Jane

Who died 8th December 1921

And his brother Robert

Who died 26th February 1924


Also their brother James who died

29th October 1916

And his wife Jane who died

24th November 1924



Here lyeth the body of John Mothrell

Who departed this life the

24th of February 1728 aged 65 years

Here Lyeth the body of Robert Motherell

Who departed this life the

27 of April 1736 aged 45? Years

Here lyeth the body of

Mart.??a Treson wife of

Robert Motherell who departed this life the

29th of Nor 1729 aged ? years



(flat stone)

Sacred to the Memory of

John Motherell of Burt who departed this life

19th day of March 1812 aged 56 years

Also to his daughter Eliza who died

21st day of November 1831 aged 25 years

Also of John Percenal infant son of

Dr. Motherell of Castlederg and grandson of the above

who died 5th day of August 1842 aged four months

also the remains of Sarah Gritton Motherell

eldest daughter of Dr. Motherell who died the

9th day of April 1854 aged 11 years

Also John Little, Merchant, LD city

Son in law of the above John Motherell of Burt

Who died on the 7th September 1864 in the 59th year of his age

Also Frances Little wife of the above John Little

Who died the 13th February 1879 aged 76 years


(upright stone in front of previous)

In memory of Samuel Little, M.D.R.N.,

Son of the above John Little who died

At Hong Kong, China

7th June 1862 in the 26th year of his age

He died in the service of his country.

His end was peace.



In Loving Memory of James Boyd

Who died 28th November 1885

Also his wife Rebecca who died

20th January 1895

And their family

Elizabeth, Isabella, Samuel, William John,

Moses, Rebecca and James.

Margery who died 13th June 1926 aged 66 years



Sacred to the memory of the

Revd. Thomas Pemberton, A.M.,

Formerly of Trinity College, Cambridge

And rector for 29 years of the Parishes of

Taughboyne and Allsaints.

All who knew him loved him for his heart

was warm and gentle.  Having cultivated with

zeal and fidelity for 38 years then Vineyard of

The Lord he rested from his labours after a long

Period of infirmity on the

10th March, 1819 aged 63 years

(there is a religious inscription below this)



Here Lyeth the body of

William Risk who departed this life the

6d of January 1757 aged 56 years



Here lieth the body of Mr. David Edmifton, Mercht.

Who departed this life the 7th day of July 1768

In the 25th year of his age

Also the remains of Mrs. Frances Edmeston his mother

Who departed this life y.e 20th of April 1776

To the memory of Mr. Thomas Cochran, Mcht., Balinnore

Who died at Bridgetown

April 4th 1807 in the 29th year of his age

Also here lieth the body of Mary Cochran his mother who died

The 20th of March 1815 aged 76 years

Also the body of Robert M. Motherell her grandson

Who died on the 22nd February 1821

In the 11th year of his age

Also to the memory of Elizabeth

Relict of the late Mr. John Motherell of Burt

And daughter of the above named Mrs. Mary Cochran

Died 15th April 1852 aged 80 years



Here lies the body of John Fulton

Who died the 5th of July 1781 aged 40 years

Also two of his children who died y.g.



Here Lyeth the body of David Fulton of Drumbarnett

Who departed this life the

29th day of March Anno Dom. 1707 in the 51st year of his age

Here lyeth the body of John Fulltolin of Drumbarnett

Who departed this life March the 30th 1764 aged 80 years

Also David Fulton first son to the above David

Who died the 27th February 1869 aged 87 years



Underneath me deposited the remains of

James Fulton of ………. Who died

9th April 1860? Aged 77 years

And also Martha his wife who died the

22nd of December 1863 aged 76 years



Underneath are deposited the remains of

Samuel Fulton, Mercht., Dublin who departed this life the

26th of September 1804 aged 37 years

Also Hannah his sister wife to

William McCrab of Altaghderry who died the

11th April 1814 aged 45 years

Also John Fulton their father who died the

14th February 1817 aged 87 years

Also John Fulton of Roughan

Son to the aforesaid John Fulton of Gortinleave

Who died the 14th March 1834 aged 70 years

Also Samuel son to John Fulton of Roughan

Who died the 19th February 1849 aged 43 years

Also Margaret wife to the aforesaid John Fulton of Roughan

Who died 23rd December 1854 aged 87 years

Also John son to the aforesaid John Fulton of Roughan

Who died the 8th of March 1870 aged 62 years.



In Loving memory of Catherine McGee who died

22nd October 1937 aged 55 years

her husband Thomas died 16th Feb 1947 aged 73 years

and their daughter

Agnes Mary McGee died 15th March 1986 aged 82 years



In Fond Memory of Harold Fennell

Beloved husband and devoted father

Rector of Taughboyne Parish 1954 – 1968

Canon of St. Eunans Cathedral, Raphoe

Died 8th April 1981 aged 62 years

And of Molly his darling wife died

11th February 1992 aged 64 years

Always in our loving thoughts



In Memory of

Peter Killen Hall,

Born 11th January 1861 died 11th July 1899

Scholar, senior moderator and Berkeley medallist,

Trinity College, Dublin

This tablet was erected by a few of

His friends in Dublin.



In Loving Memory of

John Donnell, Cross, Carrigans

Died 16th May 1946 aged 79 years

Also his wife Isobel

Died 27th September 1961 aged 83 years



In Loving Memory of

William McClintock of Trensalla,

Died 22nd July 1877 aged 70 years

And his wife Esther died 27th January 1876 aged 62 years

And his brothers

Andrew died 10th July 1885 aged 65 years

James died 29th June 1898 aged 93 years

And their daughter

Ann died 19th July 1902 aged 58 years

And their son

William died 17th July 1906 aged 58 years

And their son

Andrew died 21st October 1911 aged 57 years

Also James McClintock

Died 27th June 1914

And Matilda McClintock

Died 18th January 1915



In Loving Memory of

Samuel Devenney died 13th February 1937 aged 82 years

Also his wife Isabella died 22nd October 1943 aged 67 years

And their son Samuel Joseph died 16th December 1984 aged 79 years

Catherine wife of Samuel died 19th September 1991 aged 80 years

George Marshall Devenney died 3rd December 1988 aged 79 years

Mary Christina wife of George died 29th March 1990 aged 79 years

William Devenney died 12th April 1986 aged 79 years

(See photograph (by Jim))



In Memory of William Motherwell Senr., Leitrim

Who died 20th June 1783 aged 78 years

Also his wife Sarah who died

28th March 1785 aged 72 years

And their son William who died

22nd June 1821 aged 68 years


Also his wife Catherine who died

20th December 1841 aged 88 years

And their son

William who died 29th November 1850 aged 68 years


Also Catherine daughter of John Motherwell, Garshuey

Who died 25th October 1851 aged 20 years


John Motherwell, Garshuey who

Died 4?th December 1868 aged 73 years

Fanny Motherwell his wife who died

1st June 1880 aged ?0 years

And their daughter Jane Motherwell who died

7th ?? ?97 aged 6? Years

(this section overgrown will check again)


Also William Alexander son of

John Motherwell of Garshuey who died

15th June 1918 aged 76 years

Also his brother

Thomas Motherwell died

20th January 1919 aged 84 years.



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