Tory Island Graveyard Headstone Inscriptions


(New Cemetery, near Church - Photograph by Allan MacDonald)


The following inscriptions were compiled by Roseann McFadden Clavelli in Nov 2006, and form part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Date of Death

Headstone Inscription




Boyle, Margaret Teresa

February 23, 1975

In loving memory of

Margaret Teresa Boyle

Tory Island

Died 23rd Feb. 1975

Aged 19 years


Book below:  On left side – photo of Margaret Boyle

St. Theresa, pray for us


Like falling leaves

The years slip by

But memories of you, Margaret

Will never die.


Diver, Denis

November 8, 1995

In loving memory of

A dear husband and father

Denis Diver (Nellie)

Died 8th November 1995

Aged 75


Rest in peace


Diver, Liam


O’Duibhir, Liam


January 26, 1985

I n’dil chuimhne ar

Liam O’Duibhir

Fuair bas

Ar an 26ad de Eanair 1985

Aois 53 bliain


In loving memory of

Liam O’Duibhir

Died the 26th of January 1985

Aged 53 years


Irish inscription on bottom of stone, “Suaimhneas siorrai do annamh”


Diver, Seamus


O’Duibhir Seamus

26 March 1985

I n’dil chuimhne ar

Seamus O’Duibhir

Fuair bas

Ar an 26ad de Mhartha 1985

Aois 86 bliain


Diver, Sean


O’Duibhir, Sean

7 May 1988

I ndil chuimhne


Sean O’duibhir

Fuair bas ar an

7u la bealtaine 1988

Aois 92 bliain


Suibhneas siorrai do annamh


Doherty, Isabel


O’Dougherty, Isabel

January 6, 1994

Isabel O’Dougherty

January 6, 1994

Aged 90


Indil cuimhne ar

Isobel ni Docheartaigh

Fuair bas ar an 6-1-1996

Aois 90 blian


Doherty, Patrick


O’Dochartaigh, Padriagh



February 25, 1997

In memory of

Padraigh O’Dochartaigh

Died 25-2-1997

Aged 70 years

Indil Cuimhne ar

Padraigh O’Dochartaigh

A fuair bas 25?-2-1997

Aois 70 blian



Doohan, Annie

29 April 1981

In loving memory of

Annie Doohan

Died 29th April 1981

Aged 88? years


Doohan, Annie P.

2 October 1982

In loving memory of

Annie P. Doohan

West Town, Tory island

Died 2nd October 1982

Aged 84 years


Doohan, Catriona Grace

9 August 1979

In loving memory of

Our dear daughter

Catriona Grace

Died 9th August 1979

Aged 3 months


Jesus called a little child


Doohan, Donal

October 17, 1996

In loving memory of

Donal Doohan

Died 17th October 1996

Aged 97 yrs.


And his sister

Peggy Rodgers

(nee Doohan)

Died 21st October 1979

Aged 83 yrs.


Doohan, Hugh


O’Dubhchoin, Aodh


Cuimhneachain ar

Aodh O Dubhchoin Aodh

A fuair bas 28-3-95

Aois 61 bliain

A dhearthair Seamus

A fuair bas 11-9-97

Aois 80 bliain


Doohan, James


O’Dubhagain, Seamus


May 9, 2000

In dil Chuimhne

Seamus O’Dubhgain

Baile Thoir




Doohan, Jennie

19 November 2003

Jennie Doohan

Died 19th November 03

Aged 81 years



Doohan, John

December 9, 1981

Thy will be done


In loving memory of

John Doohan

Tory Island

Died 9th Dec. 1981

Aged 75 yrs.


James Doohan

Died 5th March 1982

Aged 80 yrs.


Doohan, Kate

September 17, 1998

In loving memory of

Our dear mother

Kate Doohan

Died 17th September 1998

Aged 87 years


Doohan, Mary

August 3, 2006

In loving memory of

Mary Doohan

Died 3rd August

Aged 82 years

Rest in Peace


Doohan, Mary

14 September 1976

In loving memory of

Mary Doohan

Died 14 Sept. 1976

Aged 74 yrs.


Doohan, Nabla

July 29, 2003

In loving memory of

Nabla Doohan

Died 29th July 2003

Aged 91 years


Doohan, Patrick


O’Dubhchain, Padraig


May 24, 2002

In memory of

Padraig O’Dubhchain

Died 24th day May 2002

Aged 82 years


Ar Dheis De Go Raibh A Anam


O Dubhchain at bottom of monument


Doohan, Patrick (Val)


O’Dubhchoin, Padraig

20 September 2006

In loving memory of

Padraig O Dubhchoin

Died 20th September 2006

Aged 89 years

Rest in peace


Doohan, Sarah

August 14, 1980

They will be done


In loving memory of

Sarah Doohan

Died 14th Aug. 1980

Aged 86 yrs.


Doohan, Seamus (James)


O’Dooghan, Seamus


May 9, 2000

Seamus O’Dooghan

February 13, 1928

May 9, 2000

Doohan, Sean (John)


O’Dubcain, Sean

22 January 1992

I ndil cuimne ar

Sean O’Dubcain

A fuair bas ar an


Aois 89 bliain


Agus a bean ceile Brid

A fuair bas ar an


Aois 78 bliain


Doohan, William John

October 1976

In loving memory of

William John Doohan

Died October 1976

Age 87




Duggan, Hannah

18 November 1988

In loving memory of

Hannah Duggan

Died 18th Nov. 1988

Aged 95 years


Rest in peace


Duggan, Mary

24 February 1978

In loving memory of

Mary Duggan

Died 24th Feb. 1978

Aged 87 years


McClafferty, Bernard

August 19, 1998

In loving memory of

Bernard McClafferty

Died 19th Aug. 1998

Aged 56 years


McClafferty, Nellie

February 17, 1990

In loving memory of

Nellie McClafferty

Tory Island

Died 17th Feb. 1990

Aged 90 yrs.



McClafferty, Patrick

February 24, 1979

In loving memory of

Patrick McClafferty

Died 24th Feb. 1979

Aged 67 yrs.


McGinley, Jimmy Antoin


Mac Fbionnghaile

June 13, 2003

I nail chuimhne ar

Jimmy Antoin


A fuair bas

13u Meitheamh

Aois 73


Meenan, Eamonn

9 March 1979

In loving memory of

Eamonn Meenan

East End, Tory Island

Died 9th March 1979

Aged 74 years


Meenan, Jimi Thomas


O’Mianain, Seamus

(Jimi Tomais)




January 1, 1994


1 January 1994

I ndil Cuimne ar

Seamus O’Mianain

(Jimi Tomais)

Baile toir

Oilean Torai

Fuair bas 1u Eanair 1994

Aois 75 bl.


Meenan, John Paul


O’Mianain, John Paul

December 25, 1983

In loving memory of

John Paul

25th December 1983


Aingeal beag sna flaithig

(Little angel in heaven)

Angels on tombstone signifying death of child)

Meenan, Michael J.

October 19, 1996

In loving memory of

Michael J. Meenan

East End

Died 19th October 1996

Aged 78 years


Meenan, Thomas


O’Mianain, Tomas



April 15, 2002

In loving memory of

Thomas O’Mianain

Died the 15th of April 2002

Aged 85 years


Indil chuimhne ar

Tomas O’Mianain

A fuair bas ar an

15u Aibrean 2002

Aois 85 bliain


O’Donnell, Madge

January 11, 1977

In loving memory of

Madge O’Donnell

Died 11 Jan. 1977

Aged 79 years


Rodgers, Anthony

17 March 1976

In loving memory of

Anthony Rodgers

Died 17th March 1976

Aged 78 years


His wife Catherine

(nee O’Brien)

Died 12th Dec. 1983

Aged 85 years




Engraving of St. Patrick on stone


Rodgers, Bernadette

11 August 1982

In loving memory of

Bernadette Rodgers

West Town, Tory Island

Died 11th August 1982

Aged 69 years


Rodgers, Brid


(Brid bean Nic Ruaidri)

April 2, 1992

In loving memory of

Brid bean Nic Ruaidri (wife of Mac Rodgers)

Oilean Torai (Tory Island)

Who died 2-4-1992

Aged 93 years


I ndil cuimne ar

Brid bean Nic Ruaidri

Oilean Torai

A fuair bas ar an


Aois 93 bliain


Ar deis de go raib a h-anam


Rodgers, Cormick

September 19, 1978

In loving memory of

Cormick Rodgers

Died 19th Sept. 1978

Aged 82 years


Rodgers,  Eamonn Jimmy Sheoirse

22 June 2006

A fuair bas 22u Meitheamh 2006

Aois 73 bliain


Ar Dheis De Go Raibh A anam


Rodgers, Eileen/Evelyn?


(Nic Ruairi, Eiblin)

December 3, 1993

(In Irish)

Sacred heart of Jesus,

Have mercy on the soul of

Eiblin Nic Ruairi

(Evelyn/Eileen Rodgers)

Who died the 3rd day of December 1993

72 years of age


And her husband


Who died

The 26th day of September 1995

88 years of age


Rodgers, James

6 May 1979

In loving memory of

James Rodgers

Died 6th May 1979

Aged 82 years


Rodgers, Jimmy Cormac


(Mac Ruaidhri, Jimmy Chormac)

November 14, 2000

In memory of

Jimmy Chormac

Who died on the 14th day of

The month of November 2000

Aged 57


Jimmy Chormac

A bhasaigh ar an 14u la de

Mhi na samhna 2000

Aois 57

Suaimhneas siorai, a dhia, tabhair do anam


MAC RUAIDHRI at bottom of stone


Rodgers, John

30 December 1980

In loving memory


John Rodgers

Died 30th Dec. 1980

Aged 75 years


Rodgers, Maire (Mary)


Nic Ruaidri, Maire

May 24, 1978

In dil cuimne air

Maire Nic Ruaidri

Baile Tiar

Oilean Toraige

Fuair bas 24ad Bealtaine 1978

Aois 63 bliana


Air deis de go raib a n-anam


Rodgers, Mary

25 Sept. 1988

In loving memory


Mary Rodgers

Died 15 Sept. 1988

Aged 68 years


Rodgers, Michael


MacRuairi, Micheal

27 May 1990

I ndil chuimhne ar

Micheal Mac Ruairi

A fuair bas ar an

27u la d’bealtaine 1990

35 bliain d’aois


Ar dheis de go raibh n’anam


Rodgers, Nellie

November 13, 1987

In loving memory of

Nellie Rodgers


Died 13th Nov. 1987

Aged 88 years




Rodgers, Padraig (Patrick)


Mac Ruaiori, Padraig

27 Feburary 1982

I ndil cuimne ar

Padraig Mac Ruaiori

Baile Tiar

A fuair bas 27-2-1982

In aois a 74 bliadna


Rodgers, Padraig (Patrick)


Mac Ruairi, Padraig

21 January 1988

I ndil cuimne ar

Padraig Mac Ruairi P.

Oilean Torai

A fuair bas ar an 21-1-88

Aois 83 blian


Statue of St. Patrick (Naom Padraig) on statue


Rodgers, Seamus (James)


Mac Ruaidhri, Seamus

? December 2005

In loving memory of

Seamus Mac Ruaidhri

Fuair bas 9? 12 2005

Aois 93? Blain

Rest in peace


Rodgers, Sean (John)


Mic Ruadraid, Sean

8 November 1994

I ndil cuimne ar

Sean Mic Ruadraid

A fuair bas ar an t-octu

La de Samain 1994


Aoibne as na beata siorai da anam dilis


Wall, Vera

July 28, 1991

In loving memory of

Vera Wall

(nee McKenna)

Died 28th July 1991


Her husband Claude

Died 20th May 1992

Buried in Dublin





Whoriskey, Mary

January 13, 1981

In loving memory of

Mary Whoriskey

Died 13th Jan. 1981

Aged 86 years


Rest in peace


Whoriskey, Patrick

3 April 1979

In loving memory of

Patrick Whoriskey

Tory Island

Died 3rd April 1979

Aged 73 yrs








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