Tithe Applotment Book for the Parish of Tullaghobegly, 1830

This Tithe Book is a collaborative effort by the people named below, and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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The following people who gave their time and effort to help transcribe this tithe book:

Bill Spillane, Christine O'Donnell, Pat Dotterer, Joanne Calhoun, Sue Marcus, Edie Craner and Barbara


The book was transcribed from the original handwritten form - in many places the writing was very difficult to decipher so where there is uncertainty, alternative spellings or a ? are inserted



ALCORN, John, Falcarragh
BEATTY, James, Ballyness Middle
BONA, Nail, Ardnagappery
BONER, Eneas, Ardnagappery
BONER, Nail, Maheraclogher
BONER, Nail, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
BONER, Patrick, Maheraclogher
BONER, Patrick, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
BONER, Shaun, Ardnagappery
BONER, William, Ardnagappery
BONER, William, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
BONER[S], Dennis, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
BONES, Charles, Killdrim Lower
BOYLE Cornelius, Knockastolla
BOYLE Doalty, Knockastolla
BOYLE Edward, Killdrim Middle
BOYLE Edward, Knockastolla
BOYLE Hanna, Knockastolla
BOYLE Hugh, Knockastolla
BOYLE Patrick, Knockastolla
BOYLE, Benjan, Meenderry-Aff
BOYLE, Brine Carrick Boyle
BOYLE, Brine Maheralosk
BOYLE, Bryan Alth
BOYLE, Bryan, Goala Mountain (Alias Muncloughglass)
BOYLE, Bryan, Kilult O'brien
BOYLE, Bryan, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
BOYLE, Catherine, Maheralosk
BOYLE, Charles, Doare Upper
BOYLE, Charles, Goala Mountain (Alias Muncloughglass)
BOYLE, Connel, Carrick Boyle
BOYLE, Cornelius, Ardnagappery
BOYLE, Daniel, Carrick Boyle
BOYLE, Daniel, Doare Upper
BOYLE, Daniel, Maheraclogher
BOYLE, Daniel, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
BOYLE, Daniel, Sr, Crawley
BOYLE, Dennis, Faanaboye Lower
BOYLE, Dennis, Lynaghmore
BOYLE, Dennis, Meenamiller Lower
BOYLE, Doalty, Baltoney Lower
BOYLE, Fargel, Meenderry-Aff
BOYLE, Fargil, Doare Middle
BOYLE, Fargil, Doare Upper
BOYLE, Fargil, Inishinny
BOYLE, Hugh, Carrick Boyle
BOYLE, Hugh, Maheraclogher
BOYLE, Hugh, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
BOYLE, James, Maheraclogher
BOYLE, James, Maheralosk
BOYLE, James, Meenderry-Aff
BOYLE, John, Alth
BOYLE, John, Stranacorkrach
BOYLE, John, snr, Kilult Dougan
BOYLE, Michael, Doare Middle
BOYLE, Owen, Carrick Boyle
BOYLE, Owen, Corveen
BOYLE, Owen, Kilult Dougan
BOYLE, Owen, Meennacloughfinn
BOYLE, Patrick, Carrick Mccafferty
BOYLE, Patrick, Crawley
BOYLE, Patrick, Doare Upper
BOYLE, Patrick, Doare Upper
BOYLE, Patrick, Doare Upper
BOYLE, Patrick, Goala Mountain (Alias Muncloughglass)
BOYLE, Patrick, Shaskinbeg
BOYLE, Patrick, Stranacorkrach
BOYLE, Rosanna,  Widow Kilult Upper
BOYLE, Shaun, Alth
BOYLE, William, Carrick Boyle
BROGAN, Daniel, Faalcarragh Mountain
BROGAN, Francis, Baltoney Lower
BROGAN, Francis, Glashagh
BROGAN, Hugh, Faalcarragh Mountain
BROGAN, James, Kilult Brogan
BROGAN, John, Stranacorkrach
BROGAN, Owen, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
BROGAN, Owen, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
BROGAN, Philip, Glashagh
BROGAN, Shaun, Strohan
BROGAN, Shawn, Glashagh
BROGAN, Teage, Kilult Brogan
BROGRAN, Andrew, Meennagoppock
BROWN, Samuel, Faalcarragh
BURNS, William, Gortahork Burns
CAMPBELL Alexander, Faalcarragh
CAMPBELL Patrick, Meenacorwick
CAMPBELL Patrick, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
CANNON Hugh, Killdrim Lower
CANNON Hugh, Killdrim Rockstown
CANNON James, Junior Killdrim Rockstown
CANNON Manus, Killdrim Rockstown
CANNON Michael, Killdrim Rockstown
CANNON, Daniel, Baltony Upper
CANNON, Daniel, Strohan
CANNON, Hugh, Maheraroarty
CANNON, James, Derry Connor
CANNON, John, Cloonbara
CANNON, Manus, Cashel Forgepark
CANNON, Michael, Binn Boye
CANNON, Michael, Maheraroarty
CANNON, Michael, Meenacreeve
CARR, Hugh, Goala
CARROL, Andrew, Carrick Coyle
CARROL, Bridget, Widow Strohan
CARROL, Brine, Alth
CARROL, Daniel, Maheraclogher
CARROL, Daniel, Strohan
CARROL, Daniel, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
CARROL, Michael, Carrick Mccafferty
CASSIDY, Daniel, Strohan
CASSIDY, John, Tullaghabigly Scotchtown
COLL, Daniel, Killdrim Lower
COLL Doalty, Knockastolla
COLL Edward, Knockastolla
COLL Teage, Knockastolla
COLL, Bridget, Spinster Meenderry-Aff
COLL, Bridget, Widow Inishbofin
COLL, Daniel, Meenderry-Aff
COLL, Daniel, Meenderry-Aff
COLL, Daniel, Senior Meenderry-Aff
COLL, Dennis, Ardsmore
COLL, Dennis, Inishbofin
COLL, Dennis, Lynaghbeg
COLL, Dennis, Lynaghmore
COLL, Dennis, Owennagurrow
COLL, Domanick, Lynaghbeg
COLL, Domanick, Lynaghmore
COLL, Dominick, Inishbofin
COLL, Domnick, Lynaghmore
COLL, Domnick, Maheragallan
COLL, Domnick, Strakeenagh
COLL, Domnick, Stranacorkrach
COLL, Edward, Maheraclogher
COLL, Edward, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
COLL, Elinor, Derrybeg
COLL, Francis, Meenamiller Upper
COLL, Francis, Meenamiller Upper
COLL, Francis, Meenderry-Aff
COLL, Francis, Shaskinbeg
COLL, Hugh, Inishbofin
COLL, Hugh, Meenderry-Aff
COLL, Hugh, Stramarlin
COLL, Jack, Inishbofin
COLL, James, Doare Lower
COLL, James, Inishbofin
COLL, James, Lynaghbeg
COLL, James, Maheragallan
COLL, James, Shaskinbeg
COLL, Margaret, Widow Inishbofin
COLL, Maurice, Maheraroarty
COLL, Owen, Inishbofin
COLL, Owen, Lynaghbeg
COLL, Owen, Lynaghmore
COLL, Owen, Meenderry-Aff
COLL, Owen, Meenderry-Aff
COLL, Shaun, Ardnagappery
COLL, Shaun, Meenamiller Upper
COLL, Shawn, Derrybeg
COLL, Thomas, Derrybeg
COLL, Thomas, Inishbofin
COLL, Toal (?Sp) Meenamiller Upper
COLLUMB, Dennis (?Sp) Meencarrickach
COLUMB, Charles, Binnanean
COLUMB, Dennis, Binnanean
COLUMB, Dennis, Binnanean
COLUMB, Elinor (Widow) Binnanean
COLUMB, James, Binnanean
COLUNB, Patrick, Binnanean
CONNAGHAN Charles, Stranacorkrach
CONNAGHAN Darby, Lynaghmore
CONNAGHAN Hugh, Maheraroarty
CONNAGHAN Hugh, Meenlara
CONNAGHAN James, Ardsbeg
CONNAGHAN James, Carrick Mccafferty
CONNAGHAN James, Glashagh
CONNAGHAN Manus, Glenthorn
CONNAGHAN Patrick, Goala
CONNAGHAN Seage, Corveen
CONNAGHAN Shaun, Carrick Mccafferty
CONNAGHAN Shaun, Derry Connor
CONNAGHAN Teage, Glashagh
CONNAGHAN Thomas, Stranacorkrach
CONNEL, James, Strohan
CONNOR, Dennis, Ardnacrofs
CONNOR, Michael, Baltony Upper
CORAN, Brine, Cashelnagor
CORRAN, Bryan, Killdrim Lower
CORRAN Cahill, Killdrim Middle
CORRAN Edward, Killdrim Upper
CORRAN John, Killult Lower
CORRAN Nail, Killdrim Middle
CORRAN, Andrew, Bunaniniver
CORRAN, Bryan, Meenacladdy
CORRAN, Charles, Maheraroarty
CORRAN, Cornelius, Fannaboye Upper
CORRAN, Daniel, Cashel Gatetown
CORRAN, Daniel, Fannaboye Upper
CORRAN, Daniel, Strohan
CORRAN, Dennis, Glashagh
CORRAN, Dennis, Tory Island
CORRAN, Edward, Binn Boye
CORRAN, Edward, Cloonbara
CORRAN, Edward, Meenacladdy
CORRAN, Francis, Bunaniniver
CORRAN, Francis, Carrick Mccafferty
CORRAN, Hugh, Corran's Port
CORRAN, Hugh, Strohan
CORRAN, James, Gortahork West
CORRAN, James, Leithcathach
CORRAN, John, Carrick Mccafferty
CORRAN, John, Meenacladdy
CORRAN, Magy, Ardsbeg
CORRAN, Manus, Derry Connor
CORRAN, Manus, Inishinny
CORRAN, Manus, Maheralosk
CORRAN, Marius (?Sp) Meenacladdy
CORRAN, Owen, Binn Boye
CORRAN, Owen, Carrick Coyle
CORRAN, Patrick, Ardsbeg
CORRAN, Patrick, Carrick Coyle
CORRAN, Patrick, Stradabrowey
CORRAN, Patrick, Strohan
CORRAN, Peter, Meenacreeve
CORRAN, Philip, Carrick Coyle
CORRAN, Philip, Corran's Port
CORRAN, Philip, Corran's Port
CORRAN, Philip, Glashagh
CORRAN, Rose, Widow Corran's Port
CORRAN, Shaun, Corran's Port
CORRAN, Shaun, Fannaboye Upper
CORRAN, Shaun, Meenacladdy
CORRERAN Edward, Killdrim Middle
CORRERAN (??) Hanna, Widow Kilult Upper
COYLE Daniel, Knockfolla
COYLE Edward, Knockfolla
COYLE, Andrew, Lynaghmore
COYLE, Brine, Glashagh
COYLE, Brine, Gortahork West
COYLE, Charles, Ardsbeg
COYLE, Charles, Shaskinbeg
COYLE, Charles, Stoler
COYLE, Edward, Meenacladdy
COYLE, Hanna (Widow) Carrick Coyle
COYLE, Hanna (Widow) CARRICK Mcgarvey
COYLE, Hanna, Widow Meenderry-Aff
COYLE, Hugh, Glashagh
COYLE, Hugh, Maheraroarty
COYLE, James, Ardsbeg
COYLE, James, Inishmane
COYLE, James, Meenaweel
COYLE, James, Stradabrowey
COYLE, John, Ardsbeg
COYLE, John, Ballynass North
COYLE, John, Bunalack Lower
COYLE, John, Inisherrar
COYLE, John, Meenderry-Aff
COYLE, Manus, Bunaniniver
COYLE, Mary, Ardnacrofs
COYLE, Michael, Cashel Gatetown
COYLE, Michael, Maheraroarty
COYLE, Michael, Meenaweel
COYLE, Owen, Bunalack Lower
COYLE, Owen, Meenacladdy
COYLE, Patrick, Ardsbeg
COYLE, Patrick, Baltoney Lower
COYLE, Patrick, Doare Middle
COYLE, Patrick, Lynaghmore
COYLE, Patrick, Meenacladdy
COYLE, Sarah, Tory Island
COYLE, Shaun, Baltoney Lower
COYLE, Teage, Baltoney Lower
COYLE, Thomas, Ardsbeg
COYLE, Thomas, Binnanean
COYLE, William, Carrick Coyle
COYLE, William, Corveen
COYLE, William, Meenderry-Aff
DEEHAN, Dennis, Meenlara
DEEHAN, Dennis, Meenlarahill
DEEHAN, Hugh, Meenlara
DEEHAN, Owen, Meenlara
DEVER, Charles, Goala
DEVER, Cornelius, Goala
DINSMORE Michael, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
DINSMORE Patrick, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
DIVER Mary - Widow Knockastolla
DIVER Nail, Knockastolla
DIVER Patrick, Knockastolla
DIVER, Charles, Alth
DIVER, Charles, Lynaghmore
DIVER, Dennis, Tory Island
DIVER, Edward, Stramarlin
DIVER, Edward, Stranacorkrach
DIVER, Hugh, Tory Island
DIVER, James, Tory Island
DIVER, Nail, Doare Lower
DIVER, Nail, Maheralosk
DIVER, Patrick, Lynaghmore
DIVER, Simon, Lynaghmore
DIVER, Teage, Stramarlin
DIVER, Teagie{?}, Lynaghmore
DIVER, Teagie{?}, Lynaghmore
DOOGAN, Patrick, Gortahork West
DOUGAN, Bryan, Killdrim Upper
DOUGAN Catharine - Widow Killdrim Lower
DOUGAN Charles, Killdrim Lower
DOUGAN Charles, Killdrim Upper
DOUGAN Collumb, Killdrim Lower
DOUGAN Collumb, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGAN Connel, Knockastolla
DOUGAN Elinor, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGAN Henry, Killdrim Upper
DOUGAN Hugh, Killdrim Middle
DOUGAN Hugh, Killdrim Upper
DOUGAN John, Killdrim Middle
DOUGAN Manus, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGAN, Margaret - Widow Killdrim Lower
DOUGAN Matthew, Killdrim Upper
DOUGAN Michael, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGAN Michael, Killdrim Upper
DOUGAN Nail, Killdrim Upper
DOUGAN Owen, Killdrim Lower
DOUGAN Owen, Killdrim Upper
DOUGAN Patrick, Killdrim Middle
DOUGAN Patrick, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGAN, Barthlomew Loughkeel
DOUGAN, Bryan, Ballynass North
DOUGAN, Bryan Jnr, Ballynass North
DOUGAN, Catherine (Widow) Binnanean
DOUGAN, Charles, Meenamiller Upper
DOUGAN, Connel, Ardnagappery
DOUGAN, Connel, Ardnagappery
DOUGAN, Connel, Maheraclogher
DOUGAN, Connel, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
DOUGAN, Connel (Bawn) Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
DOUGAN, Connell, Ardnagappery
DOUGAN, Daniel, Crawley
DOUGAN, Daniel, Doare Lower
DOUGAN, Domnick, Cloonbara
DOUGAN, Edward, Ardsmore
DOUGAN, Edward, Binnanean
DOUGAN, Edward, Glashercoo
DOUGAN, Edward, Kilult Dougan
DOUGAN, Edward, Kilult Milltown
DOUGAN, Edward, Munna
DOUGAN, Elinor, Derry Connor
DOUGAN, Fargil, Ardnagappery
DOUGAN, Hanna (Widow) Binnanean
DOUGAN, Hugh, Baltoney Lower
DOUGAN, Hugh, Crawley
DOUGAN, Hugh, Doare Lower
DOUGAN, Hugh, Maheraclogher
DOUGAN, Hugh, Munna
DOUGAN, Hugh, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
DOUGAN, Hugh, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
DOUGAN, Hugh, Tory Island
DOUGAN, Hugh, Beg, Tory Island
DOUGAN, James, Alth
DOUGAN, James, Ballynass North
DOUGAN, James, Meenagall
DOUGAN, James, Tory Island
DOUGAN, James (Blind) Tory Island
DOUGAN, James Bawn Tory Island
DOUGAN, John, Alth
DOUGAN, John, Ardnagappery
DOUGAN, John, Cloonbara
DOUGAN, John, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
DOUGAN, Manus, Maheraroarty
DOUGAN, Margaret, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
DOUGAN, Margaret, Widow Maheraclogher
DOUGAN, Marius (?Sp) Meenacladdy
DOUGAN, Mary, Widow Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
DOUGAN, Mathero (?Sp) Meenacladdy
DOUGAN, Michael, Ardnagappery
DOUGAN, Michael, Binnanean
DOUGAN, Michael, Carrick Boyle
DOUGAN, Michael, Maheraroarty
DOUGAN, Nail, Kilult Dougan
DOUGAN, Nail, Kilult Milltown
DOUGAN, Nail, Meenacladdy
DOUGAN, Owen, Ardnagappery
DOUGAN, Owen, Baltoney Lower
DOUGAN, Owen, Binnanean
DOUGAN, Owen, Cashelnagor
DOUGAN, Owen, Derry Connor
DOUGAN, Owen, Meenagall
DOUGAN, Owen, Tory Island
DOUGAN, Patrick, Crawley
DOUGAN, Patrick, Doare Lower
DOUGAN, Patrick, Tullaghabigly Milltown
DOUGAN, Patrick, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
DOUGAN, Peter, Cloonbara
DOUGAN, Peter, Stranacorkrach
DOUGAN, Philip, Baltoney Lower
DOUGAN, Shaun, Ballynass North
DOUGAN, Shaun, Baltoney Lower
DOUGAN, Shaun, Fannaboye Upper
DOUGAN, Shaun, Meenacreeve
DOUGAN, Shaun, Meencarrickach
DOUGAN, Shaun, Tory Island
DOUGAN, Shaun, Tullaghabigly (Carmichael)
DOUGAN, Sophia (Widow) Baltony Upper
DOUGAN, Thomas, Baltony Upper
DOUGAN, William, Cloonbara
DOUGHAN Daniel, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGHAN Alexander, Tory Island
DOUGHAN Charles, Tory Island
DOUGHAN Chas, Faanaboye Lower
DOUGHAN Daniel, Tory Island
DOUGHAN Dennis, Meenderry
DOUGHAN Dennis, Tory Island
DOUGHAN Edward, Tory Island
DOUGHAN Francis, Faanaboye Lower
DOUGHAN Henry, Ardsmore
DOUGHAN Hugh, Corran's Port
DOUGHAN Hugh, Tory Island
DOUGHAN James, Ardsbeg
DOUGHAN James, Ardsmore
DOUGHAN James, Faanaboye Lower
DOUGHAN James, Tory Island
DOUGHAN John, Ardsmore
DOUGHAN Magey, Widow Tory Island
DOUGHAN Manus, Ardsmore
DOUGHAN Mary, Widow Meenacung
DOUGHAN Michael, Corran's Port
DOUGHAN Michael, Jr Corran's Port
DOUGHAN Old Mary, Tory Island
DOUGHAN Owen, Tory Island
DOUGHAN Owen, Jr, Tory Island
DOUGHAN Patrick, Kilult Middle
DOUGHAN Patrick, Meenacladdy
DOUGHAN Patrick, Meenacung
DOUGHAN Patrick, Tory Island
DOUGHAN Shaun, Tory Island
DOUGHAN Shaun, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
DOUGHAN Shaun More Tory Island
DOUGHAN Simidin, Tory Island
DOUGHAN William, Meenacladdy
DOUGHAN William (Bryans Son) Tory Island
DOUGHAN William Roe Tory Island
DOUGHAN William, Jr Tory Island
DOUGHERTY Bryan, Killdrim Rockstown
DOUGHERTY Bryan, Knockastolla
DOUGHERTY Arthur, Maheralosk
DOUGHERTY Cahier, Cronagoogu
DOUGHERTY Cahier, Maheralosk
DOUGHERTY Catharine, Cronagoogu
DOUGHERTY Catherine Jn, Widw Maheralosk
DOUGHERTY Catherine, Widow Maheralosk
DOUGHERTY Charles, Ardnagappery
DOUGHERTY Charles, Maheraclogher
DOUGHERTY Charles, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
DOUGHERTY Daniel, Doare Upper
DOUGHERTY Daniel, Rubbleshinny
DOUGHERTY Dennis, Maheralosk
DOUGHERTY Elisabeth, Cronagoogu
DOUGHERTY Elizabeth, Maheralosk
DOUGHERTY Hugh, Ardsbeg
DOUGHERTY Hugh, Cashel Dougherty
DOUGHERTY James, Ardnagappery
DOUGHERTY James, Doare Upper
DOUGHERTY James, Maheraclogher
DOUGHERTY James, Maheralosk
DOUGHERTY James, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
DOUGHERTY John, Cashel Byer Park
DOUGHERTY John, Cashel Fields
DOUGHERTY John, Maheralosk
DOUGHERTY Magey, Maheralosk
DOUGHERTY Mary, Cronagoogu
DOUGHERTY Nail, Cronagoogu
DOUGHERTY Nail, Maheraclogher
DOUGHERTY Nail, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
DOUGHERTY Owen, Cashel Dougherty
DOUGHERTY Patrick, Doare Upper
DOUGHERTY William, Cashel Dougherty
DOUGHERTY William, Maheralosk
DUFFEY, Michael, Maheragallan
DUFFY, Charles, Ardnagappery
DUFFY, Michael, Ardnagappery
DUFFY, Michael, Ardnagappery
DUFFY, Owen, Ardnagappery
DUNBA[R,V,U, RR]Y George, Cloonbara
DUNLEAVY Andrew, Faalcarragh
DUNLEAVY Robert, Baltoney Lower
FERRY Collumb, Killdrim Upper
FERRY Cornelius, Killdrim Upper
FERRY Hugh, Killdrim Upper
FERRY James, Killdrim Upper
FERRY Magey, Knockastolla
FERRY Maurice, Knockastolla
FERRY Neal, Senior Knockfolla
FERRY, Charles, Glenthorn
FERRY, Charles, Inishinny
FERRY, Charles, Maheralosk
FERRY, Charles, Stradabrowey
FERRY, Collumb (?Colliam) Meenacung
FERRY, Cornelius, Bunawack
FERRY, Daniel, Bunalack Park
FERRY, Daniel, Lynaghmore
FERRY, Darby, Ardsmore
FERRY, Dennis, Binnanean
FERRY, Domnick, Doare Middle
FERRY, Edward, Lynaghmore
FERRY, Hugh, Ballyness Middle
FERRY, Hugh, Lynaghbeg
FERRY, Hugh, Maheragallan
FERRY, Hugh, Maheralosk
FERRY, Hugh, Maheraroarty Mountain, Called Balanami--Mes (Illegible)
FERRY, Hugh, Munna
FERRY, James, Baltoney Lower
FERRY, James, Cashel Gatetown
FERRY, James, Fannaboye Upper
FERRY, John, Ardnagappery
FERRY, John, Ardsmore
FERRY, John, Ballynass North
FERRY, John, Bunalack Park
FERRY, John, Maheraclogher
FERRY, John, Munna
FERRY, John, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
FERRY, John/Son/Son-IL Glashercoo
FERRY, Loughlin, Carrick Coyle
FERRY, Magey, Maheragallan
FERRY, Manus, Bunalack Park
FERRY, Manus, Cronagoogu
FERRY, Maurice, Lynaghmore
FERRY, Maurice, Maheralosk
FERRY, Maurice, Meenacladdy
FERRY, Michael, Bunaniniver
FERRY, Michael, Maheralosk
FERRY, Nail, Binnanean
FERRY, Nail, Bunalack Park
FERRY, Nail, Bunalack Upper
FERRY, Nail, Maheraroarty
FERRY, Neil, Ardsmore
FERRY, Owen, Bunalack Park
FERRY, Owen, Bunaniniver
FERRY, Patrick, Doare Middle
FERRY, Phillip, Lynaghmore
FERRY, Sara, Faanaboye Lower
FERRY, Sheli, Widow Munna
FERRY, Thomas, Carrick Boyle
FINLAY, Catharin, Widow Millmount
FREEL, Daniel, Maamatanta
FREEL, Morris, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
FREEL, Patrick, Stradabrowey
FREEL, Unity, Stradabrowey
FREIL, Daniel, Lynaghmore
FRIEL, Hugh, Rev., Maheragallan
FRIEL, Maurice, Maheraclogher
FRIEL, Patrick, Carrick Mccafferty
GALLAGHER, Bryan, Killdrim Upper
GALLAGHER, Dennis, Killdrim Rockstown
GALLAGHER, Dennis, Knockastolla
GALLAGHER, Elinor - Spinster Killdrim Middle
GALLAGHER, Elinor - Widow Killdrim Middle
GALLAGHER, Hugh, Knockastolla
GALLAGHER, James, Killdrim Lower
GALLAGHER, John, Killdrim Middle
GALLAGHER, John, Killdrim Rockstown
GALLAGHER, Michael, Knockastolla
GALLAGHER Alice (Widow) Binnanean
GALLAGHER Anthony, Doare Upper
GALLAGHER Anthony, Lynaghbeg
GALLAGHER Anthony, Lynaghmore
GALLAGHER Bridget, Widow Maheraclogher
GALLAGHER Bridget, Widow Maheralosk
GALLAGHER Bridget, Widow Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER Brine, Carrick Boyle
GALLAGHER Brine, Cashel Hills
GALLAGHER Bryan, Faanaboye Lower
GALLAGHER Bryan, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
GALLAGHER Bryan, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
GALLAGHER Cahi??, Meenlarahill
GALLAGHER Catharine, Widow Cashel Hills
GALLAGHER Charles, Baltony Upper
GALLAGHER Charles, Doare Lower
GALLAGHER Charles, Goala
GALLAGHER Charles, Kilult Brogan
GALLAGHER Charles, Kilult Upper
GALLAGHER Charles, Maheralosk
GALLAGHER Charles, Meenlara
GALLAGHER Connel, Doare Lower
GALLAGHER Connel, Doare Middle
GALLAGHER Connel, Goala
GALLAGHER Connel, Maheralosk
GALLAGHER Cormick, Goala Mountain (Alias Arddunn)
GALLAGHER Daniel, Baltony Upper
GALLAGHER Daniel, Bunalack Upper
GALLAGHER Daniel, Doare Middle
GALLAGHER Daniel, Glashagh
GALLAGHER Daniel, Maheraclogher
GALLAGHER Daniel, Maheralosk
GALLAGHER Daniel, Maheraroarty
GALLAGHER Daniel, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER Darby, Baltoney Lower
GALLAGHER Dennis, Derry Connor
GALLAGHER Dennis, Doare Middle
GALLAGHER Dennis, Inishmane
GALLAGHER Dennis, Meenalaah
GALLAGHER Dennis, Meenaweel
GALLAGHER Dennis, Meenlara
GALLAGHER Dennis, Pruchbush
GALLAGHER Dennis, Stradabrowey
GALLAGHER Dialty, Ardnagappery
GALLAGHER Dialty, Ardnagappery
GALLAGHER Doalty, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER Doalty, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER Doatty, Maheraclogher
GALLAGHER Doatty, Maheraclogher
GALLAGHER Domanick, Lynaghbeg
GALLAGHER Domnick, Sr Stranacorkrach
GALLAGHER Donmick, Jr Stranacorkrach
GALLAGHER Edward, Bunbeg
GALLAGHER Edward, Cashel Gatetown
GALLAGHER Edward, Cashel Hills
GALLAGHER Edward, Cashelnagor Poundtown
GALLAGHER Edward, Cronagoogu
GALLAGHER Edward, Doare Lower
GALLAGHER Edward, Doare Middle
GALLAGHER Edward, Doare Upper
GALLAGHER Edward, Maheralosk
GALLAGHER Edward, Meennagoppock
GALLAGHER Edward, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
GALLAGHER Edward, Jr Cashel Hills
GALLAGHER Elinor, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER Elinor, Widow Maheraclogher
GALLAGHER Fargil, Ardnagappery
GALLAGHER Fargil, Bunalack Park
GALLAGHER Fargil, Carrick Boyle
GALLAGHER Francis, Ardnagappery
GALLAGHER Francis, Ardsmore
GALLAGHER Francis, Cothyen
GALLAGHER Francis, Doare Middle
GALLAGHER Francis, Shaskinbeg
GALLAGHER Francis Jnr Ardnagappery
GALLAGHER Hanna, Glashagh
GALLAGHER Hugh, Ardnagappery
GALLAGHER Hugh, Ardnagappery
GALLAGHER Hugh, Ballyness Milltown
GALLAGHER Hugh, Baltoney Lower
GALLAGHER Hugh, Baltony Upper
GALLAGHER Hugh, Cashel Hills
GALLAGHER Hugh, Cothyen
GALLAGHER Hugh, Dunloway East
GALLAGHER Hugh, Glenthorn
GALLAGHER Hugh, Maheraclogher
GALLAGHER Hugh, Meenlara
GALLAGHER Hugh, Stradabrowey
GALLAGHER Hugh, Strakeenagh
GALLAGHER Hugh, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER Hugh, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
GALLAGHER Jack, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER James, Ardnagappery
GALLAGHER James, Ardsmore
GALLAGHER James, Ballynass North
GALLAGHER James, Bunbeg
GALLAGHER James, Carrick McGarvey
GALLAGHER James, Cashel Hills
GALLAGHER James, Cashelnagor
GALLAGHER James, Cothyen
GALLAGHER James, Derry Connor
GALLAGHER James, Doare Lower
GALLAGHER James, Doare Middle
GALLAGHER James, Gortahork Burns
GALLAGHER James, Kilult Boyle
GALLAGHER James, Maheragallan
GALLAGHER James, Meenacreeve
GALLAGHER James, Meenacung
GALLAGHER James, Meenderry
GALLAGHER James, Meenlara
GALLAGHER James, Stranacorkrach
GALLAGHER James, Strohan
GALLAGHER James, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER John, Ardsmore
GALLAGHER John, Ballyness Middle
GALLAGHER John, Ballyness Milltown
GALLAGHER John, Baltoney Mountain
GALLAGHER John, Baltony Upper
GALLAGHER John, Kilult Upper
GALLAGHER John, Lynaghmore
GALLAGHER John, Maheraclogher
GALLAGHER John, Maheraclogher
GALLAGHER John, Maheragallan
GALLAGHER John, Maheralosk
GALLAGHER John, Meenlarahill
GALLAGHER John, Stranacorkrach
GALLAGHER John, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER John, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
GALLAGHER John, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
GALLAGHER John, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
GALLAGHER John Jnr, Baltony Upper
GALLAGHER Joseph, Meenderry
GALLAGHER Manus, Cashel Hills
GALLAGHER Manus, Cothyen
GALLAGHER Manus, Glashagh
GALLAGHER Manus, Shaskinbeg
GALLAGHER Margaret, Widow Meenalaah
GALLAGHER Mary, Widow Lynaghmore
GALLAGHER Michael, Carrick Coyle
GALLAGHER Michael, Cashelnagor
GALLAGHER Michael, Faanaboye Lower
GALLAGHER Michael, Fannaboye Upper
GALLAGHER Michael, Glashagh
GALLAGHER Michael, Inishmane
GALLAGHER Michael, Meenacladdy
GALLAGHER Nail, Binn Boye
GALLAGHER Nail, Cashelnagor Mountain
GALLAGHER Nail, Cloonbara
GALLAGHER Nail, Fannaboye Upper
GALLAGHER Owen, Carrick Coyle
GALLAGHER Owen, Doare Upper
GALLAGHER Owen, Glashagh
GALLAGHER Owen, Goala Mountain (Alias Muncloughglass)
GALLAGHER Owen, Maheralosk
GALLAGHER Owen, Meenamiller Lower
GALLAGHER Owen, Pruchbush
GALLAGHER Owen, Stradabrowey
GALLAGHER Owen, Stranacorkrach
GALLAGHER Patick, Bunalack Upper
GALLAGHER Patrick, Ardnagappery
GALLAGHER Patrick, Ardnagappery
GALLAGHER Patrick, Carrick Coyle
GALLAGHER Patrick, Carrick Mccafferty
GALLAGHER Patrick, Cloonbara
GALLAGHER Patrick, Cothyen
GALLAGHER Patrick, Doare Lower
GALLAGHER Patrick, Glashagh
GALLAGHER Patrick, Goala
GALLAGHER Patrick, Inishmane
GALLAGHER Patrick, Lynaghbeg
GALLAGHER Patrick, Maheragallan
GALLAGHER Patrick, Maheralosk
GALLAGHER Patrick, Maheraroarty Mountain
GALLAGHER Patrick, Meenlara
GALLAGHER Patrick, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
GALLAGHER Peter, Maheralosk
GALLAGHER Philip, Carrick Boyle
GALLAGHER Philip, Carrick Coyle
GALLAGHER Philip, Carrick Mccafferty
GALLAGHER Philip, Shaskinbeg
GALLAGHER Philip, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
GALLAGHER Philip, Tullaghabigly Scotchtown
GALLAGHER Philip, Jnr, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
GALLAGHER Phillip, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
GALLAGHER Rodger, Cashel Hills
GALLAGHER Rodger, Lynaghmore
GALLAGHER Rodger, Maheraclogher
GALLAGHER Rodger, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER Shaun, Carrick Coyle
GALLAGHER Shaun, Carrick Mccafferty
GALLAGHER Shaun, Cronagoogu
GALLAGHER Shaun, Doare Lower
GALLAGHER Shaun, Maheraclogher
GALLAGHER Shaun, Maheralosk
GALLAGHER Shaun, Maheralosk
GALLAGHER Shaun, Meenderry
GALLAGHER Shaun, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
GALLAGHER Shawn, Cashelnagor Poundtown
GALLAGHER Sheli               Kilult Brogan
GALLAGHER Sheli, Widow Glashagh
GALLAGHER Simon, Meenalaah
GALLAGHER Sophia, Kilult Upper
GALLAGHER Susan, Meenlarahill
GALLAGHER Teage, Baltoney Lower
GALLAGHER Teage, Baltony Upper
GALLAGHER Teage, Kilult O'brien
GALLAGHER Teage, Shaskinbeg
GALLAGHER Teage, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
GALLAGHER Teague, Meennagoppock
GALLAGHER William, Bunalack Lower
GALLAGHER William, Dunloway Dunbrine
GALLAGHER, Daniel, Jr, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
GALLAGHER, Daniel, Sr, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
GERAGHTY Magey, Carrick McGarvey
GILLESPIE Daniel, Stradabrowey
GOLDWORTHY, Captain John Killdrim Mine Quarry
GREEN, Charles, Binnanean
GREEN, Michael, Binnanean
GRENRA, Daniel, Crawley
HARKIN, Sheli - Widow Killdrim Middle
HARKIN, Th***(Illegible) Killdrim Upper
HARKIN, Brine, Cashelnagor Poundtown
HARKIN, Brine, Faanaboye Lower
HARKIN, Brine, Sr, Faanaboye Lower
HARKIN, Charles, Binnanean
HARKIN, Cornelius, Ardsbeg
HARKIN, Daniel, Meenagall
HARKIN, Edward, Derry Connor
HARKIN, Hanna, Alth
HARKIN, James, Derry Connor
HARKIN, James, Jr, Derry Connor
HARKIN, John, Ardsbeg
HARKIN, John, Binnanean
HARKIN, Michael, Derry Connor
HARKIN, Nail, Faanaboye Lower
HARKIN, Nail, Tullaghabigly (Carmichael)
HARKIN, Owen, Ardnagappery
HARKIN, Owen, Ardnagappery
HARKIN, Patrick, Alth
HARKIN, Patrick, Cloonbara
HARKIN, Patrick, Derry Connor
HARKIN, Patrick, Jr Derry Connor
HENRY, Patrick, Cashel Gatetown
HER[A OR U]GHTY Edward, Cloonbara
HERAGHTY Brine, Meenlarahill
HERAGHTY Catharine, Meenderry
HERAGHTY Edward, Tory Island
HERAGHTY James, Meenderry
HERAGHTY James, Meenlara
HERAGHTY James, Tory Island
HERAGHTY John, Baltoney Lower
HERAGHTY Magey, Widow Corveen
HERAGHTY Michael, Corveen
HERAGHTY Michael, Goala
HERAGHTY Owen, Meencarrickach
HERAGHTY Owen, Meenlarahill
HERAGHTY Patrick, Corveen
HERAGHTY Patrick, Kilult Upper
HERAGHTY Patrick, Tullaghabigly Scotchtown
HERAGHTY Sarah, Tory Island
HERRAGHTY James, Binnanean
HERRAGHTY Patrick, Callheameg
HERRAGHY Nail, Tory Island
HORISKY, James, Tory Island
HORISKY, Owen, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
HORISKY, Patrick, Tory Island
HORISKY, Thomas, Tory Island
IRWIN, Thomas, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
JOHNSTON Robert, Esq Cashel Johnston
KELLY, Daniel, Ballyness Milltown
KELLY, Daniel, Baltoney Lower
KELLY, Edward, Kilult Middle
KELLY, John, Kilult Middle
MAGEE, Bridget, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
MAGEE, Bridget               Kilult Milltown
MAGEE, Brine, Goala
MAGEE, Bryan, Lynaghmore
MAGEE, Bryan, Lynaghmore
MAGEE, Charles, Doare Upper
MAGEE, Charles, Goala Mountain (Alias Muncloughglass)
MAGEE, Connel, Cothyen
MAGEE, Connel, Maheragallan
MAGEE, Connel, Rubbleshinny
MAGEE, Daniel, Doare Upper
MAGEE, Daniel, Glashagh
MAGEE, Daniel, Goala Mountain (Alias Muncloughglass)
MAGEE, Daniel, Inishinny
MAGEE, Daniel, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MAGEE, Dennis, Glashercoo
MAGEE, Dennis, Kilult Middle
MAGEE, Edward, Inishbofin
MAGEE, Grace, Widow Glashagh
MAGEE, Hugh, Stranacorkrach
MAGEE, James, Kilult Middle
MAGEE, John, Cashel Fields
MAGEE, John, Glashagh
MAGEE, John, Maheraroarty Mountain, Called Balanami--Mes (Illegible)
MAGEE, John, Meenamiller Lower
MAGEE, John, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MAGEE, Manus, Glashagh
MAGEE, Michael, Doare Upper
MAGEE, Michael, Inishbofin
MAGEE, Patrick, Glashercoo
MAGEE, Patrick, Inishbofin
MAGEE, Patrick, Inishinny
MAGEE, Patrick, Stramarlin
MAGEE, Peter, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MAGEE, Peter, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MAGEE, Rodger, Maheralosk
MAGEE, Sara, Widow Cashel Dougherty
MAGEE, Shaun, Doare Middle
MAGEE, Thomas, Lynaghmore
MAGEE, William, Meenamiller Lower
MARTIN, Daniel, Binnanean
MARTIN, Patrick, Meencarrickach
MARTIN, Shaun, Binnanean
MCALEAH, John, Maheraroarty Mountain, Called Balanami--Mes (Illegible)
MCALEAH, Michael, Cashel Gatetown
MCALEAH, Shaun, Cashel Gatetown
MCAULLEY John, Ballyness Milltown
MCAWARD Francis, Alth
MCBRIDE, Elinor, Knockastolla
MCBRIDE James, Knockastolla
MCBRIDE Maurice, Knockastolla
MCBRIDE Owen, Knockastolla
MCBRIDE Timlin, Knockastolla
MCBRIDE, Catherine, Maheralosk
MCBRIDE, Charles, Islanddooey
MCBRIDE, Charles, Maheraclogher
MCBRIDE, Charles, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
MCBRIDE, Connel, Ardnagappery
MCBRIDE, Connel, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
MCBRIDE, Cornelius, Maheralosk
MCBRIDE, Cornelius, Stoler
MCBRIDE, Cornelus, Shaskinbeg
MCBRIDE, Daniel, Ardnagappery
MCBRIDE, Daniel, Goala
MCBRIDE, Domnick, Ardnagappery
MCBRIDE, Domnick, Carrick McGarvey
MCBRIDE, Edward, Inishinny
MCBRIDE, Edward, Maheragallan
MCBRIDE, Edward, Maheralosk
MCBRIDE, Eneas, Carrick McGarvey
MCBRIDE, Hugh, Ardnagappery
MCBRIDE, Hugh, Ardnagappery
MCBRIDE, Hugh, Glashagh
MCBRIDE, Hugh, Islanddooey
MCBRIDE, Hugh, Maheraclogher
MCBRIDE, Hugh, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
MCBRIDE, James, Ardnagappery
MCBRIDE, James, Maheragallan
MCBRIDE, James, Maheragallan
MCBRIDE, James, Maheralosk
MCBRIDE, James, Stramarlin
MCBRIDE, John, Cashelnagor Poundtown
MCBRIDE, Manus, Carrick McGarvey
MCBRIDE, Manus, Corveen
MCBRIDE, Nail, Carrick Boyle
MCBRIDE, Owen, Ardnagappery
MCBRIDE, Owen, Ardnagappery
MCBRIDE, Owen, Goala
MCBRIDE, Owen, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
MCBRIDE, Patrick, Glashagh
MCBRIDE, Shaun, Maheralosk
MCCAFERTY Hanna, Widow Cashel Hills
MCCAFFERTY Bryan, Tory Island
MCCAFFERTY Daniel, Carrick Boyle
MCCAFFERTY Daniel, Carrick McGarvey
MCCAFFERTY Daniel, Derry Connor Mountain
MCCAFFERTY Dennis, Lynaghmore
MCCAFFERTY Edward, Carrick McCafferty
MCCAFFERTY Francis, Cashel Hills
MCCAFFERTY Francis, Maheraroarty
MCCAFFERTY Hanna, Widow Maheraroarty
MCCAFFERTY Hugh, Ardsbeg
MCCAFFERTY Hugh, Carrick Mccafferty
MCCAFFERTY Hugh, Derry Connor Mountain
MCCAFFERTY Hugh, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MCCAFFERTY John, Leithcathach
MCCAFFERTY John, Tullaghabigly Milltown
MCCAFFERTY Margaret, Shaskinbeg
MCCAFFERTY Nancy, Widow Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MCCAFFERTY Owen, Ardnagappery
MCCAFFERTY Owen, Ardnagappery
MCCAFFERTY Owen, Kilult Dougan
MCCAFFERTY Owen, Maheraroarty
MCCAFFERTY Owen, Tullaghabigly Peoples
MCCAFFERTY Shaun, Derry Connor Mountain
MCCAFFERTY Shaun, Shaskinbeg
MCCAFFERTY Shaun, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MCCALLOG Charles, Baltoney Lower
MCCALLOG Nail, Baltoney Lower
MCCALLOGE Hugh, Fannaboyle Mountain
MCCARROL Bryan, Killdrim Upper
MCCARROL Andrew, Ardnagappery
MCCARROL Francis, Ardnagappery
MCCARROLL Susan (Widow) Binnanean
MCCARRY, Daniel, Cloonbara
MCCARRY, Michael, Cloonbara
MCCLAFFERTY Owen, Lynaghmore
MCCONNEL Alexander, Ballyness Middle
MCCONNEL John, Ballyness Middle
MCCONNEL Patrick, Ballyness Middle
MCCONNNEL James, Meennacloughfinn
MCCONOGH William, Cloonbara
MCCOOKE (-LE) Daniel, Doare Middle
MCCOOLE, Charles, Ardnagappery
MCCOOLE, Charles, Doare Middle
MCCOOLE, Charles, Loughkeel
MCCOOLE, Cornelius, Carrick Mccafferty
MCCOOLE, Cornelus, Doare Middle
MCCOOLE, Daniel, Derrybeg
MCCOOLE, Daniel, Loughkeel
MCCOOLE, Daniel, Loughkeel
MCCOOLE, Ewan, Carrick McGarvey
MCCOOLE, Hugh, Derrybeg
MCCOOLE, Hugh, Inisherrar
MCCOOLE, Hugh, Loughkeel
MCCOOLE, James, Ardnagappery
MCCOOLE, James Jnr Ardnagappery
MCCOOLE, James Jnr Ardnagappery
MCCOOLE, John, Maheralosk
MCCOOLE, Phillip, Maheralosk
MCCOOLE, Sophia (Widow) Ardnagappery
MCCREADY Bryan, Binn Boye
MCCREADY Catherine, Baltony Upper
MCCREADY John, Baltony Upper
MCCREADY John, Binnanean
MCCREADY Margaret, Baltony Upper
MCCREADY Michael, Baltony Upper
MCCREADY Shaun, Baltony Upper
MCCUE, Daniel, Killdrim Upper
MCCUE John, Killdrim Middle
MCCUE John, Killdrim Upper
MCCUE Unity, Killdrim Upper
MCCUE, Brine, Ballyness Middle
MCCUE, Charles, Bunalack Park
MCCUE, Charles, Carrick Mccafferty
MCCUE, Charles, Kilult Middle
MCCUE, Charles, Kilult Upper
MCCUE, Cornelus, Tullaghabigly Scotchtown
MCCUE, Daniel, Bunalack Upper
MCCUE, Edward, Shaskinbeg
MCCUE, Edward, Stoler
MCCUE, James, Cashelnagor
MCCUE, James, Kilult Middle
MCCUE, John, Bunalack Lower
MCCUE, John, Bunalack Upper
MCCUE, John, Tullaghabigly Scotchtown
MCCUE, Maurice, Bunalack Upper
MCCUE, Michael, Kilult Dougan
MCCUE, Michael, Kilult Milltown
MCCUE, Nail, Carrick Mccafferty
MCCUE, Nail, Carrick McGarvey
MCCUE, Nail, Faanaboye Lower
MCCUE, Nail, Meenacung
MCCUE, Nancy, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MCCUE, Philip, Fannaboye Upper
MCCUE, Shaun, Binn Boye
MCCUE, Teage, Ballynass North
MCELROY,  Hugh, Killdrim Upper
MCELROY, Daniel, Ballynass North
MCELROY, Edward, Ballyness Milltown
MCELROY, Edward, Milltenementy
MCELROY, Manus, Ballynass North
MCELROY, Patrick, Ballyness Middle
MCELROY, Patrick, Ballyness Milltown
MCELROY, Patrick, Tory Island
MCELROY, William, Ballyness Milltown
MCELWAIN Cornelius, Cronagoogu
MCELWAIN Cornelius, Doare Middle
MCELWAIN Cornelius, Lynaghmore
MCFADDEN Alice (Spinster) Baltoney Lower
MCFADDEN Owen, Ardnacrofs
MCFADDEN Patrick, Ardnacrofs
MCFADDFIN Manus, Bunalack Upper
MCFADDIN Connel, Knockfolla
MCFADDIN Cornelius, Knockfolla
MCFADDIN Daniel, Knockfolla
MCFADDIN Edward, Knockfolla
MCFADDIN Hugh, Knockfolla
MCFADDIN James, Knockastolla
MCFADDIN John, Knockastolla
MCFADDIN Manus, Killdrim Lower
MCFADDIN Owen, Knockfolla
MCFADDIN Dennis, Maheraroarty Mountain, Called Balanami--Mes (Illegible)
MCFADDIN Edward, Bunaniniver
MCFADDIN Edward, Leithcathach
MCFADDIN James, Bunaniniver
MCFADDIN James, Inishinny
MCFADDIN John, Carrick McGarvey
MCFADDIN John, Maheraroarty
MCFADDIN Michael, Fannaboye Upper
MCFADDIN Michael, Inishinny
MCFADDIN Owen, Bunaniniver
MCFADDIN Owen, Dunloway Dunbrine
MCFADDIN Owen, Maheraroarty
MCFADDIN Patrick, Bunaniniver
MCFADDIN Patrick, Glashagh
MCFADDIN Patrick, Leithcathach
MCFADDIN Shaun, Bunaniniver
MCFADDIN Shaun, Carrick McGarvey
MCFADDIN Shaun, Kilult Brogan
MCFADDIN Teage, Corran's Port
MCFADDIN Teage, Kilult Brogan
MCFADDIN Teage, Maheraroarty
MCFADDIN Thomas, Fannaboye Upper
MCFADDIN Unity, Widow Meencarrickach
MCGADDEN John, Meenacladdy
MCGARVEY Patrick, Knockastolla
MCGARVEY William, Knockastolla
MCGARVEY Anthony, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MCGARVEY Connel, Tullaghabigly Peoples
MCGARVEY Cormick, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MCGARVEY Dennis, Carrick McGarvey
MCGARVEY Domnick, Carrick McGarvey
MCGARVEY Edward, Bunalack Lower
MCGARVEY Edward, Carrick McGarvey
MCGARVEY Edward, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MCGARVEY Hugh, Carrick McGarvey
MCGARVEY Hugh, Owennagurrow
MCGARVEY Hugh, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MCGARVEY Hugh Bawn Carrick McGarvey
MCGARVEY James, Ardnagappery
MCGARVEY James, Carrick Boyle
MCGARVEY James, Tullaghabigly Peoples
MCGARVEY John, Faalcarragh Mountain
MCGARVEY Owen, Carrick McGarvey
MCGARVEY Owen, Lynaghmore
MCGARVEY Owen, Stranacorkrach
MCGARVEY Owen, Strohan
MCGARVEY Patrick, Lynaghmore
MCGARVEY Patrick, Stradabrowey
MCGARVEY Peter, Strohan
MCGARVEY Sheli, Widow Meenacladdy
MCGEADDY Shaun, Glashercoo
MCGEADY Dennis, Killdrim Upper
MCGEADY John, Killdrim Upper
MCGEADY, [Blank], Cashelnagor
MCGEADY, Daniel, Cashel Gatetown
MCGEADY, James, Cloonbara
MCGEADY, John, Dunloway East
MCGEADY, Miles, Cashelnagor
MCGEADY Manus, Inishbofin
MCGEADY Patrick, Glenthorn
MCGEE, Bryan, Ardsmore
MCGEE, Bryan, Carrick Boyle
MCGEE, Bryan, Carrick Boyle
MCGEE, Connel, Carrick McCafferty
MCGEE, Francis, Binn Boye
MCGEE, Hugh, Carrick Boyle
MCGEE, John, Assnahamidh
MCGEE, John, Ballynass North
MCGEE, John, Carrick Boyle
MCGEE, Manus, Goala
MCGEE, Michael, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MCGEE, Shaun, Ballynass North
MCGEE, Susan (Widow) Carrick Boyle
MCGEE, Thomas, Carrick Boyle
MCGEE, Thomas, Carrick Coyle
MCGEE, William, Ardsmore
MCGEE, William, Ardsmore
MCGIEVER John, Killdrim Lower
MCGIEVER Thomas, Maheraroarty Mountain, Called Balanami--Mes (Illegible)
MCGINELY Dennis, Tory Island
MCGINLEY Anthony, Killult Lower
MCGINLEY Cornelius, Killdrim Lower
MCGINLEY Cornelius, Killdrim Middle
MCGINLEY Daniel, Killdrim Middle
MCGINLEY Daniel, Killdrim Middle
MCGINLEY Daniel, Killdrim Rockstown
MCGINLEY Dennis, Killdrim Middle
MCGINLEY Hugh, Killdrim Rockstown
MCGINLEY James, Killdrim Lower
MCGINLEY James, Killdrim Middle
MCGINLEY John, Killdrim Middle
MCGINLEY John, Killdrim Rockstown
MCGINLEY Michael, Killdrim Middle
MCGINLEY Phiilip, Killdrim Lower
MCGINLEY Alice, Widow Maheraroarty
MCGINLEY Anthony, Baltony Upper
MCGINLEY Anthony, Stranacorkrach
MCGINLEY Bridget, Ballynass North
MCGINLEY Bryan, Maheraroarty
MCGINLEY Bryan, Maheraroarty
MCGINLEY Catharine, Tory Island
MCGINLEY Charles, Ardsmore
MCGINLEY Charles, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MCGINLEY Connel, Inisherrar
MCGINLEY Cornel (Or Cormel) Meenacung
MCGINLEY Cornelius, Alth
MCGINLEY Daniel, Baltoney Lower
MCGINLEY Daniel, Glashagh
MCGINLEY Daniel, Gortahork West
MCGINLEY Darby, Baltony Upper
MCGINLEY Darby, Goala
MCGINLEY Dennis, Ardsmore
MCGINLEY Dennis, Ballynass North
MCGINLEY Dennis, Baltony Upper
MCGINLEY Dennis, Maamloghalarg
MCGINLEY Edward, Maheraroarty
MCGINLEY Elinor (Widow) Ballynass North
MCGINLEY Elinor (Widow) Ballyness Middle
MCGINLEY Elinor, Widow Meenacladdy
MCGINLEY Francis, Maheraroarty
MCGINLEY Grace (Widow) Ardsmore
MCGINLEY Hugh, Gortahork West
MCGINLEY James, Ballynass North
MCGINLEY James, Binnanean
MCGINLEY James, Carrick Coyle
MCGINLEY James, Glashagh
MCGINLEY James, Maheraroarty
MCGINLEY James, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
MCGINLEY John, Ardsmore
MCGINLEY John, Baltoney Lower
MCGINLEY John, Baltony Upper
MCGINLEY John, Glashagh
MCGINLEY John, Maheraroarty
MCGINLEY John, Meenacladdy
MCGINLEY John, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
MCGINLEY John Snr, Baltony Upper
MCGINLEY Manus, Ardsmore
MCGINLEY Mary (Spinster) Ballynass North
MCGINLEY Michael, Goala
MCGINLEY Michael, Goala Mountain (Alias Arddunn)
MCGINLEY Michael, Maheralosk
MCGINLEY Michael, Maheraroarty
MCGINLEY Michael, Meenderry-Aff
MCGINLEY Michael, Pruchbush
MCGINLEY Michael, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
MCGINLEY Miles, Ardsmore
MCGINLEY Nail, Strohan
MCGINLEY Nancy, Baltoney Lower
MCGINLEY Nancy (Widow) Ballynass North
MCGINLEY Nancy (Widow) Ballyness Middle
MCGINLEY Sarah, Ballynass North
MCGINLEY Sarah, Baltony Upper
MCGINLEY Shaun, Maheraroarty
MCGINLEY Shaun, Maheraroarty
MCGINLEY Sheli, Widow Goala
MCGINLEY Teage, Baltony Upper
MCGINLEY Teage, Glashagh
MCGINLEY Teage, Inisherrar
MCGINLEY Teage, Maheraroarty
MCGONIGLE George, Alth
MCGOWAN Charles, Killult Lower
MCGOWAN Dennis, Killdrim Middle
MCGOWAN Dennis, Killdrim Rockstown
MCGOWAN Dennis, Killdrim Rockstown
MCGOWAN James, Killdrim Lower
MCGOWAN Michael, Senior Killdrim Rockstown
MCGOWAN Charles, Derry Connor
MCGOWAN James, Derry Connor
MCGREADY James, Faanaboye Lower
MCGREADY John, Maheraroarty
MCGREADY Michael, Maheraroarty
MCILWAIN Patrick, Ardsmore
MCKIMM, Alexander, Millmount
MCKIMM, Daniel, Millmount
MCLAFFERTY Hugh, Tory Island
MCLEAH, Nail, Killdrim Upper
MCLEAH Shaun, Killdrim Middle
MCLEFERTY Nancy, Kilult Brogan
MCLEFFERTY Elinor, Tullaghabigly Scotchtown
MCLEFFERTY Nancy, Tullaghabigly Scotchtown
MCLEFFERTY Shaun, Kilult Boyle
MCLIFERTY Brine, Ballynass North
MCLIFFERTY Manus, Callheameg
MCMUNAGH Henry, Faalcarragh
MCNULTY Bryan, Faanaboye Lower
MCNULTY Edward, Baltony Upper
MCNULTY Hanna, Baltony Upper
MCNULTY James, Faanaboye Lower
MCNULTY James, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
MCNULTY John, Baltony Upper
MCNULTY Manus, Faanaboye Lower
MCNULTY Nail, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
MCNULTY Owen, Cloonbara
MCNULTY Owen, Faalcarragh Mountain
MCNULTY Partick, Faanaboye Lower
MCNULTY Philip, Tullaghabigly Rockstown
MCNUTTY James, Ballyness Middle
MCPAUL, Charles, Lynaghmore
MCPAUL, Charles, Maheragallan
MCPAUL, Daniel, Maheralosk
MCPAUL, Patrick, Ardnagappery
MCPAUL, Patrick, Goala Mountain (Alias Arddunn)
MCWARD, Owen, Strohan
MEENAN, Catharine, Widow Tory Island
MEENAN, Michael, Tory Island
MIDDLE, Hugh, Tullaghabigly Irishtown
MILLIAGN Patrick, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
MILLIKIN James, Baltoney Lower
MILLIKIN Robert, Baltoney Lower
MOONEY Edward, Killdrim Lower
MULHERAN Daniel, Cashel Forgepark
MULHERAN Edward, Kilult O'brien
MULHERAN Elinor, Cashel Gatetown
MULHERAN Elinor, Gortahork West
MULHERAN James, Kilult Middle
MULHERAN Michael, Gortahork West
MULHERAN Miles, Gortahork West
MULHERAN Miles, Maheraroarty Mountain, Called Balanami--Mes (Illegible)
MULHERAN Milies, Cashel Byer Park
MULHERAN Owen, Cashel Forgepark
MULHERAN Owen, Gortahork West
MULHERAN Patrick, Cashel Forgepark
MULHERAN Patrick, Gortahork West
MULHERAN Patrick, Munna
MULHERON Charles, Baltoney Lower
MULHERON Collumb, Baltoney Lower
MULHERON Dennis, Baltoney Lower
MULHERON Edward, Baltoney Lower
MULHERON Hugh, Baltoney Lower
MULLIGAN Cormick, Maheraclogher
MULLIGAN Cormick, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
MULLIGAN Daniel, Ardnagappery
MULLIGAN Daniel, Bunawack
MULLIGAN Edward, Maheraclogher
MULLIGAN Edward, Meenacung
MULLIGAN Edward, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
MULLIGAN Hugh, Maheraclogher
MULLIGAN Hugh, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
MULLIGAN John, Maheraclogher
MULLIGAN John, Stramarlin
MULLIGAN John, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
MULLIGAN Nancy, Widow Cashelnagor Poundtown
MULLIGAN Owen, Meenagall
MULLIGAN Patrick, Inishmane
MULLIGAN Patrick, Maheraclogher
MULLIGAN Patrick, Maheraclogher
MULLIGAN Patrick, Stramarlin
MULLIGAN Patrick, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
MULLIGAN Shaun, Baltoney Lower
MULLIGAN Sheli, Stramarlin
MULLIGAN Thomas, Stramarlin
MULLIGAN William, Cashelnagor Poundtown
MURRAY, Michael, Loughkeel
O'BRIAN, Bryan, Maheraroarty Mountain, Called Balanami--Mes (Illegible)
O'BRIEN, Bryan, Meenacladdy
O'BRIEN, Charles, Meenacladdy
O'BRIEN, Daniel, Meenacladdy
O'BRIEN, Dennis, Bunalack Mountain
O'BRIEN, Edward, Kilult O'brien
O'BRIEN, Henry, Derry Connor
O'BRIEN, Henry, MAHERAROARTY MOUNTAIN, called Balanami-Mes
O'BRIEN, James, Meenacladdy
O'BRIEN, John, Corran's Port
O'BRIEN, John, Kilult Dougan
O'BRIEN, Michael, Inishbofin
O'BRIEN, Nail (And Partners) Ardsbeg
O'BRIEN, Patrick, Meenacladdy
O'BRIEN, Peter, Meenderry-Aff
O'BRIEN, Peter, Meenderry-Aff
O'BRIEN, Rodger, Meenacladdy
O'BRYAN, Charles, Meenacladdy
O'DONNEL, Arthur, Crawley

O'DONNEL, Arthur, Knockastolla
O'DONNEL, Arthur, Doare Middle
O'DONNEL, Arthur, Inishmane
O'DONNEL, Catharine, Doare Lower
O'DONNEL, Charles, Doare Upper
O'DONNEL, Charles, Doare Upper
O'DONNEL, Charles, Goala Mountain (Alias Muncloughglass)
O'DONNEL, Charles, Inishmane
O'DONNEL, Charles, Maheralosk
O'DONNEL, Conn, Inishmane

O'DONNEL, Connel, Knockastolla
O'DONNEL, Cornelius, Carrick McCafferty
O'DONNEL, Cornelius, Maheraclogher
O'DONNEL, Cornelus, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
O'DONNEL, Daniel, Cashel Forgepark
O'DONNEL, Daniel, Doare Lower
O'DONNEL, Daniel, Dunloway East
O'DONNEL, Daniel, Jr, Dunloway East
O'DONNEL, Francis, Bunawack
O'DONNEL, Francis, Doare Lower
O'DONNEL, Francy, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half

O'DONNEL, Grace, Widow, Knockastolla
O'DONNEL, Grace, Widow, Meencarrickach
O'DONNEL, Hanna, Widow, Doare Middle
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Bunalack Lower
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Dunloway East

O'DONNEL, Hugh, Knockastolla
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Knockastolla
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Knockfolla
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Knockfolla
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Goala
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Inishinny
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Maheraclogher
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Stranacorkrach
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Stranarawa
O'DONNEL, Hugh, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
O'DONNEL, James, Ballyness Middle
O'DONNEL, James, Doare Lower
O'DONNEL, James, Doare Lower
O'DONNEL, James, Inishinny
O'DONNEL, James, Maheraclogher
O'DONNEL, James, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half

O'DONNEL, John, Knockastolla
O'DONNEL, John, Bunalack Lower
O'DONNEL, John, Maheraclogher
O'DONNEL, John, Pruchbush
O'DONNEL, John, Stranacorkrach
O'DONNEL, John, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
O'DONNEL, Manus, Doare Upper
O'DONNEL, Manus, Inishmane
O'DONNEL, Manus, Maheraclogher
O'DONNEL, Manus, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
O'DONNEL, Mary, Loughkeel
O'DONNEL, Nail, Cothyen
O'DONNEL, Nail, Doare Middle
O'DONNEL, Nail, Doare Upper
O'DONNEL, Nail, Inishmane

O'DONNEL, Nail, Knockastolla
O'DONNEL, Nail, Knockastolla
O'DONNEL, Nancy, Widow, Cashelnagor
O'DONNEL, Owen, Goala

O'DONNEL, Owen, Knockastolla
O'DONNEL, Patrick, Dunloway East
O'DONNEL, Patrick, Glenthorn
O'DONNEL, Patrick, Maheralosk
O'DONNEL, Patrick, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
O'DONNEL, Shaun, Kilult Upper
O'DONNEL, Shaun, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
O'DONNEL, Shawn, Doare Upper
O'DONNELL, Charles, Meenamiller Upper

O'DONNELL Conn, Knockfolla
O'DONNELL, John, Ardsmore
O'DONNELL, Manus, Doare Lower
O'DONNELL, Shaun, Ardsmore
OLPHANT, Thomas, Esq, Meenacladdy
OLPHART, John, Rev, Teeavealeith
OLPHART (??) ESQ., Thomas Inishbeg
PEOPLES, Connel, Maheraclogher
PEOPLES, Connel, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
PEOPLES, James, Maheraclogher
PEOPLES, James, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
PEOPLES, James, Tullaghabigly Peoples
PEOPLES, Michael, Tullaghabigly Peoples
PEOPLES, Patrick, Cothyen
PEOPLES, Patrick, Tullaghabigly Peoples
PEOPLES, William, Carrick Mccafferty
PEOPLES, William, Maheraclogher
PEOPLES, William, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
ROARTY, Cathrine, Baltoney Lower
ROARTY, Charles, Ardapot
ROARTY, Charles, Goala
ROARTY, Charles, Maheraclogher
ROARTY, Charles, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
ROARTY, Collumb, Kilult O'brien
ROARTY, Columb, Ardapot
ROARTY, Daniel, Goala
ROARTY, Daniel, Maheraclogher
ROARTY, Daniel, Munna
ROARTY, Daniel, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
ROARTY, Hugh, Baltoney Lower
ROARTY, Hugh, Cashel Gatetown
ROARTY, Hugh, Crawley
ROARTY, Hugh, Glenthorn
ROARTY, James, Maheraclogher
ROARTY, James, Meenacorwick
ROARTY, James, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
ROARTY, John, Meenaboll
ROARTY, John, Meenacladdy
ROARTY, Manies (?Sp) Meenamiller Upper
ROARTY, Nail, Ardapot
ROARTY, Rodger, Fannaboye Upper
ROARTY, Shaun, Crawley
ROARTY, Shaun, Meenagall Mountain
ROBINSON, Robert, Ballyness Middle
ROBINSON, Thomas, Faalcarragh
ROBINSON, Thomas, Tullaghabigly Scotchtown
RODGERS, Daniel, Kilult O'brien
RODGERS, Edward, Doare Lower
RODGERS, Michael, Meenderry
RODGERS, Owen, Tory Island
RODGERS, Patrick Bawn Tory Island
RODGERS, Peter, Tory Island
RODGERS, Philip, Tory Island
ROGERS, Unity, Widow Kilult Brogan
SHARKEY John, Knockastolla
SHARKEY, Bryan, Strohan
SHARKEY, Cahil, Stranarawa
SHARKEY, Cahil, Torrhs - Ardnigappery Half
SHARKEY, Caterina (?Sp) Meenacreeve
SHARKEY, Catharine, Stranarawa
SHARKEY, Francis, Kilult Dougan
SHARKEY, James, Munna
SHARKEY, John, Goala
SHARKEY, Patrick, Strohan
SHARKEY, Philip, Strohan
SHEILS, Edward, Kleinlougher, Alias Scotch Tullaghabigly Mountain
SHEILS, Peter, Kleinlougher, Alias Scotch Tullaghabigly Mountain
SHEILS, Edward, Cashelnagor Poundtown
SHEILS, Owen, Cashelnagor Poundtown
SHIELS, Darby, Baltoney Lower
SHIELS, Shaun, Binn Boye
SISE, James, Dunloway East
SISE, Mary, Widow Dunloway East
SIXE, Michael, Baltoney Lower
SMULLAN, James, Faalcarragh
SMULLAN, John, Kilult Boyle
SMULLAN, John, Kilult Boyle
STEWART, William, Esq Tullaghbigly Mountain
SWEENEY, Daniel, Killdrim Lower
SWEENEY, Daniel, Killdrim Middle
SWEENEY, Domnick, Knockastolla
SWEENEY, Manus, Killdrim Rockstown
SWEENEY, William, Killdrim Rockstown
SWEENEY, Catherine, Binnanean
SWEENEY, Charles, Fannaboye Upper
SWEENEY, Charles, Jr Fannaboye Upper
SWEENEY, Cornelius, Cloonbara
SWEENEY, Daniel, Dunloway Dunbrine
SWEENEY, Daniel, Fannaboye Upper
SWEENEY, Daniel, Meenaboll
SWEENEY, Daniel, Stranakill
SWEENEY, Dennis, Kilult Dougan
SWEENEY, Domnick, Ardnagappery
SWEENEY, Domnick, Cothyen
SWEENEY, Edward, Ardnagappery
SWEENEY, Edward, Ballyness Middle
SWEENEY, Edward, Maheralosk
SWEENEY, Hanna, Widow Gortahork Sweeney
SWEENEY, Hugh, Althan
SWEENEY, Hugh, Ardnagappery
SWEENEY, Hugh, Carrick Boyle
SWEENEY, Hugh, Cashelnagor
SWEENEY, Hugh, Corveen
SWEENEY, Hugh, Crawley
SWEENEY, Hugh, Inishmane
SWEENEY, Hugh, Maheralosk
SWEENEY, James, Carrick Mccafferty
SWEENEY, James, Corveen
SWEENEY, James, Goala
SWEENEY, James, Goala
SWEENEY, James, Maheraclogher
SWEENEY, James, Stranacorkrach
SWEENEY, James, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
SWEENEY, John, Binnanean
SWEENEY, John, Corveen
SWEENEY, John, Dunloway Dunbrine
SWEENEY, John, Fannaboye Upper
SWEENEY, John, Goala
SWEENEY, John, Goala
SWEENEY, John, Kilult O'brien
SWEENEY, John, Meenaboll
SWEENEY, John, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
SWEENEY, Manus, Kilult Middle
SWEENEY, Mary, Ardapot
SWEENEY, Michael, Fannaboye Upper
SWEENEY, Nail, Bunalack Lower
SWEENEY, Owen, Cothyen
SWEENEY, Shaun, Gortahork Sweeney
SWEENEY, William, Dunloway Dunbrine
SWEENEY, William, Stranakill
SWEENY, Edward, Torrks Or Torrhs - Maherachloghers Half
TOLAN, Hugh, Knockastolla
WARD, William, Killdrim Lower
WARD, Cornelius, Cashel Gatetown
WARD, Robert, Baltoney Lower
WARD, Robert, Cashel Gatetown
WEIR, George, Callheameg
WEIR, John, Callheameg
WEIR, Robert, Callheameg

WHORISKY Edward, Killult Lower
WHORISKY Patrick, Killdrim Upper
WILKINSON George, Kilult Milltown







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