1901 Census Elaghbeg, Burt Parish, Co Donegal

(1894 sketch of what was left of Sean Og O'Doherty's Castle in Elaghbeg)

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born
1 Colquhoun Thomas Head Pres R&W 54 Publican Married Londonderry
  Colquhoun Mary Wife  Pres R&W 56 Housekeeper Married Tyrone
  Hutchman Alexander Son in law Pres R&W 33 Railway Clerk Married Londonderry
  Hutchman Catherine Dau Pres R&W 28 Housekeeper Married Donegal
  Hutchman Frederick William Gr Son Pres Read 4 Scholar   Donegal
  Hutchman Mary Helen Gr Dau Pres Neither 2 Infant   Donegal
  Hutchman James Alexander Gr Son Pres Neither 5 mo Infant   Donegal
2 Stewart James Head Pres R&W 62 Carpenter & Farmer Widower Donegal
  Stewart James Son Pres R&W 36 Carpenter   Single Donegal
  Stewart Thomas Son Pres R&W 35 Farm help Single Donegal
  Diver Sarah Servant RC Cant read 27 Domestic servant Single Donegal
3 McNutt James Head Pres R&W 58 Farmer Single Donegal
  McNutt Mary Anne Sister Pres R&W 60 Farmer sister Single Donegal
4 Johnston William Head Pres R&W 65 Farmer Married Donegal
  Johnston Eliza J. Wife Pres R&W 50 Housekeeper Married Donegal
  Johnston William J. Son Pres R&W 9 Scholar Single Donegal
  Johnston Robt F? Son Pres R&W 7 Scholar Single Donegal
  Johnston Elizabeth Sister Pres R&W 70   Single Donegal
  Johnston Rebecca Sister Pres R&W 60   Single Donegal
5 Elder William Head Pres R&W 67 Farmer Married Donegal
  Elder Mary Wife Pres R&W 63   Married Donegal
  Elder Maggie Dau Pres R&W 28 Farmer's Daughter Single Donegal
  Elder David Son Pres R&W 26 Farmer's Son Single Donegal
  Elder Jeannie Dau Pres R&W 24 Farmer's Daughter Single Donegal
  Elder Robert Son Pres R&W 21 Farmer's Son Single Donegal
  McLaughlin Philip Servant RC R&W 16 Farm Servant Single Donegal
6 Sharkey William Head RC R&W 54 Labourer Married Donegal
  Sharkey Elizabeth Wife RC R&W 50 Housekeeper Married Donegal
  Sharkey Matilda Dau RC R&W 16   Single Donegal
  Sharkey Joseph Son RC R&W 14 Scholar Single Donegal
  Sharkey Ellen Dau RC R&W 13 Scholar Single Donegal
  Sharkey David Son RC R&W 12 Scholar Single Donegal
  Sharkey Andrew Son RC R&W 10 Scholar Single Donegal
  Sharkey Susan Dau RC Cant read 7 Scholar Single Donegal
  McGonagle Margaret Boarder RC R&W 64   Single Donegal
7 Quigley William Head Pres R&W 83 Farmer Married Donegal
  Quigley Rebecca Wife Pres R&W 76   Married Donegal
  Quigley William H Son Pres R&W 37 Farmer Married Donegal
  Quigley Margaret Dau in law Pres R&W 32   Married Donegal
  Quigley William George Gr Son Pres Cant read 3   Single Donegal
  Quigley Jeanette Mary Gr Dau Pres Cant read 1   Single Donegal
  Robinson Mary Jane Visitor Pres R&W 14   Single Donegal
8 Johnson John James Head Pres R&W 29 Farmer Married Donegal
  Johnson Johanna Wife Pres R&W 32   Married Donegal
  Johnson Samuel Sloan Son Pres Cant read 1   Single Donegal
  Johnson Elizabeth H Dau Pres Cant read 4 mo   Single Donegal
  Johnson John James Father Pres R&W 62 Pensioner EX. N.T. Married Derry
  Clifford Robert Servant RC Cant read 40 Farm servant Single Donegal
  Clifford Unity Servant RC Cant read 44 Servant domestic Single Donegal
9 McLean Samuel Head Pres R&W 38 Farmer Married Donegal
  McLean Margaret Wife Pres R&W 46 Farmers Wife Married Donegal
  Sweeney Mary S Step dau Pres R&W 15 Farmers Dau Single Donegal
  Sweeney Walter M Step son Pres R&W 14 Scholar Single England
  Caine Ellen Servant RC Cant read 18 General Servant Single Donegal
10 McElvenny Sarah Head Pres R&W 67 Farmer Widow Donegal
  McElvenny James Son Pres Cant read 38 Farmers Son Single Donegal
  McElvenny Alexander Son Baptist R&W 27 Farmers Son Single Donegal
  McElvenny William J Nephew Pres R&W 40 Farmers Son Single Derry
  McElvenny Alexander Nephew Pres R&W 38 Farmers Son Single Derry
  McElvenny Robert Nephew Pres R&W 28 Farmers Son Single Derry
  Note: James blind
11 Canning Hugh Head RC R&W 53 Farmer Married Donegal
  Canning Bridget Wife RC R&W 48   Married Donegal
  Canning Patrick Son RC R&W 20 Labourer Single Donegal
  Canning Maggie Dau RC R&W 18   Single Donegal
  Canning James Son RC R&W 14 Scholar Single Donegal
  Canning Agnes Dau RC R&W 12 Scholar Single Donegal
  Canning Lizzie Dau RC R&W 10 Scholar Single Donegal
  Canning Hugh Son RC R&W 7 Scholar Single Donegal
  Robinson Crockett and Mary Atcheson Household        
12 Crockett Robinson Head Pres R&W 36 Farmer Married Donegal
  Crockett Mary Wife Pres R&W 37   Married Donegal
  Crockett Joseph A Son Pres R&W 7 Scholar Single Donegal
  Crockett John Son Pres Read 5 Scholar Single Donegal
  Crockett Maggie S Dau Pres Cant read 3   Single Donegal
  Crockett Isabella M Dau Pres Cant read 10 mo   Single Donegal
  Atcheson Sarah Mother in Law RC Cant read 65   Widow Donegal


Robinson Crockett, labourer, Lisfannan, Fahan Upper, son of John, Land steward, married Mary Atcheson, Elaghbeg, dau of Thomas,

16 Jun 1892. Witnesses Fred Colquoun and Margaret S Crockett

Robinson d 1917 - he and Mary are buried in Drumhaggart Graveyard - see headstone inscription

Robinson's parents - John Crockett and Isabella McKay

John Crockett son of John Crockett & Isabella Miller

- his brother James m Rebecca Smyth and his brother Alexander m Isabella Scott

On 29 October 1863, in the 4th Presbyterian Church Londonderry, by the Rev. William Long, Mr John Crockett, Imlick, married Isabella, daughter of

Mr David Macky,  Humphreystown, Molenan

Children of John and Isabella :

Robinson b 24 Aug 1864 m Mary Acheson

David b Imlick, Killea, 10 May 1866

Eliza Mackey b Gortaquigley, Raphoe, 19 Sep 1875

Esther b Lifford, Clonleigh, 23 Jul 1879

John Smauel b Edenmore, Donaghmore, 3 Dec 1881

Elizabeth b Collon, Derry, 18 Jun 1884

James Mackey b Collon, Derry, 6 Sep 1885

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13 Toland Maggie Head RC Cant read 34   Widow Donegal
  Toland Mary J Dau RC Read 9 Scholar Single Donegal
  Toland Fanny A Dau RC Read 7 Scholar Single Donegal
  Toland Hugh Son RC Cant read 5 Scholar Single Donegal
  Mooney Mary J Mother RC Cant read 60 Housekeeper Widow Donegal
  William Moran and Mary Ann McElwee Household        
14 Moran William Head Pres R&W 71 Farmer Married Donegal
  Moran Mary Ann Wife Pres R&W 56   Married Donegal
  Moran Annie Dau Pres R&W 32 Farmers Dau Single Donegal
  Moran John Son Pres R&W 24 Farmers Son Single Donegal
  White James Servant Pres Read 59 Servant Single Donegal


Children of William and Mary Ann :

Ann b 26 Sep 1867

Elizabeth b 8 Apr 1869

Mary b 10 Aug 1870

John b 17 Aug 1873

Rebecca b 31 May 1877

  John McDermott and Isabella Doherty Household        
16 McDermott John Head RC Cant read 60 Farmer Married Donegal
  McDermott Bella Wife RC Read 45   Married Londonderry City
  McDermott John Son RC R&W 23 Farm servant Single Londonderry City
  McDermott Lizzie Dau RC R&W 18 General servant Single Donegal
  McDermott Michael Son RC R&W 16 Tailor Single Donegal
  McDermott Daniel Son RC R&W 12 Scholar Single Donegal


John McDermott, Derry, Labourer, son of John, Labourer, married Isabella Doherty, Derry, Factory Girl, dau of John, Labourer, 24 Aug 1874 at St Eugene's,

Derry. Witnesses Patrick Timoney and Martha Doherty

Children of John and Bella :

(8 children born/6 still alive in 1911)

Catherine b Derry 1875

John b Derry 1877

Michael b Derry 1879

Isabella b Derry 1880

Elizabeth b Donegal 1882

Michael b Donegal 1884

Isabella/Matilda b Donegal 1887

Daniel b Donegal 1889

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