Drumhaggart Graveyard, Burt, Co Donegal

(Mixed Religions)


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This burial ground is situated close to Birdstown, which is located midway between the Villages of Burnfoot and Muff




In Loving Memory Of

George Adair, Galliagh

Who Died 2 Oct 1905

Aged 73 Years

Also His Wife Sarah

Who Died 3 May 1911, Aged 70 Years

And Their Daughter

Margaret Ann

Who Died 25 Nov 1926 Aged 55 Years

Also Their Son William?

Who Died 12 Jul 1936 Aged 71



George Adair, son of William, married Sarah Wiley, dau of William, 14 Jan 1864, Londonderry

See 1901 census Ballynagalliagh & 1911 census Ballynagalliagh, Derry

George Adair left a will, with effects of £225 5s. 6d. Abstract of Will reads
Probate of the Will of George Adair late of Ballynagallagh County Donegal Farmer who died 2 October 1905

granted at Londonderry to George Adair Factory Manager and Robert McCarter Farmer




In Memory Of

George Austin


Died 20 Aug 1846

Aged 66 Years

And His Beloved Wife


Died 17 Oct 1879

Aged 86 Years

And Their Son

Alexander Austin

Died 12 Jan 1876

Aged 60 Years

Elizabeth Bell, Drumnacross

Died 3 Aug 1959

Her Husband John

Died 10 Oct 1971





Joseph Burnside

19 Jan 1875

Age 10 Years




To The Memory Of

Robinson Crockett, Elaghbeg

Died ? Dec 1917

Also His Wife Mary

Died 1? May 195?

And Their Son Joseph Atchesdon

Killed in Action At The Somme

1 Jul 1916


(see 1901 census Elaghbeg)

(see CWG Casualty Details)




In Loving Memory Of

Samuel Elder Of Ballyederowen

Who Departed This Life 31 Jan 1878

Also His Wife Annie

Who Separted This Life 19?

Their Daughter Elizabeth Elder

Who Departed This Life 7 Dec 1951 Aged 78 Years




Samuel Elder left a Will with effects of £341 13s. Full Abstract:
Probate of the Will (with one Codicil) of Samuel Elder late of Ballyderowen County Donegal

Farmer who died 31 January 1878 granted at Londonderry to James Rooney Farmer.


(See 1901 Census Ballyederowen)




Sacred To The Memory Of

William English

Who Died 2 Dec 18?

Aged 65 Years

Also His Wife Margaret Witherow

Who Died 17 Mar 1844

Aged 36 Years

And Their Daughter Isabella

Who Died 10? May 1842

Aged 11 Years

Also Their Son John

Who Died 13 Apr 1884

Aged 45 Years

James, 27 Sep 1909 Aged 76

Rebecca, 10 May 1911 Aged 76

Catherine, 22 Jan 1915 Aged 82

And Her Daughter

Rebecca Duncan, 9 Feb 1910

Buried in Ardstraw

? All Died At Lenamore

He That Believeth In The Son Hath Ever Lasting Life

John 3:36

(see 1901 Census Derryvane)








In Loving Memory Of

Cunningham Hunter

Who Died 24 Mar 1908


(see 1901 Census Birdstown Demesne)




In Memory Of

Andrew Long

Died ? Apr 18?

Aged 80? Years

Also His Wife

Mary Long

Died 28 ? 188?

Aged ? Years




In Memory Of

James Long

Of Ballymagroarty

Who Died 2 Dec 1875

Aged 86

Also His Son, John Long

Who Died 24 Jan 1879

Aged 63

Also Mary Ann

Wife Of The Above John Long

Who Died 20 Feb 1883 (aged 60)

Also His Daughter Martha Long

Born 16 Aug 1847

Died 3 Feb 1916

Also His Daughters

Catherine Long

Born 18 Jun 1853

Died 13 Jan 1934

Elizabeth Long

Born 14 Jul 1863

Died 27 Dec 1941


(see 1911 Census Ballymagrorty, Derry)

Researcher: Wallace - Email





In Memory of

John McGarrigle

Of Iskaheen

Who Died 8 Feb 1877

Aged 85 Years

Also His Beloved Wife

Esther McGarrigle

Who Died 3 Nov 1878 Aged 80 Years

And of the Beloved Wife Of

Daniel McGarrigle

Elizabeth McGarrigle

Who Died Feb 1879 Aged 33 Years

Also Their Daughter

Lizzie Jane McGarrigle

Who Died October 1900 Aged 21 Years

And The Son Of The Above

Daniel McGarrigle

Who Died 7 Dec 1913 Aged 71 Years

Anne McGarrigle

The Beloved Wife Of

John McGarrigle (Jnr)

Who Died 19 Mar 1919 Aged 86 Years

Also Her Beloved Husband

John McGarrigle Jnr

Who Died 13 May 1920 Aged 87 Years

Also Margaret Jane

Wife Of The Above Daniel McGarrigle

Who Died 3 Mar 1931 Aged 86 Years



For John & Anne - see 1911 census Managhmore, Clondermott, Co Derry

For Daniel & Margaret Jane - see 1901 census Barry Street, Londonderry, Co Derry & 1911 census Barry Street, Londonderry, Co Derry

Daniel McGarrigle, b Eskaheen, Muff & Margaret Jane (Wylie) dau of Thomas b Soppog, Muff

Researcher: Kate - Email




In Memory Of

Nancy McMillan

Of Ture

Died 25 Sep 1870

Aged 72 Years


James McMillan

Husband Of The Above

Who Died 2 May 18??

Aged 85 Years




James McMillan
Effects under £500

Full Abstract 1:
Letters of Administration (with the Will annexed) of the personal estate of James M'Millan (otherwise M'Mullen) late of Drumhaggart County Donegal

Gentleman deceased who died 2 May 1877 at same place were granted at Londonderry to Jane Long of Drumhaggart Widow the Daughter of said deceased.

Full Abstract 2:
Letters of Administration (with the Will annexed) of the personal estate of James M'Millan otherwise M'Mullen late of Drumhaggart County Donegal

Gentleman who died 2 May 1887 at same place (left unadministered by Jane Long the Daughter) were granted at Londonderry to Richard Wiley of Drumhaggart and David Campbell of Carnamoyle

both in said County Farmers the Representatives of the Daughter. (Former Grant 1 November 1880.)




In Loving Memory Of

Thomas J Peoples

Died 20? Jun 1911

Also Andrew Peoples

Carrowreagh, Burt

Died 2 May 1927

And Andrew Hunter Peoples

Died 24 Mar 1928

Also Thomas Peoples

Died 10 ? ?

And Elizabeth Peoples

Died 29? Jan 192?

Also Margaret Elizabeth

Wife of the Late Samuel Peoples

Died ?

And Matthew Thomas C Peoples

Died 24 Sep 1960


(see households 28 & 36 1901 Census Carrowreagh)




In Loving Memory of

Alexander Porter


Who Died 19 Dec 18?8

Aged 68 Years

Also His Wife Elizabeth

Who Died 14 Jan 18?

Aged 84 Years

And Was Interred In

Londonderry Cemetery

And Their Seven Children

Who Died in Infancy

Also Their Daughter

Matilda Cresswell

Who Died 25 Feb 1876?

Aged 29 Years




Erected By

Jane & Samuel Walker

In Memory Of Their Children

Lucy Jane

Died 27 Jun 1880 Aged 15 Months

Also Samuel

Died 2 Jul 1880 Aged 4 Years

And James

Died 6 Jul 1889? Aged 5 Years




In Memory Of

Jane Walker

Who Died ? Dec 18?

Aged ?7 Years

And her Husband

Dan? Walker Who Died ?

Aged ? Years

And 2 Children

Also 3 Grand Children




In Memory Of

Rebecca Walker

Who Died 8 Jan 1868

Aged 32 Years















In Memory Of

Alexander Wiley

Of Drumhaggard

Who Died 25 Jan 1841

Aged 34 Years

Also Mary Wife Of

Richard Wiley

Died 13 Dec 1895

Aged 45 Years

Also Richard Wylie

Of Carnamoyle

Died 4 Nov 1922

Also His Wife Elizabeth

Died 17 Dec 1936




In Loving Memory Of

David Alexander Wylie

Of Drumhaggart

Died 31 Jul 1926

Aged 71 Years

Also His Son

William Alexander

Died 11 Mar 1890

Aged 10 Months

And His Wife

Martha Annie

Died 21 Nov 1945

Aged 87 Years

Also Their Son John Long

Died 24 Jan 1940

Aged 47 Years


(see 1901 census Drumhaggart)




Robert Long Wylie


Who Departed This Life 18? Oct ?

Aged 43 Years

And Of His Wife


Who Died 7th Sep 1888

Aged 66 Years

And Their Daughter

Sarah Elizabeth

Died 20 Jul 1881

Aged 32 Years

Also Their Son

John Cather Wylie

Who Died 26 Jun 1897

Aged 44 Years

Also Their Son

Archibald Wylie

Who Died 23 May 1913

Aged 56 Years

And Their Daughter

Annie Isabella Wylie

Who Died 26? Sep 1935 Aged 73 Years




Isabella Wylie, in her Letter of Administration granted 9 Nov 1888, left effects of £717 5s. Abstract details -
Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Isabella Wylie late of Gallagh in the Liberties of the City of Londonderry

Widow who died 7 September 1888 at same place were granted at Londonderry to John Cather Wylie of Gallagh Farmer the Son.


Archibald Wylie left a will, with effects of £5,156 9s. 5d. Abstract of Will reads
Administration (with the Will) of the Estate of Archibald Wylie late of Galliagh County Londonderry

Merchant who died 23 May 1913 granted at Londonderry to Annie Isabella Wylie Spinster.


(see 1911 census Ballynagalliagh, Derry)




Thomas Wylie born 1767 died 4 March 1845

And his wife Elizabeth Wylie born 1 Jan 1776 died 26 Feb 1854



The following are interred here, but not inscribed on the headstone:

Richard Wylie son born 1810 died 8 of Oct 1895

Mary Wylie wife of Richard (no date)


Isabella d 21 Sep 1862 aged 13

 John d 11 Sep 1862 aged 2

Rebecca d 16 Sep 1862

(all died from scarlatina)

Thomas d 1910 aged 62

Isabella, wife of Thomas, d 5 Aug 1927

Their children:

John d 12 Feb 1925 aged 32

Emma d 6 May 1892 aged 3

Thomas d May 1965 aged 73

Moses d 24 Nov 1971 gad 76

Martha, wife of Moses, d 27 Nov 1986 aged 78


Submitted by Maggie


For Thomas & Isabella's family, see 1901 census Derryvane


Researcher: Maggie - Email



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