1901 Census Lisfannan, Parish of Burt, Co Donegal

(Photograph by Ross)

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Lang
1 Wilson Mina Head Established Churhc of Scotland RW 35   Married Scotland  
  Wilson Elsie Dau Pres RW 11 Scholar Single Scotland  
  Morris William Father United Free Church of Scotland RW 76 Retired yarn machinist Widower Scotland  
  Morris James Brother United Free Church of Scotland RW 48 Analytical chemist, University, Germany Single Scotland  
  Martin Ruth Niece Pres RW 13 Scholar Single New Zealand  
2 Doherty Hugh Head RC Can't read 48 Cattle man Married Donegal  
  Doherty Mary Wife RC Can't read 44   Married Donegal IE
  Doherty William Son RC RW 18 Labourer Single Donegal  
  Doherty Minnie Gdau RC Can't read 4   Single Donegal  
3 Mitchell James Head Pres RW 45 Farmer Single Tyrone  
  Mitchell Jinnell? Sister Pres RW 35   Single Tyrone  
  McGrory Alexander Servant RC Can't read 30 Farm svt Single Donegal  
  Doohan Mary Servant RC RW 16 General svt Single Donegal  
4 Boyce Boyd Head Pres RW 19 Farmer Single Donegal  
  Boyce Sarah Jane Sister Pres RW 28 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
  Duffy John Servant RC Can't read 15 Farm svt Single Donegal  
5 Smyth James Head Pres RW 61 Magistrate/Farmer Single Tyrone  
  Thompson George Servant Pres RW 27 Farm svt Single Donegal  
  Gill Mary Servant RC RW 25 Domestic svt Single Donegal  
  Curran Grace Servant RC RW 21 Domestic svt Single Donegal IE
6 Ferry James Head RC Can't read 48 Farm svt Married Donegal  
  Ferry Rosie Wife RC Can't read 45   Married Donegal  
  Ferry John Son RC RW 15 Farm svt Single Donegal  
  Ferry Eliza Dau RC RW 13   Single Donegal  
  Ferry Michael Son RC RW 11   Single Donegal  
  Ferry Joseph Son RC Can't read 7   Single Donegal  
  Ferry Rose Ann Dau RC Can't read 4   Single Donegal  
  Ferry Margaret Dau RC Can't read 1   Single Donegal  
7 Ferry John Head RC Can't read 50 Farm svt Married Donegal  
  Ferry Martha Wife RC Can't read 48 Housekeeper Married Donegal  
  John McLaughlin and Margaret Robinson Household          
8 McLaughlin John Head RC Can't read 39 Labourer Married Donegal IE
  McLaughlin Margaret Wife RC Can't read 36 Housekeeper Married Donegal  
  McLaughlin John Son RC Only reads 9 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McLaughlin Sarah Dau RC Can't read 5   Single Donegal  
  McLaughlin Katie Dau RC Can't read 3   Single Donegal  
  McLaughlin Catherine Mother RC Can't read 60   Widow Donegal  


John McLaughlin, 23, Burnfoot, labourer, son of Charles, labourer, married Margaret Robinson, 18, Burnfoot, servant, dau of James, labourer, 27 Nov 1881 in Burt. Witnesses William G Campbell and Margaret


Margaret Robinson b 6 Oct 1864, dau of James Robinson and Catherine McLaughlin, Carnshannagh, Fahan

- James Robinson, labourer, Toulett, son of James, labourer, m Catheirne McLaughlin, Roosky, All Saints, dau of Robert, labourer, 22 Nov 1859 at the Newtowncunningham Meeting House. Witnesses Thomas

Marshall and William Miller

Margaret d 1949, Sarah d 1988, Charles d 1963 and they are buried in the New Burt Graveyard - see headstone inscription

Children of John and Margaret :




Charles a servant in Castlecooly - see 1901 census Castlecooly

Fanny b 30 Oct 1900

Mary b 30 Oct 1900, bapt 2 Nov 1900, Godparents William Sweeney and Mary Hutcheson

- married John McDermott in Burt RC Church by Rev J McConnelloge CC on 8 Oct 1925

9 Hegarty William Head RC Can't read 34 Labourer Married Donegal  
  Hegarty Sarah Wife RC Can't read 29 Housekeeper Married Donegal  
  Hegarty William Son RC RW 12 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Hegarty James Son RC RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Hegarty Mary E Dau RC Only reads 8 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Hegarty Johny Son RC Can't read 6   Single Donegal  
  Hegarty Robert Son RC Can't read 4   Single Donegal  
  Hegarty Laurence Son RC Can't read 2   Single Donegal  
  Hegarty Albert Son RC Can't read 1mth   Single Donegal  
10 McClean Elizabeth Head Pres RW 45 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Sharkey Patrick Servant RC RW 16 Farm svt Single Donegal  
  Roddy Margaret Servant RC Only reads 16 General svt Single Donegal  
11 Ross Robert William Head Pres RW 38 Minister of Presbyterian Church Married Cavan  
  Ross Bessie Wife Pres RW 36   Married Donegal  
  Ross George Harold Son Pres RW 6 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Ross Leslie Norman Son Pres RW 4 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Moore Sophia Boarder Pres RW 37 Teacher Single Co Derry  
  Quin Elizabeth Ann Servant RC RW 26 General Domestic svt Single Co Derry  

Townland Notes :


McLaughlin Births


Arthur b 24 Oct 1871, to Patrick McLaughlin, labourer and Nancy Carter

- Patrick McLaughlin, 30, farmer, Bosom, son of Patrick, m Anne Carter, 28, Bosom, dau of Arthur, 6 Dec 1868 in the RC Chapel of Upper Fahan.

- Witnesses Bernard Kerr and Mrs Denis Doherty


Catherine b 2 Jun 1872, to John McLaughlin, labourer and Catherine Campbell

- bapt 17 Mar 1872, Godparents William and Mary McLaughlin

- John McLaughlin, 26, labourer, Tummock, son of John, labourer, m Catherine Campbell, servant, Bunnamayne, dau of Peter, labourer, 21 Nov 1869 in the RC Chapel of Burt

- Witnesses John McCallion, Bunnamayne and Elizabeth Jane McLaughlin, Cashqueen


James b 28 Jul 1873, to John McLaughlin, labourer and Catherine McCallion, informant Margaret McLaughlin

Peter b 12 Mar 1876,  to John McLaughlin, labourer and Catherine McCallion, informant Margaret McLaughlin


Isabella b 12 Apr 1877, to James McLaughlin, labourer, and Anne Morrin, informant Margaret McLaughlin

- James b Drumhaggart 1875


Margaret b 25 Nov 1886, to Hugh McLaughlin, Railway porter and Anne Sweeney, informant Catherine Holmes

Hugh b 11 Dec 1888, to Hugh McLaughlin, Railway porter and Anne Sweeney, informant Catherine Holmes 

- Hugh McLaughlin, labourer, Fahan, son of Hugh, labourer, m Anne Sweeney, Fahan, dau of James, labourer, 12 Nov 1885 in the RC Chapel of Fahan

- Witnesses Neil McLaughlin and Mary Doyle


Catherine b 29 Mar 1907, to Robert McLaughlin, labourer and Mary McGinley

- Robert McLaughlin, labouer, Derryvane, Muff, son of John, m Mary McGinley, 20, Housekeeper Marlborough St, Derry, dau of Patrick, farmer, 16 Nov 1898 in the RC Chapel of St Eugene, Derry

- Witnesses William Lynch and Ellen Lynch


Bridget Mary b 14 Jan 1918, to Daniel McLaughlin, labourer and Bridget McLaughlin

- Daniel, labourer, Crislaghmore, son of William, farmer, m Bridget McLaughlin, Crislaghmore, dau of Cornelius, farmer, 4 Jan 1906 in the RC Chapel of Fahan

- Witnesses Philip McLaughlin and Maggie Madden


McLaughlin Deaths


Catherine d 15 Mar 1876, 27, labourer's wife, informant Margaret McLaughlin

Mary d 2 Aug 1886, 75, farmer's wife, informant Mary McCafferty

James d 20 Mar 1893, 68, farmer, widower, informant Catherine Smyth


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