1901 Census Magheraclogher, Tullaghobegly, Co Donegal


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Also see Townland Notes, below


Andrew and Ellen Doogan Household    
1 Doogan Ellen head 84 farmer / widow
  Doogan Francis son 40 farmers son
  Doogan Kate wife 32  


Children of Andrew and Ellen :

Margaret married Hugh Toland, Knockastoller, son of John, weaver, 8 Feb 1879

- marriage witnesses John Ferry and Margaret Mooney - see below

Mary married Patrick Gallagher, Meenanillar, labourer, son of John, 4 Jun 1885

- marriage witnesses Dominick and Magey Gallagher

Francis married Catherine Boyle, Knockastoller, dau of Neil, 26 Feb 1895

- marriage witnesses James Diver and Catherine Sweeney

Hugh Toland and Margaret Doogan Household    
2 Tolan Margaret head 52 farmer / widow
  Tolan Ellen daughter 19 farmers daughter
  Tolan Patrick son 17 farmers son
  Tolan Andrew son 15 farmers son


Hugh Tolan, Knockastoller, son of John, weaver, m Margaret Doogan, dau of Andrew (above),

  8 Feb 1879, witnesses John Ferry, Meenaduff and Margaret Mooney, Knockastoller

Hugh son of John Tolan and Mary McBride, Knockastoller and grandson of Hugh?

Hugh's brother Patrick m Mary Doogan - see 1901 census Knockastoller

Margaret dau of Andrew and Ellen Doogan - see above

Children of Hugh and Margaret :

John b 28 Nov, bapt 30 Nov 1879, Godparents Dominick and Margaret Mooney

Ellen b 19 Sep 1881 m Bernard O'Donnell, Meenanillar, son of John O'Donnell and Susan

  Gallagher, 5 Jun 1912

Patrick b 17 Mar 1883

Andrew b 28 Sep 1884

James O'Donnell and Rose Brennan Household  
3 O'Donnell Rosy head 60 farmer / widow
  O'Donnell Rosy daughter 23 farmers daughter
  O'Donnell Rosy granddaughter 14 scholar / Scotland
  Holtz Carroll E grandson 4 scholar / London


Children of James and Rose :

Patrick b. Apr 4 1864 Arduns

Mary b. Mar 18 1866 Arduns 

Bridget b. Jan 5 1868 Arduns 

Hannah b. Nov 20 1869 Arduns

James b 9 Jan 1873 Magheraclogher, father farmer, postman & summons server

Anne b. Nov 11 1874 Magheraclogher, father postman

Rose b. 23 Jul 1876 baptised 26/07/76 sponsors Thomas McBride and Honora McGee

- father farmer, informant Micky O'Donnell

Hugh McBride and Cecilia Sweeney Household    
4 McBride Hugh head 58 farmer
  McBride Sicily wife 47  
  McBride James son 17 general labourer
  McBride Winifred daughter 21 farmers daughter
  McBride Sicily daughter 19 farmers daughter
  McBride Mary daughter 12 scholar


Hugh McBride, son of John McBride, married Cecilia Sweeney, dau of James Sweeney, Gola, 3 Jan 1870

Hugh Gallagher and Catherine Sweeney Household    
5 Gallagher Hugh head 60 farmer
  Gallagher Kate wife 60  
  Gallagher Denis son 30 general labourer
  Gallagher Kate daughter 24 seamstress
  Gallagher Maggie daughter 13 scholar
6 Diver James head 31 farmer
  Diver Hannah wife 26  
  Mulligan Maggie sister in law 22 servant / nm
James Alcorn and Margaret Boyd Household    
7 Alcorn James head 56 farmer / C of I
  Alcorn Margaret wife 58 C of I
  Alcorn Richard son 32 general servant / C of I
  Alcorn Johnny son 25 carpenter / C of I
  Alcorn Bella daughter 23 seamstress / C of I
  Alcorn James son 21 labourer / C of I
  Boyle Neil servant 12 servant
Note: James Alcorn, Ray, son of Robert Alcorn, married Margaret Boyd, Bunbeg, dau of John Boyd, 2 Feb 1864
James Boyle and Catherine Doherty Household    
8 Boyle Kate head 60 farmer / widow
  Boyle Bernard son 26 farmers son
  Boyle Timothy son 13 scholar
  Boyle Joseph son 17 farmers son
Daniel McBride and Mary O'Donnell Household    
9 McBride Daniel head 52 farmer
  McBride Mary wife 40 farmers wife
  McBride Kate daughter 18 farmers daughter
  McBride Anne daughter 11 scholar
  McBride Mary daughter 8 scholar
  McBride Bridget daughter 6 farmers daughter
  McBride Patrick son 3 farmers son


Daniel McBride, son of John McBride, married Mary O'Donnell, Innismeane, dau of Daniel O'Donnell, 9 Feb 1875

Daniel Coll and Mary Anne Tighe Household    
10 Coll Daniel head 39 merchant
  Coll Mary Anne wife 28  
  Coll Patrick son 3 merchants son
  Coll Charles J son 1  
  Coll Annie T daughter 5m  
  Coll Toal visitor 85 farmer / widower
  Molloy Patrick servant 16 apprentice
  Molloy Mary servant 19 domestic servant
  Molloy Agnes servant 14 domestic servant
John Gallagher and Fanny O'Donnell Household    
11 Gallagher John head 50 farmer
  Gallagher Fanny wife 44  
  Gallagher Madgey daughter 19 wool weaver
  Gallagher James son 17 farmers son
  Gallagher Daniel son 12 scholar
  Gallagher Sarah daughter 10 scholar
  Gallagher Patrick son 8 scholar
  Gallagher Mary daughter 5 scholar
  Gallagher Ellen daughter 3  
Note: Kate b 20 Jul 1904
Doalty Gallagher and Maggie McGee Household    
12 Gallagher Doalty head 79 farmer, widower


Children of Doalty and Maggie :

Henry b 6 May 1864

13 Peoples James head 60 farmer
  Peoples Ellen sister 40 general servant
  Duffy Mary niece 24 farmers daughter
  McGee Patrick boarder 44 general labourer
14 Sweeney Anne head 71 farmer / widow
  Sweeney Hannah daughter 49 farmers daughter
  Sweeney Hugh son 47 farmers son
  Sweeney James son 41 farmers son
  Doogan Annie niece 14 farmers daughter
  Sullivan Kate niece 7 scholar / Glasgow
  Kerr Denis boarder 25 tea agent
  Meehan Bernard boarder 21 tea agent
15 McGowen Mary head 31 housekeeper / widow
  McGowen Mary daughter 7 scholar
  McGowen Susan daughter 5 scholar
  McClean William boarder 40 shoemaker
Teague Boyle and Margaret Gallagher Household    
16 Boyle Teague head 56 farmer
  Boyle Margaret wife 48  
  Boyle Mary daughter 23 farmers daughter
  Boyle Fannie daughter 21 farmers daughter
  Boyle Ellen daughter 19 farmers daughter
  Boyle Tom son 17 farmers son
  Boyle Rosey daughter 12 scholar
  Boyle Maggie daughter 10 scholar
  Boyle Bridget daughter 8 scholar
  Boyle Hugh son 5 scholar


Margaret Gallagher dau of John Gallagher and Fanny Ferry - see 1901 census Loughagher

James b. Feb 10 1875 in Loughagher, Templecrone

17 Williams John head 62 ex cl of PS / Antrim / C of I
  Williams Thomas son 34 clerk of Petty Sessions / C of I
  Williams Maria sister 65 housekeeper / Down / C of I
Taol Coll and Annie Duncan Household    
18 Coll Toal head 33 farmer
  Coll Annie wife 28 Co Dublin
  Coll Florence daughter 8 scholar / America
  Coll Thomas son 3 scholar


Tuathal Óg Mac Colla ó Ghaoth Dobhair agus Áine Máire Nic Dhonnchadha ó Bhaile Átha Cliath
Children of Toal and Annie -

Charles b May 1 1903
Robert b Jun 25 1904
Peter b Mar 8 1907
Vincent b Jul 20 1908 m Lottie Kreisberger. Became a gangster known as 'Mad Dog' Coll

- See more on Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll & his brother Peter - Book review 'CriminalEmigrant'

- Wikipedia (Gaelic) - Uinseann Ó Colla (Mad Dog Coll)

19 Gallagher Condy head 40 farmer
Daniel Boyle and Sarah Doherty Household    
20 Boyle Daniel head 56 farmer
  Boyle Sarah wife 55  
  Boyle Bridget daughter 27 farmers daughter
  Boyle Owen son 20 general servant
  Boyle Mary daughter 18 farmers daughter
  Boyle Sheelah daughter 16 scholar
  Boyle Madgey daughter 14 scholar


Daniel Boyle, 20yrs, son of Patrick, married Sarah Doherty, 19yrs, dau of John, 3 Feb 1865

Dau Mary married John Breslin, Ballindrait, son of Cormac Breslin, Mullamore, 30 Jun 1901 at St Crona's Dunlewey. See 1901 Knockastoller census

Researcher: Isolde - Email

Bernard/Barney Boyle and Anne O'Donnell Household    
21 Boyle Barney head 50 farmer / widower
  Boyle Charles son 26 farmers son
  Boyle Agnes daughter 23 farmers daughter
  Boyle Patrick son 20 farmers son
  Boyle Daniel son 18 farmers son
  Boyle Bridget daughter 15 farmers daughter

Note: Bernard Boyle, son of Patrick Boyle, married Anne O'Donnell, Innishmeane, dau of Daniel O'Donnell, 6 Feb 1873

Anthony Sweeney and Sarah Boyle Household    
22 Sweeney Anthony head 40 farmer
  Sweeney Grace mother 80 widow
  Sweeney Sarah wife 34  
  Sweeney Cecilia daughter 13 scholar
  Sweeney Grace daughter 8 scholar
  Sweeney Kate daughter 6 scholar
  Sweeney Mary daughter 4  
  Sweeney John son 3  
  Sweeney James son 1m  
Charles McBride and Mary Sweeney Household    
23 McBride Charles head 55 farmer
  McBride Mary wife 49  
  Gallagher Hugh son in law 33 national teacher
  Gallagher Grace daughter 23  
  Gallagher James grandson 1  
  Gallagher Mary granddaughter 4m  
John Green and Margaret O'Donnell Household    
24 Green Margaret head 60 farmer / widow
  Green Bridget daughter 26 dressmaker
  Green Peter son 20 farmers son
Charles Roarty and Ellen Gallagher Household    
26 Roarty Ellen head 50 farmer / widow
  Roarty Daniel son 34 blacksmith
  Doherty Annie daughter 24 farmers daughter / married
  Rogers Mary daughter 22 farmers daughter / married
  Roarty Hannah daughter 19 farmers daughter


Children of Charles and Ellen :

Brigid b Dec 26 1868 bap Dec 27 1868,

Cecilia b Jan 12 1877 bap Jan 14 1877,

Daniel b Jan 1 1867, married Mary Gallagher (John, Stranakilmartin)

Mary b Aug 30 1872, married James Rodgers (Anthony, Meendernasloe)

Michael b Feb 18 1879 bap Feb 21 1879,

Sara b Sept 24 1874 bap Sept 27 1874

Grace b. 26 Sep 1870, married Michael O'Donnell (Feargal, Inishmeane) - USA

Researcher: Pam - Email

James Roarty and Mary Gallagher Household    
27 Roarty James head 60 farmer
  Roarty Mary wife 52 farmers wife
  Roarty Hugh son 25 farmers son
  Roarty Rodger son 19 farmers son
  Roarty Cecilia daughter 16 farmers daughter
  Roarty Peggy daughter 14 farmers daughter
  Roarty Frank son 11 scholar
Note: Son Hugh married Bridget McBride dau of Charles McBride and Bridget Coll, Ardnagappery
Owen Friel and Cecelia Coll Household    
28 Friel Owen head 47 farmer
  Friel Sheelah wife 38  
  Friel Charles son 14 scholar
  Friel Joseph son 12 scholar
  Friel Nappy daughter 9 scholar
  Friel Bridget daughter 7 scholar
  Friel Hugh son 4  
  Friel Mary daughter 2  


Owen, son of Charles Friel and Annabella Doogan, married Cecelia, dau of Toal Coll and Bridget Boyle

on 21 Feb 1884 in St Mary's Gweedore

Owen son of Charles and Nappy Friel

Children of Charles and Nappy :








Shane Gallagher and Mary Doogan Household    
29 Gallagher Shane head 80 farmer
  Gallagher Mary wife 86  
  Gallagher John son 48 farmers son / married
  Gallagher Bella daughter in law 49  
  Gallagher John grandson 20 farmers son
  Gallagher Mary granddaughter 18 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Hugh grandson 15 scholar
  Gallagher Kate granddaughter 13 scholar
  Gallagher Bryan grandson 10 scholar
  O'Mara Ellen boarder 79 widow / d. 6 Feb 1912, a. 96 yrs
Note: Son John married Annabella McGee
Daniel Doherty and Mary Gallagher Household    
30 Doherty Dan head 45 farmer
  Doherty Mary wife 35 farmers wife
  Doherty Dan son 15 farmers son
  Doherty Henry son 13 scholar
  Doherty Paddy son 10 scholar
  Doherty Kate daughter 8 scholar
  Doherty John son 4 scholar
  Doherty Shane son 2  


Daniel Doherty, son of Daniel, married Mary Gallagher, Magheraclogher, dau of Henry, 14 Feb 1884.

Witnesses Patrick Boyle and Sarah Gallagher

Mary sister of Daniel Gallagher, in household 56, below

Hugh McBride and Mary Gallagher Household    
31 McBride Hugh head 84 farmer
  McBride Mary wife 78  
  McBride Hanna daughter 27 housemaid
32 Doherty Mary head 87 farmer / widow
  Doherty Hannah daughter 39 farmers daughter
Cornelius Doogan and Bridget McGee Household    
33 Doogan Bridget head 64 farmer / widow
  Doogan Brigid daughter 31 farmers daughter
  Doogan Hugh son 27 farmers son
Patrick Gallagher and Madge Ferry household  
34 Gallagher Patrick head 60 farmer
  Gallagher Margery wife 58  
  Gallagher Sheelah daughter 24 servant
  Gallagher Maggie daughter 25 servant
  Gallagher Denis son 22 general labourer
  Gallagher Grace daughter 17 servant
  Gallagher Daniel son 10 scholar
  Gallagher Rodger son 6 scholar


Madge b. Jan 28 1871

Michael married Bridget O’Donnell (Hugh/Anne, Knockastolar)

Patrick Boyle and Una McBride    
35 Boyle Patrick head 27 farmer
  Boyle Winifred wife 25  
  Boyle Kate daughter 4 farmers daughter
  Boyle Charles son 2 farmers son
  Boyle Daniel son 7m farmers son
  Boyle Timothy boarder 31 servant
John McGee and Grace Coll Household    
36 McGee John head 70 farmer
  McGee Grace wife 60 farmers wife
  McGee Grace daughter 25 farmers daughter
  McGee Mary daughter 19 farmers daughter

Note: John McGee, son of Thomas McGee, married Grace Coll, dau of Thomas Coll, 31 Jan 1869

Patrick Gallagher (Michael/Gola) and Margaret Doherty Household  
37 Gallagher Patrick head 49 farmer
  Gallagher Maggie wife 48 farmers wife
  Gallagher Michael son 18 farmers son
  Gallagher Cecilia daughter 16 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Nappy daughter 14 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Mary daughter 12 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Patrick son 10 farmers son
  Gallagher Kate daughter 7 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Daniel son 3 farmers son
38 O'Donnell Owen head 50 farmer
  O'Donnell Mary wife 41  
  O'Donnell Hugh son 14 farmers son
39 O'Donnell Manus head 44 farmer
  O'Donnell Hannah wife 34  
  O'Donnell Hugh son 6 scholar
  O'Donnell Anthony son 4 scholar
  O'Donnell Mary daughter 1 farmers daughter
40 O'Donnell Sarah head 90 farmer / widow
  O'Donnell Connell son 40 farmers son
41 McBride Mary head 90 farmer / widow
  McBride Mary daughter 40 farmers daughter
John Mulligan and Mary O'Donnell Household    
42 Mulligan John head 30 farmer
  Mulligan Mary wife 24  
  Mulligan Annie daughter 4m  
Frank Gallagher and Mary O'Donnell Household    
43 Gallagher Frank head 45 farmer
  Gallagher Mary wife 35  
  Gallagher John son 6 scholar
  Gallagher Frank son 4 scholar
  Gallagher Biddy daughter 2  
  Gallagher Paddy son 8m  
  Gallagher Madgey mother 76 knitter / widow
  O'Toole Mary niece 21 nurse domestic / NM
Note: Joseph b 27 Jul 1904
44 McBride Margaret head 35 farmer
John Gallagher and Anne O'Donnell Household    
45 Gallagher John head 47 Butcher
  Gallagher Annie wife 30  
  Gallagher Simon son 20 farmers son
  Gallagher Ellen daughter 8 scholar
  Gallagher Mary daughter 7 scholar
  Gallagher Thomas son 5 scholar
  Gallagher John son 4  
  Gallagher Anne daughter 2  


John Gallagher (Thomas) married twice :

1. Bridget Doogan (Andrew, Meenderrygamph)

2. Anne O'Donnell, Glenties
John's sister Mary married Dominic Gallagher - see 1901 census Mullaghderg Mtn.

John's brother Simon married Anne Davis - New York

Dominic Gallagher and Mary McBride Household    
46 Gallagher Mary head 48 farmer / widow
  Gallagher Owen son 25 wool weaver
  Gallagher Tom son 22 farmers son
  Gallagher Mary daughter 18 farmers
  Gallagher John son 15 farmers son
  Gallagher Simon son 10 scholar
  Gallagher Bridget daughter 8 scholar
  Gallagher Anny daughter 5 scholar
Thomas Gallagher and Bridget McBride Household    
47 Gallagher Thomas head 40 butcher
  Gallagher Bridget wife 33 farmers daughter
  Saunderson Job boarder 52 scribbling overlooker / England C
Note: Thomas Gallagher (Thomas) maried Bridget McBride (Connell) on 17 Feb 1887 in Gweedore
Daniel McFadden and Bridget McBride Household    
48 McFadden Daniel head 60 farmer
  McFadden Bridget wife 50  
  McFadden Edward son 23 wool weaver
  McFadden James son 19 spinner
  McFadden Kate daughter 21  
  McFadden Patrick son 12 scholar
49 Friel Cormack head 30 farmer
  Friel Phil brother 28 farmers brother
  Friel Ellen sister 32 farmers sister
  Friel Hannah sister 26 farmers sister
50 Friel Maurice head 35 farmer
  Friel Margery sister 45 domestic servant
51 Gallagher Darby head 58 farmer
  Gallagher Bridget wife 46  
  Gallagher Rodger son 23 car driver
  Gallagher Ellen daughter 22 domestic servant
  Gallagher Francis son 21 farm labourer
  Gallagher Mary daughter 19 domestic servant
  Gallagher Margaret daughter 16  
  Gallagher Madge daughter 14  
  Gallagher Hugh son 12 scholar
  Gallagher Nancy daughter 10 scholar
  Gallagher Bridget daughter 8 scholar
  Gallagher John son 5  
  Gallagher Grace daughter 3  
Daniel Carroll and Margaret O'Donnell Household    
52 Carroll Margaret head 60 farmer / married
  O'Donnell Bridget sister 56 domestic servant / nm

Note :

Daniel Carroll, Ardnagappary, Widower, son of Andrew, married Margaret O'Donnell,

dau of Francis, 2 Aug 1887. Witnesses Charles and Bridget Gallagher

53 Gallagher Margaret head 43 farmer / nm
Neil O'Donnell and Hannah Roarty Household    
54 O'Donnell Neil head 65 farmer
  O'Donnell Hannah wife 60  
  O'Donnell Grace daughter 22 farmers daughter
  Mulligan Thomas boarder 82 farm servant / widower


Neil, son of Francis O'Donnell, married Hannah, dau of James Roarty, 9 Feb 1869. Witnesses

Patrick McCloskey and Patrick Mulligan

Children -

Francis b Nov 2 1872

Maria b Dec 6 1874, bap Dec 11 1874, sponsors Neil Curran and Sara Sweeney

Cecilia b Dec 28 1876, bap Jan 1 1877, sponsors Neil Curran and Sara Sweeney
Grace b Dec 26 1878, bap Jan 2 1879, sponsors ? Friel and Maria Friel

Researcher: Email

Connell McBride and Mary Coll Household    
55 McBride Connell head 60 farmer
  McBride Mary wife 55 farmers wife
  McBride Toal son 30 farmers son
  McBride Sally daughter 24 farmers daughter
  McBride Thomas son 22 farmers son
  McBride Sheelah daughter 20 farmers daughter
  McBride Ned son 18 farmers son
  McBride Una dau 12 scholar


Connell (24yrs), son of Owen McBride, married Mary (19yrs), dau of Toal Coll, 12 Jan 1865

Dau Bridget married Thomas Gallagher (Thomas) - see household #46

Daniel Gallagher and Ellen Boyle Household    
56 Gallagher Daniel head 43 farmer
  Gallagher Ellen wife 30 farmers wife
  Gallagher Henry son 11 scholar
  Gallagher Sarah daughter 8 scholar
  Gallagher Shane son 7 scholar
  Gallagher Maggie daughter 4 scholar
  Gallagher Biddey daughter 2  
  Gallagher Catherine mother 60 widow
  Gallagher Maggie sister 28 domestic sevant


Daniel Gallagher, Magheraclogher, son of Henry, married Ellen Boyle, Magheraclogher, dau of

Daniel, 13 Feb 1888. Witnesses Doalty Gallagher and Bridget McGarvey

Daniel son of Henry Gallagher and Catherine McFadden

Daniel's sister Mary married Daniel Doherty - see household 30, above

Ellen b 12 Oct 1867, dau of Daniel Boyle and Sarah/Sally Doherty

Children of Daniel and Ellen :

Henry b 1890

Sarah b 1892

John/Shane b 1894

Margaret b 1896

Bridget b 1899

Catherine/Kate b 1901

Daniel b 29 Jan 1904, married Anne Duffy, dau of Charles, 3 Jul 1939 in the Letterkenny Cathedral

- both gave St John's, Glasgow, as their residence

- witnesses Michael Peoples and Rose Coll

Charles b 1906

Patrick b 1908

Mary b 1913

Owen Doherty and Bridget Doogan Household    
57 Doherty Owen head 47 farmer
  Doherty Bridget wife 28  
  Doherty Ellen daughter 10 scholar
  Doherty Maggie daughter 9 scholar
  Doherty Sarah daughter 7 scholar
  Doherty Michael son 3  
  Doherty Cecilia daughter 1m  
58 Chapman Rev Alexander head 56 clergyman / Antrim / C of I
  Chapman Eleanor K wife 54 C of I
  Morrow Ellen servant 18 domestic servant / C of I
59 Barr Joseph head 21 farmer
  Barr James brother 19 labourer

Townland Notes :

Noher (Cornelius) Gallagher and Grace Duffy

Children of Noher and Grace :

John b 1845

Sarah b 1847

Daniel b 1850






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