1901 Census Loughagher, Templecrone, Co Donegal


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See also 1911 census Loughagher

No Surname First Relationship Religion Age Occupation Status Born Note
John Gallagher and Fanny Ferry Household          
1 Gallagher John Head RC 80 Farmer Married  Donegal  
  Gallagher Fanny Wife RC 75   Married  Donegal  
  Gallagher James Son RC 30 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Daniel Nephew RC 22 General Labourer Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Bridget Daughter RC 25 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  
  Gallagher Kate Niece RC 15 Scholar Single Donegal  


Dau Margaret married Teague Boyle – see 1901 census Magheraclogher

Nephew Daniel actually grandson, married Bridget O'Donnell - see 1901 census Lettercaugh

- Daniel Gallagher b. 10 Mar 1875 in Tor to John Gallagher and Mary Boyle

James married Bridget Boyle (James, Meenderrygamph) in 1903

Old Age Pension Application

John Gallagher and Fanny Ferry (parents)
(ch Rose, John, Margaret, Mary, James, Thomas, Bridget)
Found 1851 Census -
John and Hanna Gallagher marr 1846
Rose, 2
John, 9 mths
No return of Margaret
Applicant Margaret Gallagher, adds Mrs Margaret Boyle, s/o James Boyd Esq, Bunbeg Cen S/7/447 29 Sep 1920
Applicant Rose Gallagher, adds Rev WJ Sheridan, CC Annagary Cen S/7/448 14 Oct 1916

Connell O'Donnell and Mary McFadden Household          
2 O'Donnell Connell Head RC 72 Farmer Married  Donegal  
  O'Donnell Mary Wife RC 42   Married  Donegal  
  O'Donnell Charles Son RC 21 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell Connell Son RC 18 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell Maggie Daughter RC 19 Knitter Single Donegal b 8 May 1880
  O'Donnell John Son RC 12 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell Margaret Daughter RC 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Boyle Maggie G/Daughter RC 11mths   Single Donegal  


Connell married twice -

Marriage 1 Ellen Boyle. Children with Ellen - Bridget b 6/3/69, Catherine b 9/6/66, Mary b 10/5/73, Ellen b 24/6/71

Marriage 2 Connell O'Donnell (Neil) married Mary McFadden (John, Carrick) on 18 Feb 1878 in St Mary's Gweedore

See Headstone Magheragallon Old Graveyard

Madge married Charles Sharkey (James, Lettercagh)

James McCole and Madgey O'Donnell Household          
3 McCole Madgey Head RC 55 Farmer Married  Donegal  
  McCole James Son RC 24 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  McCole Madgy Daughter RC 18 Farmer's dau Single Donegal b 9 Nov 1877
  Gallagher Cecily G/Daughter RC 6 Scholar Single Donegal b 18 Sep 1894


James b c1831 in Tor in 1901 – see 1901 census Tor

Children of James and Madgey :
Bernard b 30 Nov 1878
Peter b 1/04/66
Michael b 10/03/70
Bridget b 22/12/75 married Con Gillespie (Anthony)
Margaret b Dec 24 1877
Bryan b Dec 17 1879
Mary married Philip Gallagher – see
1901 census Glentornan

James b 22/08/74

John in Uphall Scotland in 1901

- married Rose McPaul - see 1911 census Loughagher

Researcher : Mary - Email

Mark Doogan and Ellen McCole Household          
4 Doogan Mark Head RC 60 Farmer Widower Donegal  
  Doogan Sally Daughter RC 35 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  
  Doogan Bridget Daughter RC 18 Farmer's dau Single Donegal b 19 Nov 1880
  Doogan Sarah G/Daughter RC 12 Scholar Single Donegal  


Mark Doogan (Mark) married Ellen McCole (John) on Feb 13 1864 in St Peters Dungloe

Mary b 24/12/64, Sarah b 16/11/65, Grace b 24/6/66, Joseph b 30/5/71, John b 25/4/73, Susan b 20/12/75,

Margaret b May 05 1878,  Bridget Feb 01 1881

Ellen’s sister Grace married John Mulligan (James, Gola)

John Doogan and Anne O’Donnell Household          
5 Doogan John Head RC 39 Farmer Married  Donegal  
  Doogan Ann Wife RC 39   Married  Donegal  
  Doogan James Son RC 7 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Doogan Charles Son RC 5 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Doogan Maggie Daughter RC 1   Single Donegal  
  Doogan Sarah Daughter RC 8 Scholar Single Donegal  

Notes :

John Doogan (Charles) married Anne O'Donnell (James, Brockagh) on 6 Mar 1892 in Dungloe

Anne O'Donnell is the dau of James O'Donnell and Margaret Boyle - see 1901 census Brockagh

Charles Doogan Household          
6 Doogan Hannah Head RC 40 Knitter Single Donegal  
  Sweeney Mary Sister RC 42   Married  Donegal  


Children of Charles and ? :

Mary married to John Sweeney - see 1901 census Tor


John married Anne O'Donnell - see household #5

Anthony O'Donnell and Sarah Glackin Household          
7 O'Donnell Anthony Head RC 60 Farmer Married  Donegal  
  O'Donnell Sarah Wife RC 59   Married  Donegal  
  O'Donnell Charles Son RC 23 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell John Son RC 19 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell Joseph Son RC 19 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  O'Donnell Kate Daughter RC 25 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  


Children of Anthony and Sarah :

Charles b 11 Jan 1864 d. 30 Jan 1864

James b 23 Dec 1866

- Anthony and Sarah emigrated to PA in Apr 1864 where their son James was born in 1866

- James returned to US and settled in Bayonne NJ

Catherine b Feb 05 1869 in Maghery

Charles b 10/6/71

Anthony b 2/03/74 emigrated to Allentown PA

Patrick b Dec 31 1876 d. 1883

Joseph b. Jul 16 1879 d. 1905
Owen/John b. Jul 16 1879
Hugh Connaghan and Bridget Mulligan Household          
8 Connaghan Bridget Head RC 50 Farmer Widow Donegal  
  Connaghan Patrick Son RC 30 Farmer's son Married Donegal  
  Connaghan Denis Son RC 26 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Mulligan Margaret Mother RC 80 Knitter Widow Donegal  


Patrick b 31/12/73, married Cicely Sweeney - see 1911 census Loughagher

Dennis b 21/08/75, married Cicely Roarty (James, Ardmeen)

Roger O'Brien and Anne Mulligan Household          
9 O'Brien Rodger Head RC 40 Farmer Married  Donegal  
  O'Brien Annie Wife RC 37 Housekeeper Married  Donegal  
  O'Brien Margaret Daughter RC 12 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Brien Denis Son RC 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Brien Bridget Daughter RC 8 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Brien Grace Daughter RC 6 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Brien Mary Daughter RC 4 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Brien John Son RC 2   Single Donegal  


Roger O'Brien, Meenaweel, son of Denis O'Brien and Grace McFadden (deceased), Glenhola, Meenacladdy to Anne Mulligan, Tor, dau of John Mulligan and

Margaret Doogan, 3 Feb 1885 at St Mary's, Gweedore. Witnesses John Gallagher, Crolly and Margaret Gallagher, Tor

John McMonagle and Sarah Mulhern Household          
10 McMonagle John Head RC 52 Farmer Married  Donegal  
  McMonagle Sarah Wife RC 50   Married  Donegal  
  McMonagle Michael Son RC 22 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  McMonagle James Son RC 15 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  McMonagle Mary Daughter RC 24 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  
Anthony Gillespie and Mary McCole Household          
11 Gillespie Mary Head RC 50 Farmer Widow Donegal  
  Gillespie James Son RC 29 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Gillespie Annie Daughter RC 21 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  
  Gillespie John Son RC 25 Farmer's son Married  Donegal  
  Gillespie Caroline Dau-in-Law RC 18 Gen Svt Dom Married  Donegal  


Anthony Gillespie (John, decd.) married Mary McCole (James, decd. Bunnawick) on Dec 20 1868 in St Peter’s Dungloe

Anthony’s sister Anne married Michael Ward (Michael, Commeen) - see 1901 census Dungloe Town

John married Caroline Gallagher (Edward) Inniskeeragh - dau of Edward and Caroline Gallagher - see notes

1901 census Inishkeeragh

Children of Anthony and Mary :

John b Sep 15 1874

Connell b. Mar 23 1877 married Bridget McCole (James)

James married Bella Gallagher, Inniskeeragh – dau of James and Bridget Gallagher



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