1901 & 1911 Census Meenagoppoge, Tullaghobegly, Co Donegal


Edward Gallagher House (left), Hugh Roarty & Tim Gallagher houses (right) (select to view enlargement)

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The townland of Mín na gCopóg (Meenagoppoge) is away to the left when you pass by Errigal Mountain, on the road to Letterkenny.

The place takes it's name from 'Mín', meaning a mountain grassland and 'Copóg', meaning dock weed, although the dock would be regarded as a herb rather than a weed in older times


Notes by Lindel



1830 Householders

Andrew Brogan - 61.0.25 acres/roods/perches

Teague Gallagher - 35.2.27  acres/roods/perches

Edward Gallagher - 35.2.27  acres/roods/perches


1857 Householders

Edward Gallagher - 181.0.14 acres/roods/perches

Timothy (Teague) Gallagher - share 388.1.0 acres/roods/perches

Hugh Roarty - share 388.1.0 acres/roods/perches


1901 & 1911 Census

As below


1919 List of Electors

Joseph Gallagher

Catherine Gallagher

Charles O'Donnell

Sarah O'Donnell

Philip Roarty

Cassie Roarty

No Surname First Rel Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Status Born Lang
1 Teague Gallagher and Mary Sweeney Household            
Gallagher John Head RC Cannot read 52 M Farmer Married Donegal I&E
Gallagher Margaret Wife RC Reads 40 F   Married Donegal I&E
Gallagher Patrick Servant RC Cannot read 16 M Farm Svt Single Donegal I&E
Gallagher Mary Visitor RC Reads 22 F Farmer's Dau Single Donegal I&E
Gallagher John Head RC Can't read 67 M Farmer Married Donegal I&E
Gallagher Maggie Wife RC Only reads 62 F   Married 34yrs Donegal I&E
Sharkey Sarah Servant RC Reads & writes 24 F Gen Domestic svt Single Donegal I&E


Mary d 22 Jul 1876 aged 70 years, informant John Gallagher, Meenagoppoge

Teague died 1891 aged 95 years

Children of Teague and Mary :

Sarah b abt 1844

- 4 May 1861, 17 year old Sarah Gallagher arrives in Sydney, Australia on the Nile

- 5 Mar 1867, 22 year old Sarah Gallagher, dau of Teague Gallagher, married 32 year old William O'Donnell, Creenary, Clondahorky, son of Shane O'Donnell,

  at the RC Chapel, Gortahork. Witnesses Andrew and Mary O'Donnell. See 1901 Census Creenary

John b betw 1845-1849

- married Margaret McFadden, Ballyness, dau of Owen 29 Jan 1877. Witnesses Daniel McFadden and Mary McColloge

Anne b abt 1850

- married John Gallagher, son of James Gallagher of Carrickatimpan,15 Aug 1869, at the RC Chapel, Gortahork. Witnesses: Hugh Sweeney and

  Mary Sweeney. (see Carrickatimpan census for Anne & John's family)

Patrick bap 2 Jan 1852, sponsors Hugh Sweeney and wife

Researcher - Jerry Lou

2 Hugh Roarty and Rose Gallagher Household            
Roarty Philip Head RC     M Farmer      
Roarty Rose Mother RC Cannot read 70 F Farmer's Mother Widow Donegal I&E
McManiman Maggie Sister RC Cannot read 29 F Farmer's wife Married Donegal I&E
Roarty Edward Brother RC Cannot read 27 M Farmer's brother Single Donegal I&E
Roarty Philip Head RC Can't read 44 M Farmer Married Donegal I&E
Roarty Edward Brother RC Can't read 36 M General labr Single Donegal I&E
Shiels Edward Visitor RC Reads & writes 14 M Scholar Single Donegal I&E


Hugh d 9 Aug 1868 aged 60 years, informant Hugh Roarty, Meenagoppoge - see death register

Children of Hugh and Rose :

1. Patrick bap 15 Mar 1860, sponsors Michael Sweeney and Mary Harkin - see baptism register

2. Hugh b 1863 died 8 Jan 1865 aged 2 years

3. Margaret (Peggy) b 27 Apr 1865

- married William McMenamin, Drumdeevin, Kilmacrenan, son of John, 19 Feb 1901. Witnesses Hugh McMenamin, Drumdeevin & Bridget Ferry, Dunlewey

- see 1901 census Drumdeevin for William

4. Philip b abt 1867

- married Catherine Sweeney, Drumnatinny, Raymunterdoney, dau of Patrick Sweeney. Witnesses James Gallagher, Falcarragh and Rose Sweeney,

  Drumnatinny, 25 Jan 1902. 4th degree consanguinity (3rd cousins) - see 1901 census Drumnatinny for Catherine's family

- their son Patrick b 8 Aug 1904

5. Michael b 16 Mar 1869 d 22 Nov 1870

6. Edward b 10 Apr 1871

7. Francis b 29 Sep 1872, bap 29 Sep, Godparents John and Annie Gallagher

8. Mary b 1844, dau of Hugh, Meenagoppoge, married William McMenamin, 28, son of John, 13 Feb 1866 at Crossroads - see 1901 census Drumdeevin

9. Another child? James, married Ellen Coll -

Children of James and Ellen :



Cassie b 27 Jan 1869 Meenagoppoge
Edward b 1 Dec 1870 Meenagoppoge, d 2 Jun 1880 in Lacknacoo, Gartan aged 9 years. Labourer's child, informant Ellen Roarty

Edward b 10 Apr 1871
Francis b 29 Sep 1872 Meenagoppoge, bapt 29 Sep, Godparents John and Anne Gallagher - civil registration has dob 25 Feb 1873
James b 16 Apr 1875
Bridget b 10 Jun 1876 Gartan
Annie b 1878

Mary b 28 Jun 1881 Lacknacoo, Gartan

James, Ellen and children emigrated to US about 1881

Further Notes :

Philip's wife Cassie, 4 of his children, and his mother Rose, 80 yrs, were living in Cashelnagor in 1911 - see 1911 census Cashelnagor

An Edward Roarty emigrated to Australia on the Nile, arriving Sydney 4 May 1861, aged 22 yrs (b abt 1839) - passenger list show his 'native place' as Meenagoppoge

Researcher : Peg - Email




Townland Notes :




Edward Gallagher

Children :

Edward b 1838 married Margaret McGinley, 14, Crossroads, Publican's daughter, dau of Nogher, 4 Jan 1864. Witnesses Roger Gallagher and Mary McBride - see marriage register

Mary b abt 1840-45, married Owen Curran (Daniel), Point, at Gortahork 13 Feb 1865. Witnesses Condy Gallagher and Daniel Boyle   - see 1901 census Dunmore, Templecrone

Philip b 1847 married Biddy Gallagher, 19yrs, Meenderrygamph, dau of Joseph at Gortahork

 - children 14 Mar 1872 Patrick, 1 May 1873 Bridget, 18 Jul 1879 Bridget, 15 May 1875 Joseph, 18 Dec 1873 Edward

 - Bridget Gallagher d 18 May 1881 aged 33 years, informant, father, Joseph Gallagher, Meenagoppoge

 - Bridget's sister Catherine married Patrick McGee, Oldtown, son of Michael 13 Jan 1870. Witnesses Anthony McGarvey and Grace Gallagher

 - Philip remarried 19 Apr 1882 to Catherine Gallagher, Derrycannon, dau of Denis. Witnesses Denis Gallagher and Mary O'Brian


Teague Gallagher and Mary Sweeney

Children :





Hugh Roarty and Rose Gallagher

Children :





Other Births, Marriages and Deaths in Meenagoppoge


2 February 1859, baptism of Bridget, dau of Patrick McGee & Mary Gallagher, Meenagappoge. Sponsors Edward & Catherine Gallagher - see church baptism

29 September 1859, baptism of Edward, son of James Gallagher & Margaret Doogan, Meenagoppoge - see church baptism

26 Jul 1909, James Doogan born to Michael Doogan and Mary Gallagher. Godparents John and Bridget Doherty

Sara Sharkey, dau of Connell Sharkey and ? Coyle, Meenweil? married Charles O'Donnell son of Hugh O'Donnell and Mary McFadden, Dunlewey, 5 Aug 1914.

 - Witnesses Daniel O'Donnell, Dunlewey, and Mary Sharkey, Meenabol?

 - Dau Agnes Catherine b 31 Jul 1915 in Meenagoppoge, bap 1 Aug, Godparents Bridget O'Donnell and Daniel O'Donnell. Married Bernard Doherty



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