1901 Census Tor, Tullaghobegly, Co Donegal


(Tor National School by A McCarron)

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No Name Relationship Age Occupation/Notes
Patrick Gallagher and Isabella/Elizabeth Campbell Household  
1 Gallagher Kate daughter 17 housekeeper
  Gallagher Michael son 15 scholar
  Gallagher Mary daughter 11 scholar
  Gallagher Hugh son 9 scholar


Patrick Gallagher, Glentornan, son of Hugh, married Elizabeth Campbell, Meencorwick, dau of James, 7 Feb 1878

Witnesses Philip Gallagher and Mary Gallagher

Patrik son of Hugh and Bridget Gallagher - see 1901 census Glentornan

Edward McGee and Mary McGee Household
2 McGee Edward head 36 farmer
  McGee Mary wife 30  
  Mulligan Mary servant 40 general servant / nm
  McGee Hannah daughter 5 scholar
  McGee Mamie daughter 4 scholar
  McGee Teresa daughter 2  


Edward McGee, Meenaweal (Crolly), son of Condy, married Mary McGee, Loughkeal (Crolly), dau of Thomas, 12 Feb 1895

Witnesses Daniel Gallagher and Grace Sweeney - see scan from marriage register

Mary dau of Thomas McGee and Hannah Sweeney - see 1901 census Crolly

Children of Edward and Mary :

Teresa married Patrick Campbell (Patrick, Meencorwick)
Hannah married John Sweeney (James, Meencorwick)
Hugh Sweeney and Cecilia Duggan Household
3 Sweeney Hugh head 60 farmer
  Sweeney Cicily wife 53 housekeeper
  Sweeney Mary daughter 21 housekeeper
  Sweeney Connell son 19 general labourer
  Sweeney Hughy son 17 general labourer
  Sweeney Michael son 15 scholar
  Sweeney Anthony son 14 scholar


Hugh Sweeney (James) married Cecelia Duggan (Connell, Meenderryowen) on Jan 22 1865 in St Mary’s Kincassalgh

Brother of John, below

Children of Hugh and Cecilia :

Mary married James Campbell (John, Meencorwick)
Hugh married Mary Sweeney (James, Meencorwick)

John Sweeney and Mary Doogan Household

4 Sweeney John head 45 farmer / married
  Sweeney Thomas son 16 labourer
  Sweeney Anthony son 14 labourer
  Sweeney Mary daughter 12 scholar
  Sweeney Hannah daughter 8 scholar
  Sweeney Sally daughter 6 scholar
  Sweeney John son 4 scholar


John Sweeney, Tor, widower, farmer, son of James, married Mary Dugan, Loughagher, spinster, dau of Charles, 4 Mar 1878

in Dungloe. Witnesses Alexander Davidson and Catherine McGee

John's brothers :

Anthony, household #8

Dominick, household #9

Hugh, household #3

For John’s wife Mary – see 1901 census Loughagher, Templecrone

John and Mary were evicted from their home 19/20 Aug 1886 - link to newspaper report soon

Children of John and Mary :

(13 children born/8 still living in 1911)

James b. Jan 7 1879

Charles b. Feb 19 1880

James b 6 Jun 1882, baptised 8 Jun by Fr McNelis, Godparents Thomas O'Donnell & Rose Gallagher

Thomas b 6 Jun 1882, baptised 8 Jun by Fr McNelis, Godparents Thomas McGee & Hannah Sweeney


Mary married Patrick Ward (John, Tubberkeen)

Hannah married Neil Campbell (Patrick, Meencorwick)

Sarah married James Molloy (Connell, Tubberkeen)


Roger Gallagher and Grace Mulligan Household  
5 Gallagher Grace head 60 retired farmer / widow
  Gallagher Patrick son 36 railway labourer
  Gallagher Bridget daughter 30 general servant
  Devenny, Charles grandson 5 scholar

Notes :

Children of Roger and Grace :

Daniel married Mary McCole - see 1901 census Maghery



Mary b 11 Mar 1868

Grace b 8 Aug 1870

Anne b 26 Jul 1873

Margaret married Charles Devenny

6 Doogan Mary head 36 domestic servant / nm
  Doogan Cassie niece 17 general servant
James McCole and Madgey O'Donnell Household
7 McCole James head 70 farmer / married

Note: For James’s wife Madgey and family – see 1901 census Loughagher, Templecrone

Anthony Sweeney and Mary McGinley Household
8 Sweeney Anthony head 55 farmer
  Sweeney Mary wife 46  
  Sweeney Hannah daughter 20 farmers daughter
  Sweeney Mary daughter 18 farmers daughter
  Sweeney James son 16 farmers son
  Sweeney Patrick son 14 scholar
  Sweeney Maggie daughter 11 scholar
  Sweeney Ellen daughter 9 scholar
  Sweeney Anthony son 1.11  


Anthony Sweeney, son of James, married Mary McGinley, Glashagh, dau of Patrick, 4 Feb 1874

Anthony brother of John Sweeney in household #4

Children of Anthony and Mary :

Bridget m Patrick Conaghan - see 1901 census Leckenagh

Ellen married James Sweeney (James, Meencorwick)

Dominic Sweeney and Mary Gallagher Household
9 Sweeney Dominick head 53 farmer
  Sweeney Mary wife 50  
  Sweeney James son 20 farmers son
  Sweeney Doalty son 18 farmers son
  Sweeney Grace daughter 16 farmers daughter
  Sweeney Bridget daughter 10 scholar
  Sweeney Thomas son 7 scholar

Dominic Sweeney (James) married Mary Gallagher (Dudley, Magheraclogher) on Jan 30 1879 in

St. Mary’s, Gweedore

Dominick brother of John Sweeney in household #4

Children of Dominic and Mary

James m Hannah McFadden, Corveen, dau of John McFadden & Mary O'Donnell, 11 Feb 1907 - see marriage

Bridget married James McCole (James, Lettercagh)

Francis Gallagher and Nora Mulligan Household
10 Gallagher Margaret head 28 farmers daughter / nm
  Gallagher Manus brother 26 general labourer


Francis Gallagher (Manus, Dunlewey), herdsman, married Nora Mulligan (Paddy, Tor) on 28 Feb 1865 in Gweedore

Children of Francis and Nora :


Manus married Fanny McConnell (William, Lettercagh)
Mary married Patrick Roarty (John, Meencorwick)

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