1901 Census Tullyvoos, Inver, Co Donegal

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NM = Not Married, EC = English Church, WE = Weslyan, EP = Episcopalian,

ME = Methodist, PR = Presbyterian, DDB = Deaf/Dumb/Blind


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No.B Surname Christian Relationship Religion Educ Age Sex Rank/Profession Status Born Language
1 Connaghan Bridget Head RC R 60 F Farmer & Grocer Status Donegal Eng
  John Colvin and Susanna Elliott Household            
2 Colvin John Head CI RW 60 M Farmer W Donegal Eng
  Colvin John Cousin CI RW 65 M Farm Labourer S Donegal Eng
  Colvin George Son CI RW 23 M Farm Labourer S Donegal Eng



John Colvin, Widower, Farmer, Tullyvoos, son of John, married Susanna Elliott, Reneely, dau of Archibald, 7 Jan 1875 at the Parish Church Mountcharles. Witnesses Patrick and

Maggie Miller

Dau Ellen married James Freeburn - see 1901 census Point

Dau Lucy married William Coulter, Farmer, Point, son of Richard, 31 Jan 1901 at the Parish Church Mountcharles. Witnesses Tom Elliott and Maggie E Maxwell

3 Ketterson Alexander Head CI RW 58 M Famer M Donegal Eng
  Ketterson Sarah Wife CI RW 58 F Farmers Wife M Donegal Eng
  Ketterson William James Son CI RW 35 M Farm Labourer S Donegal Eng
  Ketterson Catherine Daughter CI RW 37 F Seamstress S Donegal Eng
  Ketterson Alexander Son CI RW 23 M Labourer S Donegal Eng
  Ketterson Rebecca Daughter CI RW 20 F Embroidery S Donegal Eng
  MacKenzie Alexander Grd Son CI RW 8 M Scholor S Co Dublin Eng
  Ketterson Sarah Jane Daughter CI RW 29 F Housework S Donegal Eng
  Peter Colvin and Jane Coulter Household            
4 Colvin Peter Head CI R 47 M Farmer M Donegal -
  Colvin Jane Wife CI RW 40 F - M Donegal -
  Colvin Andrew Son CI RW 6 M Scholor S Donegal -
  Colvin George Son CI R 5 M Scholor S Donegal -
  Colvin Rebecca Daughter CI -R 2 F - S Donegal -
  Gillan Charles Servant RC -R 30 M Farm Servant S Donegal -


Peter b 13 May 1853 to Andrew Colvin and Euphemia Colvin

Euphemia Colvin dau of Henry Colvin and Catherine Harkin, Drumbeagh - see 1901 census Drumbeagh

Children of Andrew and Euphemia :

Mary Jane married Henry Colvin - see 1901 census Mullanboys

- Mary Jane and Henry are both grandchildren of Henry Colvin and Catherine Harkin, Drumbeagh

Peter married Jane Coulter

Anne married James Maxwell - see 1901 census Point

  Connel Murray and Catherine McCunningham Household            
5 Murray Connell Head RC RW 40 M Farmer M Donegal -
  Murray Cassie Wife RC R 30 F - M Donegal -
  Murray John Son RC -R 7 M Scholor S Donegal -
  Murray Mary Daughter RC - 6 F Scholor S Donegal -
  Murray Patrick Son RC - 5 M - S Donegal -
  Murray Thomas Son RC - 4 M - S Donegal -
  Murray Cassie Daughter RC - 2 F - S Donegal -
  Murray Connell Son RC - 2m M - S Donegal -
  Note : John son of John Murray and Unity Brannon?
  James Carr and Catherine Fury Household            
6 Carr Catherine Head RC RW 59 F - W Donegal -
  Carr Ellie Daughter RC RW 26 F Shirtmaker S Donegal -
  Carr Patrick Son RC RW 22 M Farmer S Donegal -
  Carr James Son RC RW 19 M Scholor S Donegal -
  Carr Annie Daughter RC RW 15 F Scholor S Donegal -


Children of James and Catherine :

Mary b 28 May 1861, bapt 2 June 1861, Godparents Francis Friel and Margaret Carr

Madge Joanna b 12 May 1863, bapt 24 May 1863, Godparents Anthony Brogan and Catherine Gallagher

James b 30 May 1865 d 18 Aug 1865

Catherine b 19 Jun 1866 d 10 Apr 1893 of phithisis

Daniel b 21 Mar 1868

Ellen b 9 Apr 1870 m Patrick Gallagher 1906

Annie b 28 Oct 1872 d 26 Feb 1883

Agnes b 10 Jul 1875 m Michael McDaid 1904

Patrick b 1 Nov 1877 m Mary Carberry

- Patrick actually born and baptised 30 Sep 1877, Godparents Hugh and Anne Meehan

James b 13 Oct 1880, bapt 14 Oct, Godparents Francis Fury and Catherine Meehan

Anne b ?

Researcher : Kristin - Email

  John Meehan and Mary Friel Household            
7 Meehan John Head RC -R 75 M Farmer M Donegal -
  Meehan Mary Wife RC R 65 F - M Donegal I&E
  Meehan Patrick Son RC R 40 M Farmers Son S Donegal -
  Meehan James Son RC RW 25 M Farmers Son S Donegal -
  Meehan Hanna Daughter RC RW 20 F Farmers Dau S Donegal -
  Michael Meehan and Mary Anne Scanlon Household            
8 Meehan Michael Head RC RW 34 M Farmer M Donegal -
  Meehan Mary Wife RC RW 30 F - M Donegal -
  Meehan Catherine Mother RC RW 75 F - W Donegal -
  Meehan Mary Sister RC RW 45 F - S Donegal -
  Meehan Hugh Son RC - 5 M Scholor S Donegal -
  Meehan Maggie Daughter RC - 4m F - S Donegal -
  Note : Michael son of Hugh Meehan and Catherine Crumley
9 Campbell Dan Head RC RW 40 M - S Donegal Eng
  Campbell Anne Mother RC RW 70 F - M Donegal Irish
  John Freeburn and Eliza Colvin Household            
10 Freeburn John Head CI -R 40   Farmer M Donegal -
  Freeburn Eliza Wife CI RW 40   Farmer Wife M Donegal -
  Freeburn Sarah Ann Daughter CI RW 14   Farmers Dau S Donegal -
  Freeburn Ellen Daughter CI RW 13   Farmers Dau S Donegal -
  Freeburn William G Son CI RW 12   Scholor S Donegal -
  Freeburn Thomas L Son CI RW 11   Scholor S Donegal -
  Freeburn Richard Son CI RW 10   Scholor S Donegal -
  Freeburn Jane Daughter CI RW 9   Scholor S Donegal -
  Freeburn John Son CI - 6   Scholor S Donegal -
  Freeburn James Son CI - 5   - S Donegal -
  Freeburn Robert Galbraith Son CI - 3   - S Donegal -
  Spence Mary Visitor CI - 60   - S Donegal -


John Freeburn, Farmer, The Point Mountcharles, son of William, married Eliza Colvin, Tullyvoos, dau of William, Farmer, 16 Jun 1885 at the Parish Church Mountcharles. Witnesses

Donald? Freeburn and Alexander Reid - see marriage registration



Henry Colvin 26, Farmer, Ballybrollaghan, son of Thomas, Labourer, married Mary Jane Colvin 21, Tullyvoos, dau of Andrew, Farmer, 1 Mar 1877. Witnesses Henry and Eliza Colvin

Andrew Colvin, Tullyvoos married Euphemia Colvin, Castlekenny, with consent of parents, 31 Jan 1839. Witnesses James Walsh and John Friel



John Colvin died 27 Nov 1865 aged 80 yrs

Andrew Colvin died 9 Jan 1859 aged 63 yrs

Letitia Colvin died 19 Jun 1857 aged 57 yrs

Robert Colvin died 25 Feb 1856 aged 60 yrs

Mary Colvin died 24 Nov 1846 aged 72 yrs


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