1911 Census of Glen, Killymard, Co Donegal, Ireland
(Photograph by Janice, who is researching Friels from this area of Donegal)
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Enum Dist: Donegal, Barony: Banagh, Parish: Killymard, Townland: Glen
(The Townland of Glen, Killymard, is complete and all data that was listed for Glen is included (including errors))
No. Surname Given Relationship Rel Education Age Sex Occupation Status Years Married/ Born Language Notes
                    Ch born/Ch alive      
1 Griffin Patrick Head RC Read 56 M Farmer Married   Donegal    
  Griffin Margaret Wife RC Read, Write 66 F   Married 30/4/4 Donegal    
  Griffin Michael Son RC Read, Write 29 M Farmers Son Single   Donegal    
  Griffin Mary Anne Daughter RC Read, Write 27 F Seamstress Single   Donegal    
  Griffin Margaret Daughter RC Read, Write 25 F Seamstress Single   Donegal    
  Griffin Isabella Daughter RC Read, Write 23 F Seamstress Single   Donegal    
2 O'Sullivan Timothy Head CofI Read, Write 78 M Retd Inspector Married   Kerry Irish/English Rented
  O'Sullivan Margaret Wife CofI Read, Write 70 F   Married 50/10/7 Kerry Irish/English  
  O'Sullivan Julia Daughter CofI Read, Write 29 F Seamstress Single   Kerry    
  O'Sullivan Elizabeth Daughter CofI Read, Write 26 F Seamstress Single   Kerry    
3 Griffin Michael Head RC Read 51 M Farmer Married   Donegal Irish/English  
  Griffin Mary Anne Wife RC Read, Write 49 F   Married 20/6/5 Donegal Irish/English  
  Griffin James Son RC Read, Write 16 M Farmers Son Single   Donegal    
  Griffin Albert Son RC Read, Write 11 M Scholar Single   Donegal    
  Griffin Hannah Maria Daughter RC Read, Write 8 F Scholar Single   Donegal    
4 Hewitt Thomas Head CofI Read, Write 68 M Farmer Married   Donegal    
  Hewitt Lucy Wife CofI Read, Write 58 F   Married 30/6/6 Donegal    
  Hewitt William James Son CofI Read, Write 28 M Farmers Son Single   Donegal    
  Hewitt John Son CofI Read, Write 27 M Farmers Son Single   Donegal    
  Hewitt Mary Anne Daughter CofI Read, Write 23 F   Single   Donegal    
  Hewitt Lucy Daughter CofI Read, Write 21 F   Single   Donegal    
  Hewitt Sarah Daughter CofI Read, Write 18 F   Single   Donegal    
  Hewitt Andrew Son CofI Read, Write 16 M Scholar Single   Donegal    
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