Donegal Supporters of the Act of Union 1800

Compiled from Advertisements in the Belfast Newsletter between 31 Dec 1799 and 17 Jan 1800

The content of these pages was compiled by Malcolm and form part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources website

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This section comprises the names of 3,808 Donegal supporters for the Act of Union, transcribed and compiled by Malcolm from editions of the Belfast Newsletter. Below are the names, in alphabetical order, along with the supporter's townlands. The townlands have been assigned their present name and the parish to which they belong however, please note that there may be a few where this is not certain.


While compiling the records, Malcolm gained the impression that many of the major landowners, who all belonged to the established Church of Ireland and the Catholic hierarchy, were foremost in their support and brought along the support of their tenants and congregations for good measure.  When viewed by townland name, groupings become clearer. Where there was no apparent support, for instance from the Marquis of Abercorn, few of his tenants appear on the list.


This promises to be a very valuable historical document, with scope for a lot of spin-off studies.


In 1789 the French Revolution began, and in 1793 France declared war against Britain. The ideas of the French Revolution liberty, equality, fraternity and democracy plus the religious link, were favoured by the Irish, and Ireland traditionally had been the back door to England. The Irish could see that religious inequality had been abolished in France and that a democratic government had been set up. Irish Roman Catholics wanted equality; Irish Protestants wanted parliamentary reform. Both groups wanted economic reform.

Many moderate Irish politicians wanted Catholic Emancipation and parliamentary reform, but thought that Ireland should support England in the crisis and wanted to preserve the link with Britain. However, there were others who were more extreme in their views. Among these were Theobald Wolfe Tone and Lord Edward Fitzgerald who formed the United Irishmen in 1792 which aimed at "breaking the connection with England, asserting the independence of our country, uniting all Irishmen in place of the denominations of Protestants and Catholics." The organisation tried to unite Dissenters and Catholics against Anglican rule, and it grew rapidly. Pitt moved equally quickly. In 1793 the Irish parliament was persuaded to pass the Catholic Relief Act which gave Catholics the right to vote. Voters still had to be 40/- freeholders, and Roman Catholics, although they could stand as candidates, were not allowed to take a seat in parliament. Catholic voters could realistically only vote for Protestants. Pitt's 1793 Act was only a part-solution.

In 1795 Earl Fitzwilliam was made Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. He was a Whig and an Irish absentee landowner who believed that Roman Catholics should have complete political equality. This he announced as a policy which raised hopes in Ireland, but Fitzwilliam was recalled within three months on the King's orders and in disgrace.

After 1795 there were increasing incidents of sectarian violence in Ireland, exacerbated by the attempts of the United Irishmen to enlist French help in their struggle to free Ireland from English control. The Protestants in Ireland formed the Orange to safeguard Protestantism in Ireland which merely escalated the problem.

In May 1798 an Irish rising occurred with the avowed aim of Catholic Emancipation and parliamentary reform. Many peasants joined because they wanted tithes to be abolished; some educated men wanted independence. Pitt believed that Ireland could not be allowed the luxury of an independent parliament, because the Irish might decide on an independent nation and make Ireland a base for England's enemies. Pitt therefore decided on an Act of Union which would totally tie Ireland to Great Britain.

(Source: The Victorian Web)

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Preamble to the List of Supporters

The Subject of Legislative Union between Great Britain and Ireland having undergone a full and extensive consideration, it is to be presumed that few men are at this day undecided in the opinions on that momentous object.

We whose names are undersigned, take this method of conveying to the public our sentiments on that most important question. We are not surprised that different opinions should prevail on a subject so interesting, and so extensive, we therefore hold the sentiments of such of our fellow countrymen as happen to be different from our own, in that just respect that is due to their characters and their property in our country. We deem it however right, at this period to declare our own.

The principle of Legislative Union between this Kingdom and Great Britain, founded on equality of trade, equality of protection, equality of constitutional rights and privileges, and equality of taxation, according to the respective wealth and resources of both kingdoms meets with out decided approbation. But while we thus declare our approbation of the general principle, we are not understood to pledge ourselves to the detail. That detail we consider arduous and difficult. However we do not think that the apparent difficulty ought to discourage the efforts to accomplish an object that, in our opinion, will strengthen the Empire at large, allay private discontents and religious animosities in the Kingdom, and bury forever the jealousies that are inseparable from a federal connection between distinct and independent nations.

[The above Declaration has been signed by the following Noblemen and Gentlemen, with about seven hundred others whose names we will insert when we can make more room.]
(Lords) Donegall , Ross Gov., Leitrim , Conyngham , Londonderry , Wicklow , Sudley , Lifford

(Bishops) Frederick Derry , James Raphoe , etc.

Surnames A to D

Surnames E to K

Surnames L to Mc

Surnames M to End

Sequence Names 1800 name Present name Parish
365 Adams Thomas Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2055 Adams Thos. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2054 Adams Wm. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3559 Aiken Wm. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3560 Aikin Robert Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3600 Aikin Robt Jr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3558 Aikin Wm Jr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3586 Aikins Alex. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3585 Aikins L. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3587 Aikins W Sr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
909 Alcorn Jn. Lisdargan   Dargan Clondavaddog Parish
1105 Aleson Andrew Kirkminster   Kilmonaster Clonleigh Parish
1106 Aleson James Kirkminster   Kilmonaster Clonleigh Parish
12 Alexander H MP. Broomhall   Burnthaw Taughboyne Parish
1483 Alexander James Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1007 Alexander Jas. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
13 Alexander Nath Co. Fermanagh z z
1484 Alexander Thos.
 Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1634 Alexander Wm. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
802 Algee James Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
800 Algee John Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
2539 Allingham Edw. Enver Inver Inver Parish
134 Allingham Edw. Ballyshannon Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
95 Allingham John Jr. Ballyshannon   Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
94 Allingham John Sr.
 Ballyshannon   Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
3599 Allison Andrew Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
836 Allison Andrew. Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
837 Allison James Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
3570 Allison John Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3692 Allison John Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
10 Allot J. Dean Raphoe Oakfield   Oakfield Demesene Raphoe Parish
3567 Anderson James. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3807 Anderson Rob. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
1181 Anderson Wm. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
3563 Andrews John. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
738 Armour John Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1293 Armour Wm. Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
875 Armstrong J. Ealm   Ironworks ? Stranorlar Parish
856 Armstrong J. Falm Fahan? z
2133 Armstrong James
 Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
873 Armstrong T. Ealm   Ironworks ? Stranorlar Parish
809 Armstrong Thos.
 Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
848 Armstrong Victor Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
3710 Arrell Henry Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3711 Arrell Jn. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3197 Arskin Mat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3181 Arskin Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3106 Askin David Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3149 Askin Edward Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2838 Askin James. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2490 Askin Mich. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3104 Askin Robt. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3105 Askin Wm. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
490 Atteridge John Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2180 Atteridge Rich. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
489 Atteridge Rich. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
488 Atteridge Thos.
 Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
1291 Auld Ephm. Carnmore Carn More Donagh Parish
1329 Baird James
 Raphoe   Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3242 Baird Joseph. Kilcar & Glen Columbcille Kilcar & Glen Columbcille Kilcar & Glen Columbcille
931 Baird M. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
957 Baird M. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
857 Baird Robert Falm Fahan? z
1275 Baird Sam. Ballycramshy Ballycramsy Clonca Parish
1274 Baird T. Ballycramshy Ballycramsy Clonca Parish
941 Baird Wm. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
135 Baker Henry Ballyshannon Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
128 Ball Alex.
 Rays   Ray Kilmacrenan Parish
1143 Ball Jas. Shanon
  Shannon Middle Clonleigh Parish
106 Ball Robert Ray   Ray Aughnish Parish
3772 Ban John Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3773 Ban Wm. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3792 Bann Jn. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3613 Barington Mark Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3612 Barington Mk Jr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1976 Barker James Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2418 Baron Bryan Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
995 Baron Charles Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2416 Baron Dan Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2683 Baron Pat. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2417 Baron Pat. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
139 Barow T V. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
499 Barr James Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2083 Barrenet Wm. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
502 Barry James
 Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
501 Barry Wm. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2530 Baskin Jn.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
1069 Baskin Oliver Mount!Charles   Mount Charles Inver Parish
3548 Baskin Robert. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1068 Baskin Wm. Mount!Charles   Mount Charles Inver Parish
590 Baxter Henry Cloghron   Cloghroe Convoy Parish
3454 Begley Edw. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3581 Begley James Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3453 Begley Jas. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3583 Begley Michael. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3584 Begley Neal Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3266 Begly Anthony. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3265 Begly Michael Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3318 Begly Wm. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
573 Bell And. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
273 Bell Benjamin
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3746 Bell David Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3722 Bell John Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3768 Bell John Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3721 Bell Wm. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
821 Bell Wm. Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
884 Bemagan J Lifford
  Lifford Common Clonleigh Parish
1160 Bergan Neal Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
2639 Bern And. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2693 Bern Francis Enver Inver Inver Parish
1220 Bern Hu. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
2943 Bern Lanty. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2909 Bern Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2617 Bern Patrick Enver Inver Inver Parish
2854 Berne Lanty. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2163 Beson Dan. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
190 Bird James
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
168 Bird Richard. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2959 Birn And. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2957 Birn Bryan Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2958 Birn Hugh Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2965 Birn Hugh. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
1927 Birn James Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2970 Birn James Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3136 Birn James Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3386 Birn Jas. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3237 Birn Jn. Kilcar & Glen Columbcille Kilcar & Glen Columbcille Kilcar & Glen Columbcille
2070 Birn John Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3148 Birn Pat Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2935 Birn Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3234 Birn Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2071 Birn Pat.
 Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3099 Birn Teigue Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3596 Black Francis Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1003 Black Hugh
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
216 Black James
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3523 Black John Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3526 Black Robert. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
217 Black Wm. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3755 Blackburn Jas. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3795 Blackburn S. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
473 Blaine John Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
460 Blaine Joseph
 Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2397 Blair Alex. Ballerston   Ballyiriston Inishkeel Parish
1075 Blair Alex. Mount!Charles   Mount Charles Inver Parish
2640 Blake Denis. Enver Inver Inver Parish
3069 Blake Hu. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1971 Blake James Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1073 Blake Wm.
 Mount!Charles   Mount Charles Inver Parish
952 Bogan John Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
949 Bogan John
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1615 Boggs James St!Johnston   Si Johnston Taughboyne Parish
1277 Boggs Jas. Lagg   Lag Clonca Parish
918 Boggs Js Sr. B Lin Ballylin Aughnish Parish
916 Boggs Ninian B Lin Ballylin Aughnish Parish
1576 Boggs Wm. Gobrey Goorey Clonca Parish
1828 Bogle Jn. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2809 Bogle John Enver Inver Inver Parish
2782 Bogle Thos. Enver Inver Inver Parish
1495 Bole Wm. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
331 Bolton Henry Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
330 Bolton Jomes Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3715 Bonar Wm. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3545 Bonner Stephen Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
2159 Botes D. Raphoe   Raphoe Raphoe Parish
541 Boverd John Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
3437 Boyce Conelius Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3403 Boyce Stephen Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2212 Boyd Denis Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2211 Boyd Hu. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
426 Boyd J. Lisnisk   Lissinisk Convoy Parish
2186 Boyd Jn. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2209 Boyd Jn. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2185 Boyd Js. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1837 Boyd Mat. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2789 Boyd Mat. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2227 Boyd Mat. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2702 Boyd Pat.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
1509 Boyd Robt. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1830 Boyle And.
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3327 Boyle Bernard Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2762 Boyle Bryan Enver Inver Inver Parish
328 Boyle Bryan Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1709 Boyle Charles Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
3366 Boyle Charles Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1843 Boyle Connell Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2760 Boyle Dan. Enver Inver Inver Parish
3295 Boyle Dan. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3474 Boyle Darby. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1852 Boyle Dudley Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1885 Boyle Ed. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1243 Boyle Edw. Craig   Craig Clondahorky Parish
1888 Boyle Fra. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2763 Boyle J.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
858 Boyle Ja.
 Capry Cappry Stranorlar Parish
1853 Boyle Js. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1884 Boyle Mich. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3299 Boyle Mich. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1858 Boyle Owen Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3332 Boyle Owen Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
481 Boyle Owen Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2921 Boyle Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
542 Boyle Patrick Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
1919 Boyle Teigue Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
238 Boyle Terence
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1952 Boyle Tho. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
770 Boyle Wm. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
3288 Boyls Wm. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
257 Bradbane Mich. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3540 Braddon Hen. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
2475 Braddon Henry.
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2474 Braddon Thos. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
1026 Bradly Edw. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
3038 Branagan Con. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
144 Brandon Gerard Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2787 Bready John Enver Inver Inver Parish
1699 Brearty Jas. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1974 Brenan Geo.
 Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1820 Brenan Jack. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3396 Brenan James Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1757 Brenan Laughlin Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2755 Brenan Thos. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2221 Brenan Thos. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1168 Brennan Mich. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
1066 Brennan Mich. Mount!Charles   Mount Charles Inver Parish
2333 Breshlaw Con. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2334 Breshlaw M.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
369 Bresland Wm. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2028 Breslau Js. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2330 Breslaw Chas. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2020 Breslaw Darby
 Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2331 Breslaw Pat. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
807 Brestlin Wm. Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
491 Briaddin Pat. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
353 Brice Henry Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2655 Brice Robt. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2759 Bride Pat. Enver Inver Inver Parish
143 Bridges Henry Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2509 Brishland Dan. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3009 Brishlaw Denis Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3012 Brishlaw Hu. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3538 Brishlaw Thos. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3029 Brishlaw Wm. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2469 Brisklan Neal. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
375 Brisland Owen Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
362 Brisland Patrick Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2332 Brislaw Thos. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2449 Brislaw Wm. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
1072 Brittain Rob. Mount!Charles   Mount Charles Inver Parish
195 Britton John Sr.
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
200 Britton John
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2733 Brodley Mich. Enver Inver Inver Parish
3696 Brodly Pat. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3402 Brodly Roger Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1880 Brogan Corn. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1845 Brogan Dan. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2661 Brogan Denis. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2352 Brogan Edw. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1681 Brogan James Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2032 Brogan Jn. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2597 Brogan John Enver Inver Inver Parish
1680 Brogan Mich. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1682 Brogan Mich. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1211 Brogan Nawl. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
1856 Brogan Pat. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2441 Brogan Pat. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3172 Brogan Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3174 Brogan Tho. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2470 Brogan Wm.
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
1212 Brogan Wm.
 Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
123 Brooke H. Presb Minister Burt   Burt Burt and Inch Parishes
1062 Brotten D. Gaddyduff Gaddyduff Clonmany Parish
3158 Brown Corn. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
576 Brown J. Mullinac   Mullanacarry Inishkeel Parish
577 Brown James Mullinac   Mullanacarry Inishkeel Parish
3107 Brown James Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2827 Brown Mich.
 Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
1569 Brown Mich.
 Kilcare   Kilcar Kilcar Parish
114 Brown Robert Kiltown   Kiltown Donaghmore Parish
2828 Brown Shane. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3088 Brown Thos. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
758 Brown Thos.
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
3744 Brown Wm. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
2464 Browne Edward Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
167 Browne George Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2622 Browne Mich Sr. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2624 Browne Mich Sr. Enver Inver Inver Parish
718 Browne Robert Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
2403 Browne Sam. Mulna   Muineagh Clondavaddog Parish
2422 Bryn Bryan Jr. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
449 Bryn C Jr. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
448 Bryn C Sr. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2216 Buchanan Wm. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
629 Buchannon And. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1794 Buchannon Js. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2778 Buchannon Sam.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2541 Buchannon Wm. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2585 Burk Lau.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2375 Burk Thos. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1182 Burkhill J. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
2764 Burn John. Enver Inver Inver Parish
1079 Burnett Rich. Mount!Charles   Mount Charles Inver Parish
1027 Burns Chas. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1214 Burns David Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
3191 Burns J. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3691 Burns Joseph Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1215 Burns Mich. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
1216 Burns Pat. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
2489 Burns Patt. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3590 Burns Wm. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
4 Burton F N. Prehon   Priestown Convoy Parish
2820 Bustard George Enver Inver Inver Parish
908 Butler Geo. Lisdargan   Dargan Clondavaddog Parish
868 Butt R. Glenfin Glenfin Kilteevoge Parish
2165 Byers Arch. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
412 Byrm Bryan Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
410 Byrn Connel Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
409 Byrn Dominick Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
411 Byrn Hugh. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3122 Byrn Mich. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2930 Byrn Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
457 Byrn Owen Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
408 Byrn Timothy
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2141 Byrne Ant. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2492 Byrne Con Bawn Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3221 Byrne Darby Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3145 Byrne Denis Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3144 Byrne Edward Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2849 Byrne Hu. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3124 Byrne Hugh Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1879 Byrne John Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2491 Byrne John
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3218 Byrne Manus Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1872 Byrne Mich Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2929 Byrne Nich. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2625 Byrne Owen Enver Inver Inver Parish
3220 Byrne Pat Jr. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3219 Byrne Pat Sr. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2868 Byrne Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2976 Byrne Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
962 Byrne Peter Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2511 Byrne Philip
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3151 Byrne Tho. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2857 Byrne Thos.
 Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3320 Cafferty Jn. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2445 Cahill Pat
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
1836 Cairns Js. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
585 Caldwell D. Calunca   Clonca Clonca Parish
1198 Caldwell John Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
3294 Callaghan Owen Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3468 Callaghan Wm. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3353 Callan Hugh Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1344 Callin David Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1190 Cameron R.
 Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
1253 Campbell  Rob Gortward   Gortaward Inver Parish
1352 Campbell Dan. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1355 Campbell Dan. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2365 Campbell Denis Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3761 Campbell Francis Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
1257 Campbell J Collan Callen Killymard Parish
1252 Campbell Jack Gortward   Gortaward Inver Parish
1039 Campbell John Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2368 Campbell John Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1260 Campbell John Carnaghtreagh
  Carntressy Templecarn Parish
722 Campbell John
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1807 Campbell Js. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3528 Campbell Mark Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1307 Campbell Mat. Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
2372 Campbell Neal Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2454 Campbell Pat. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
1353 Campbell Pat. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1589 Campbell Pat. Mullinbuy.
  Mullan Boy Urney Parish
3529 Campbell Phelix Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3781 Campbell Robt. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3762 Campbell Tho. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
1627 Campbell Thomas Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1259 Campbell W. Carnaghtreagh
  Carntressy Templecarn Parish
1628 Campbell Wm. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
892 Campbell Wm. Lifford
  Lifford Common Clonleigh Parish
924 Campbell Wm. Castle Doagh Doagh Mevagh Parish
1597 Canaghan J. Mullinbuy.
  Mullan Boy Urney Parish
2326 Canaghan John. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1819 Canan Darby
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2149 Canan Dom. Mullnancabrath   Mullanacarry Inishkeel Parish
1217 Canan Pat. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
2325 Cannon Ant. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3286 Cannon Bernard Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2452 Cannon Bryan Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2933 Cannon Byran Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3374 Cannon Chas. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2663 Cannon Denis Enver Inver Inver Parish
569 Cannon Hugh
 Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2975 Cannon James Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2644 Cannon James Enver Inver Inver Parish
2345 Cannon James Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3426 Cannon James Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3306 Cannon Jas. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2521 Cannon Jas.
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
869 Cannon M. Balinagk   Ballynaglack Stranorlar Parish
2385 Cannon Mich. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3375 Cannon Mich. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2926 Cannon Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2934 Cannon Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2086 Cannon Owen Sr.
 Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2092 Cannon Owen. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2942 Cannon Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2085 Cannon Pat. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
1210 Cannon Wm. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
1386 Cannow  Bryan
 Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2018 Canon Anth. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1571 Canon Bryan Kilcare   Kilcar Kilcar Parish
2146 Canon Cormick Sr. Letterkelly
  Letterilly Inishkeel Parish
1948 Canon Cormick
 Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1235 Canon Darley Donegal Donegal Donegal Parish
2925 Canon Ed. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
904 Cany D. Dunross   Dunross Clonca Parish
1951 Car Bryan. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1832 Carabane Tho. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
193 Carberry Wm. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1660 Carileen Edw.
 Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2231 Caringham Wm. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3002 Carleton Wm. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
1165 Carlow Robt. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
3238 Carlton Wm. Kilcar & Glen Columbcille Kilcar & Glen Columbcille Kilcar & Glen Columbcille
1565 Carman Pat. Kilcare   Kilcar Kilcar Parish
538 Carneer Barny Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
648 Carney Arthur Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1424 Carney Den. Lenour!Muncuagh   Greencastle Moville Lower Parish
895 Carney J.
 Cloncha Glebe Clonca Clonca Parish
637 Carney James Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
647 Carney James Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
104 Carney M. Rector Ramelton Ramelton   Ramelton Aughnish parish
3615 Carpenter Jas. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
2255 Carr Bryan Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
761 Carr Charles Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1745 Carr Chas.
 Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2870 Carr Con. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2968 Carr Con. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3274 Carr Daniel Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3342 Carr Denis. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2961 Carr Dudley Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3139 Carr Edward Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3497 Carr Edward Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1754 Carr Fran. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
3131 Carr Francis Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3137 Carr Francis Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2867 Carr James
 Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3110 Carr Jas. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3155 Carr John Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
973 Carr Mathew
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2254 Carr Mich. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3091 Carr Mich. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2256 Carr Miles Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1897 Carr Owen Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2956 Carr Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3128 Carr Owen Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3160 Carr Owen Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3130 Carr Owen Bawn Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
387 Carr P.  PP Kilcar Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2391 Carr Pat Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2973 Carr Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3206 Carr Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3415 Carr Patrick Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1563 Carr Phil PP Kilcare   Kilcar Kilcar Parish
3133 Carr Roger Bawn Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3127 Carr Shane Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3129 Carr Thomas Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2479 Carrin Neal. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3639 Carroll W. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1596 Carru Js.
  Mullan Boy Urney Parish
1975 Carscaden Wm. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2400 Carson Chas. Mulna   Muineagh Clondavaddog Parish
608 Carson Robert Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
2056 Carson Robt.
 Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
137 Carson Wm. Ballyshannon Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
582 Carswel J. Calunca   Clonca Clonca Parish
76 Cary George Donagh
  Donaghmore Glebe Donaghmore Parish
38 Cary George
 Whitecastle   Whitecastle Moville Upper Parish
1713 Caskaden Rob. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2544 Cassenden Thos. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2105 Cassidy A. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2738 Cassidy Bryan Enver Inver Inver Parish
2885 Cassidy Con.
 Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2457 Cassidy Edmond Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2193 Cassidy Edw.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2886 Cassidy Francis. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
141 Cassidy Mithl.
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2473 Cassidy Owen Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
1967 Cassidy Owen Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
209 Cassidy Owen Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2739 Cassidy Pat Enver Inver Inver Parish
2190 Cassidy Roger Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2191 Cassidy Sam. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
343 Cassidy Samuel. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2218 Cassidy Wm. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
522 Cather John Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
3743 Chambers Robt. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
32 Charleton Geo. Roxton z z
1903 Chesnut James Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1899 Chesnut John Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1904 Chesnut Pat. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2571 Chesnut Pat. Enver Inver Inver Parish
1907 Chesnut Wm Jr. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1900 Chesnut Wm.
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
45 Chichester E.Rector Culdaff (b.1776) Culdaff   Culdaff Culdaff Parish
44 Chichester W. LLD  Rector Clonca Cloncah   Clonca Clonca Parish
162 Chism Samuel Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3113 Cildea Owen Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3135 Cirr Francis. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
775 Clandining R. Dromore
  Dromore Conwal Parish
874 Clark G. Culnavoe   Cullionboy Donegal Parish
1203 Clark Wm. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
2471 Clark Wm. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3397 Clarke Alex. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
213 Clarke George Raphoe