Donegal supporters of the Act of Union 1800

Compiled from Advertisements in the Belfast Newsletter 31 Dec 1799 and 3 Jan 1800

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Surnames M to End

Sequence Names 1800 name Present name Parish
965 Eagleton J. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
638 Eakins Wm. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
667 Edgar Wm.
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
2892 Edwards James. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3654 Edwards Jn. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
2659 Edwards John Enver Inver Inver Parish
3653 Edwards P.  Gortlog Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
2660 Edwards Tho. Enver Inver Inver Parish
197 Edwards Thos. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1255 Elder R C. Town Castletown Taughboyne Parish
919 Elder Wm. Letteror
  Clonca Clonca Parish
2758 Elher Simon Enver Inver Inver Parish
1286 Elkin J. Drumcorbet Drumcarbit Clonca Parish
3261 Ellice James Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1937 Elliot C. Gortnasillagh Gort Clonmany Parish
536 Elliot Daniel. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
620 Elliot Francis
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1705 Elliot Hu. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1703 Elliot James Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
609 Elliot John Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
507 Elliot John
 Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
755 Elliot Robert Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
769 Elliot Robt. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1704 Elliot Wm. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
768 Elliot Wm.
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
2904 Elliott Hugh. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
283 Ellis George Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3134 Elm Jas Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1415 Ewing Alex. Maghramore.   Magheramore Inishkeel Parish
1604 Ewing Alex. Mullinbuy.
  Mullan Boy Urney Parish
1602 Ewing James Mullinbuy.
  Mullan Boy Urney Parish
834 Ewing James
 Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
1603 Ewing John Mullinbuy.
  Mullan Boy Urney Parish
1031 Ewing John
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1443 Ewing Sam.
 Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1036 Ewing Sam.
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
988 Ewing Samuel
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
777 Ewing Wm. Gortdragon Gortadragon Convoy Parish
991 Fair James. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
992 Fair Thomas Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
881 Fairman R. Liskeran Liskeran Stranorlar Parish
1249 Farcy W. Gortward   Gortaward Inver Parish
1426 Farna B. Strago   Stragar Killybegs Upper Parish
314 Farrell John. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3767 Farren James Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
130 Faucet F. Ballyshannon Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
902 Faulkner J. Glackna drunana Glackadrumman Clonca Parish
1787 Fawcell Henry
 Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1788 Fawcett James Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1992 Fawcett Jn. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2591 Feery John Enver Inver Inver Parish
2272 Feery Owen Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2434 Feery Pat.
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2263 Fenny Pat.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2155 Fenter Frs. Rutland   Roughan Conwal Parish
3780 Ferguson And. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
101 Ferguson Andrew Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parishes
15 Ferguson Andrew. MP Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
781 Ferguson J. Cloghgore   Cloghmore Convoy Parish
418 Ferguson Thomas Magheraboy   Magheraboy Donaghmore Parish
2869 Ferry Dan. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3418 Ferry Edward Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3479 Ferry Maurice Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3478 Ferry Michael Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3416 Ferry Neal Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3413 Ferry Owen Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3417 Ferry Stephen Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
598 Fienery E. Leighld. Leacht Donaghmore Parish
436 Filson T. Magherabuy Magheraboy Raphoe Parish
733 Filston Sam. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
782 Finlay James Cloghgore   Cloghmore Convoy Parish
2287 Finlay John Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2073 Finlay Robt. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
1305 Finly James Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
1192 Finney Ed. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
601 Finney Pat.
 Leighld. Leacht Donaghmore Parish
142 Fitzgerald Jas. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2578 Fitzsummons Hen. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2631 Flaherty A.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2623 Flaherty Dan. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2621 Flaherty Dan.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2627 Flaherty Edw Jr. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2633 Flaherty Edw. Enver Inver Inver Parish
498 Flaherty James Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2632 Flaherty Neal Enver Inver Inver Parish
415 Flecher J. Castletoris   Castletorrison Convoy Parish
707 Fletcher John
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
712 Fletcher Robert
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
795 Fletcher W. Castletorris
  Castletorrison Convoy Parish
714 Fletcher Wm. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
3732 Fletcher Wm. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
669 Flood James Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
766 Flood John Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
2277 Flood Wm. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2799 Flyne Wm. Enver Inver Inver Parish
3470 Follan Hu. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3471 Follan Jn. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2323 Forde Thos. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
107 Foster John
 Foster's Court z z
3505 Fowler John. Gorte  Creavery Gortcross Killygarvan Parish
762 Frame James. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
614 Freecorn John Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
3448 Freel Dan. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2033 Freel J Jr. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
967 Freel Jas.
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2709 Freele Bryan Enver Inver Inver Parish
1848 Freele Darley Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2244 Freele Jas. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2247 Freele Jas.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1849 Freele Js.
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2710 Freele Owen Enver Inver Inver Parish
2910 Friel Bryan Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3804 Friel Mich. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
1006 Friend James Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1276 Fulton D. D. Crony Drumavohy Clonca Parish
920 Fulton F. Drimersey   Drumineney Raphoe Parish
1271 Fulton Jn. Bellagh   Ballagh Clonca Parish
2374 Fury Bryan Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2008 Fury Chas. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1412 Gabbon Owen. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
23 Gage Marcus Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2265 Galagher And. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1655 Galagher Anth.
 Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2369 Galagher Bryan. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1733 Galagher Chair Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1380 Galagher Chas. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2873 Galagher Con. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2371 Galagher Connel
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1369 Galagher Connell Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1375 Galagher Cormick. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1925 Galagher Dan. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3116 Galagher Dan. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2275 Galagher Denis Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2507 Galagher Denis Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3543 Galagher Denis Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1960 Galagher Denis Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1397 Galagher Edw. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2893 Galagher Francis Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2431 Galagher Hu. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3062 Galagher Hu. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3064 Galagher Hu/Sr. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1675 Galagher James Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
3057 Galagher James Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1406 Galagher James Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1381 Galagher James
 Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
3123 Galagher James. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2593 Galagher John Enver Inver Inver Parish
2308 Galagher John Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2832 Galagher John
 Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2835 Galagher Mich. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2360 Galagher Mich. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3063 Galagher Neal Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2834 Galagher Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2843 Galagher Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
1347 Galagher Owen Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2362 Galagher Owen.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2872 Galagher Pat.
 Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2675 Galagher Phelim Enver Inver Inver Parish
3098 Galagher Thomas Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3005 Galagher Tully Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2074 Galagher Wm. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2346 Galagher Wm.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2279 Galanagh John Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2435 Galanagh Pat. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2288 Galanagh Roger. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2274 Galanagh W Jr. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2592 Galanagh Wm. Enver Inver Inver Parish
1185 Galbraith A.
 Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
333 Galbraith Andw. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
26 Galbraith J. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2425 Galdin Pat. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2685 Gallager Ant. Enver Inver Inver Parish
3339 Gallagher Denis. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1223 Gallagher Ant.
 Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
260 Gallagher Bryan Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1172 Gallagher Chas. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
2127 Gallagher Conil Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2642 Gallagher D. Enver Inver Inver Parish
862 Gallagher D. Capry Cappry Stranorlar Parish
1594 Gallagher Dan. Mullinbuy.
  Mullan Boy Urney Parish
2380 Gallagher Denis Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3193 Gallagher Edw. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3305 Gallagher Edw. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
242 Gallagher Edw. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
236 Gallagher F. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1356 Gallagher Fedy.
 Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
3032 Gallagher Francis Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3534 Gallagher Francis Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3189 Gallagher Hu. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2437 Gallagher Hugh Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3360 Gallagher Hugh Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1178 Gallagher J. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
1400 Gallagher Jas Jr.
 Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1399 Gallagher Jas Sr. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1881 Gallagher Jas.
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1224 Gallagher Jn. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
3535 Gallagher Jn. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1780 Gallagher John Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2311 Gallagher John Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1221 Gallagher Js. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
1850 Gallagher Js. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2022 Gallagher Js. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
3480 Gallagher Neal Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3485 Gallagher Owen Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2126 Gallagher Owen. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3281 Gallagher P Jr. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
860 Gallagher P. Barinag Ballynaglack Stranorlar Parish
3260 Gallagher Pat Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1874 Gallagher Pat. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
826 Gallagher Pat. Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
3273 Gallagher Peter Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3401 Gallagher Peter. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
951 Gallagher T. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
721 Gallagher Thos. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
2125 Gallagher Thos. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
859 Gallagher Wm. Capry Cappry Stranorlar Parish
3682 Gallaher Daniel Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3473 Gallaher Edw. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3335 Gallaher Hu. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3681 Gallaher Hugh Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3683 Gallaher Peter Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
772 Gallisp John
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
3125 Ganly Wm. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3198 Gara Owen Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2419 Gara Teague
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
790 Gardner James Cornigilia   Cornagillagh Convoy Parish
565 Garry John Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
563 Garry Murtagh Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
508 Garry Owen Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
564 Garry Patrick
 Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2992 Gartley And. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2188 Gartley Jn. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3272 Garvey Anthony Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3400 Garvey James Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3440 Garvey James Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1096 Gaurley John
 Kirkminster   Kilmonaster Clonleigh Parish
907 Gellin B.
 Lisdargan   Dargan Clondavaddog Parish
2563 Gervis Arth. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2561 Gervis Wm. Enver Inver Inver Parish
1759 Getigan James Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
3072 Getigan Jas. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2270 Getigan Pat. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2364 Getins Dudly Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1202 Gevyn Wm.
 Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
814 Gheattey Francis Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
3646 Gibbins J Jr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3647 Gibbins J Sr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3512 Gibbins W.   Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1033 Gibbon John. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
3513 Gibbons James Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3458 Gibbons Lau. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3580 Gibbons Lau. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3673 Gibbons Pat. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1502 Gibbons Thomas Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3508 Gibbons W. Rathmullan Rathmullan Killygarvan Parish
3459 Gibbons Wm. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2645 Giddea Denis. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2737 Gilday Jas. Enver Inver Inver Parish
1939 Gilde C. Glenmakins Glenmacannive Inishkeel Parish
2953 Gildea Corn. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2952 Gildea Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2954 Gildea Owen/Jr. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
1781 Gildell Owen
 Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2955 Gilder Bryan Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2019 Gildue Denis Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1115 Gilfillen John
 Kirkminster   Kilmonaster Clonleigh Parish
1114 Gilfillen Robt. Kirkminster   Kilmonaster Clonleigh Parish
2026 Gillaspy Bryan. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1396 Gillaspy John
 Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2021 Gillaspy Moses Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
240 Gillday John Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1059 Gilleland D. Benron   Binroe Killaghtee Parish
2814 Gilles James Enver Inver Inver Parish
2815 Gilles James Jr. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2601 Gillespey Wm.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2839 Gillespie Dan. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2703 Gillespie Dan. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2448 Gillespie Thos. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
1695 Gillespie Wm. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1929 Gillespy Chars. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2285 Gillespy Denis Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2339 Gillespy Ed. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2833 Gillespy Edw. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2830 Gillespy Francis Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2912 Gillespy Hu. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2846 Gillespy Jas. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2646 Gillespy Jas.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2423 Gillespy John Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2577 Gillespy Ju. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2871 Gillespy Marcus Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3183 Gillespy Mich. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1928 Gillespy Murria Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2967 Gillespy Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2995 Gillespy Peter Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3031 Gillespy Peter Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3161 Gillespy Peter Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2286 Gillespy Wm. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1045 Gilliland Wm. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
605 Gillon Hugh Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
416 Gillon Hugh. Nocbrach   Knock Brack Leck Parish
1891 Gilloshy Neil
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2050 Gills Js.
 Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3010 Given Chas. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2784 Given David. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2298 Given John Jr. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2460 Given John Sr.
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2616 Given Moses
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2562 Given Rob. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2034 Glackaw Pat. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1539 Glacken Connel Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2804 Glacken Ed. Enver Inver Inver Parish
1557 Glacken Edw Jr. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1556 Glacken Edw. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1535 Glacken Hu Sr.
 Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1562 Glacken Pat Sr. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1538 Glacken Pat. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2816 Glacken Pat. Enver Inver Inver Parish
1246 Glackin Denis Craig   Craig Clondahorky Parish
1536 Glackin Hu Jr. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2747 Glackin Wm.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
1501 Glaken Pat. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2102 Glass Chas. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3168 Glass James Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2324 Glass James
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2542 Glen Jas. Enver Inver Inver Parish
915 Gohegon Ceberone Maghereord
Rushville Magherawardan Clondavaddog Parish
2160 Gordon K. Raphoe   Raphoe Raphoe Parish
237 Gorman James Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
233 Gorman Terence
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
747 Gorman Tho. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
2797 Goulden Peter Enver Inver Inver Parish
71 Gouldsbury Fran Sr. Rector Upper Moville   Upper Moville   Moville Upper Parish
1108 Gourly Andrew Kirkminster   Kilmonaster Clonleigh Parish
263 Graham Guy
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2902 Graham Henry Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
699 Graham Isaac Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1711 Graham James Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
805 Graham James Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
1977 Graham James Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
3504 Graham John Gorte  Creavery Gortcross Killygarvan Parish
321 Graham Richard Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
187 Graham Wm. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
794 Gray J. Castletorris
  Castletorrison Convoy Parish
793 Gray Robert Cornigilia   Cornagillagh Convoy Parish
635 Green Andrew
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
588 Green George Callin   Callan Convoy Parish
2084 Green Hu. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3650 Green J.  Kenlatugh. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
634 Green John Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
261 Green John Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
587 Green Wm. Callin   Callan Convoy Parish
377 Greenlaw J. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
347 Greenlaw R Jr. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
346 Greenlaw R Sr. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
366 Greenlaw Wm. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
663 Greer Wm. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
776 Greg R. Gortdragon Gortadragon Convoy Parish
435 Gregg W. Artikelly
  Artikellys Convoy Parish
783 Gregg W. Tommyscroft   Tommyscroft or Craigs Convoy Parish
546 Gregory George. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
3717 Gregory John Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3718 Gregory Rich. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
327 Gregory Walter
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
815 Gregory Wm. Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
269 Gregorys Samuel Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3720 Grier James Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3719 Grier John Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
1024 Griffin John Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1861 Griffith Albert Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1978 Griffith Anth. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2002 Griffith Anth. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2003 Griffith Chas. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1873 Griffith Geo. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2310 Griffith Geo. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1227 Griffith Jacob Donegal Donegal Donegal Parish
3756 Griffith James Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
1993 Griffith Jn. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2005 Griffith Jn.
 Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2785 Griffith John Enver Inver Inver Parish
1226 Griffith M. Donegal Donegal Donegal Parish
2004 Griffith Mich Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2017 Griffith Mich. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2647 Griffith Peter Enver Inver Inver Parish
1229 Griffith Philip Donegal Donegal Donegal Parish
3758 Griffith Tho. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
1882 Griffith Thos. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2798 Griffith W Jr.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
3757 Griffith Wm. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
2335 Griffith Wm. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
705 Grimes James Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
57 Grove Thos. Castlegrove   Castlegrove Aghanunshin Parish
1700 Gulloy Dan.
 Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
3649 Hagan J Jr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3684 Hagan James Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3648 Hagan Jn Sr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3259 Hagan John Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3429 Hagan Owen Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3258 Hagan Pat Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3573 Hagane Patrick Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3018 Hagerty Con. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
463 Hagerty James Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2999 Hagerty Maurice Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
459 Hagerty Maurice Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
2463 Hagherty Coonell Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2635 Hagherty Tedy Enver Inver Inver Parish
1179 Hair James Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
3640 Hall Wm. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
2664 Hamil Pat. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2993 Hamill James Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2412 Hamilton A. Mulvy   Mullyvea Inishkeel Parish
348 Hamilton Andrew Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1314 Hamilton Anth.
 Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
2314 Hamilton E.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
73 Hamilton Fred. Clan   Clar Donegal Parish
1584 Hamilton Geo. Mount!Charles.   Mount Charles Inver Parish
2315 Hamilton Geo. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2500 Hamilton Geo. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
61 Hamilton Geo.
 Fairview Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
1183 Hamilton H. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
3 Hamilton J Brown!Hall   Brownhall Demesne Drumhome Parish
3001 Hamilton James Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2316 Hamilton James Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
342 Hamilton James Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
111 Hamilton James. Eden
  Eden Inishkeel Parish
1009 Hamilton Jas. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2210 Hamilton Jn. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
688 Hamilton John
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
839 Hamilton John
 Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
475 Hamilton Laur. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
1149 Hamilton Robt. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
474 Hamilton Robt.
 Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
1043 Hamilton Sam. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
595 Hamilton T. Clogh   Cloghmore? Convoy Parish
3730 Hamilton Tho. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
72 Hamilton Thomas Rector Lower Moville.
  Moville Moville Lower Parish
1315 Hamilton Wm. Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
100 Hamilton Wm. Ash Brook House Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
2082 Hanany Chas. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3461 Hangan Neal Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3642 Hanigan Hugh Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3588 Hanigan Neal Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
199 Hanly James Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
198 Hanly John Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
204 Hanly Michael Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
205 Hanly Richard
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
653 Hanna George
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
3802 Hanna Rob/Jr. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3801 Hanna Rob/Sr. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
570 Hannah John Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
1174 Hannigan O. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
2215 Hara Cormick Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1679 Haraghey John 
 Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1378 Haraghy Eugen Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
270 Haran Charles Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
272 Haran Henry Jr. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
291 Haran Henry Sr. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
255 Haran J Jr. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
254 Haran J Sr. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
271 Haran Patrick Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
607 Haran Wm. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
447 Haran Wm. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
3786 Hardy Jn. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
1052 Harken Hugh Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1053 Harken M. Ballinele.   Ballynally Moville Lower Parish
1528 Harken Tho Sr. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2713 Harken Thos. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2081 Harkin Bryan
 Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
1693 Harkin Hu. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1692 Harkin John Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1719 Harkin John Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1534 Harkin John. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1529 Harkin Tho Jr. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1568 Harkin Tho Jr. Kilcare   Kilcar Kilcar Parish
1567 Harkin Tho. Kilcare   Kilcar Kilcar Parish
1720 Harkin Thos Jr. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1718 Harkin Thos. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1691 Harkins James Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1824 Harley Dan.
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2634 Harough Pat. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2732 Haroughey Bryan Enver Inver Inver Parish
1213 Haroughey J. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
2253 Haroughey J. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2725 Haroughey Jas. Enver Inver Inver Parish
1969 Haroughey Jn.
 Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1818 Haroughey Js. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2735 Haroughey Mich. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2808 Haroughey Mich.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2328 Haroughey Neal Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2300 Haroughey Owen Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2485 Haroughey Owen
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
1372 Haroughey Pat. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1379 Haroughey Pat. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2327 Haroughey T. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1225 Haroughy B. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
2307 Haroughy Chas. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2724 Haroughy Fran. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2630 Haroughy Hu. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2619 Haroughy John Enver Inver Inver Parish
2283 Haroughy Mich.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1676 Haroughy Neal Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2024 Haroughy Neil Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2025 Haroughy Pat.
 Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2171 Harper Alex. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3714 Harper Jas. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
2230 Harper Jn. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2170 Harper Jo. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1955 Harpur Hugh Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1956 Harpur John Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1957 Harpur Wm. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1667 Harraghy Dan. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
103 Harris J.
 Rector Killeigh Killeigh   Killeen Kilbarron Parish
2011 Harrooghy Js. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1593 Harroughey J. Mullinbuy.
  Mullan Boy Urney Parish
1697 Harroughey Jas. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1987 Harrowgby Wm. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
14 Hart John
 Kilderry   Kildarragh