Donegal supporters of the Act of Union 1800

Compiled from Advertisements in the Belfast Newsletter 31 Dec 1799 and 3 Jan 1800

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Surnames M to End

Sequence Names 1800 name Present name Parish
2440 Laan Neal
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
1301 Laird Albert. Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
1462 Laird James
 Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1326 Laird James. Raphoe   Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1417 Laird John Maghramore.   Magheramore Inishkeel Parish
1601 Laird Joseph
  Mullan Boy Urney Parish
1303 Laird Moses Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
801 Laird Nat. Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
1044 Lalla Alex. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1954 Langan John
 Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
259 Lappen James Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1610 Latta Abm. St!Johnston   Si Johnston Taughboyne Parish
1574 Latta James
 Kilcare   Kilcar Kilcar Parish
1609 Latta John St!Johnston   Si Johnston Taughboyne Parish
1272 Latta Sam. Bellagh   Ballagh Clonca Parish
1611 Latta Wm. St!Johnston   Si Johnston Taughboyne Parish
961 Laverty James
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1042 Lavins James Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
21 Law J. Castle!Conyngham
  Castletown Taughboyne Parish
2177 Law John Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
22 Law William Castle!Conyngham
  Castletown Taughboyne Parish
968 Lawn Hugh Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
993 Lawn Michael
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2087 Lawn Thomas Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
1698 Lawn Wm. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2150 Leader Hen. Cray
  Craghy Conwal Parish
2117 Lean Pat.
 Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
938 Leary Wm.
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1205 Leathem Sam. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
1633 Leathem Wm Jr. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1204 Leathem Wm Sr. Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
709 Leckey Alex. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
3511 Leckey Alex. Rathmullan Rathmullan Killygarvan Parish
1098 Leckey John Kirkminster   Kilmonaster Clonleigh Parish
1099 Leckey Robert. Kirkminster   Kilmonaster Clonleigh Parish
734 Lecky Chas. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
780 Lee J.
 Lisinore   Lisinore Convoy Parish
685 Leech John Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
846 Leeper Andrew Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
3788 Leeper Andw. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
597 Leeper C. Magherl
  Maghera Inishkeel Parish
158 Leeper James Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3766 Leeper Jas. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3779 Leeper Jas. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3797 Leeper John Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3490 Leferty Roger Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3171 Lenaghan Edw. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1765 Lenaghan Ja. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
829 Leppe John
 Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
843 Lepper Thomas Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
1689 Lervis John
 Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
41 Leslie C. Keneraigie
  Kincraigy Ramoghy Parish
43 Leslie John Keneraigie
  Kincraigy Ramoghy Parish
42 Leslie Robert Keneraigie
  Kincraigy Ramoghy Parish
1632 Lethem Alex. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
3579 Lill John Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3447 Linch Darby Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3452 Linch Jas. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
131 Lipset Joseph
 Ballyshannon Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
444 Lipsett Alex. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
169 Lipsett Anthony Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
223 Lipsett Arthur Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
149 Lipsett Christ. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
219 Lipsett James Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
155 Lipsett John Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
160 Lipsett John Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
220 Lipsett John Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
222 Lipsett John Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
224 Lipsett John Sr.
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
146 Lipsett John
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
170 Lipsett Joseph Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
145 Lipsett Lewis Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
221 Lipsett Lewis Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
140 Lipsett M. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
218 Lipsett Michael Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
225 Lipsett Thos Jr. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
622 Little David Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
529 Little James
 Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
621 Little John Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1161 Livingston Alex. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
3257 Loague Wm. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3436 Locharty Hugh Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3444 Locharty Patrick Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3308 Lochary Darby Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3344 Lochary Edeas Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3300 Lochary Pat. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3361 Lochary Wm. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2788 Lock Alex.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
1933 Lockard And. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2712 Lockart Alex. Enver Inver Inver Parish
442 Lockart And. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
1644 Lockart Thos. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
3591 Lockart Wm. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3518 Lockhart John. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3502 Lockhart R. Gorte  Creavery Gortcross Killygarvan Parish
3562 Lockhart Robert Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3568 Lockhart Wm. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1337 Logan David Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
3643 Logan Geo. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
2183 Logan Jn.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2736 Lohery Edw.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
1366 Lohery Pat.
 Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2048 Long Alex. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
989 Long Andrew Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2047 Long Chas. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
966 Long David Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2396 Long J. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2614 Long Jas. Enver Inver Inver Parish
990 Long John Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
2053 Long Pat. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2295 Long Robt. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2404 Long Robt.
 Mulna   Muineagh Clondavaddog Parish
2498 Long Sam. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2499 Long Tho. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2063 Long Thos. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2998 Louge Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
1298 Loughead John. Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
830 Loughery John Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
1411 Loughlin D M. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
3775 Loughny Chas. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
215 Love  Yhomas Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
290 Love Andrew Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
476 Love James Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
1499 Love Jas. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3705 Love Jo. Shanorler Stranorlar Stranorlar Parish
701 Love John Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
289 Love John Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
477 Love Patrick. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
1710 Love Robert Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
467 Love Samuel Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
248 Love Thomas Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1498 Love Wm. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
249 Love Wm.
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1475 Lowery Hugh Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
645 Lowry Andrew
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
173 Lowry David Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
644 Lowry John Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
630 Lowry Robert
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
147 Lowry Thomas Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2818 Lowry Wm.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
439 Lucus Henry
 Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
1028 Luke Wm. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1785 Lungan Jn. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
3373 Lungan Wm. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2175 Lustard Geo. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2565 Lyin Wm.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
1135 Lynch Geo Sr. Cunamyle   Corkanisle Clonleigh parish
1134 Lynch Geo.
 Cunamyle   Corkanisle Clonleigh parish
1109 Lynch J. Dimamore Dromore Conwal Parish
517 Lynch James
 Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
3571 Lynch Jer. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1797 Lynch Jn. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1133 Lynch P. Cunamyle   Corkanisle Clonleigh parish
1425 Lynch W.
 Cluntagh.   Cloontagh Clonmany Parish
189 Lynn Mathew Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
175 Lynn Robert Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1783 Lyon Jn. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2734 Lyons Denis Enver Inver Inver Parish
1371 Lyons James.
 Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2569 Lyons Jas. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2940 Lyons Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
1370 Lyons Pat. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2941 Lyons Thos. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
1324 Lytle John
 Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
3737 M’Athiny Rob. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3398 M’Bride Daniel Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3799 M’Cawley Js. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3796 M’Cormick S. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3789 M’Creedy Jas. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3760 M’Creedy Robt. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3731 M’Farland Wm. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3384 M’Gawan Pat. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3391 M’Gouigle Chas. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3392 M’Gouigle Pat. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3794 M’Granaghan S. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3387 M’Guineas Js. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3390 M’Guineas Mich. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3381 M’Intire Denis Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3382 M’Intire Jn. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3383 M’Intire Pat. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3800 M’Kee Jas. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3805 M’Kee John Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3791 M’Kee Robt. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3790 M’Kee Wm. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3410 M’Laughlin Chas. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3406 M’Swine G Jr. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3405 M’Swine G Sr. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1474 Macham John Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
785 Mackey John Cornigilia   Cornagillagh Convoy Parish
1294 Mackey Sam.
 Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
1537 Macklen Bryan. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2267 Madden Edw. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
840 Magee Charles Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
431 Magee Fred. Lisnisk   Lissinisk Convoy Parish
872 Magee G.
 Aughafkd z z
876 Magee J.
 Culnavoe   Cullionboy Donegal Parish
817 Magee James Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
3745 Magee Jas Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3723 Magee Jas. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
838 Magee Joseph Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
430 Magee Neil
 Lisnisk   Lissinisk Convoy Parish
3724 Magee Robt. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3734 Magee Tho. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
849 Magee Thomas
 Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
3749 Magee Thos. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
871 Magee Thos. Balinagk   Ballynaglack Stranorlar Parish
432 Magee Wm. Lisnisk   Lissinisk Convoy Parish
854 Magee Wm.
 Capry   Cappry Stranorlar Parish
2466 Magerty Mich. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
1029 Maghan Jas. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
950 Maghen Jas. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
3044 Magill Francis Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3043 Magill James Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3021 Magill Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3126 Maginly Owen. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1575 Maginnis J. Malin Malin Clonca Parish
3117 Maginty Corn. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
844 Maginty George
 Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
2950 Maginty Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2605 Magrarty Jas. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2370 Magrath Corn. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3419 Magrath Matt Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2607 Magrorty Denis. Enver Inver Inver Parish
1239 Maguire Hugh Rock Rock Inver Parish
1242 Maguire Hugh
 Craig   Craig Clondahorky Parish
1550 Maguire Tho.
 Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2029 Mahaffey Jn. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1390 Mahan James Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2152 Mahon Geo. Mullaghduff.   Mullaghdoo Scotch Templecrone Parish
1915 Mahon John
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2151 Mahon Jos. Mullaghderg   Mullaghderg Mountain Pasture Templecrone Parish
1916 Mahon Robt.
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3019 Mahon Thos. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
92 Major H Ballyshannon   Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
52 Major John Ballyshanan Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
86 Major John Ballyshannon   Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
97 Major T C. Ballyshannon   Ballyshannon Kilbarron Parish
3146 Malawney Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2559 Mancely And.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2113 Mancely Andw. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2556 Mancely Geo. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2572 Mancely Jn. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2222 Mancely Jo. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2317 Maneely Edw. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2586 Maneles Wm. Enver Inver Inver Parish
3075 Manelis Brine Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3086 Manelis Fran. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3141 Manelis George Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3154 Manelis Manly. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3074 Manelis Owen Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3108 Manelis Owen Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3142 Manelis Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3694 Mann Edward Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
471 Manselus Lau. Drumeny   Drumany Leck Parish
760 Mansfield John Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
109 Mansfield Rob. Kellygordon Killygordon Donaghmore Parish
2157 Manton Jn. Luckly   Laghy Drumhome Parish
434 Margee J. Catnavor   Callancor Convoy Parish
1437 Margy Jn. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3656 Marley J. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3321 Marley Owen Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3267 Marly James Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1578 Marret Wm. Killian
  Killin Clonca Parish
831 Marrow Robert Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
1317 Marshal James. Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
1466 Marshal Jas. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1320 Marshall G Capt. Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
1479 Marshall John Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1265 Marshall John Carnaghtreagh
  Carntressy Templecarn Parish
1316 Marshall Sam. Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
1467 Marshall Sam.
 Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
313 Martin Daniel Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2520 Martin Denis Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
958 Martin E. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
316 Martin F Jr. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2517 Martin Fran Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
312 Martin Francis
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3014 Martin Henry Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2742 Martin John Enver Inver Inver Parish
2516 Martin Peter
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3763 Martin Rob. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
3472 Martin Roger Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3764 Martin Wm. Edenmount Edenmore Donaghmore Parish
1494 Mason Geo.
 Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1487 Mason John Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3565 Mattson Isaac Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
398 Maxwell George
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
113 Maxwell J. Castlegolan   Cashelgolan Inishkeel Parish
2865 Maxwell James Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
397 Maxwell James Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1936 Maxwell Jn.
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
6 Maxwell R. Birdstown   Birdstown Clonleigh Parish
765 Maxwell Robt. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
2879 Maxwell Stephen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2043 Maxwell Thos. Narin
  Naran Inishkeel Parish
7 Maxwell William. Birdstown   Birdstown Clonleigh Parish
1308 McAdoo James Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
1614 McAdoo Moses St!Johnston   Si Johnston Taughboyne Parish
1090 McAleny Ed. Tullagh   Tullagh Mevagh Parish
1089 McAleny Jn. Tullagh   Tullagh Mevagh Parish
2648 McAllin James Enver Inver Inver Parish
1398 McAllog Hugh. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1958 McAnan John Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
3170 McAnaw John Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2494 McAndrew Cor. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2098 McAndweely N. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3369 McAntyre Owen Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
746 McAnulty Hu.
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1760 McAready Jas. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1761 McAready Wm.
 Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2068 McAteer Denis Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3000 McAtire Mich. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3167 McAviny Bryan Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3200 McAward Gory. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2983 McAward Mau. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3159 McAward Philip Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3252 McBay Edward. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1163 McBeath John
 Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
3100 McBrearty Pat Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2987 McBrearty Chas. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2673 McBrearty Chas. Enver Inver Inver Parish
3173 McBrearty Con. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1532 McBrearty Dan Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1683 McBrearty Dan. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1723 McBrearty Dan. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1564 McBrearty Dan.
 Kilcare   Kilcar Kilcar Parish
3541 McBrearty Darby Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
354 McBrearty J.
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2122 McBrearty Jn.
 Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
1905 McBrearty John
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2771 McBrearty M. Enver Inver Inver Parish
3376 McBrearty Neal. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3030 McBrearty Owen Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2674 McBrearty Pat. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2100 McBrearty Pat. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3207 McBrearty Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3539 McBrearty Pat. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1545 McBrearty Robert
 Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3187 McBrearty Robt. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1559 McBrearty Tom Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1533 McBrearty Wm. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1546 McBrearty Wm. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
877 McBride F. Balinugl   Ballynaglogh Kilbarron Parish
3370 McBride Hugh. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1206 McBride James Lifford Lifford Clonleigh Parish
1934 McBride Jr. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2309 McBride Mark.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2757 McBride Neale
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
3196 McBride Owen Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1935 McBride R Sr. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
166 McBride Wm.
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
2636 McBugh Owen
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2252 McCabe Bryan
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2355 McCadden Edw. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
235 McCadden George Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
230 McCadden J Sr. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
229 McCadden Jn Jr. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3619 McCadden T Jr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3618 McCadden T Sr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3298 McCaddin Edw. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2731 McCaddin Owen
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
2626 McCaddin Philip
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
3325 McCaddin Wm. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1823 McCadon Bryan Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2754 McCaffry Hugh. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2753 McCaffry Owen Enver Inver Inver Parish
994 McCahil James Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1389 McCahill Cha. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2343 McCahill Chas. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1841 McCahill Con. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2250 McCahill Connel. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1385 McCahill Dan. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2600 McCahill Dan.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
1382 McCahill Denis. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2249 McCahill Hugh Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1817 McCahill Jn. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2120 McCahill Mickey. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
1388 McCahill Pat Jr. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
1387 McCahill Pat Sr. Raphoe   Raphoe   Raphoe Parish
2248 McCahill Tho. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2690 McCallag Hu Jr. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2689 McCallag Hugh Enver Inver Inver Parish
3620 McCallan Jas. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
2512 McCallion Bryan Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2883 McCallion Mat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2863 McCallion Neal Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2836 McCallion Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2864 McCallion Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2884 McCallion Owen Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
3165 McCallion Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3228 McCallion Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2861 McCallion Tho. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
1555 McCallog Tague
 Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2455 McCallogh Hugh
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2932 McCallon Thos. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2262 McCalvey John Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1237 McCanill Pat. Donegal Donegal Donegal Parish
1287 McCanless J. Carnmore Carn More Donagh Parish
3483 McCanny Dan. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
922 McCareless Francis Drimersey   Drumineney Raphoe Parish
3435 McCarran Chas. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3433 McCarran John. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3430 McCarren Charles Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
942 McCarren D. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
943 McCarren Jas. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
1561 McCarron Bryan Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1184 McCaughill J. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
3424 McCauhill D. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
2794 McCausland Clad. Enver Inver Inver Parish
20 McCausland John Stranorlar Stanorlar Stranorlar Parish
63 McCausland O. Letterkenny   Letterkenny Aghanunshin Parish
2960 McCawley Chas. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
1641 McCay Arch Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
1312 McCay Henry. Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
717 McCay John
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
889 McCay Rob. Lifford
  Lifford Common Clonleigh Parish
1313 McCay Sam. Burt Burt Burt & Inch Parish
602 McCharghlin P. Leighld. Leacht Donaghmore Parish
3037 McClaferty Owen Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
880 McClay R.
 Liskeran Liskeran Stranorlar Parish
1488 McClean Anth. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
827 McClean Daniel Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
580 McClean John Janque   Town? Raphoe Parish
1489 McClean John
 Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1236 McClean Lau. Donegal Donegal Donegal Parish
578 McClean P. Janque   Town? Raphoe Parish
2145 McClean Pat. Letterkelly
  Letterilly Inishkeel Parish
825 McClean Pat. Doballa   Doobally Kilbarron Parish
2522 McClean Semion. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
266 McCleary And. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
279 McCleary Oliver Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
324 McCleay Adam. Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
326 McCleay Thomas Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
3537 McCleferty Chas. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
1129 McClelan John Carnshanaugh  Carnshannagh TaughboyneParish
1482 McCleland James. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1481 McCleland Sam. Croscon   Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
31 McClenachan Chas. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
946 McClenachan J. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
774 McClintO’k A. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
1159 McClintO’k D. Crogha-h Croaghan Clonleigh Parish
59 McClintock A. Rathdonnell   Rathdonnell Kilmacrenan Parish
2192 McClintock Arron Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
604 McClintock D.
 Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
2201 McClintock Noble Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
8 McClintock R. Dunmore
  Dunmore Killea Parish
2196 McClintock Ralph Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
70 McClintock W. Greencastle   Greencastle Moville Lower Parish
2202 McClintock Wm.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
325 McCloay John Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1984 McCloskey Eaver. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1982 McCloskey Jas. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2450 McCloskey John.
 Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
3185 McCloskey Pat. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
1983 McCloskey Pat.
 Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
1838 McClosky Art. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
3212 McClosky Chas. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2665 McClosky Con. Enver Inver Inver Parish
378 McClosky Henry
 Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Parish
1763 McClosky Mich. Burt Burt Burt and Inch Parish
2740 McClosky Pat. Enver Inver Inver Parish
2508 McClosky Pat. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2261 McClosky Peter Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2606 McClosky Wm.
 Enver Inver Inver Parish
3593 McClune David Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3592 McClune N Jr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3595 McClune N Jr. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
2887 McClure John Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
642 McClure John. Lettermor   Lettermore Convoy Parish
583 McClure Philip Calunca   Clonca Clonca Parish
2888 McClure Wm. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
983 McClury T Jr.
 Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
982 McClury T Sr. Castlefin   Castlefinn Donaghmore Parish
914 McColgan B. Carricslarchy   Carrickabraghy Clonmany Parish
2058 McCollagh Alex. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2057 McCollagh Jn. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
2051 McCollagh Ow. Tullyoze   Tullyvoos Inver Parish
3660 McCollam A. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3670 McCollam Bryan Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3635 McCollam Chas. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3669 McCollam Edward Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3668 McCollam G. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3636 McCollam Pat. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3634 McCollam Phil. Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
2461 McCollaugh S. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2845 McCollian Thos. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2246 McCollien Bryan Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1887 McCollien Fra Jr. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2245 McCollien Fra. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
1886 McCollien Fra.
 Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1890 McCollien Pat. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
1889 McCollien Wm. Crossconnell Crossconnell Clonmany Parish
2023 McCollin Mau. Kilcran.   Killoughcarran Kilmacrenan Parish
2336 McCollion Jas.
 Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2643 McCollion L. Enver Inver Inver Parish
3362 McCollum Bernard Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3465 McCollum Dan. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3604 McCollum Daniel Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3322 McCollum Denis Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3451 McCollum Edw. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3363 McCollum Edward Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3605 McCollum Edward Saltpans Saltpans Killygarvan Parish
3364 McCollum Geo. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3464 McCollum Jas. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3319 McCollum Pat Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3359 McCollum Pat. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3358 McCollum Philip Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
3355 McCollum Wm. Killigarvan Killigarvan Killygarvan Parish
1586 McConagle Js. Mullinbuy.
  Mullan Boy Urney Parish
2896 McConegan Pat. Letterkenny Letterkenny Conwal Parish
2472 McConigan C. Envad   Lisavaddy Killaghtee Parish
2318 McConigan Chas. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
3169 McConigan Con. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
3217 McConigan Con. Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Upper and Lower Parish
2194 McConigan Connel. Drumbaled   Drumaghy? Killaghtee Parish
2922 McConigan Dan. Letterkenny Letterkenny