Applications to Register Freeholds in the Barony of Ennishowen, Co Donegal, 1829-31

Extracted from the Strabane Morning Post

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In 1829 the Parliament at Westminster abolished the 40 shilling franchise. The qualification for the right to vote became the possession of property with a minimum annual valuation of Ł10

These applicants were known as “Ten Pound Freeholders”

Parishes Contained Within The Barony Are Burt, Clonca, Clonmany, Culdaff, Desertegney, Donagh, Fahan Lower, Fahan Upper, Inch, Mintiaghs (Or Bar Of Inch), Moville Lower, Moville Upper & Muff

Published in various editions commencing Tuesday May 19 1829-Tuesday March 15 1831

Tues May 19 1829


List of Persons who have served Notices on the Clerk of the Peace, of their intention to Register Freeholds at the ensuing Special Sessions, to be held at Buncrana, on the 1thd of June, 1829,

as appointed by the Lord Lieutenant pursuant to the 10th Geo. IV, Chap. 8


Surname First Residence Freehold Townland
ACHESON Alexander Drumscallen Drumscallen
ACHESON Richard Drimscallen Drimscallen
ADAMS Thomas Craig Craig
ALLEN Tristram Three Trees Three Trees
ALLEN W. E. H. Buncrana Ardaraven
ALLISON George Little Craig Craig
ALLISON Joseph Little Craig Craig
ALLISON Joseph Sapogh Sapogh
ANDERSON Joseph Umley Aught
ARBUCKLE John, Sen. Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
ARBUCKLE John, Jun. Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
ARMSTRONG Alexander Whitecastle Cabry
ASHTON John Buncrana Ardaraven
ASHTON John, Jun. Derry Ardaravan
AUSTIN George Sapagh Sapagh
BALDRICK George Buncrana Ardaraven
BALDRICK Mathew Buncrana Ardaraven
BARNET William Craig Craig
BARR Andrew Craig Craig
BARR Hugh Mennydiff Menediff
BARR Isaac Craig Craig
BARR James Craig Craig
BARR James Muff Muff
BARR James Listallaghan Vaskill
BARR John Bonafoble Bonafoble
BARR John Moville, ors. Bonyfoble Moville alias Bonyfoble
BARR William Craig Craig
BATEMAN Mary Buncrana Ballymagan
BELL John Drimhagart Drimhagart
BELL Mark Little Craig Craig
BELL Nathaniel Drimhagart Drimhagart
BOGGS George Hill Derry Vaskill
BRADLEY Hugh Ballintreave Ballintreave
BRESLAND Daniel Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
BRESLAND William Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
BROWN John Derryvane Derryvane
BROWN Mathew Muff Muff, Craig and Ardmore
BUTLER Tristram Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
CAIRNS John Buncrana Arderaven
CALLAGHAN Denis Northtown Ardmalin
CALLAHAN Jack Northtown Ardmalin
CALLAGHAN Neil Northtown Ardmalin
CAMACK William River View Arderavan
CAMPBELL David Carnamoil [Carnamoyle] Carnamoil
CAMPBELL James Buncrana Arderaven
CAMPBELL John Cashelglentogher Cashelglentogher
CAMPBELL Joseph Carndoagh Carndoagh
CAMPBELL Joseph, Jun. Carndoagh Carndoagh
CAMPBELL Tristram Cashelglentogher Cashelglentogher
CAMPBELL William Carndoagh Carndoagh
CANNING George Aught Aught
CANNING Henry Aught Aught
CARMICHAEL Samuel Cabry Cabry
CARMICHAEL Thomas Cabry Cabry
CARRIGAR Daniel Meniduff Meneduff
CARY Anthony G. Cluney Cashel & Drumawier
CARY Rev. A. G. Cluney Cashel-Glentogher
CARY Francis Carrowblagh Carrowreagh
CATHERS Alexander Sapagh Sapagh
CAVANAGH Edward Balintraive Ballintraive
COCHRAN Andrew Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
COCHRAN John Tremity Tremity
COCHRAN Joseph Creeslaghmore [Crislaghmore] Creeslaghmore
COCHRAN Samuel Creeslaghmore [Crislaghmore] Creeslaghmore
CONINGHAM Andrew Rockfield Tulnaree
CONNAGHAN Patrick Buncrana Arderavin
CONNOR Patrick Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
COYLE James Cresslaghsallagh [Crislaghmore] Cresslaghsallagh
COYLE James Extevlin Cresslaghmore
CROSSIN Philip Cabry Cabry
CROW John Craig Craig
CUMING Henry Aught Aught
DARLEY Arthur Buncrana Buncrana
DARLEY Arthur  Townsend Lodge Ardaravan
DAVENPORT George Malin Carramore
DEAN Alexander Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
DEAN John Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
DEAN Samuel Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
DEEHAN Neal Golladuff ors. Neckgalt Golladuff ors. Neckgalt
DEENEY Patrick Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
DEENY  Patrick Ardmore Ardmore
DEVLIN Michael Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
DEVLIN William Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
DINSMORE James Mullinbaan Muff
DIVER Charles Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
DIVER James Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
DIVER Neal Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
DIVER Philip Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
DIVER Shane Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
DIXON John Craig Craig
DOEY John Muff Muff
DOGHERTY John Keelogs Ballymacmurty
DOHERTY Arthur Ballyliffin Ballyliffin
DOHERTY Bryan Leam, Malin  Ardmalin
DOHERTY John Leam, Malin Ardmalin
DOHERTY Bryan Northtown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Caher Middletown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Caher Leam, Malin Ardmalin
DOHERTY Daniel Aras, Middletown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Denis Middletown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Denis Terhoran Tullanabratly
DOHERTY  Edward Leam, Malin Ardmalin
DOHERTY William Garvery Kilmackilveny
DOHERTY Con Leam, Malin Ardmalin
DOHERTY Cornelius Ballinarry Ballynarry
DOHERTY George Westown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Garrutt Northtown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Henry Three-trees Three Trees
DOHERTY Hugh Middletown Ardmalin
DOHERTY James Northtown Ardmalin
DOHERTY James, Jun. Northtown Ardmalin
DOHERTY John Main Town, Ballygorman
DOHERTY John Kelogs Ardaraven
DOHERTY Michael Aras, Middletown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Michael Northtown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Michael Leam, Malin Ardmalin
DOHERTY Neal Clonmany Arderaven
DOHERTY Neil Leam, Malin Ardmalin
DOHERTY Neil Ballyhillen Ardmalin
DOHERTY Owen Leam, Slevebane Ardmalin
DOHERTY Owen Northtown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Owen Middletown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Owen Leam, Malin Ardmalin
DOHERTY Owen, Jnr. Leam, Malin Ardmalin
DOHERTY Pady Fadrick, Slevebane Ardmalin
DOHERTY Patrick Buncrana Arderaven
DOHERTY Patrick Owen More, Slevebane Ardmalin
DOHERTY Patrick More, Middletown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Philip Ballyliffin Ballyliffin
DOHERTY Roger Middletown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Shane, Sen. Leam, Malin Ardmalin
DOHERTY Shane, Jun. Leam, Malin Ardmalin
DOHERTY Timlin Middletown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Timlin Slevebane Ardmalin
DOHERTY Timlin Westown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Thomas Middletown Ardmalin
DOHERTY Tom Slevebane Ardmalin
DONAGHY Thomas Cabry Cabry
DONALDSON James Gortanny Carrokeel
DONNELL William Ardmore Ardmore
DOUGHERTY James Slevebane Ardmalin
DOUGHERTY James Muff Muff
DURNAN Andy Northtown Ardmalin
DURNAN James Northtown Ardmalin
DYSART James Ballinagallagh Ballinagallagh
ELDER David, Sen. Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
ELDER David, Jnr. Ballyderowen Ballyderowan
ELDER Samuel Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
ENGLISH John Derryvane Derryvane
ENGLISH William Derryvane Derryvane
ERSKINE Isaac Craig Craig
EWING John Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
FALKENDER  Neal Cabry Cabry
FARAN Tom Slevebane Ardmalin
FARRIER James Craig Craig
FAULKINDER Henry Creeslaghsallagh Creeslaghsallagh
FAULKINDER William Creeslaghsallagh Creeslaghsallagh
FEENY Patrick Muff Muff
FREEL Owen Ardmore Ardmore
FREEL Owen Crummin Ardmore
GALLAGHER Michael Leam, Malin Ardmalin
GALLAGHER Philip Leam, Malin Ardmalin
GIBSON Edward Crislaghkeel Crislaghkeel
GIBSON John Creeslaghkeel Creeslaghkeel
GIBSON Victor Drimscallin Drimscallin
GLACKAN Patrick Westown Ardmalin
GORMAN James Ballyhillen Ardmalin
GRAHAM Robert Sapagh Sapagh
GREENSHIELDS Stephen Muff Muff
HAMILTON James Eskaheen Eskaheen
HAMILTON Moore Eskaheen Eskaheen
HARKAN Neil Westown Ardmalin
HARKIN Hugh Westown Ardmalin
HARVEY John Ballintreave Glassmullen, Carrowhill, Laddon, Trillick & Ardagh
HARVEY Rev. W. H.   Crossconnel, Tullagh, Rosenagh, Duraff, Letter, Urrismanagh, Lecra, Lederig, Munagh, Moneylooban, Linsforth, Ballynarry, Gortiargan, Leghine, Menawerry, Sladeron, Tilliervin, Owenbuoy, Kennigo, Hoffinagh, Kennigo Conaght, &c. &c.
HARWARD Charles Buncrana Leaderg
HARWARD George Buncrana Gortyargan
HARWARD James Carra Carra
HARWARD Thomas Gortyargan Cruckarris & Carra
HASLETT Samuel Derryvane Derryvane & Sappog
HAZLETT Samuel Sapagh Sappagh
HENDERSON James Lisdillon Drumawier
HENRY Henry Golladuff or Neckgalt Golladuff or Neckgalt
HERL Patrick Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
HOLMES John Buncrana Carrowmore
HOULTON Bryan Northtown Ardmalin
HOULTON Michael, Sen. Ballyhillen Ardmalin 
HOULTON Michael Ballyhillen Ardmalin
HUGHES James Craig Craig
HUNTER Samuel Drimhagart Drimhagart
IRVINE John Moville Ballynally
JOHNSTONE Edward Muff Muff
JOHNSTON Michael Muff Muff
JOHNSTON Thomas Drimscullin Drimscullin
KELLY Dick Northtown Ardmalin
KELLY James Monaugh Kinego Muff
KELLY William Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
KERR George Sapogh Sapogh
KERR Patrick Buncrana Arderaven
KERR Robert Ardmore Ardmore
KIRK Patrick Isaac Ardmore Ardmore
KIRKPATRICK Thomas Kilmakelveney Kilmakelveney
LAFFERTY Charles Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
LAFFERTY John Bonafoble Bonafoble
LEATHAM Alexander Bohilland Maghredrumin
LEATHAM William Bohilland Maghredrumin
LEPPER Arthur Three Trees Three Trees
LEPPER George Aught Aught
LEPPER Robert Carrickmaquigly Carrickmaquigly
LINDSAY Alexander Elaghmore Elaghmore
LITHGO John Lisnagalvin Granshaw & Crumlen
LOAGUE Cormick Leam, Malin Ardmalin
LOAGUE James Westown Ardmalin
LOAGUE John Leam, Malin Ardmalin
LOAGUE Ned Middletown Ardmalin
LOAGE Patrick Leam, Malin Ardmalin
LOGAN Charles Three Trees Three Trees
LOGAN Marcus Three Trees Three Trees
LOGUE William Muff Muff
LONG Andrew Drimhagart Drimhagart
LONG Alexander Drimhagart Drimhagart
LONG John Sapagh Sapagh
LONG William Sappagh Sapagh
LONGWILL William Buncrana Arderaven
LOUGHRY Daniel Moville ors. Bonyfoble Moville alias Bonyfoble
LYNCH Denis Gortcormican Gortcormican
LYNCH Edward Buncrana Arderaven
LYNCH George Carnamoil [Carnamoyle] Carnamoil
LYNCH Henry Drumscallin Drumscallin
LYNCH John Carnamoil [Carnamoyle] Carnamoil
LYNCH Patrick Gortcormick Gortcomick
LYNCH Philip Gorcormican Gorcormican
LYNCH Thomas Thompsonstown Carnamoil [Carnamoyle]
LYNCH Thomas Carnamoil [Carnamoyle] Carnamoil
LYONS William Glacknabollin Drumscallion
McCALEY David Sapagh Sapagh
McCALLIN Dougal Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
McCARRON Patrick Ballintreve Ballintreve
McCARTER Thomas Drimscallin Drimscallin
McCARTER William Ardmore Ardmore
McCAULY Patrick Goladuff or Neckgalt Goladuff or Neckgalt
McCLAY Andrew Crislaghkeel Crislaghkeel
McCLAY James Creeslaghkeel Creeslaghkeel
McCLAY George Derryvane Derryvane
McCOLGAN Hugh Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
McCOLGAN John Craig Craig
McCOLGAN William Strananorgon Drumgard or Medanmore
McCOLLEY George Derryvane Derryvane
McCONILOGUE James Cabry Cabry
McCONNELL Michael Ardmore Ardmore
McCONNELOAG James Cabry Cabry
McCROSSEN Philip Cabry Cabry 
McDADE Edward Cabry Cabry
McDADE John Cabry Cabry
McDADE Philip Cabry Cabry
McDAID John Bonnyfoble Ballynelly
McDAVIT John Bonafoble Bonafoble
McENTIRE Charles Greencastle Dristernan
McFAN  Robert Garvery Garvery
McGAVIGAN Daniel Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
McGENNIS John Buncrana Arderaven
McGINNIS Denis Northtown Ardmalin
McGLAUGHLIN Owen Ballyhillen Ardmalin
McGLAUGHLIN Shane Westown Ardmalin
McGONAGLE John Gortmuck Vaskill
McGONIGLE Darby Ballyhillen Ardmalin
McGONIGLE Jeremy Leam, Malin, Ardmalin
McGOWAN Daniel Carnamoil [Carnamoyle] Carnamoil
McGOWAN Daniel Thompsonstown  Carnamoil [Carnamoyle]
McILHINNY John Little Craig Craig
McINTIRE Daniel Moville ors. Bonyfoble Moville alias Bonyfoble
McKANE Archy Derryvane Derryvane
McKENNY George Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
McKENNY James Menaweery Menaweery
McKENNY William Callhame  Ardmore
McKINNY George Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
McLAUGHLIN Brine Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
McLAUGHLIN Cornelius Ballybreen Vaskell
McLAUGHLIN Edward Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
McLAUGHLIN Denis Mooneylooban Mooneylooban
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Mossyglen Mossyglen
McLAUGHLIN James Monedaragh Monedaragh
McLAUGHLIN John Ballybreen Vaskill
McLAUGHLIN Michael Mossyglen Mossyglen
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Derryvane Derryvane
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Desertigney Mooneylooban
McLAUGHLIN Philip Bonafoble Bonafoble
McLENY John Menediff Menediff
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Derryvane Derryvane
McLENY Neal Menediff Menediff
McLOUGHLIN Cornelius Ballybreen Glenkeen
McLUCUS John Carndoagh Carndoagh
McLUCUS William Carndoagh Carndoagh
McMACKIN Michael Westown Ardmalin
McMACKIN Patrick Middletown Ardmalin
McMONAGLE James Drimscallen [Drumskellan?] Ture
McMONAGLE James Ardmore Ardmore
McMONIGLE Robert Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
McNICKLE Robert Muff Muff and Craig
McNUTT James Kilmakelveney Kilmakelveney
McNUTT John Derry Carnshanagh [Carnashannagh]
McNUTT Samuel Carnshenagh [Carnashannagh] Carnshenagh
McSHEFFRY William Ardmore Ardmore
MACKEY Isaac Eskaheen Eskaheen
MACKEY Isaac Eskaheen Drimscallin
MACKEY James Ballynagallagh Lisfanen
MACKEY James Ballynagallagh Ballynagallagh
MACKEY John Ballynagalagh Carnamoyle [Carnamoyle]
MACKEY John Ballynagallagh Ballynagallagh
MITCHELL John Drimscallin Drimscallin
MORREN George Tollydish Tollydish
MORREN James Tollydish Tolludish
MORRISON James Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
MELOY Nely Ballyhillen Ardmalin
MULLAN James Northtown Ardmalin
MURRY James Ardmore Ardmore
MURRY John Ardmore Ardmore
NOLAN Robert H. Londonderry Drumaweir
NORRIS James Moville ors. Bonyfoble Moville alias Bonyfoble
O’DOHERTY Denis Tercoran Tullanabratly
O’DOHERTY James Park House Ballygorman
O’DOHERTY James Ballygorman Ballygorman
O’DOHERTY James Malin Dunigard
O’DOHERTY John Malin Ballygorman
O’DOHERTY Michael Ballylosky Gortfad
O’DOHERTY Neal Londonderry Bonafoble
O’DOHERTY Neal Moville alias Bonnyfobble, Ballynelly
O’DOHERTY Owen Priest-town Gortfad
O’DONALD Constantine Smoodalough Ballymacarry
O’DONNELL Constantine Creslaghsalagh Creeslaghsallagh
O’DONNELL Nathaniel Carrickafoden Carrickafoden
O’DONNELL Nathaniel Carn Rouskey
O’DONNELL Owen Duntarson Duntarson
O’DONNELL Owen Tillierven Tillierven
O’DONNELL Patrick Buncrana Arderaven
O’NEILL Edmund Ture Ture
ORR Joseph Sapagh Sapagh
PLATT John Drimscullin Drimscullin
PLATT Mathew Drimscullin Drimscullin
PLATT Robert Ardmore Ardmore
PORTER William Menewery Menewery
QUIG Neal Guladuff otherwise Neckgalt Guladuff ors. Neckgalt
QUIN William Cabry Cabry
RAMSAY Allen Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
RAMSAY Henry Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
RAMSAY James Carrickanee Creeslaghsallagh
RAMSAY James Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
RAMSAY Robert Carrickanee Creeslaghsallagh
RAMSEY Allen Ballyderowan Ballyderowan
RAMSEY Henry Ballyderowan Ballyderowan
RAMSEY James Carrickaknee Creeslaghsallagh
RAMSEY Robert Sappagh Sapagh
RAMSEY Samuel Sapagh Sapagh
RIMER John Muff Muff and Craig
ROSS Samuel Sappagh Sapagh
SHIELS James  Ruskey Ballintreve
SMITH Cornelius Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
SMITH George Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
SMITH James Drimscallin Drimscallin
SMYTH Samuel Craig Craig
SMYTH William Ballyarnet Ballyarnet
STEVENSON Robert Ardkill Maghrydrummon
STEWART John Ballyderowen Ballyderowen
STRAIN John Ballyderowen ors. Trooperstown Ballyderowen ors. Trooperstown
TAYLOR Samuel Buncrana Arderavan
TEMPLETON Edward Buncrana Arderavan
THOMPSON Moses Drimscallin Drimscallin
THORP Paul Letterkenny Tremity
TOLAN Neely Westown Ardmalin
TOLAN Shane Westown Ardmalin
TOLAN Teague Westown Ardmalin
TOLAND George Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
TOLAND Shane Carrowblagh Carrowblagh
TONER Denis Middletown Ardmalin
TONER Owen Middletown Ardmalin
TONER Patrick Westown Ardmalin
WALLACE John Carnshenagh [Carnashannagh] Carnshenagh
WALLACE Moses Carnshenagh [Carnashannagh] Carnshenagh
WASON John Drimhagart Drimhagart
WILEY Alexander Drimhagart Drimhagart
WILEY Ephraim  Gortcormick Gortcormick
WILEY Isaac Derryvane Derryvane
WILEY John Derryvane Derryvane
WILEY John Ballynagallagh Ballynagallagh
WILEY Richard Sapagh Sapagh
WILEY Robert Carnamoil [Carnamoyle] Carnamoil
WILEY Samuel Derryvane Derryvane
WILEY Thomas Derryvane Derryvane
WILEY William Drimhagart Drimhagart
WILLEY Moses Derryvane Derryvane
WILLEY Samuel Drimhagart Drimhagart
WILLIAM Lewis Derryvane Derryvane
WILSON Hugh Cabry Cabry
WILSON James Cabry Cabry
WILSON Thomas Cabry Cabry
WILY John Derryvane Derryvane
WITHEROW Alexander Gortcormick Maghrydrummon
WITHEROW James Drimhagart Drimhagart

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