Deaths Registered in the District of Buncrana, Co Donegal

Jan-Mar 1865 (Plus Extras)

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Date Place Name Condition Age Last Bday Occupation Cause of Death Informant
1865 9 Jan Shandrim, Fahan Lower Brenan, Biddy Married 53 Wife Chronic bronchitis, 1 yr Owen Brenan, husband
1865 26 Feb Clonglash, Fahan Lower Callahan, Ellen Single 14 Dau Gastric fever, 6 wks John Callahan, father
1865 10 Mar Sladran, Fahan Lower Diver, Hugh Widower 82 Farmer Natural decay, months Ellen Diver, dau
1864 31 Dec Clonblosk, Fahan Lower Doherty, John Single 1 Son Bronchitis, 3 wks Philip Doherty, father
1864 31 Dec Ballymagan, Fahan Lower Donaghey, Mary Single 2 Child Bronchitis, 3 wks Edward Donaghey, father
1865 27 Feb Liafin, Desertegney Duffy, Catherine Widow 82 Wife of Brian Duffy, decd Natural decay, years Daniel Duffy, son
1885 22 Jun Hillside, Desertegney Gallagher, Rose Widow 80 Farmer's widow Old age Patrick Gallagher, nephew
1865 17 Feb Clonglash, Fahan Lower Hartin, Charles Widower 57 Farmer Fever, 8 days John Hegarty, brother-in-law, Druminderry
1865 31 Jan Carahol?, Fahan Lower Kavanagh, Mary Single 3 Child Tabes M?, 2 yrs Denis Kavanagh, father
1865 6 Mar Luddan, Fahan Lower Lynch, Patrick Single 17 Son of Daniel Lynch Acute nephritis, 3 wks Daniel Lynch, brother
1865 12 Feb Maheralan? McGrory, Michael Married 52 Farmer Pneumonia?, 3 mths Daniel Doherty, cousin
1865 11 Mar ?irk McKenny, Biddy Married 61 Wife Chronic bronchitis, 4 yrs Edward McKenny, husband
1865 16 Mar Meenamullaghan, Fahan Lower McLoughlin, Ann Single 19 Dau Fever, 11 days William McLoughlin, father
1865 3 Jan Gransha, Fahan Lower McLoughlin, Daniel Single 5 Son Pneumonia, 1 wk John McLoughlin, father
1864 10 Oct Muineagh, Desertegney McLoughlin, Hugh Married 75 Farmer Fever, 8 days Mary Diver, dau
1865 23 Mar Meenamullaghan, Fahan Lower McLoughlin, Mary Single 17 Dau Fever, 6 wks William McLoughlin, father
1865 2 Feb Buncrana, Fahan Lower McLoughlin, Rebecca Single 4 Child of William McLoughlin, labr Diarrhoea, 2 wks Mary McLoughlin, mother
1864 12 Dec Glebe, Desertegney McLoughlinm Mary Married 27? Wife Uterine ?, 1 wk Daniel McLoughlin, husband
1865 25 Feb Ballymacarry, Fahan Lower McMenamin, Catherine Single 8 Child Gastric fever, 3 wks William McMenamin, father
1865 16 Feb Luddan, Fahan Lower Nelson, Mary Single 78 Spinster Chrinic rheumatism, years Alexander Nelson
1865 28 Mar Rushfield O'Donnell, Jane Widow 65 Wife of Owen O'Donnell (decd) Paralysis, 4 days Mary O'Donnell, dau-in-law
1865 21 Mar Rushfield O'Donnell, Patrick Single 6 mths Child of Charles O'Donnell Dentritis, 10 wks Mary O'Donnell, mother
1865 14 Mar Buncrana, Fahan Lower O'Leary, Daniel Single 15 mths Son Marasmus, 6 mths Daniel O'Leary, father
1865 2 Jan Buncrana, Fahan Lower O'Leary, Stephen Single 4 Son Paralysis of lower extremities, 4 yrs Daniel O'Leary, father
1865 9 Jan Maherantoor? Porter, Patrick Widower 76 Farmer Paralysis, 2 days Margaret Porter, dau
1865 26 Feb Buncrana, Fahan Lower Stone, Philip Single 1 Child of John Stone Dentitis, 2 days Margaret Stone, mother


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