Co Donegal Electoral Districts (DEDs)

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This index is designed so that you can quickly identify the DED of any given Donegal Townland

Many thanks to David for tackling such a huge (and tedious) task!


Townlands A to G


Townlands H to End

Parish Townland DED
Killymard Abbernadoorny Donegal
Kilbarron Abbey Island Ballyshannon Rural
Kilbarron Abbeylands Ballyshannon Rural
Clonmany Adderville Straid
Inishkeel Adderwal Glenleheen
Stranorlar Admiran Stranorlar
Mevagh Aghadachor Glen
Clondavaddog Aghadaghly Greenfort
Drumhome Aghadowey Ballintra Donegal
Clondavaddog Aghadreenan Rossnakill
Templecarn Aghafoy Pettigo
Culdaff Aghaglassan Gleneely Inishowen
Aughnish Aghahull Ramelton
Clondahorky Aghalattive Ards
Mevagh Aghalatty Carrigart
Aghanunshin Aghalenty Castlewray
Templecarn Aghalough Pettigo
Aughnish Aghangaddy Glebe Ramelton
Tullyfern Aghanursan Milford
Stranorlar Aghasheil Stranorlar
Culdaff Aghatubbrid Gleneely Inishowen
Killygarvan Aghavannan Far Rathmullan
Killygarvan Aghavannan Near Rathmullan
Kilteevoge Aghaveagh Altnapaste
Clonleigh Aghawee Clonleigh South
Kilmacrenan Aghawoney Ballyarr
Killybegs Upper Aghayeevoge Killybegs
Fahan Lower Aghilly and Lenynarnan Buncrana Rural
Leck Aghlehard Magheraboy
Donegal Aghlem Tullynaught
Templecarn Aghnahoo Gelebe Templecarn
Raphoe Aghnakeeragh Raphoe
Glencolumbkille Aghragh Glencolumbkille
Killaghtee Aighan Dunkineely
Inishkeel Aighe Glengesh
Kilbarron Alla Ballyshannon Rural
Tullaghobegly Allagh Island Magheraclogher
Urney Alt Lower Urney West
Urney Alt Upper Urney West
Killymard Altadoo Donegal
Conwal Altadush Seacor
Killea Altaghaderry Killea
Clonmany Altahalla Straid
Kilteevoge Altahan Cloghan
Tullaghobegly Altan Dunlewey
Donagh Altashane or Cabadooey Carndonagh
Taughboyne Altaskin St Johnstown
Kilteevoge Altatraght Cloghan
Glencolumbkille Altclogh Kilgoly
Inver Altcor Bonnyglen
Killymard Altilow Haugh
Conwal Altinierin Meencargagh
Killybegs Lower Altnagapple Mulmosog
Inishkeel Altnagapple or Mulmosog Mulmosog
Kilteevoge Altnapaste Altnapaste
Templecrone Anna Island Rutland
Templecrone Annagary Annagry
Clonmany Annagh Straid
Fahan Upper Annaslee Fahan
Killygarvan Anny Far and Near Knockalla
Templecrone Aphort Aran
Kilteevoge Arbatt Cloghan
Gartan Ardachrin Churchill
Leck Ardaganny Corrawaddy
Clonmany Ardagh Ballyliffin
Taughboyne Ardagh Trentaghmucklagh
Inver Ardaght Glebe Inver
Leck Ardahee Ballymacool
Killybegs Lower Ardara Ardara
Fahan Lower Ardaravan Buncrana Urban
Aghanunshin Ardarawer Castlewray
Donegal Ardatowel Tawnawully
Gartan Ardaturr Gartan
Gartan Ardaturr Mountain Gartan
Drumhome Ardbane Laghy
Inver Ardbane Eanymore
Mevagh Ardbane Rossguill
Donegal Ardchicken Donegal
Allsaints Ardee Newtowncunningham
Drumhome Ardeelan Lower Ballintra Ballyshannon
Drumhome Ardeelan Upper Ballintra Ballyshannon
Donegal Ardeevin Tawnawully
Donegal Ardeskin Donegal
Inishmacsaint Ardfarn Bundoran Rural
Kilbarron Ardgillew Cavangarden
Clondavaddog Ardglass Greenfort
Donegal Ardinawark Tawnawully
Donegal Ardlenagh Donegal
Killybegs Lower Ardlougher Mulmosog
Inishmacsaint Ardloughill Carrickboy
Clonca Ardmalin Ardmalin
Templecrone Ardmeen Crovehy
Muff Ardmore Kilderry
Donegal Ardnableask Tawnawully
Raymoghy Ardnaditian Manorcunningham
Drumhome Ardnagalliagh Ballintra Ballyshannon
Donaghmore Ardnagannagh Gleneely Stranorlar
Tullaghobegly Ardnagappary Magheraclogher
Donegal Ardnagassan Tullynaught
Clonleigh Ardnaglass Clonleigh South
Templecarn Ardnaglass Pettigo
Killea Ardnaoghill Killea
Tullyfern Ardnaree Glenalla
Clonleigh Ardnasool Clonleigh North
Kilbarron Ardpattan Cavangarden
Aughnish Ardrumman Castlewray
Clondahorky Ards Ards
Tullaghobegly Ards Beg Gortahork
Conwal Ards Big Ramelton
Conwal Ards Little Ramelton
Tullaghobegly Ards More Gortahork
Tullaghobegly Ardsmore Mountain Gortahork
Inishkeel Ardun Graffy
Tullaghobegly Arduns Magheraclogher
Killybegs Lower Ardvally Mulmosog
Raphoe Ardvarnock Glebe Figard
Templecrone Arlands Rutland
Clondavaddog Arryheernabin Fanad North
Convoy Artikellys Convoy
Templecarn Ash Island Pettigo
Tullaghobegly Attatantee Magheraclogher
Gartan Attinadague Gartan
Convoy Aughagault Convoy
Convoy Aughagault Big Convoy
Convoy Aughkeely Lettermore
Aughnish Aughnish Ramelton
Aughnish Aughnish Isle Ramelton
Muff Aught Three Trees
Templecrone Augullies Crovehy
Donaghmore Avaltygort Gleneely Stranorlar
Clonleigh Backhill Clonleigh North
Clonleigh Backland Clonleigh South
Stranorlar Backlees Stranorlar
Killybegs Upper Balbane Tieveskeelta
Clonca Ballagh Malin
Conwal Ballaghderg Gortnavern
Glencolumbkille Ballard Kilgoly
Moville Lower Balleeghan Greencastle
Raymoghy Balleeghan Manorcunningham
Clonca Balleeghan Lower Carthage
Culdaff Balleeghan Lower Carthage
Clonca Balleeghan Upper Carthage
Culdaff Balleeghan Upper Carthage
Clonca Balleelaghan Malin
Clondavaddog Ballina Rossnakill
Clondavaddog Ballinbrocky and Ballincrick Fanad North
Clondavaddog Ballincrick/Ballinbrocky Fanad North
Clonleigh Ballindrait Clonleigh North
Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Ballinlough Mintiaghs
Tullaghobegly Ballintemple Crossroads
Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Ballintlieve Mintiaghs
Drumhome Ballintooey Ballintra Donegal
Drumhome Ballintra Ballintra Donegal
Templecrone Ballintra Aran
Clondavaddog Balloor Fanad North
Drumhome Ballyalla Ballintra Donegal
Desertegny Ballyannan Desertegney
Killybegs Upper Ballyara Killybegs
Moville Upper Ballyargus Redcastle
Tullyfern Ballyarr Ballyarr
Tullyfern Ballyarr Glebe Ballyarr
Donaghmore Ballyarrell Gleneely Stranorlar
Donaghmore Ballybarrell Mountain Gleneely Stranorlar
Allsaints Ballybegly Newtowncunningham
Allsaints Ballybegly Little Newtowncunningham
Kilteevoge Ballybobaneen Altnapaste
Killaghtee Ballybodonnell Dunkineely
Allsaints Ballyboe Killea
Clondahorky Ballyboe Creeslough
Convoy Ballyboe Convoy
Killygarvan Ballyboe Rathmullan
Leck Ballyboe Corrawaddy
Raymoghy Ballyboe Kincraigy
Raymunterdoney Ballyboe Crossroads
Taughboyne Ballyboe Feddyglass
Tullyfern Ballyboe Ramelton
Conwal Ballyboe Glencar Letterkenny Urban
Conwal Ballyboe Lisnenan Letterkenny Rural
Raymunterdoney Ballyboe Mountain Crossroads
Aghanunshin Ballyboencurragh Castlewray
Stranorlar Ballybofey Stranorlar
Clonleigh Ballybogan Clonleigh South
Aughnish Ballybokeel Ramelton
Clondavaddog Ballybolagan and Drumavohy Fanad North
Conwal Ballybolauder Templedouglas
Kilteevoge Ballybotemple Cloghan
Killymard Ballyboyle Donegal
Killymard Ballyboyle Island Donegal
Moville Lower Ballybrack Moville
Inver Ballybrollaghan Tanatallon
Drumhome Ballybulgan Ballintra Donegal
Donaghmore Ballybun Cloghand
Kilmacrenan Ballybuninabber Termon
Clondavaddog Ballycallan Carrowkeel
Culdaff Ballycharry Turmone
Raymunterdoney Ballyconnell Crossroads
Leck Ballyconnelly Ballymacool
Tullyfern Ballyconnelly Glenalla
Clonca Ballycramsy Malin
Killaghtee Ballycroy Dunkineely
Taughboyne Ballycushion Killea
Drumhome Ballydermot Ballintra Donegal
Killymard Ballydevitt Donegal
Killymard Ballydevitt Beg Donegal
Killaghtee Ballyederlan Dunkineely
Burt Ballyederowen Birdstown
Aughnish Ballyelly Ramelton
Conwal Ballygallan Breenagh Meencargagh
Conwal Ballygawley Killymasney
Tullyfern Ballygay Glenalla
Donaghmore Ballygonigan Cloghand
Clonca Ballygorman Ardmalin
Aughnish Ballygreen Ramelton
Inishmacsaint Ballyhanna Carrickboy
Allsaints Ballyhasky Castleforward
Clondavaddog Ballyheerin Fanad West
Clondavaddog Ballyhiernan Fanad North
Raphoe Ballyholey Far Kincraigy
Raphoe Ballyholey Near Figard
Clondavaddog Ballyhork Fanad West
Inishkeel Ballyiriston Maas
Kilmacrenan Ballykeeran Kilmacrenan
Aughnish Ballykenny Glenalla
Clonca Ballykenny Ardmalin
Tullyfern Ballykenny Glenalla
Kilteevoge Ballykergan Altnapaste
Drumhome Ballykillowen Laghy
Clondavaddog Ballykinard Rossnakill
Clonleigh Ballylast Clonleigh South
Urney Ballylast Castlefin
Moville Upper Ballylawn Catlecarey
Raymoghy Ballylawn Manorcunningham
Taughboyne Ballylennan Feddyglass
Raymoghy Ballylevin Manorcunningham
Clonmany Ballyliffin Ballyliffin
Aughnish Ballylin Ramelton
Donagh Ballylosky Glentogher
Killaghtee Ballyloughan Killybegs
Inver Ballymacahil Bonnyglen
Fahan Lower Ballymacarry Buncrana Rural
Fahan Lower Ballymacarry Lower Buncrana Urban
Moville Lower Ballymacarthur Greencastle
Templecarn Ballymacavany Pettigo
Kilbarron Ballymacaward Ballyshannon Rural
Inishkeel Ballymackilduff Dawros
Clonmany Ballymacmoriarty Ballyliffin
Conwal Ballymacool Ballymacool
Kilcar Ballymacphadin Kilcar
Clondavaddog Ballymagahy Mountain Greenfort
Clondavaddog Ballymagahy North Greenfort
Clondavaddog Ballymagahy South Rossnakill
Fahan Lower Ballymagan Upr & Lwr & Clonblosk Illies
Culdaff Ballymagaraghy Turmone
Moville Lower Ballymagaraghy Turmone
Conwal Ballymagig or Barrach Killymasney
Killaghtee Ballymagowan Dunkineely
Clondavaddog Ballymagowan Lower Carrowkeel
Clondavaddog Ballymagowan Upper Carrowkeel
Drumhome Ballymagrorty Cavangarden
Drumhome Ballymagrorty Irish Ballintra Ballyshannon
Drumhome Ballymagrorty Scotch Ballintra Ballyshannon
Aghanunshin Ballymaleel Castlewray
Gartan Ballymaquin Churchill
Clondavaddog Ballymichael Fanad North
Clonleigh Ballymonaster Clonleigh South
Burt Ballymoney Burt
Kilcar Ballymoon Largymore
Glencolumbkille Ballymore Glencolumbkille
Clondahorky Ballymore Lower Ards
Clondahorky Ballymore Upper Ards
Inishmacsaint Ballymunterhiggin Bundoran Rural
Clonleigh Ballynabreen Clonleigh South
Drumhome Ballynacarrick Ballintra Ballyshannon
Kilbarron Ballynacarrick Carrickboy
Drumhome Ballynacarrick, Barr of Cavangarden
Donaghmore Ballynacor Gleneely Stranorlar
Tullaghobegly Ballynacraig Gortahork
Stranorlar Ballynaglack Stranorlar
Kilbarron Ballynaglogh Ballyshannon Rural
Fahan Upper Ballynahone Fahan
Fahan Lower Ballynakeeloge Illies
Drumhome Ballynakillew Mountain Ballintra Donegal
Conwal Ballynakilly Templedouglas
Inch Ballynakilly Inch
Moville Lower Ballynally Moville
Donaghmore Ballynaman Gleneely Stranorlar
Kilteevoge Ballynaman Cloghan
Fahan Lower Ballynarry Buncrana Rural
Gartan Ballynascall Churchill
Clondavaddog Ballynashannagh Rossnakill
Clondavaddog Ballynaslost Fanad North
Kilteevoge Ballynatone Cloghan
Clondavaddog Ballynawall and Drum Greenfort
Tullaghobegly Ballyness Crossroads
Tullaghobegly Ballyness Mountain Crossroads
Mevagh Ballyoghagan Carrigart
Conwal Ballyraine Letterkenny Rural
Moville Upper Ballyrattan Catlecarey
Clondavaddog Ballyroosky Fanad West
Clondavaddog Ballyroosky Island Fanad West
Clondavaddog BALLYROOSKY T. Fanad West
Drumhome Ballyruddelly Ballintra Donegal
Killaghtee Ballysaggart Dunkineely
Kilmacrenan Ballyscanlan Lower Loughkeel
Kilmacrenan Ballyscanlan Upper Loughkeel
Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon Ballyshannon Urban
Kilbarron Ballyshannon Ballyshannon Urban
Conwal Ballystrang Corrovaddy
Killaghtee Balwoges Corkermore
Inishkeel Banganboy Graffy
Glencolumbkille Bangort Kilgoly
Templecarn Bannus Templecarn
Inishkeel Barkillew Inishkeel
Fahan Lower Barnahone and Owenkillew Buncrana Rural
Kilmacrenan Barnes Lower Termon
Kilmacrenan Barnes Upper Termon
Drumhome Barnesyneilly Tullynaught
Raymunterdoney Barr of Ballyconnell or Devlin Crossroads
Drumhome Barr of Ballynacarrick Cavangarden
Fahan Upper Barr of Kilmackilvenny Fahan
Conwal Barrack Gortnavern
Conwal Barrack or Ballymagig Killymasney
Culdaff Baskill Gleneely Inishowen
Fahan Lower Bauville Keeloges and Clonglash Buncrana Rural
Kilcar Bavan Largymore
Tullyfern Bayhill Ramelton
Inch Baylet Inch
Inishkeel Beagh Dawros
Inishkeel Beaghmore Glenleheen
Killaghtee Beaugreen Glebe Dunkineely
Glencolumbkille Beefan Kilgoly
Glencolumbkille Beefan & Garvcross Mountain Kilgoly
Killymard Beefpark Tanatallon
Lettermacaward Befflaght Doochary
Kilbarron Behy Ballyshannon Rural
Donaghmore Belalt Cloghand
Templecarn Belalt North Templecarn
Templecarn Belalt South Templecarn
Templecrone Belcruit Rutland
Inishkeel Bellaganny Glengesh
Lettermacaward Bellanaboy or Derrynacarrow East Doochary
Inishkeel Bellanamore Fintown
Kilmacrenan Bellanascaddan Edenacarnan
Tullaghobegly Bellina Crossroads
Gartan Bellville or Gartan Churchill
Raphoe Beltany Raphoe
Tullaghobegly Beltany Lower Dunlewey
Tullaghobegly Beltany Mountain Dunlewey
Tullaghobegly Beltany Upper Dunlewey
Donaghmore Bicketstown Cloghand
Raymoghy Big Isle Manorcunningham
Drumhome Bigpark Ballintra Donegal
Templecarn Billary Pettigo
Killygarvan Bin Rathmullan
Kilteevoge Bindoo Altnapaste
Gartan Bingorms Dunlewey
Kilteevoge Binmore Altnapaste
Clonmany Binnion Straid
Taughboyne Binnion Feddyglass
Killaghtee Binroe Killybegs
Killybegs Upper Binroe Killybegs
Donegal Birchhill Clogher
Templecarn Bircog Pettigo
Clonleigh Birdstown Clonleigh South
Fahan Upper Birdstown Demesne Birdstown
Drumhome Birra Ballintra Ballyshannon
Clondahorky Bishop's Island Doe Castle
Drumhome Blabreenagh Laghy
Tullyfern Blackland Ballyarr
Raphoe Blackrepentance Castlefin
Clonleigh Blackrock Clonleigh North
Tullyfern Black's Glen Ramelton
Donaghmore Blairstown Killygordon
Allsaints Blanket Nook (Intake) Burt
Burt Blanket Nook (Intake) Burt
Tullaghobegly Bo Island Magheraclogher
Templecarn Boat Island Pettigo
Templecarn Boeeshil Pettigo
Raphoe Bogagh Raphoe
Kilcar Bogagh Glebe Kilcar
Aghanunshin Bogay Castlewray
Allsaints Bogay Glebe Castleforward
Killaghtee Bogside Dunkineely
Donaghmore Bohanboy Killygordon
Conwal Boheolan Templedouglas
Conwal Bohirril Gortnavern
Conwal Bohirril Park Gortnavern
Inch Bohullion Inch
Burt Bohullion Lower Burt
Burt Bohullion Upper Burt
Conwal Bomany Ballymacool
Inver Bonnyglen Bonnyglen
Conwal Booragh Ramelton
Kilteevoge Boultypatrick Cloghan
Clonleigh Boyagh Clonleigh North
Lettermacaward Boyoughter Lettermacaward
Clonleigh Braade Clonleigh North
Templecrone Braade Annagry
Glencolumbkille Braade Lower Glencolumbkille
Glencolumbkille Braade Upper Glencolumbkille
Inishkeel Bracky Glengesh
Raphoe Braehead Figard
Taughboyne Bready Killea
Clondahorky Breaghy Ards
Conwal Breaghy Ramelton
Donaghmore Breaghy Castlefin
Tullyfern Breaghy Ramelton
Moville Lower Bredagh Glen Moville
Clonca Bree Ardmalin
Convoy Breen Convoy
Conwal Breenagh Seacor
Inver Brenter Inver
Tullyfern Bridge End or Drummonaghan Ramelton
Tullaghobegly Brinlack Meenaclady
Raphoe Broadlea Feddyglass
Convoy Broadpath Convoy
Clondahorky Brockagh Creanasmear
Kilteevoge Brockagh Cloghan
Taughboyne Brockagh Trentaghmucklagh
Templecrone Brockagh Crovehy
Donegal Brookfield Donegal
Conwal Brownhall Ballymacool
Drumhome Brownhall Demesne Ballintra Donegal
Tullyfern Brownknowe Glenalla
Killaghtee Bruckless Dunkineely
Templecrone Bunawack Crovehy
Tullaghobegly Bunbeg Magheraclogher
Tullaghobegly Bunbeg  
Fahan Lower Buncrana Buncrana Urban
Inver Buncronan Tanatallon
Inishkeel Buncroobog Glenties
Inishmacsaint Bundoran Bundoran Urban
Killybegs Upper Bungosteen Killybegs
Leck Bunnagee Letterkenny Rural
Burt Bunnamayne Burt
Clondavaddog Bunnaton Knockalla
Gartan Bunnatreesruhan Crossroads
Killymard Burns Mountain Lough Eske
Raphoe Burnside Figard
Taughboyne Burnthaw St Johnstown
Burt Burt Level (Intake) Inch
Templecrone Burtonport Rutland
Donagh Cabadooey or Altashane Carndonagh
Conwal Cabra Brook Templedouglas
Conwal Cabra Glebe Templedouglas
Moville Upper Cabry Whitecastle
Templecrone Calf Island Aran
Clonleigh Calhame Clonleigh South
Donaghmore Calhame Killygordon
Killaghtee Calhame Dunkineely
Leck Calhame Corrawaddy
Tullaghobegly Calhame Dunlewey
Urney Calhame Urney West
Conwal Calhame or Fallard Gortnavern
Convoy Calhame or Montgomery's Fort Convoy
Convoy Callan Lettermore
Convoy Callanacor Lettermore
Aghanunshin Camblestown Castlewray
Kilbarron Camlin Carrickboy
Kilbarron Camp Ballyshannon Rural
Clonleigh Camus Clonleigh South
Glencolumbkille Cappagh Glencolumbkille
Stranorlar Cappry Dooish
Stranorlar Cappry (Graham) Dooish
Convoy Cark Lettermore
Clondavaddog Carlan Lower Carrowkeel
Clondavaddog Carlan Upper Carrowkeel
Kilmacrenan Carmoney Cranford
Donaghmore Carn Gleneely Stranorlar
Templecarn Carn Pettigo
Killaghtee Carn Beg Glebe Killybegs
Killybegs Upper Carn Beg Glebe Killybegs
Tullyfern Carn High Ramelton
Tullyfern Carn Low Ramelton
Killaghtee Carn More Glebe Killybegs
Killygarvan Carnafeagh Rathmullan
Moville Lower Carnagarve Moville
Inch Carnaghan Inch
Mevagh Carnagore Glen
Conwal Carnamogagh Lower Letterkenny Rural
Conwal Carnamogagh Upper Letterkenny Rural
Muff Carnamoyle Kilderry
Fahan Upper Carnashannagh Fahan
Conwal Carnatreantagh Templedouglas
Donegal Carnbeagh North Clogher
Donegal Carnbeagh South Clogher
Templecrone Carnboy Annagry
Donagh Carndoagh Carndonagh
Clondavaddog Carngarrow Knockalla
Aughnish Carnhill Ramelton
Conwal Carnisk Ramelton
Tullyfern Carnisk Ramelton
Donaghmore Carnowen Castlefin
Taughboyne Carnshannagh Feddyglass
Templecarn Carntressy Templecarn
Killybegs Upper Carntullagh Killybegs
Killygarvan Carradoan Rathmullan
Inver Carraduffy Bonnyglen
Inver Carrakeel Inver
Killygarvan Carraleena Rathmullan
Clondavaddog Carran, Upper & Lower Carrowkeel
Donaghmore Carranadore Cloghand
Conwal Carrick Templedouglas
Donaghmore Carrick Killygordon
Mevagh Carrick Cranford
Tullaghobegly Carrick Meenaclady
Drumhome Carrick East Laghy
Glencolumbkille Carrick Lower Glencolumbkille
Glencolumbkille Carrick Upper Glencolumbkille
Drumhome Carrick Upper/Lower Barr Laghy
Drumhome Carrick West Laghy
Clonmany Carrickabraghy Ballyliffin
Taughboyne Carrickadawson Feddyglass
Donagh Carrickafodan Glenagannon
Conwal Carrickalangan Meencargagh
Inch Carrickanee Inch
Mevagh Carrickart Carrigart
Killybegs Upper Carrickataggart Tieveskeelta
Gartan Carrickatimpan Churchill
Killybegs Lower Carrickatlieve Glebe Ardara
Raymoghy Carrickballydooey Kincraigy
Raymoghy Carrickballydooey Glebe Kincraigy
Inishmacsaint Carrickboy Bundoran Urban
Convoy Carrickbrack Convoy
Raphoe Carrickbrack Convoy
Drumhome Carrickbreeny Ballintra Donegal
Templecrone Carrickfin Annagry
Donaghmore Carrickmagrath Goland
Kilteevoge Carrickmahon Altnapaste
Moville Upper Carrickmaquigley Redcastle
Taughboyne Carrickmore St Johnstown
Killybegs Upper Carricknagore Killybegs
Kilbarron Carricknahorna Cavangarden
Donaghmore Carricknamanna Killygordon
Raymoghy Carricknamart Kincraigy
Killybegs Upper Carricknamoghil Killybegs
Donaghmore Carricknashane Killygordon
Inishkeel Carricknashee Dawros
Clonleigh Carricknaslate Clonleigh South
Templecarn Carrickrory Pettigo
Donaghmore Carrickshandrum Gleneely Stranorlar
Kilmacrenan Carrickybressil Milford
Conwal Carrickyscanlan Templedouglas
Templecrone Carriff Island Rutland
Killea Carrigans Killea
Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Carroghill Mintiaghs
Fahan Upper Carrontlieve Fahan
Moville Lower Carrowbeg Turmone
Donagh Carrowblagh Glentogher
Moville Lower Carrowblagh Turmone
Moville Lower Carrowblagh or Leckemy Turmone
Raymunterdoney Carrowcanon Crossroads
Aughnish Carrowcashel Ramelton
Burt Carrowen Burt
Moville Lower Carrowhugh Greencastle
Moville Upper Carrowkeel Whitecastle
Tullyfern Carrowkeel Carrowkeel
Clondavaddog Carrowkeel Glebe Greenfort
Moville Lower Carrowmenagh Turmone
Clonca Carrowmore Malin
Culdaff Carrowmore Gleneely Inishowen
Donagh Carrowmore Glentogher
Fahan Upper Carrowmullin Fahan
Moville Upper Carrownaff Catlecarey
Kilmacrenan Carrownaganonagh Loughkeel
Burt Carrownamaddy Burt
Clondahorky Carrownamaddy Creanasmear
Kilmacrenan Carrownasaul Loughkeel
Burt Carrowreagh Burt
Clondavaddog Carrowreagh Knockalla
Donagh Carrowreagh Glenagannon
Clonmany Carrowreagh or Craignacally Ballyliffin
Gartan Carrowstrasna Gartan
Moville Lower Carrowstrasna Greencastle
Clondavaddog Carryblagh Greenfort
Leck Carrygally Corrawaddy
Aughnish Carrygalt Ramelton
Culdaff Carthage Carthage
Raymunterdoney Casey Glebe Dunfanaghy
Culdaff Cashel Gleneely Inishowen
Donagh Cashel Glentogher
Glencolumbkille Cashel Malinbeg
Inishkeel Cashel Mulmosog
Kilbarron Cashel Ballyshannon Rural
Kilmacrenan Cashel Doecastle
Kilteevoge Cashel Altnapaste
Tullaghobegly Cashel Dunlewey
Clondavaddog Cashel Glebe Fanad West
Kilbarron Cashelard Cliff
Kilcar Cashelcarn Kilcar
Killybegs Upper Cashelcummin Killybegs
Kilmacrenan Casheleenan Loughkeel
Templecarn Cashelenny Grousehall
Killaghtee Cashelfean Dunkineely
Kilmacrenan Cashelgay Edenacarnan
Inishkeel Cashelgolan Maas
Donaghmore Cashelin Cloghand
Kilbarron Cashellackan Ballyshannon Rural
Clondahorky Cashelmore Ards
Tullaghobegly Cashelnagor Dunlewey
Stranorlar Cashelnavean Dooish
Killybegs Lower Cashelodogherty Mulmosog
Inver Casheloogary Inver
Clondavaddog Cashelpreaghan Greenfort
Conwal Cashelreagh Templedouglas
Killaghtee Cashelreagh Glebe Killybegs
Aughnish Cashelshanaghan Castlewray
Gartan Casheltown Gartan
Killaghtee Casheltown Corkermore
Gartan Casheltown Mountain Gartan
Aghanunshin Castlebane Castlewray
Clondahorky Castlebane Dunfanaghy
Stranorlar Castlebane Stranorlar
Raymoghy Castleblaugh Newtowncunningham
Burt Castlecooly Burt
Clondahorky Castledoe Doe Castle
Raymoghy Castledowey Trentaghmucklagh
Taughboyne Castledowey (part of) Trentaghmucklagh
Donaghmore Castlefinn Castlefin
Allsaints Castleforward Demesne Castleforward
Fahan Upper Castlequarter Fahan
Inch Castlequarter Inch
Taughboyne Castlethird Killea
Convoy Castletorrison Convoy
Taughboyne Castletown St Johnstown
Aghanunshin Castlewray Castlewray
Allsaints Castruse Killea
Clondahorky Catherine's Isle Dunfanaghy
Clonleigh Cavan Clonleigh North
Kilbarron Cavan Carrickboy
Killaghtee Cavan Dunkineely
Donaghmore Cavan Lower Killygordon
Donaghmore Cavan Upper Killygordon
Taughboyne Cavanacaw St Johnstown
Clonleigh Cavanacor Clonleigh North
Urney Cavanaweery Urney West
Kilbarron Cavangarden Cavangarden
Kilbarron Cherrymount Carrickboy
Gartan Church Hill Churchill
Donagh Churchland Quarters Carndonagh
Clonleigh Churchtown Clonleigh South
Gartan Churchtown Gartan
Clondahorky Claggan Dunfanaghy
Clondavaddog Claggan Greenfort
Moville Upper Claggan Catlecarey
Tullyfern Claggan Milford
Gartan Claggan Mountain Gartan
Gartan Claggan Mountain North Dunlewey
Gartan Claggan Mountain South Gartan
Gartan Claggan North Gartan
Gartan Claggan South Churchill
Killymard Clanboorhin Donegal
Tullyfern Claragh Ballyarr
Donegal Clarcam Clogher
Donegal Clarcarricknagun Donegal
Donegal Clardrumbarren Clogher
Donegal Clardrumnagahan Clogher
Moville Upper Clare Catlecarey
Donegal Clarlougheask Clogher
Taughboyne Clashygowan St Johnstown
Fahan Lower Cleenagh Illies
Templecrone Cleenderry Maghery
Inishkeel Cleengort Glenties
Clonmany Clehagh Straid
Urney Clogfin Castlefin
Glencolumbkille Cloghan Kilgoly
Kilteevoge Cloghan Beg Cloghan
Kilteevoge Cloghan More Cloghan
Donaghmore Cloghard Cloghand
Kilbarron Cloghbolie Ballyshannon Rural
Templecrone Cloghbolie Maghery
Inishkeel Cloghboy Glengesh
Templecrone Cloghcor Aran
Donegal Clogher Clogher
Inishkeel Clogher East Graffy
Inishkeel Clogher West Maas
Inishkeel Clogherachullion Glenleheen
Inver Clogheravaddy Bonnyglen
Inishkeel Cloghercor Glenleheen
Templecrone Clogherdillure Rutland
Clondahorky Cloghernagh Dunfanaghy
Inishkeel Cloghernagore Glenleheen
Kilteevoge Cloghervaddy Altnapaste
Clondavaddog Cloghfin Rossnakill
Clonleigh Cloghfin Clonleigh North
Taughboyne Cloghfin Killea
Templecrone Cloghglass Rutland
Convoy Cloghgore Convoy
Kilbarron Cloghore Carrickboy
Convoy Cloghroe Lettermore
Kilmacrenan Cloghroe Edenacarnan
Tullaghobegly Clonbara Crossroads
Clondahorky Clonbeg Glebe Creeslough
Fahan Lower Clonblosk&Ballymagan Upper & Lower Illies
Clonca Clonca Culduff
Conwal Cloncarney Templedouglas
Kilteevoge Clonclayagh Cloghan
Killybegs Lower Clonconwal Ardara
Killygarvan Clondallan Rathmullan
Gartan Clondavaddog Churchill
Fahan Lower Clonglash and Bauville Keeloges Buncrana Rural
Kilmacrenan Clonkilly Beg Kilmacrenan
Kilmacrenan Clonkilly More Kilmacrenan
Clondahorky Clonmass Ards
Clondahorky Clonmass Isle Ards
Clondahorky Clonmore Ards
Mevagh Clontallagh Rossguill
Kilbarron Clontyseer Carrickboy
Donaghmore Clonyreel Gleneely Stranorlar
Allsaints Cloon Castleforward
Inishkeel Clooney Maas
Tullyfern Clooney Ramelton
Clondavaddog Clooney & Gortnamona Fanad West
Tullyfern Clooney More Ballyarr
Clonmany Cloontagh Ballyliffin
Inver Cloverhill or Drumbeg Bonnyglen 
Leck Coaghmill Corrawaddy
Kilcar Coguish Crowkeeragh
Allsaints Colehill Castleforward
Kilteevoge Commeen Cloghan
Lettermacaward Commeen Doochary
Inishkeel Common Glengesh
Raphoe Common Figard
Inishkeel Common Mountain Glengesh
Tullyfern Conaghrud Glenalla
Allsaints Coney Island Castleforward
Clonleigh Coneyburrow Clonleigh South
Fahan Lower Connaghkinnagoe Illies
Glencolumbkille Contycro Malinbeg
Convoy Convoy Demesne Convoy
Convoy Convoy Townparks Convoy
Conwal Conwal Ballymacool
Kilbarron Cool Beg Ballyshannon Rural
Kilmacrenan Cool Lower Cranford
Kilbarron Cool More Ballyshannon Rural
Kilmacrenan Cool Upper Cranford
Donaghmore Cooladawson Killygordon
Clondavaddog Cooladerry Fanad North
Raphoe Cooladerry Raphoe
Clondavaddog Cooladerry Mountain Fanad North
Raphoe Coolaghy Feddyglass
Raphoe Coolaghy Glebe Raphoe
Clonleigh Coolatee Clonleigh North
Clondavaddog Coolback Greenfort
Conwal Coolboy Big Gortnavern
Conwal Coolboy Little Gortnavern
Kilbarron Coolcholly Ballyshannon Rural
Inver Coolshangan Inver
Inishkeel Coolvoy Glenleheen
Moville Upper Cooly Catlecarey
Urney Coolyslin Urney West
Drumhome Copany Tullynaught
Lettermacaward Cor Lettermacaward
Donaghmore Corcam Killygordon
Convoy Corcashy Convoy
Clondahorky Corcreggan Dunfanaghy
Donaghmore Corcullion Castlefin
Gartan Corderry Churchill
Clondahorky Corgannive Glebe Dunfanaghy
Donaghmore Corgary Knock
Clonleigh Corkan Isle Clonleigh North
Killaghtee Corker Beg Corkermore
Killaghtee Corker More Corkermore
Raymoghy Corkey Kincraigy
Kilteevoge Corlacky Cloghan
Donaghmore Corlea Gleneely Stranorlar
Kilbarron Corlea Cliff
Templecarn Corlea Pettigo
Urney Cormakilly Urney West
Drumhome Cormullin Laghy
Donaghmore Cornabrogue Gleneely Stranorlar
Killybegs Upper Cornacahan Killybegs
Aghanunshin Cornagill Castlewray
Convoy Cornagillagh Convoy
Inishkeel Cornagrillagh Glenties
Gartan Cornagullion Churchill
Donegal Cornaveagh Tawnawully
Allsaints Corncamble Castleforward
Killybegs Upper Corporation Killybegs
Donegal Corracramph Tawnawully
Convoy Corradooey Convoy
Donaghmore Corradooey Gleneely Stranorlar
Donaghmore Corraffrin Knock
Templecrone Corragh Island Rutland?
Kilteevoge Corraine Altnapaste
Leck Corranagh Magheraboy
Killybegs Lower Corraness Glebe Ardara
Conwal Corravaddy Corrovaddy
Clondavaddog Corry Greenfort
Donegal Corveen Clogher
Tullaghobegly Corveen Meenaclady
Raymoghy Cottage Newtowncunningham
Kilmacrenan Cottian Kilmacrenan
Raphoe Cottown Raphoe
Kilmacrenan Court Loughkeel
Kilbarron Cowpark Ballyshannon Rural
Drumhome Coxtown Ballintra Donegal
Conwal Craghy Seacor
Templecrone Craghy Dungloe
Clondahorky Craig Creeslough
Muff Craig Kilderry
Convoy Craigdoo Convoy
Killygarvan Craigmaddyroe Far Rathmullan
Killygarvan Craigmaddyroe Near Rathmullan
Clonmany Craignacally or Carrowreagh Ballyliffin
Donegal Craigroe Clogher
Raphoe Craigs Figard
Convoy Craigs or Tommyscroft Convoy
Fahan Upper Craigtown Fahan
Tullaghobegly Craigtown Crossroads
Kilmacrenan Cranberry Island Cranford
Kilmacrenan Cranford Cranford
Inishkeel Crannogeboy Glengesh
Inver Cranny Lower Bonnyglen 
Inver Cranny Upper Bonnyglen 
Tullyfern Cratlagh Milford
Taughboyne Creaghadoos Feddyglass
Taughboyne Creatland St Johnstown
Moville Upper Creehennan Whitecastle
Clondahorky Creenary Creeslough
Clondahorky Creenasmear Creanasmear
Glencolumbkille Creenveen Glencolumbkille
Clondahorky Creeslough Creeslough