Co Donegal Electoral Districts (DEDs)

This index was compiled by David and forms part of  the Donegal Genealogy Resources website

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This index is designed so that you can quickly identify the DED of any given Donegal Townland

Many thanks to David for tackling such a huge (and tedious) task!


Townlands A to G


Townlands H to End


Parish Townland DED
Raphoe Habbitstown Figart
Urney Halftown Urney West
Inver Hall Demesne Tanatallon
Killymard Haugh Haugh
Leck Haughey's Isle Letterkenny Urban?
Clonleigh Haw Clonleigh South
Taughboyne Haw Killea
Killymard Heneys Haugh
Raymoghy Highbank Manorcunningham
Mevagh Highglen Glen
Clonleigh Hollands Clonleigh North
Killymard Holmes Donegal
Raymoghy Hungersmother Newtowncunningham
Templecarn Illan Phililpboy Pettigo
Tullaghobegly Illanacarragh or Glass Island Magheraclogher
Templecrone Illanaran Island Aran
Inishkeel Illancreave Island Inishkeel
Templecrone Illancrone Island Maghery
Inishkeel Illanfad Maas
Mevagh Illann hurry Rossguill
Fahan Lower Illies Illies
Templecrone Illion Aran
Killea Imlick Killea
Inch Inch Level (Intake) Inch
Templecrone Inishal Maghery
Inishkeel Inishbarnog Island Dawros
Tullaghobegly Inishbeg Gortahork
Tullaghobegly Inishbofin Gortahork
Templecrone Inishcoo Rutland
Tullaghobegly Inishdooey Gortahork
Kilcar Inishduff Island Largymore
Templecrone Inisheane Maghery
Drumhome Inishfad Ballintra Ballyshannon
Mevagh Inishfaugh Rossguill
Templecrone Inishfree Lower Annagry?
Templecrone Inishfree Upper Annagry?
Templecarn Inishgoosk Templecarn
Templecrone Inishillintry Rutland
Drumhome Inishinny Ballintra Ballyshannon
Templecrone Inishinny Maghery
Templecrone Inishinny Rutland
Tullaghobegly Inishinny Magheraclogher
Templecrone Inishkeeragh Aran
Inishkeel Inishkeel Island Maas
Templecrone Inishmacadurn or Rutland Island Rutland
Templecrone Inishmeal Rutland
Tullaghobegly Inishmeane Meenaclady
Drumhome Inishnabo Ballintra
Drumhome Inishnagor Laghy
Inishkeel Inishowen Island Dawros
Drumhome Inishpat Laghy
Tullaghobegly Inishsirrer Meenaclady
Clonca Inishtrahull Ardmalin
Kilmacrenan Inishyweel Cranford
Gartan Inniskil Churchill
Killygarvan Inniskil Knockalla
Inver Inver Glebe Inver
Stranorlar Ironworks Stranorlar
Clonleigh Island Beg Clonleigh North
Clonleigh Island More Clonleigh North
Mevagh Island Reagh Rossguill
Mevagh Island Roy Rossguill
Mevagh Islandroy Barr or Drumfin Cranford
Clondahorky Juniper Island Doe Castle
Templecrone Keadew Rutland
Donegal Keadew Lower Clogher
Donegal Keadew Upper Clogher
Raymoghy Keagh Manorcunningham
Donegal Keeldrum Clogher
Tullaghobegly Keeldrum Lower Gortahork
Tullaghobegly Keeldrum Upper Meenacung Gortahork
Clonleigh Keeloges Clonleigh South
Conwal Keeloges Churchill
Inver Keeloges Inver
Fahan Lower Keeloges, Bauville, and Clonglash Buncrana Rural
Clonca Keenagh Ardmalin
Kilcar Keenaghan Kilcar
Kilmacrenan Keenaghan Edenacarnan
Moville Upper Keeranbane Redcastle
Urney Kellysmeadow Urney West
Inishkeel Kenny Island Maas
Killygarvan Keranstown Rathmullan
Allsaints Keshends Castleforward
Glencolumbkille Kilaned Kilgoly
Kilbarron Kilbarron Ballyshannon Rural
Kilcar Kilbeg Kilcar
Donaghmore Kilcaddan Gleneely Stranorlar
Kilcar Kilcar Kilcar
Kilcar Kilcasey Kilcar
Inishkeel Kilcashel Glengesh
Inishkeel Kilclooney Beg Dawros
Inishkeel Kilclooney More Dawros
Kilmacrenan Kilconnell or Glebe Kilmacrenan
Aughnish Kilcreen Ramelton
Clondahorky Kildarragh Creanasmear
Kilbarron Kildoney Glebe Ballyshannon Rural
Allsaints Kildrum Lower Killea
Allsaints Kildrum Upper Killea
Drumhome Kilgole Ballintra Donegal
Glencolumbkille Kilgoly Kilgoly
Taughboyne Kilgort Killea
Glencolumbkille Kilkeel Island Malinbeg
Inishkeel Kilkenny Maas
Clondahorky Kill Dunfanaghy
Kilcar Kill Largymore
Mevagh Kill Carrigart
Killaghtee Killaghtee Dunkineely
Inishkeel Killasteever Glengesh
Clondavaddog Killavee Greenfort
Kilbarron Killeen Carrickboy
Clondavaddog Killhill and Rosskirk Fanad North
Clonca Killin Malin
Inver Killin Bonnyglen 
Drumhome Killinangel Beg Ballintra Ballyshannon
Drumhome Killinangel More Ballintra Ballyshannon
Templecrone Killindarragh Annagry
Kilmacrenan Killoughcarran Doecastle
Tullaghobegly Killult Crossroads
Killaghtee Killultan Dunkineely
Killybegs Upper Killybegs Killybegs
Conwal Killyclug Edenacarnan
Killygarvan Killycolman Knockalla
Kilmacrenan Killydesert Edenacarnan
Aughnish Killydonnell Ramelton
Killygarvan Killygarvan Lower Rathmullan
Killygarvan Killygarvan Upper Rathmullan
Donaghmore Killygordon Killygordon
Conwal Killylastin Edenacarnan
Conwal Killymasny Killymasney
Convoy Killynure or Wilson's Fort Convoy
Raymoghy Killyverry Newtowncunningham
Clondahorky Kilmackilloo Creanasmear
Fahan Upper Kilmackilvenny, Barr of Fahan
Inver Kilmacreddan Inver
Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan
Clonleigh Kilmonaster Lower Clonleigh South
Clonleigh Kilmonaster Middle Clonleigh South
Gartan Kilmore Gartan
Clonleigh Kilnpark Clonleigh North
Conwal Kilpheak Killymasney
Kilteevoge Kilrean Cloghan
Killybegs Lower Kilrean Lower Ardara
Killybegs Lower Kilrean Upper Ardara
Stranorlar Kilross Stranorlar
Raphoe Kiltole Figart
Inishkeel Kiltooris Dawros
Donaghmore Kiltown Killygordon
Aghanunshin Kiltoy Castlewray
Glencolumbkille Kiltyfanned Kilgoly
Kilteevoge Kiltyfergal Cloghan
Tullyfern Kilwarry Milford
Templecarn Kimmid Pettigo
Templecrone Kinacaslough Rutland
Raymoghy Kincraigy Kincraigy
Inishkeel Kincrum Glenties
Culdaff Kindroghed Gleneely Inishowen
Clondavaddog Kindrum Greenfort
Inishkeel Kingarrow Fintown
Kilbarron Kinkeel Island ?
Donaghmore Kinletter Knock
Killygarvan Kinletteragh Rathmullan
Taughboyne Kinnacally St Johnstown
Kilteevoge Kinnaderry Cloghan
Fahan Lower Kinnagoe Illies
Glencolumbkille Kinnakillew Kilgoly
Mevagh Kinnalargy Rossguill
Clondavaddog Kinnalough Fanad North
Clonmany Kinnea Dunaff
Killygarvan Kinnegar Rathmullan
Inishkeel Kinnoghty Glengesh
Killygarvan Kintale Rathmullan
Conwal Kirkneedy Killymasney
Conwal Kirkstown Ballymacool
Kilbarron Knader Ballyshannon Rural
Culdaff Knock Culdaff
Donaghmore Knock Knock
Inver Knockagar Eanymore
Convoy Knockagarran Convoy
Clonca Knockamany Ardmalin
Tullaghobegly Knockastoller Magheraclogher
Drumhome Knockbane Ballintra Donegal
Clondavaddog Knockbrack Carrowkeel
Leck Knockbrack Magheraboy
Clondahorky Knockduff Ards
Clonca Knockergrana Culdaff
Stranorlar Knockfair Stranorlar
Tullaghobegly Knockfola Meenaclady
Clonca Knockglass Ardmalin
Kilmacrenan Knocknabollan Kilmacrenan
Clondahorky Knocknafaugher Ards
Inver Knocknahorna Inver
Conwal Knocknamona Letterkenny Rural
Kilbarron Knocknashangan Carrickboy
Donaghmore Knockrawer Castlefin
Aghanunshin Knockybrin Castlewray
Raymoghy Labbadish Kincraigy
Convoy Labbadoo Convoy
Inishkeel Lackagh Dawros
Inishkeel Lackaghatermon Maas
Inishkeel Lackaweer Dawros
Killymard Lackcrom Haugh
Inishkeel Lacklea Graffy
Drumhome Lacklom Ballintra Ballyshannon
Gartan Lacknacoo Gartan
Inishkeel Laconnell Inishkeel
Inishkeel Lacroagh Graffy
Clondavaddog Laddan Fanad West
Clonca Lag Malin
Clonmany Lagacurry Ballyliffin
Glencolumbkille Laghil Kilgoly
Drumhome Laghy Laghy
Drumhome Laghy Barr Laghy
Inishkeel Lagnagillew Graffy
Inishkeel Lagunna Inishkeel
Templecrone Lahan Island Rutland
Kilbarron Laheen Cavangarden
Aghanunshin Lanehead Castlewray
Clonca Laraghirril Culdaff
Mevagh Larganreagh Rossguill
Mevagh Larganreagh Barr or Meenacross Cranford
Clondahorky Largatreany Dunfanaghy
Inishkeel Largnalarkan Fintown
Inishkeel Largybrack Inishkeel
Kilcar Largymore Largymore
Killybegs Upper Largynagreana Killybegs
Killybegs Upper Largysillagh (Corress) Crownarad
Kilteevoge Larnalore Cloghan
Templecrone Leabgarrow Aran
Templecrone Leabrannagh Aran
Templecrone Leabrannagh Mtn. No. & Plughoge Aran
Templecrone Leabrannagh Mtn. So. & Plughoge Aran
Inver Leagans Inver
Donaghmore Leaght Killygordon
Moville Upper Leamacrossan Whitecastle
Inishkeel Leamagowra Inishkeel
Clondavaddog Leat Beg Fanad West
Clondavaddog Leat More Fanad West
Templecrone Leckbeg Rutland
Moville Lower Leckemy or Carrowblagh Turmone
Templecrone Leckenagh Rutland
Desertegny Lederg Desertegney
Templecrone Lefinn Rutland
Drumhome Legacurry Tullynaught
Kilbarron Legaloscran Carrickboy
Kilbarron Legaltan Ballyshannon Rural
Clondavaddog Legboy Greenfort
Clonleigh Leggandorragh Clonleigh South
Donegal Leghawny Tullynaught
Convoy Legland Lettermore
Killygarvan Legland Killygarvan
Tullyfern Legmuckduff Glenalla
Clonleigh Legnabraid or Cunninghamstown Clonleigh South
Killea Legnaduff Killea
Kilmacrenan Legnahoory Edenacarnan
Clonleigh Legnaneale Clonleigh South
Drumhome Legnanornoge Ballintra Donegal
Taughboyne Legnatraw Feddyglass
Inver Legnawley Glebe Inver
Killygarvan Lehardan Knockalla
Allsaints Leitrim Castleforward
Culdaff Leitrim Turmone
Conwal Lenalea Killymasney
Clonmany Lenan Dunaff
Fahan Lower Lenynarnan and Aghilly Buncrana Rural
Glencolumbkille Lergadaghtan Glencolumbkille
Kilcar Lergadaghtan Largymore
Glencolumbkille Lergadaghtan Mountain Glencolumbkille
Inishkeel Lerginacarha Inishkeel
Inishkeel Lergynasearhagh Inishkeel
Clonmany Letter Dunaff
Fahan Upper Letter Fahan
Kilcar Letter Largymore
Killybegs Upper Letter Killybegs
Kilmacrenan Letter Kilmacrenan
Inver Letterbarra Eanymore
Kilteevoge Letterbrick Cloghan
Templecarn Lettercran Pettigo
Templecrone Lettereau Crovehy
Inver Letterfad Eanymore
Kilmacrenan Letterfad Kilmacrenan
Taughboyne Lettergull Feddyglass
Inishkeel Letterilly Glenties
Conwal Letterkenny Letterkenny Urban
Conwal Letterleague Corrovaddy
Stranorlar Lettermakenny Stranorlar
Convoy Lettermore Lettermore
Inver Lettermore Binbane
Inver Letternacahy Eanymore
Convoy Lettershanbo Lettermore
Kilteevoge Lettershanbo Cloghan
Inver Lettertreane Eanymore
Desertegny Liafin Desertegney
Clonleigh Lifford Clonleigh South
Clonleigh Lifford Beg Clonleigh South
Clonleigh Lifford Common Clonleigh South
Clonleigh LIFFORD T. Clonleigh South
Templecrone Lighthouse Lot Aran
Desertegny Linsfort Desertegney
Killaghtee Lisavaddy Corkermore
Raymoghy Lisclamerty Kincraigy
Donaghmore Liscooly Killygordon
Burt Lisfannan Burt
Fahan Upper Lisfannan Fahan
Inishkeel Liskeeraghan Glengesh
Stranorlar Liskeran Stranorlar
Clonleigh Liskey Clonleigh North
Drumhome Lismintan Ballintra Donegal
Raymoghy Lismoghry Trentaghmucklagh
Leck Lismonaghan Corrawaddy
Raphoe Lismontigley Raphoe
Donaghmore Lismullyduff Gleneely Stranorlar
Donaghmore Lisnabert Castlefin
Donaghmore Lisnamulligan Cloghand
Aghanunshin Lisnanees Lower Castlewray
Aghanunshin Lisnanees Upper Castlewray
Drumhome Lisnapaste Ballintra Donegal
Convoy Lisnaree Convoy
Stranorlar Lisnaree Convoy
Conwal Lisnenan Letterkenny Rural
Raphoe Lisnoble Raphoe
Kilbarron Lissacholly Carrickboy
Convoy Lissinisk Convoy
Convoy Lissinore Convoy
Conwal Listack Corrovaddy
Taughboyne Listannagh Feddyglass
Leck Listellian Magheraboy
Taughboyne Listicall Lower Killea
Taughboyne Listicall Upper Killea
Clondahorky Little Island ?
Inishkeel Longfield Glengesh
Lettermacaward Longfield Lettermacaward
Tullyfern Longhill Glenalla
Gartan Losset Gartan
Stranorlar Lough Hill Stranorlar
Inishkeel Lough Hill or Drumalough Glengesh
Aghanunshin Loughagannon Castlewray
Templecrone Loughagher Crovehy
Templecrone Loughanure Annagry
Kilmacrenan Loughaskerry Termon
Gartan Loughbarra or Clogheen Churchill
Inishkeel Loughcrillan Glenties
Donegal Loughcuill Tullynaught
Inishkeel Loughderryduff Maas
Tullyfern Loughdoo Glenalla
Killymard Lougheask Demesne Lough Eske
Glencolumbkille Lougheraherk Kilgoly
Clonca Lougherbraghy Malin
Inishkeel Lougherrig Glenleheen
Inishkeel Loughfad Maas
Templecarn Loughfad Templecarn
Donegal Loughkip Tullynaught
Tullaghobegly Loughlin Island Magheraclogher
Inishkeel Loughmuck Glenleheen
Killaghtee Loughmuilt Dunkineely
Aghanunshin Loughnagin Castlewray
Tullyfern Loughnakey Glenalla
Inishkeel Loughnalughraman Inishkeel
Inishkeel Loughnambraddan Fintown
Tullyfern Loughros Glebe Glenalla
Kilteevoge Loughsallagh Altnapaste
Templecrone Loughsalt Maghery
Templecarn Loughultan Templecarn
Drumhome Lower Barr and Carrick Upper Laghy
Inver Luaghnabrogue Binbane
Fahan Lower Luddan Buncrana Rural
Killygarvan Lugher Rathmullan
Inishkeel Lughveen Graffy
Tullaghobegly Lunniagh Magheraclogher
Clondahorky Lurgabrack Dunfanaghy
Clondavaddog Lurgacloghan Fanad West
Drumhome Lurgan Ballintra Ballyshannon
Clondavaddog Lurganboy Greenfort
Donegal Lurganboy Donegal
Killybegs Lower Lurganboy Ardara
Killygarvan Lurganboy Killygarvan
Clondavaddog Lurganbrack Knockalla
Clonleigh Lurganshannagh Clonleigh North
Leck Lurgy Magheraboy
Leck Lurgybrack Magheraboy
Inishkeel Maas Maas
Convoy Macmeenstown Convoy
Lettermacaward Madavagh Lettermacaward
Raphoe Magheestown Figart
Inishkeel Maghera Inishkeel
Raymoghy Maghera Beg Manorcunningham
Raymoghy Maghera More Manorcunningham
Fahan Upper Magherabeg Fahan
Mevagh Magherabeg Rossguill
Clondahorky Magherablad Doe Castle
Donaghmore Magheraboy Killygordon
Killea Magheraboy Killea
Leck Magheraboy Magheraboy
Raphoe Magheraboy Raphoe
Killea Magheraboy Glebe Killea
Inishmacsaint Magheracar Bundoran Rural
Tullaghobegly Magheraclogher Magheraclogher
Kilteevoge Magheracloigh Altnapaste
Taughboyne Magheracloy Trentaghmucklagh
Convoy Magheracorran Convoy
Clondavaddog Magheradrumman Fanad North
Donagh Magheradrumman Glenagannon
Tullyfern Magheradrumman Ballyarr
Tullaghobegly Magheragallan Magheraclogher
Raphoe Magherahaan Raphoe
Raphoe Magherahee Convoy
Moville Upper Magheralahan Whitecastle
Mevagh Magheramagorgan Cranford
Clondahorky Magheramenagh Dunfanaghy
Inishkeel Magheramore Dawros
Conwal Magheran Ballymacool
Killygarvan Magheranakilly Rathmullan
Aghanunshin Magheranan Castlewray
Convoy Magheranappan Convoy
Clonmany Magheranaul Ballyliffin
Stranorlar Magherapaste Stranorlar
Donaghmore Magherareagh Castlefin
Clondahorky Magheraroarty Creeslough
Tullaghobegly Magheraroarty Gortahork
Tullaghobegly Magheraroarty Mountain Gortahork
Donaghmore Magherashanvally Castlefin
Raphoe Magherasollus Figart
Convoy Magheravall or Midcut Lettermore
Clondavaddog Magherawarden Carrowkeel
Conwal Maghernagran Templedouglas
Clondavaddog Maghernalaght Rossnakill or Fanad North?
Gartan Maghernashangan Gartan
Templecrone Maghery Glebe Maghery
Clonca Magheryard Malin
Urney Magherycallaghan Urney West
Glencolumbkille Malin Beg Malinbeg
Glencolumbkille Malin More Malinbeg
Clonca Malin Town Malin
Raymoghy Manorcunningham Manorcunningham
Raymoghy Manorcunningham Churchland Manorcunningham
Raymoghy Manorcunningham Churchland Isle Manorcunningham
Clondahorky Marblehill Ards
Clondahorky Marfagh Dunfanaghy
Clondahorky Masiness Creeslough
Clonleigh Mass Bet Clonleigh North
Clonleigh Mass More Clonleigh North
Clonleigh Masshill Clonleigh South
Kilmacrenan Massreagh Kilmacrenan
Raymoghy Maylin Newtowncunningham
Inishkeel Meashy More Island Dawros
Clonca Meedanmore Ardmalin
Moville Upper Meenabaltin Whitecastle
Conwal Meenaboll Seacor
Inishkeel Meenaboll Glengesh
Templecrone Meenabollagan Maghery
Donegal Meenabrock Clogher
Inishkeel Meenabrock Graffy
Killaghtee Meenabrock Corkermore
Inver Meenacahan Binbane
Killymard Meenacally Donegal
Drumhome Meenacargagh Laghy
Lettermacaward Meenacarn Lettermacaward
Killybegs Lower Meenachallow Glenties
Inver Meenacharbet Inver
Glencolumbkille Meenacharvey Kilgoly
Inishkeel Meenachuit Graffy
Killybegs Upper Meenachullalan Tieveskeelta
Inishkeel Meenachullion Glenleheen
Tullaghobegly Meenaclady Meenaclady
Templecrone Meenacloghcor Maghery
Inver Meenacloghspar Binbane
Killaghtee Meenacloy Corkermore
Glencolumbkille Meenacross Kilgoly
Templecrone Meenacross Maghery
Mevagh Meenacross or Larganreagh Barr Cranford
Conwal Meenacung Seacor
Tullaghobegly Meenacung Magheraclogher
Inishkeel Meenacurrin Inishkeel
Inver Meenacurrin Inver
Conwal Meenadaura or Drumnahough Mountain Meencargagh
Glencolumbkille Meenadiff Kilgoly
Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Meenadiff Mintiaghs
Inishkeel Meenadoan Fintown
Donegal Meenadreen Tullynaught
Glencolumbkille Meenadreen Kilgoly
Killaghtee Meenadreen Corkermore
Tullaghobegly Meenaduff Magheraclogher
Gartan Meenagannive Churchill
Donaghmore Meenagolan Gleneely Stranorlar
Inishkeel Meenagolan Fintown
Inishkeel Meenagolan Glengesh
Killaghtee Meenagolan Corkermore
Tullaghobegly Meenagoppoge Dunlewey
Fahan Lower Meenagory Mintiaghs
Lettermacaward Meenagowan Lettermacaward
Templecrone Meenagowna Rutland
Inver Meenagranoge Bonnyglen 
Inver Meenagrau Binbane
Kilteevoge Meenagrauv Altnapaste
Stranorlar Meenagrauv Stranorlar
Inishkeel Meenagrillagh Maas
Inishkeel Meenagrubby Graffy
Inver Meenaguse Beg Binbane
Killymard Meenaguse More Binbane
Donaghmore Meenahinnis Gleneely Stranorlar
Donaghmore Meenahoney Killygordon
Kilteevoge Meenahorna Cloghan
Inishkeel Meenakillew Glengesh
Killybegs Lower Meenakilwirra Glenties
Convoy Meenalaban Lettermore
Inishkeel Meenalargan Glenties
Moville Upper Meenaleavin Redcastle
Templecrone Meenalecky Annagry
Inishkeel Meenaleenaghan Graffy
Kilteevoge Meenalig Cloghan
Desertegny Meenalooban Desertegney
Inishkeel Meenamalragh Graffy
Inishkeel Meenamanragh Graffy
Fahan Lower Meenamullaghan Illies
Inishkeel Meenanall Glenties
Kilteevoge Meenanamph Cloghan
Inishkeel Meenanarwa Graffy
Templecarn Meenanellison Templecarn
Glencolumbkille Meenanery Glencolumbkille
Tullaghobegly Meenanillar Magheraclogher
Stranorlar Meenanilta Stranorlar
Inishkeel Meenapeaky Glengesh
Killybegs Upper Meenaroshin Tieveskeelta
Glencolumbkille Meenasillagh Kilgoly
Inishkeel Meenasrone North Glenleheen
Inishkeel Meenasrone South Graffy
Killymard Meenataggart Haugh
Inishkeel Meenatawy Glenleheen
Inishkeel Meenateia Glengesh
Conwal Meenatinny Seacor
Conwal Meenatole Ramelton
Glencolumbkille Meenavaghran Glencolumbkille
Inishkeel Meenavale Graffy
Convoy Meenavally Convoy
Inishkeel Meenavally Mulmosog
Drumhome Meenavanaghan Laghy
Moville Upper Meenavanaghan Whitecastle
Glencolumbkille Meenavean Glencolumbkille
Stranorlar Meenavoy Stranorlar
Killybegs Lower Meenawannia Glenties
Killymard Meenawilderg Haugh
Gartan Meenawilligan Churchill
Killybegs Upper Meenawley Tieveskeelta
Inver Meenawullaghan Inver
Stranorlar Meenbane Stranorlar
Templecrone Meenbannad Rutland
Donaghmore Meenbog Goland
Kilteevoge Meenbog Cloghan
Kilcar Meenboy Largymore
Kilmacrenan Meenbunone Termon
Stranorlar Meencargagh Dooish
Conwal Meencargagh Breenagh Meencargagh
Raymunterdoney Meencoolasheskin Crossroads
Tullaghobegly Meencorwick Magheraclogher
Stranorlar Meencrumlin Dooish
Fahan Lower Meendacalliagh Illies
Tullaghobegly Meenderrygamph Magheraclogher
Templecrone Meenderryherk Glebe Crovehy
Templecrone Meenderrynasloe Annagry
Templecrone Meenderryowan Annagry
Clonmany Meendoran Straid
Templecrone Meendrain Maghery
Mevagh Meenformal Glen
Inishkeel Meengilcarry Mulmosog
Kilteevoge Meengilcarry Cloghan
Conwal Meenirroy Seacor
Fahan Lower Meenkeeragh Buncrana Rural
Mevagh Meenlargh Glen
Tullaghobegly Meenlargh Gortahork
Templecrone Meenlecknalore Crovehy
Moville Lower Meenletterbale Greencastle
Donaghmore Meenlougher Cloghand
Templecrone Meenmore Dungloe
Inishkeel Meenmore East Fintown
Inishkeel Meenmore West Glenleheen
Donaghmore Meenreagh Gleneely Stranorlar
Killybegs Upper Meenreagh Tieveskeelta
Killygarvan Meenreagh Rathmullan
Kilmacrenan Meenreagh Loughkeel
Templecarn Meensheefin Templecarn
Inver Meentacor Binbane
Inver Meentacreeghan Binbane
Killybegs Upper Meentadun Tieveskeelta
Clondavaddog Meentagh Carrowkeel
Clondavaddog Meentaghconlan Knockalla
Clondavaddog Meentaghmore Knockalla
Kilcar Meentakeeraghan Largymore
Killybegs Lower Meentanadea Mulmosog
Inver Meentanakill Bonnyglen 
Inishkeel Meentashesk Glengesh
Killaghtee Meentullynagarn Mulmosog
Convoy Meentycat Lettermore
Conwal Meentygrannagh Meencargagh
Inishkeel Meentymorgal Glenleheen
Muff Meenyanly Three Trees
Inver Meenybraddan Bonnyglen 
Kilcar Meenychanon Largymore
Killybegs Upper Meenyhooghan Killybegs
Templecrone Mellamore Rutland
Mevagh Melmore Rossguill
Killaghtee Menamny Dunkineely
Inishkeel Merring Island Maas
Mevagh Mevagh Rossguill
Convoy Midcut or Magheravall Lettermore
Inishkeel Middletown Dawros
Conwal Milk Isle Letterkenny Rural
Killygarvan Millbrook Rathmullan
Urney Millfarm Urney West
Tullyfern Millford Milford
Clonleigh Millsessiagh Clonleigh South
Convoy Milltown Convoy
Conwal Milltown Killymasney
Donegal Milltown Tawnawully
Gartan Milltown Churchill
Killymard Milltown Donegal
Raphoe Milltown Raphoe
Raymoghy Milltown Newtowncunningham
Killybegs Lower Mogumna Mulmosog
Killybegs Lower Mogumna Mountain Mulmosog
Taughboyne Momeen Trentaghmucklagh
Killybegs Lower Monargan Glebe Ardara
Raymoghy Monclink Kincraigy
Raymoghy Mondooey Lower Kincraigy
Raymoghy Mondooey Middle Kincraigy
Raymoghy Mondooey Upper Kincraigy
Clonleigh Moneen Clonleigh North
Donaghmore Monellan Gleneely Stranorlar
Burt Moness Burt
Taughboyne Moness St Johnstown
Tullaghobegly Money Beg Dunlewey
Tullaghobegly Money More Dunlewey
Culdaff Moneydarragh Gleneely Inishowen
Allsaints Moneygreggan Newtowncunningham
Raymoghy Moneyhaughly Manorcunningham
Drumhome Moneymore Ballintra Ballyshannon
Raymoghy Moneymore Newtowncunningham
Allsaints Monfad Newtowncunningham
Taughboyne Mongavlin St Johnstown
Allsaints Monglass Castleforward
Raphoe Mongorry Kincraigy
Fahan Upper Monreagh Fahan
Taughboyne Monreagh Killea
Convoy Montgomery's Fort or Calhame Convoy
Inishkeel Montymeane Graffy
Kilteevoge Mooneennahasragh Cloghan
Inch Moress Inch
Clondavaddog Moross Rossnakill
Gartan Mossfield Churchill
Moville Lower Mossy Glen Greencastle
Donaghmore Mountainpark Gleneely Stranorlar
Raphoe Mountainpark Figart
Inver Mountcharles Tanatallon
Donaghmore Mounthall Gleneely Stranorlar
Gartan Mountpleasure Churchill
Moville Lower Moville Town Moville
Killybegs Lower Moy Mulmosog
Tullyfern Moyagh Ballyarr
Allsaints Moyle Newtowncunningham
Tullyfern Moyle Ballyarr
Tullyfern Moylehill Ballyarr
Allsaints Moylemoss Newtowncunningham
Taughboyne Moymore St Johnstown
Drumhome Moyne Tullynaught
Raymunterdoney Moyra Glebe Crossroads
Donegal Muckros Donegal
Kilcar Muckros Largymore
Culdaff Muff Culdaff
Muff Muff Kilderry
Clondavaddog Muineagh Fanad West
Desertegny Muineagh Desertegney
Raphoe Mullafin Kincraigy
Stranorlar Mullaghagarry Stranorlar
Donaghmore Mullaghaneary Gleneely Stranorlar
Clonleigh Mullaghanny Clonleigh North
Templecrone Mullaghderg Annagry
Templecrone Mullaghderg Mountain Pasture Annagry
Templecrone Mullaghdoo Irish Annagry
Templecrone Mullaghdoo Scotch Annagry
Tullyfern Mullagheep Ballyarr
Convoy Mullaghfin Convoy
Inishkeel Mullanacarry Glengesh
Stranorlar Mullanachose Dooish
Killybegs Lower Mullanacloy Mulmosog
Drumhome Mullanacross Ballintra Ballyshannon
Donegal Mullanalamphry Clogher
Convoy Mullanard Convoy
Drumhome Mullanasole Laghy
Drumhome Mullanasole Barr Laghy
Donaghmore Mullanboy Cloghand
Urney Mullanboy Cloghand
Inver Mullanboys Tanatallon
Stranorlar Mullandrait Stranorlar
Gartan Mullangore Gartan
Inishkeel Mullanmore Glenties
Drumhome Mullans Tullynaught
Kilbarron Mullans Ballyshannon Rural
Killymard Mullans Donegal
Killybegs Lower Mullantiboyle Glenties
Burt Mulleny Burt
Donaghmore Mullingar Killygordon
Inishkeel Mully Graffy
Inishkeel Mullyvea Dawros
Inishkeel Mulmosog or Altnagapple Mulmosog
Templecarn Mulnagoad Templecarn
Clonleigh Mulnagung Clonleigh North
Inishkeel Mulnamin Beg Glenties
Inishkeel Mulnamin More Glenties
Clonleigh Mulnaveagh Clonleigh North
Killaghtee Multins Corkermore
Clondahorky Muntermellan Dunfanaghy
Inver Munterneese Tanatallon
Raphoe Muntertinny Figart
Allsaints Murlough Newtowncunningham
Clonleigh Murlough Clonleigh South
Clondavaddog Murren Fanad North
Clondahorky Murroe Dunfanaghy
Drumhome Murvagh Lower Ballintra Donegal
Drumhome Murvagh Upper Glebe Ballintra Donegal
Inishkeel Naran Dawros
Donaghmore Navenny Knock
Taughboyne Nethertown or Maymore Lower St Johnstown
Kilcar Newchurch Glebe Kilcar
Aughnish Newmill Ramelton
Clonleigh Newrow Clonleigh North
Raphoe Newrow Figart
Killygarvan Newtown Carradoan Rathmullan
Clondavaddog Newtown Springfield Greenfort
Inishkeel Newtownburke Glengesh
Allsaints Newtowncunningham Newtowncunningham
Killymard Newtowndrumgornan Donegal
Aughnish Newtownfore Castlewray
Kilmacrenan Newtowngrove or Grovehall Ballyarr
Killea Newtownhamilton Killea
Clonca Norrira Malin
Raphoe Oakfield Demesne Raphoe
Inishkeel O'Boyle Island Maas
Donegal O'Donnell's Island Clogher
Killymard Ogherbeg Haugh
Tullyfern Oghill Ballyarr
Kilcar Old Church Glebe Kilcar
Leck Oldtown Letterkenny Rural
Culdaff Oort Gleneely Inishowen
Inishkeel Orinish Island Maas
Templecarn Oughtcarn Templecarn
Killygarvan Oughterlin Killygarvan
Templecrone Oughtmeen Dungloe
Drumhome Oughtnadrin Laghy
Drumhome Oughtnadrin Barr Laghy
Fahan Lower Owenboy Illies
Killymard Owenboy Haugh
Fahan Lower Owenkillew & Barnahone Buncrana Rural
Donaghmore Owennagadragh Gleneely Stranorlar
Inishkeel Owenteskiny Inishkeel
Templecrone Owey Island Rutland
Kilbarron Parkhill Ballyshannon Rural
Clondahorky Parkmore Ards
Templecarn Pettigoe Pettigo
Allsaints Plaster Newtowncunningham
Raymoghy Plea Isle Manorcunningham
Leck Pluck Magheraboy
Templecrone Plughoge Aran
Templecrone Plughoge or Leabrannagh Mountain North Aran
Templecrone Plughoge or Leabrannagh Mountain North Aran
Inver Point Tanatallon
Killaghtee Point Dunkineely
Clondahorky Pollaguill Dunfanaghy
Gartan Pollandoo Churchill
Conwal Pollans Templedouglas
Clondavaddog Pollet Fanad North
Drumhome Pollnaranny Ballintra Donegal
Clondahorky Port Dunfanaghy
Glencolumbkille Port Kilgoly
Inver Port Inver
Templecarn Portcreevy Pettigo
Clonleigh Porthall Clonleigh North
Clonleigh Portinure Clonleigh South
Kilmacrenan Portleen Loughkeel
Allsaints Portlough Castleforward
Inishmacsaint Portnason Bundoran Urban
Aughnish Prablin Ramelton
Convoy Prieststown Convoy
Conwal Procklis Templedouglas
Kilmacrenan Procklis Kilmacrenan
Tullaghobegly Procklis Dunlewey
Conwal Race End Gortnavern
Drumhome Rafoarty Ballintra Donegal
Inver Rafoarty Inver
Donegal Raforker Donegal
Killaghtee Rahan Far Dunkineely
Killaghtee Rahan Near Dunkineely
Killaghtee Rahanlacky Corkermore
Kilbarron Raheen Carrickboy
Drumhome Raneany Barr Laghy
Drumhome Raneany East Laghy
Drumhome Raneany West Laghy
Inver Raneely Tanatallon
Leck Rann Corrawaddy
Templecrone Rannagh and Toories Aran
Lettermacaward Ranny Lettermacaward
Tullyfern Ranny Carrowkeel
Raphoe Raphoe Demesne Raphoe
Raphoe Raphoe Town Raphoe
Raphoe Raphoe Townparks Raphoe
Conwal Rareagh Corrovaddy
Donegal Rarooey Donegal
Conwal Rashedoge Killymasney
Clonmany Rashenny Ballyliffin
Drumhome Rath Ballintra Donegal
Drumhome Rath Mountain Ballintra Donegal
Kilmacrenan Rathdonnell Edenacarnan
Drumhome Rathfragan Ballintra Ballyshannon
Inishmacsaint Rathglass Bundoran Rural
Clondavaddog Rathgory Rossnakill
Glencolumbkille Rathlin O'Birne Island Malinbeg
Kilbarron Rathlin O'Birne Island ?
Aughnish Rathmelton Ramelton
Inishmacsaint Rathmore Bundoran Rural
Killygarvan Rathmullan Rathmullan
Drumhome Rathtinny Glebe Ballintra Donegal
Taughboyne Ratteen St Johnstown
Mevagh Rawros Cranford
Donaghmore Raws Lower Cloghand
Donaghmore Raws Upper Cloghand
Aughnish Ray Glenalla