1828 Tithe Applotment Book - Donagh Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Donagh, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.

Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords.

Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.

Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.

They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.

The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.



Surname, Given Name and Townland address


Acheson, Eliza Ann, Cashel Glentagher

Acheson, James, Cashel Glentagher

Alexander, Henry, Esq., Heirs of, Carrowmore

Baird, Widow, Carrickafoden

Bradly, Bryan, Gortnamarow

Bradly, Charles, Milltown & Lish

Bradly, Dennis, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug

Bradly, Harry, Milltown & Lish

Bradly, James, Carn

Bradly, John, Milltown & Lish, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug

Bradly, Michael, Carn

Bradly, Neal, Milltown & Lish

Bradly, Owen, Milltown & Lish

Bradly, Patrick, Ballyloskey, Carn

Bradly, Richard, Milltown & Lish

Bradly, William, Gortnamarow

Breeson, F., Ballyloskey

Breeson, M., Ballyloskey

Breslin, Daniel, Carrowblaugh

Breslin, John, Carrowmore

Breslin, William, Carrowblaugh

Bryson, Shan, Carrowreagh

Butler, Stephen, Cashel Glentagher

Butler, Tristram, Carrowblaugh, Cashel Glentagher

Callaghan, Edward, Carrowreagh

Callaghan, Michael, Carrowreagh

Callion, Edward, Carrowreagh

Campbell ...(?), Altashane

Campbell, James, Glentaugher

Campbell, John, Cashel Glentagher

Campbell, Robert, Carndoagh, Cashel Glentagher

Campbell, Tristram, Cashel Glentagher

Campbell, William, Carndoagh, Glassalt

Canny, Daniel, Tulnaree

Canny, Darby, Ballyloskey, Maghredrummin

Canny, Dennis, Carn

Canny, Hugh, Ennishnaneal, Cashel Glentagher

Canny, Margaret, Maghrymore

Canny, Michael, Gortagaren (Part of Tulnaree), Carrickafoden

Canny, Neal, Ennishnaneal

Canny, Owen, Maghredrummin, Ennishnaneal

Canny, Patrick, Carn

Canny, Phillip, Carn, Ennishnaneal, Cashel Glentagher

Canny, Shan, Ennishaneal

Canny, Widow, Tulnaree

Canny, William, Maghredrummin, Tulnaree, Maghrymore

Carlin, Daniel, Maghredrummin

Carlin, John, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug

Carr, Phillip, Maghredrummin

Cary, Francis, Carrowblaugh, Cashel Glentagher

Cary, George, Craignahorn

Cary, Henry, Cashel Glentagher

Cary, Sergeant Tristram, Carn

Catherwood, John, Ballyloskey

Catherwood, Robert, Cashel Glentagher

Cavanagh, Charles, Maghredrummin

Clinging, Janes, Carndoagh

Collins, H., Ballyloskey

Corrigan, Daniel, Maghrymore

Cunningham, William, Cashel Glentagher

Curry, Robert, Esq., Maghrymore, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Darcus, Robert, Carn

Deehan, John, Carrowmore

Deeny, Patrick, Carrowblaugh

Devlin, Anthony, Ballyloskey

Devlin, Charles, Ballyloskey

Devlin, Denis, Carrowblaugh

Devlin, Michael, Carrowblaugh

Devlin, William, Carrowblaugh

Diver, Charles, Carrowblaugh

Diver, James, Carrowblaugh

Diver, John, Carn

Diver, Michael, Carrowblaugh

Diver, Neal, Carrowblaugh

Diver, Shan, Carrowblaugh

Diver, William, Ballyloskey

Doherty, Anthony, Carn, Carrowreagh, Carrickafoden, Churchtown & Carrick

Doherty, Bernard, Maghredrummin

Doherty, Charles, Ballyloskey, Carn, Clonmakee

Doherty, Cornelius, Ballyloskey, Carn, Clonmakee, Corvish

Doherty, Daniel, Ballyloskey, Carn, Carrowreagh, Tulnaree

Doherty, Dennis, Carn

Doherty, Dennis (carpenter), Carn

Doherty, Donald, Carn

Doherty, Dr. John, Carn

Doherty, Edward, Ballyloskey, Carn, Churchtown & Carrick, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug, Maghrymore

Doherty, Ferdinand, Carrowreagh

Doherty, George, Churchtown & Carrick, Corvish, Carrowmore

Doherty, Henry, Clonmakee

Doherty, Hugh, Carrowreagh, Priesttown & Ternaleage, Carrowmore

Doherty, James, Ballyloskey, Maghredrummin, Carn, Churchtown & Carrick, Glasagh, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Doherty, James, Jun., Maghredrummin, Corvish

Doherty, John, Tulnaree, Carrowblaugh, Clonmakee, Priesttown & Ternaleage, Carrowmore

Doherty, Mary, Churchtown & Carrick

Doherty, Michael, Ballyloskey, Carn, Carrowreagh, Craignahorn, Clonmakee, Churchtown & Carrick, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug

Doherty, Micky, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug

Doherty, Neal, Ballyloskey, Craignahorn, Clonmakee

Doherty, Owen, Ballyloskey, Clonmakee, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Doherty, P., (shopman), Carn

Doherty, P., Carn

Doherty, P., (publican), Carn

Doherty, Patrick, Maghredrummin, Carn, Carrowreagh, Craignahorn, Clonmakee, Churchtown & Carrick, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug, Priesttown & Ternaleage, Maghrearnett

Doherty, Peter, Clonmakee

Doherty, Phillip, Ballyloskey, Corvish, Carrowmore

Doherty, Robert, Maghrearnett

Doherty, Roger, Carn

Doherty, Shan, Maghredrummin

Doherty, Thomas, Carn, Carrowblaugh

Doherty, Widow, Ballyloskey, Maghredrummin, Carrowreagh, Craignahorn, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Doherty, William, Ballyloskey, Maghredrummin, Carn, Clonmakee, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug, Carrowmore

Donnell, Hugh, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Donnell, James, Clonmakee

Donnell, John, Clonmakee

Donnell, Michael, Clonmakee

Douglas, James, Tulnaree

Douglas, Samuel, Tulnaree

Duffy, Michael, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug

Duffy, Owen, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Duncan, Andrew, Maghredrummin

Duncan, David, Tulnaree, Carrickafoden

Duncan, Henry, Cashel Glentagher

Duncan, Thomas, Maghredrummin

Duncan, Henry, Cashel Glentagher

Elder, Andrew, Carn

Elder, Miss, Carn

Ewing, John, Carrowblaugh

Ewing, William, Carrowmore

Farron, Charles, Maghredrummin, Carrowreagh, Glassalt

Farron, John, Glassalt

Feeny, James, Tulnaree

Ferguy, James, Carrickafoden, Carrowmore

Foy, John, Carrowmore

Gallagher, Charles, Carrowreagh

Gallagher, Daniel, Carrowreagh

Gallagher, Hugh, Ballyloskey

Gallagher, Michael, Carrowreagh

Gallagher Patrick, Carrowreagh

Gallagher, Widow, Maghredrummin

Gamble, James, Tulnaree

Gibson, Bryan, Altashane

Gibson, John, Carrowreagh, Altashane

Gibson, Michael, Altashane

Gill, Hugh, Ballyloskey

Gillan, Cormick, Carrowblaugh

Gorman, Rose, Carn

Grany, Bryan, Ballyloskey

Granny, John, Carrowmore

Gribbins, Andrew, Carrickafoden

Gribbons, Mssrs., Carn

Guthrie, James, Milltown of Tulnaree

Guthrie, Robert, Milltown of Tulnaree

Hamilton, John, Carrowmore

Harkin, Daniel, Carrowmore

Harkin, James, Cashel Glentagher

Harkin, John, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Harkin, Michael, Carn, Cashel Glentagher

Harkin, Patrick, Carn, Maghrymore, Carrowmore

Harkin, Shan, Maghrymore, Cashel Glentagher

Harkin, Widow, Ballyloskey

Harkin, William, Maghrymore

Harlin, Shan, Clonmakee

Harlin, Patrick, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Harlin, Widow, Clonmakee

Harrity, John, Carn

Herald, Neal, Carrowmore

Herald, Patrick, Carrowblaugh

Heril, John, Cashel Glentagher

Hirrel, Edward, Carn

Houston, Patrick, Carn

Houton, Richard, Carndoagh

Jamison, James, Glassalt

Johnston, Thomas, Carrowmore

Kearney, Bernard, Churchtown & Carrick

Kearney, Bryan, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Kearney, Charles, Ballyloskey, Maghrymore

Kearney, Dennis, Milltown & Lish

Kearney, Edward, Carn, Churchtown & Carrick

Kearney, John, Carn, Churchtown & Carrick

Kearney, Michael, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Kearney, Owen, Maghrymore

Kearney, Patrick, Ballyloskey, Maghredrummin, Carn, Maghrymore, Priesttown & Ternaleage

Kearney, Phillip, Ballyloskey

Kearney, Rose, Carn

Kearney, William, Carn

Kellaghin, Darby, Maghredrummin

Kellaghin, Dennis, Maghredrummin

Kellaghin, John, Maghredrummin

Kellaghin, Michael, Maghredrummin

Kellaghin, Patrick, Maghredrummin

Kellaghin, Thomas, Maghredrummin

Kellaghin, Widow, Maghredrummin

Kelly, Bryan, Carndoagh

Kelly, Dennis, Altashane

Kelly, Michael, Altashane

Kelly, Owen, Carn

Kelly, Widow, Carrowblaugh

Kelly, William, Carrowblaugh

Kinley, John, Cashel Glentagher

Knox, Rev. William, Ballyloskey

Lafferty, Charles, Carrowblaugh

Lafferty, Patrick, Carrowmore

Laird, John, Carrowreagh

Lanagan, John, Maghrymore

Laughlin, Bryan, Ennishaneal

Lee, Sarah, Cashel Glentagher

Long, Tristram, Carn, Milltown Tulnaree

Long, William, Carn

Lynch, James, Carndoagh

Lynch, Neal, Milltown & Lish

Magill, James, Clonmakee

McAhone, Edward, Carrowblaugh

McAhone, George, Carrowblaugh

McAhone, Nogher, Carrowblaugh

McAhone, Patrick, Carrowblaugh

McAleny, Charles, Carrowreagh

McAleny, James, Cashel Glentagher

McAlany, Owen, Maghredrummin, Cashel Glentagher

McCallin, Hugh, Carrowreagh

McCallion, Dougal, Carrowblaugh

McCallion, Thomas, Altashane

McCann, Widow, Tulnaree

McCarron, Charles, Ballyloskey

McCarron, Dennis, Carn

McColgan, Charles, Tulnaree, Carrickafoden

McColgan, Daniel, Corvish

McColgan, Dennis, Carrowmore

McColgan, Dominick, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug

McColgan, Donaghy, Maghrymore

McColgan, Hugh, Carrowblaugh

McColgan, Michael, Priesttown & Ternaleage

McColgan, Owen, Corvish, Maghrymore

McColgan, Patrick, Churchtown & Carrick, Priesttown & Ternaleage

McColgan, Peter, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug

McColgan, Phillip, Priesttown & Ternaleage

McColgan, Widow, Clonmakee

McColgan, William, Ballyloskey

McConnell, Hugh, Carrowmore

McConnelogue, Bryan, Carrowreagh, Carndoagh

McConnelogue, Daniel, Carrowreagh

McConnelogue, Edward, Carndoagh

McConnelogue, Francis, Carrowreagh

McConnelogue, John, Carrowreagh, Carndoagh

McConnelogue, Michael, Carrowreagh

McConnelogue, Phillip, Carn, Carrowreagh, Tulnaree

McConnelogue, William, Carn, Carrowreagh

McCool, Cornelius, Maghrymore

McCool, Hugh, Maghrymore

McCool, John, Maghrymore

McCool, Owen, Corvish

McCool, Paddy, Maghrymore

McCool, Patrick, Maghrymore

McCool, Shan, Maghrymore

McCorriston, H., Carn

McCrain, Daniel, Clonmakee

McDaid, David, Altashane

McDaid, Francis, Gortnamarow

McDaid, Henry, Carndoagh

McDaid, Hugh, Altashane

McDaid, James, Carndoagh, Altashane

McDaid, Mary, Sen., Carndoagh

McDaid, P., Carndoagh

McDaid, Thomas, Altashane

McDermott, Bryan, Churchtown & Carrick

McDermott, Charles, Glasagh

McDermott, Shan, Glasagh

McDermott, Dr., Carn

McFeely, Hugh, Carn

McGaghegan, Thomas, Milltown & Lish

McGaghegan, Shan, Benduff, Gortlary &Kinnaglug

McGaghegan, Widow, Benduff, Gortlary & Kinnaglug

McGaughegan, Daniel, Carrowmore

McGaughan, Bryan, Carn

McGonigle, William, Maghrymore

McGuinness, Paddy, Maghredrummin

McIlhinney, Bryan, Maghredrummin

McIlhinney, Daniel, Maghredrummin

McIlhinney, Hugh, Maghredrummin

McIlhinney, James, Cashel Glentaugher

McIlhinney, Michael, Tulnaree

McIlhinney, Owen, Maghredrummin

McIlhinney, Widow, Maghredrummin

McIlhinney, William, Maghredrummin, Carrowblaugh

McKeag, Hanna, Maghredrummin

McKeag, John, Altashane, Glassalt

McKeag, Paddy, Glassalt

McKeag, Thomas, Glassalt

McKeag, William, Carn

McKinney, J., Maghredrummin

McLaughlin, Bryan, Carrowblaugh, Clonmakee, Carrowmore

McLaughlin, Charles, Carrickafoden, Carndoagh

McLaughlin, Cornelius, Ballyloskey

McLaughlin, Daniel, Ballyloskey, Carn, Carrowblaugh

McLaughlin, Dennis, Carn, Cashel Glentagher

McLaughlin, Edward, Ballyloskey, Carrowblaugh, Clonmakee, Carrowmore

McLaughlin, George, Gortnamarow

McLaughlin, James, Ballyloskey, Carrowreagh

McLaughlin, John, Carrickafoden, Maghrearnett, Cashel Glentagher, Carrowmore

McLaughlin, Mary, Cashel Glentaugher

McLaughlin, Michael, Gortnamarow, Glasagh, Priesttown & Ternaleage, Cashel Glentagher

McLaughlin, Owen, Corvish, Cashel Glentagher

McLaughlin, Patrick, Carrowblaugh, Cashel Glentagher

McLaughlin, Phillip, Carn, Priesttown & Ternaleage, Carrowmore

McLaughlin, Robert, Maghredrummin

McLaughlin, Shan, Carrickafoden

McLaughlin, Thomas, Carrowmore

McLaughlin, Widow, Ballyloskey, Corvish

McLaughlin, William, Ballyloskey, Gortnamarow

McLucas, Daniel, Craignahorn

McLucas, James, Maghrearnett

McLucas, John Carndoagh

McLucas, Patrick, Carndoagh

McLucas, William, Carndoagh

McMenemy, Michael, Churchtown & Carrick

McMenamy, Micky, Tulnaree

McMonagle, John, Maghredrummin

McMonagle, Mitchel, Carrickafoden

McMonagle, Robert, Carrowblaugh

McMurray, Daniel, Altashane

McMurray, James, Carndoagh, Altashane, Ballybeg

McNogher, Patrick, Carrowblaugh

McNeill, Hector, Ballyloskey

McNeill, James, Ballyloskey

McSheffrey, Brian, Carrowreagh

McSheffrey, Charles, Carrowreagh

McSheffrey, Edward, Carrowreagh

McSheffrey, John, Carrowreagh

McSheffrey, Ned, Carrowreagh

McSheffrey, William, Maghredrummin

Moore, James, Altashane

Moore, Widow, Churchtown & Carrick

Moore, John, Carn, Churchtown & Carrick

Moore, Robert, Churchtown & Carrick

Moore, Widow, Churchtown & Carrick

Morrison, Andrew, Tulnaree

Nelson, Alexander, Cashel Glentagher

Nelson, George, Sen., Altashane

Nelson, George, Jun., Altashane

Nelson, James, Cashel Glentagher

Nelson, Mary, Altashane

Nelson, Neal, Carn

O’Doherty, Owen, Craignahorn

O’Donnell, Bryan, Glassalt

O’Donnell, Dennis, Carn

O’Donnell, Hugh, Craignahorn, Priesttown & Ternaleage

O’Donnell, James, Carndoagh

O’Donnell, John, Glassalt

O’Donnell, Manus, Craignahorn

O’Donnell, Michael, Craignahorn

O’Donnell, Natt, Milltown of Tulnaree, Carrickafoden

O’Donnell, Neal, Craignahorn

O’Donnell, Owen, Carrowblaugh

O’Donnell, Patrick, Craignahorn

O’Donnell, Phillip, Craignahorn

Porter, Andrew, Carn

Porter, Phillip, Glasagh

Quigley, James, Carn

Quigley, Patrick, Carn

Quigley, Widow, Carrowmore

Rankin, Widow, Churchtown & Carrick

Rodden, John, Maghrymore

Rodden, Hugh, Maghrymore

Rogers, Rev R., Carrickafoden

Ruddy, William, Carrowmore

Scott, A., Altashane

Scott, John, Tulnaree, Altashane

Sheil, Dennis, Gortnamarow

Sheil, James, Glasagh

Sheridan, Owen, Carn

Shiry, Daniel, Carn

Simpson, William, Carn

Sinclair...(?) Altashane

Smyth, Alexander, Cashel Glentagher

Smyth, George, Ballyloskey

Smyth, James, Cashel Glentagher

Smyth, John, Cashel Glentagher

Smyth, William, Ballyloskey

Toland, Dennis, Carn

Toland, George, Carrowblaugh

Toland, James, Altashane

Toland, John, Carrowblaugh

Toland, Neal, Altashane

Toy, John, Meenahoner/ Carrowreagh

Wallace, James, Carn

White, Andrew, Ballyloskey

White, John, Ballyloskey, Cashel Glentagher

Young, John, Carn

Young, William, Glassalt

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