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Early Census Data

1841 - 47 persons and 11 houses

1851 - 34 persons and 5 houses

1861 - 30 Persons (14 males & 16 females) and 5 houses in Townland



No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Language  
  James Stafford and Mary Long Household?            
1 Stafford James Head CI RW 50 Carpenter Married Donegal    
  Stafford Mary Wife CI RW     Married Donegal    
  Stafford Andrew Son CI RW 23 Carpenter's son Single Donegal    
  Stafford George Son CI RW 20 Carpenter's son Single Donegal    
2 Stafford James Head CI RW 68 Carpenter Married     Donegal
  Stafford Mary Wife CI RW 69   Married Married 37 yrs 4 ch born/living Donegal
  Stafford Samuel Son CI RW 28 Farmer's son Single     Donegal
  Gallagher Bridget Boarder RC Can't read 87   Widow     Donegal


Andrew married Margaret Moore of Glenbeagh abt 1910, widow? of Charles Moore - see 1911 Lacknacoo census

Researcher: Narelle - Email

  Patrick Gillen and Catherine Doherty Household?            
3 Gillen Catherine Head RC Can't read 80   Widow Donegal    
  Gillen Mary Dau RC Can't read 40 General Dom Svt Single Donegal    
4 Gillen Mary Head RC Can't read 40? Cottier Single Donegal    
  John Doherty and ? Household            
5 Doherty John Head RC Can't read 75 Farmer Widower Donegal    
  Doherty Margaret Sister-in-law RC RW 53   Widow Donegal    
  Doherty William Nephew RC RW 20 Farmer's nephew Single Donegal    
  Doherty Catherine Niece RC RW 16 Scholar Single Donegal    
  Doherty Charles Nephew RC RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal    
  Doherty Joseph Nephew RC RW 8 Scholar Single Donegal    



John son of William Doherty and Mary? McGinley, Carrickatimpan

John Doherty d 21 Jan 1909, informant John Connaghan

- John Connaghan, brother in law, married to his sister Grace Doherty - see 1901 census Carrowtrasna

Sister in law Margaret is Margaret Connaghan, wife of James Doherty (died 28 Apr 1896 aged 54 years)

- Margaret d Churchtown 24 Jan 1934 of senile decay, aged 88 years - informant, son, John Doherty

Children of William and Mary? : John, James, Grace

Children of James and Margaret :

Anne b Gartan, 18 Dec 1867 d of consumption aged 24 years, on 23 Jun 1892

Mary b Gartan, 18 Apr 1870

Catherine b Churchtown, 21 Jul 1872 d bef 1883

Patrick b Churchtown 4 Nov 1874

William b abt 1876?

James b abt 1878? m Mary Duffy 29 Dec 1905, Clydebank

- Mary Duffy was born in Clydebank 4 Nov 1887, a daughter of Patrick Duffy and Sarah Meechan

- Patrick Duffy, son of William Duffy, Shoemaker and Mary Boyle, married Annie Mechan (or Meehan), dau of James Mechan and Annie Kennedy, 14 Jan 1887 in Renfrew

John b Lacknacoo, Gartan, 28 Feb 1879 (father's 'dwelling place' Kilmun, Scotland) - informant for birth is mother, Margaret

Catherine b Lacknacoo, Gartan, 6 Jan 1883, bapt Termon 13 Jan, Godparents John and Grace Connaghan - no civil birth registration

Francis b Churchtown, 3 Apr 1885, bapt Gartan 4 Apr, Godparents John Conaghan and Grace Doherty

- d 8 Apr 1885 aged 5 days, informant grandmother, Catherine Conaghan, Carrowtrasna

Philip & Charles b Churchtown, 27 May 1886, Church register b 25 May, bapt Gartan 27 May, Godparents Charles - John & Isabella Kelly, Philip - Ferrigal & Margaret Bradley

- Charles d 5 Jun 1886 & Philip d 7 Jun, aged 9 & 10 days, informant, grandmother, Catherine Conaghan, Carrowtrasna

Margaret b Churchtown, 1 Jul 1887 d of hooping cough aged 2 years, on 6 Apr 1890

- Church register b 12 Jun 1887, bapt Termon 16 Jun 1887, Godparents John and Catherine Conaghan

Charles b Churchtown, 12 Jul 1889, bapt Gartan 14 Jul, Godparents Charles Doohin and Annie Connaghan

Joseph b Churchtown, 21 Dec 1892 m Bridget O'Neill

Possible relation : Mary Doherty, 70, married, farmer's wife, d Churchtown 17 Oct 1873, informant George Conaghan, Churchtown

  John Moore and Isabella Elliott Household ?            
6 Moore John Head CI Can't read 60 Labourer Widower Donegal    
  Moore Mary Dau CI RW 24 Domestic Svt Single Donegal    


John Moore, Carrowtrasna, son of James, married Isabella Elliott, Glebe, dau of Stephen, 6 Jan 1863 in Gartan. Witnesses Joseph Finlay and George Russell

Isabella's brother David married Jane Mowbray - see 1901 census Ballyboe Glencar

Son Charles married Margaret Robinson - see 1901 census Glenbeagh

Researcher: Narelle - Email

7 Russell George Head   RW 48 Farmer Married Donegal    
  Russell Ellen Wife   RW 46   Married Donegal    
  Graham Sarah Servant   RW 13 General Dom Svt Single Donegal    
8 Russell George Head CI RW 61 Farmer Widower Donegal    
  McFadden Charles Servant RC Only reads 14 General labourer Single Donegal    

Moses Tease and Matilda Peoples Household

9 Tease Moses Head CI Can't read 50 Farmer Widower Donegal    
  Tease Mary Dau CI RW 28 Farmer's dau Single Donegal    
  Tease John Son CI RW 25 Farmer's son Single Donegal    
  Tease Sarah Dau CI RW 19 Farmer's dau Single Donegal    
  Tease Samson Son CI RW 16 Farmer's son Single Donegal    
10 Tease Moses Head CI Can't read 71 Farmer Widower Donegal    
  Tease Mary Dau CI RW 39   Single Donegal    
  Tease John Son CI RW 32 Farmer's son Single Donegal    
  Tease Samson Son CI RW 27 Farmer's son Single Donegal    


May? 1868, Moses Tease, Treantagh, Conwal, son of Moses Tease, married Matilda Peoples, Churchtown, dau of James Peoples, at Gartan

Children of Moses and Matilda -

- Moses b 1 Jul 1873

- James b 10 Feb 1872



Townland Notes:


Births -

1. Ethel Moore b 26 Oct 1879  Churchtown, dau of Robert Moore and Jemima Haslett Fleming

2. Bridget O'Donnell, dau of Manus O'Donnell and Anne O'Donnell, b 22 Aug 1887 in Churchtown. Bap 25 Aug, sponsors James and Mary O'Donnell

3. Mary Ann O'Donnell, dau Manus and Anne, b 24 Jun 1885 (townland unreadable). Bap 25 Jun, sponsors Patrick O'Donnell and Ann McCafferty



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