1857 Griffith's Valuation - Glencolumbkille Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the valuation for Glencolumbklle, transcribed by Judy Philip, which forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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Note: Where a name appears twice or more, it does not necessarily mean that there are separate people carrying that name - it may indicate the same person with his name recorded against land and a house/outbuildings in different areas of the townlands.

Surname, First, Townland

Askill, John, Malinbeg

Backin, George, Gannew and Curreen

Baison, Catherine, Drumroe

Barrett, Peter, Kinnakillew

Barron, Anne, Shanbally

Barron, Charles, Shanbally

Barron, Edward, Cashel

Barron, John, Cappagh

Barron, John, Croaghlin

Barron, Patrick, Dooey

Barron, Patrick, Malinbeg

Barron, Patrick, Malinmore

Baskin, George, Cashel

Baskin, George, Gannew and Curreen

Blaine, Alexander, Malinmore

Blaine, Joseph, Malinmore

Blaine, Robert, Malinmore

Blaire, William, Aghragh

Bourke, Margaret, Straboy

Bourke, Patrick, Straboy

Boyle, Catherine, Malinmore

Boyle, Charles, Bangort

Boyle, Condy, Creenveen

Boyle, Condy, Kiltyfaned

Boyle, Condy, Malinmore

Boyle, Daniel, Cloghan

Boyle, Daniel, Dooey

Boyle, Donald, Ballard

Boyle, Donald, Meenasillagh

Boyle, Edward, Ballard

Boyle, Edward, Malinmore

Boyle, Honoria, Straid or Glebe

Boyle, Hugh, Ballard

Boyle, Hugh, Meenacharvy

Boyle, Hugh, Stranagartan

Boyle, James, Lougheraherk

Boyle, James, Straid or Glebe

Boyle, John, Ballard

Boyle, John, Bangort

Boyle, John, Cloghan

Boyle, John, Meenasillagh

Boyle, Mary, Meenacharvy

Boyle, Owen, Cashel

Boyle, Patrick, Meenacharvy

Boyle, William, Bangort

Boyle, William, Creenveen

Bradden, Catherine, Meenadreen

Bradden, Edmond, Meenacharvy

Breslan, Cornelius, Meenacharvy

Breslin, Margaret, Kinnakillew

Brierty, James, Cappagh

Brislan, Denis, Straboy

Brislin, Bryan, Kinnakillew

Brislin, Margaret, Kinnakillew

Brown, James, Carrick Upper

Buchannan, William, Straid or Glebe

Buchannon, William, Gannew and Curreen

Byrne, Anne, Malinmore

Byrne, Bridget, Altclogh

Byrne, Bridget, Braade Lower

Byrne, Bridget, Malinbeg

Byrne, Bridget, Meenadreen

Byrne, Bridget, Shanbally

Byrne, Bryan, Malinbeg

Byrne, Catherine, Carrick Upper

Byrne, Catherine, Malinmore

Byrne, Condy, Aghragh

Byrne, Condy, Cappagh

Byrne, Condy, Creenveen

Byrne, Daniel, Altclogh

Byrne, Darby, Cappagh

Byrne, Denis, Creenveen

Byrne, Denis, Straleel North

Byrne, Ellen, Lergadaghtan

Byrne, Ellen, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

Byrne, Francis, Braade Lower

Byrne, Francis, Malinbeg

Byrne, Grace, Malinmore

Byrne, Henry, Gannew and Curreen

Byrne, Hugh, Malinbeg

Byrne, James, Braade Upper

Byrne, James, Cappagh

Byrne, James, Drum

Byrne, James, Lergadaghtan

Byrne, James, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

Byrne, James jnr, Cappagh

Byrne, John, Cappagh

Byrne, John, Carrick Upper

Byrne, John, Kinnakillew

Byrne, John, Malinbeg

Byrne, Lanty, Cloghan

Byrne, Lanty, Meenasillagh

Byrne, Mary, Meenadreen

Byrne, Mary, Shanbally

Byrne, Michael, Gannew and Curreen

Byrne, Michael, Malinbeg

Byrne, Michael, Meenadreen

Byrne, Michael, Meenavean

Byrne, Neal, Braade Lower

Byrne, Neal, Braade Upper

Byrne, Owen, Cappagh

Byrne, Owen, Carrick Upper

Byrne, Owen, Croaghlin

Byrne, Patrick, Aghragh

Byrne, Patrick, Altclogh

Byrne, Patrick, Cappagh

Byrne, Patrick, Carrick Lower

Byrne, Patrick, Carrick Upper

Byrne, Patrick, Creenveen

Byrne, Patrick, Croaghlin

Byrne, Patrick, Kiltyfaned

Byrne, Patrick, Malinbeg

Byrne, Patrick, Malinmore

Byrne, Patrick, Meenacross

Byrne, Patrick, Meenadiff

Byrne, Patrick (More), Malinbeg

Byrne, Patrick Jr., Malinbeg

Byrne, Susan, Aghragh

Byrne , Owen, Malinbeg

Campbell, Mary, Meenadreen

Campwell, Maurice, Kinnakillew

Campwell, Patrick, Malinmore

Campwell, Sarah, Kinnakillew

Cannon, Charles, Cashel

Cannon, Charles, Malinmore

Cannon, Condy, Bangort

Cannon, Condy, Cloghan

Cannon, Condy, Meenasillagh

Cannon, Daniel, Malinmore

Cannon, Donald, Malinmore

Cannon, Edward, Meenavean

Cannon, Edward, Straleel South

Cannon, Henry, Malinmore

Cannon, Honoria, Bangort

Cannon, James, Meenadiff

Cannon, John, Carrick Upper

Cannon, Margaret, Straleel South

Cannon, Owen, Meenaneary

Cannon, Patrick, Aghragh

Cannon, Patrick, Cloghan

Cannon, Patrick, Dooey

Cannon, Patrick, Laghill

Cannon, Patrick, Meenasillagh

Cannon, Patrick, Straboy

Cannon, Winefred, Killaned

Carney, Patrick, Cashel

Carney, Patrick, Killaned

Carr, Bridget, Braade Upper

Carr, Bridget, Cashel

Carr, Charles, Aghragh

Carr, Charles, Straleel North

Carr, Condy, Lergadaghtan

Carr, Condy, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

Carr, Daniel, Ballymore

Carr, Daniel, Shanbally

Carr, Francis, Braade Upper

Carr, James, Aghragh

Carr, James, Kilgoly

Carr, James, Laghill

Carr, John, Meenacharvy

Carr, John, Meenadreen

Carr, John, Meenaneary

Carr, John, Straboy

Carr, John, Stranagartan

Carr, John Jr., Straboy

Carr, Mary, Braade Upper

Carr, Mary, Cappagh

Carr, Michael, Lergadaghtan

Carr, Michael, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

Carr, Morgan, Meenaneary

Carr, Neal, Cashel

Carr, Neal, Kilgoly

Carr, Neal, Laghill

Carr, Neal, Meenadreen

Carr, Owen, Cashel

Cassidy, Francis, Cappagh

Cassidy, Francis, Croaghlin

Cassidy, John, Braade Upper

Cassidy, John, Cappagh

Cassidy, John, Croaghlin

Cassidy, Patrick, Cappagh

Cassidy, Patrick, Shanbally

Conagan, Denis, Malinbeg

Connor, Donald, Malinmore

Connor, John, Meenadreen

Conolly, Thomas , Carrick Upper

Conwell, Patrick, Carrick Upper

Craig, Ignatius, Malinbeg

Crawford, Andrew, Malinmore

Cunnane, Edward, Doonalt

Cunnea, Edward, Meenacharvy

Cunnea, Edward, Rinnakill

Cunnea, Peter, Meenacharvy

Cunney, Edward, Cloghan

Cunney, Edward, Meenasillagh

Cunney, Rose, Cloghan

Cunney, Rose, Meenasillagh

Cunnigan, Francis, Cappagh

Cunningham, Alice, Meenaneary

Cunningham, Francis, Meenaneary

Cunningham, James, Meenaneary

Cunny, Susan, Cloghan

Curran, Bridget, Shanbally

Curran, Denis, Malinmore

Curran, James, Kinnakillew

Curran, James, Malinmore

Curran, Margaret, Cashel

Curran, Owen, Aghragh

Curran, Patrick, Malinmore

Curran, Patrick, Shanbally

Curran, Patrick Sr., Malinmore

Curren, Bridget, Malinbeg

Curren, James, Kinnakillew

Curren, John, Malinbeg

Curren, John, Ummerawirrinan

Curry, Bryan, Shanbally

Curry, Catherine, Malinmore

Curry, Daniel, Braade Upper

Curry, Mary, Braade Upper

Diver, Bryan, Rinnakill

Dogherty, John, Shanbally

Dogherty, Thomas, Kinnakillew

Doherty, Bridget, Carrick Lower

Doherty, Daniel, Carrick Lower

Doherty, Daniel, Meenaneary

Doherty, Dominick, Straleel North

Doherty, George, Aghragh

Doherty, George, Carrick Lower

Doherty, James, Altclogh

Doherty, James, Carrick Lower

Doherty, James, Dooey

Doherty, James, Straleel North

Doherty, Jane, Straleel North

Doherty, John, Braade Lower

Doherty, John, Braade Upper

Doherty, John, Killaned

Doherty, John, Shanbally

Doherty, Margaret, Straleel North

Doherty, Mary, Carrick Lower

Doherty, Michael, Carrick Lower

Doherty, Patrick, Straleel North

Doherty, Philip, Carrick Upper

Doherty, Thomas, Kinnakillew

Doherty, Thomas, Straleel North

Donigan, Condy, Shanbally

Donigan, Francis, Cappagh

Donigan, Manus, Cappagh

Donigan, Michael, Cappagh

Donigan, Michael, Shanbally

Donnell, Dudley, Straleel North

Donnell, Ellen, Meenavaghran

Donnell, James, Killaned

Donnell, Patrick, Meenaneary

Doogan, Bridget, Carrick Upper

Doogan, Michael, Dooey

Duggan, Bridget, Ummerawirrinan

Duggan, Murtagh, Ummerawirrinan

Dunleavy, James, Kilgoly

Dunleavy, James, Meenasillagh

Ellis, Mary Ann, Straid or Glebe

Ellis, William, Ballard

Frill, Anne, Bangort

Gallagher, Condy, Meenacharvy

Gallagher, Denis, Contycrow

Gallagher, Francis, Gannew and Curreen

Gallagher, Francis, Meenadreen

Gallagher, Francis, Meenavean

Gallagher, John, Croaghacullion

Gallagher, John, Straboy

Gallagher, Mary, Meenaneary

Gallagher, Michael, Meenaneary

Gallagher, Owen, Meenavean

Gallagher, Patrick, Carrick Upper

Gallagher, Patrick, Rinnakill

Gallagher, Philip, Rinnakill

Gara, Anne, Meenadiff

Gara, Bridget, Meenavean

Gara, Bryan, Kinnakillew

Gara, Catherine, Kinnakillew

Gara, Catherine, Meenadiff

Gara, Catherine, Meenadreen

Gara, Charles, Carrick Upper

Gara, Charles, Cashel

Gara, Connell, Kinnakillew

Gara, Daniel, Aghragh

Gara, Donald, Meenavaghran

Gara, Donald, Meenavean

Gara, Edward, Braade Upper

Gara, Edward, Meenadiff

Gara, Henry, Bangort

Gara, Hugh, Braade Lower

Gara, Hugh, Kinnakillew

Gara, James, Cloghan

Gara, James, Kinnakillew

Gara, James, Meenasillagh

Gara, John, Aghragh

Gara, John, Cashel

Gara, John, Meenadiff

Gara, Mary, Bangort

Gara, Mary, Braade Upper

Gara, Mary, Cloghan

Gara, Mary, Drum

Gara, Mary, Meenasillagh

Gara, Michael, Kinnakillew

Gara, Nabla, Kiltyfaned

Gara, Neal, Braade Lower

Gara, Neal, Braade Upper

Gara, Patrick, Ballard

Gara, Patrick, Kinnakillew

Gara, Patrick, Meenadiff

Gara, Patrick, Meenavaghran

Gary, Michael, Ballard

Gillespie, Andrew, Kiltyfaned

Gillespie, Anne, Creenveen

Gillespie, Bridget, Cashel

Gillespie, Bridget, Dooey

Gillespie, Bridget, Killaned

Gillespie, Bridget, Meenacharvy

Gillespie, Bridget (Cannon), Meenacross

Gillespie, Bridget (Cannon), Meenadiff

Gillespie, Bridget (Cunny), Meenacross

Gillespie, Bridget (Curry), Meenadiff

Gillespie, Bryan, Doonalt

Gillespie, Bryan, Kiltyfaned

Gillespie, Charles, Doonalt

Gillespie, Charles, Meenavaghran

Gillespie, Charles Jr., Meenavaghran

Gillespie, Condy, Cashel

Gillespie, Condy, Dooey

Gillespie, Condy, Kiltyfaned

Gillespie, Condy, Meenavaghran

Gillespie, Condy, Straid or Glebe

Gillespie, Condy (Crawford), Cashel

Gillespie, Daniel, Kiltyfaned

Gillespie, Daniel, Malinmore

Gillespie, Daniel, Meenacross

Gillespie, Darby, Cashel

Gillespie, Denis, Kinnakillew

Gillespie, Denis, Meenadreen

Gillespie, Edward, Ballard

Gillespie, Edward, Bangort

Gillespie, Edward, Beefan

Gillespie, Edward, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Gillespie, Edward, Dooey

Gillespie, Edward, Doonalt

Gillespie, Edward, Malinmore

Gillespie, Francis, Kinnakillew

Gillespie, Hannah, Cashel

Gillespie, Henry, Cashel

Gillespie, James, Beefan

Gillespie, James, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Gillespie, James, Carrick Lower

Gillespie, James, Cashel

Gillespie, James, Dooey

Gillespie, James, Lergadaghtan

Gillespie, James, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

Gillespie, James, Malinmore

Gillespie, John, Cashel

Gillespie, John, Gannew and Curreen

Gillespie, John, Killaned

Gillespie, John, Meenacross

Gillespie, John, Meenasillagh

Gillespie, John, Meenavean

Gillespie, John, Port

Gillespie, Mark, Killaned

Gillespie, Mary, Braade Lower

Gillespie, Mary, Cashel

Gillespie, Mary, Cloghan

Gillespie, Maurice, Kinnakillew

Gillespie, Maurice, Kinnakillew

Gillespie, Michael, Kinnakillew

Gillespie, Michael (More), Kinnakillew

Gillespie, Owen, Braade Upper

Gillespie, Owen, Doonalt

Gillespie, Owen, Malinmore

Gillespie, Pat (Condy), Killaned

Gillespie, Patrick, Cashel

Gillespie, Patrick, Dooey

Gillespie, Patrick, Drum

Gillespie, Patrick, Killaned

Gillespie, Patrick, Meenavaghran

Gillespie, Patrick, Port

Gillespie, Patrick (Condy), Killaned

Gillespie, Patrick (Matt.), Cashel

Gillespie, Patrick (Mick), Cashel

Gillespie, Peter, Cashel

Gillespie, Peter, Malinmore

Gillespie, Peter (Condy), Killaned

Gillespie, Peter (Owen), Killaned

Gillespie, Thomas, Malinbeg

Glen, William, Aghragh

Griffith, Val. P. (Rev.), Straid or Glebe

Hally, Hannah, Straleel South

Hamilton, Lanty, Malinmore

Harte, John, Rinnakill

Haslem, John, Glenlough

Haughey, Edward, Carrick Upper

Haughie, Bartholomew, Rinnakill

Haughie, Bell, Rinnakill

Haughie, Condy, Rinnakill

Haughie, Ellen, Rinnakill

Haughie, James, Ummerawirrinan

Haughie, John, Ummerawirrinan

Haughie, Nabba, Rinnakill

Haughie, Patrick, Rinnakill

Haughy, Bartholomew, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

Haughy, Bridget, Cloghan

Haughy, Bridget, Meenasillagh

Haughy, Darby, Cappagh

Haughy, Edward, Cloghan

Haughy, Edward, Meenasillagh

Haughy, James, Kinnakillew

Haughy, James, Lergadaghtan

Haughy, James, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

Haughy, James, Shanbally

Haughy, John, Cappagh

Haughy, John, Cloghan

Haughy, John, Drum

Haughy, John, Meenasillagh

Haughy, John, Shanbally

Haughy, Patrick, Cloghan

Haughy, Patrick, Meenasillagh

Haugy, Bartholomew, Lergadaghtan

Heany, Francis, Malinbeg

Heany, James, Malinbeg

Heekin, James, Beefan

Heekins, Andrew, Straboy

Heekins, Andrew Sr., Straboy

Heekins, George, Straboy

Heekins, James, Croaghacullion

Heekins, James, Straboy

Heekins, John, Lougheraherk

Heekins, Patrick, Kiltyfaned

Heekins, William, Croaghacullion

Heekins, WIlliam, Straboy

Heekins, William Sr., Straboy

Heena, Bridget, Drum

Heena, James, Meenasillagh

Heena, John, Malinbeg

Heenan, Charles, Ballard

Heenan, Patrick Jr., Aghragh

Heeney, Patrick, Aghragh

Hegarty, James, Malinmore

Hegarty, James Sr., Malinmore

Hegarty, John, Ummerawirrinan

Hegarty, Patrick, Ummerawirrinan

Hegarty, Patrick sen, Ummerawirrinan

Hekin, George, Malinmore

Hekin, James, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Hekin, James, Garveross

Hekin, Patrick, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Hekin, Patrick, Garveross

Heky, John, Ballard

Hickey, Andrew, Aghragh

Hickey, James, Aghragh

Hickey, Patrick, Ballard

Higgins, Bryan, Malinmore

Higgins, Manus, Malinmore

Higgins, William, Malinbeg

Hume, Rebecca, Drumroe

Jones, Edward, Malinbeg

Keany, John, Rinnakill

Keany, Michael, Cappagh

Keany, Patrick, Rinnakill

Kelly, James, Lergadaghtan

Kelly, James, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

Kelly, Mary, Lergadaghtan

Kelly, Mary, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

Kennedy, Patrick, Meenaneary

Kennedy, Thaddeus, Meenaneary

Kickey, James, Aghragh

Lasley, Patrick, Gannew and Curreen

Lyons, Bridget, Rinnakill

Lyons, Condy, Beefan

Lyons, Condy, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Lyons, Edward, Beefan

Lyons, Edward, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Lyons, Hannah, Ballard

Lyons, James, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Lyons, James, Garveross

Lyons, Manus, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Lyons, Manus, Garveross

Lyons, Manus, Meenavean

Lyons, Matthew, Beefan

Lyons, Matthew, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Lyons, Matthew, Garveross

Lyons, Matthew (Beefan), Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Lyons, Michael, Rinnakill

Lyons, Owen, Gannew and Curreen

Lyons, Owen, Malinmore

Lyons, Patrick, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Lyons, Patrick, Garveross

Lyons, Patrick, Rinnakill

Lyons, Thomas, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Lyons, Thomas, Garveross

Macnaughtan, John (Rev.), Gull Island

Macnaughtan, John (Rev.), Tormore Island

Maloney, Patrick, Malinmore

Malowney, Denis, Malinbeg

Marrow, William, Malinmore

Maxwell, George, Braade Lower

Maxwell, James, Farranmacbride

Maxwell, James, Faugher Mountain

Maxwell, Robert, Braade Lower

Maxwell, William, Carrick Lower

Maxwell, William, Contycrow

McBrerty, Neal, Rinnakill

McBrerty, Thomas, Ummerawirrinan

McBrierty, Anne, Cappagh

McBrierty, Catherine, Straleel South

McBrierty, Charles, Cappagh

McBrierty, Cornelius, Carrick Upper

McBrierty, Daniel, Cappagh

McBrierty, Ellen, Straleel South

McBrierty, Francis, Cappagh

McBrierty, Francis, Straleel South

McBrierty, Hugh, Lergadaghtan

McBrierty, Hugh, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

McBrierty, James, Cappagh

McBrierty, Mary, Straleel South

McBrierty, Owen, Cappagh

McBrierty, Patrick, Cappagh

McBrierty, Patrick, Carrick Upper

McBrierty, Patrick, Shanbally

McGonagle, Peter, Meenadreen

McCunigan, James, Ummerawirrinan

McCunnigan, Bridget, Braade Upper

McCunnigan, Bridget, Carrick Upper

McCunnigan, Bridget, Kinnakillew

McCunnigan, Bryan, Glenlough

McCunnigan, Bryan, Lougheraherk

McCunnigan, Bryan, Straboy

McCunnigan, Charles, Cappagh

McCunnigan, Condy, Carrick Upper

McCunnigan, Condy, Lergadaghtan

McCunnigan, Condy, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

McCunnigan, Connell, Malinmore

McCunnigan, Daniel, Carrick Upper

McCunnigan, Edward, Cappagh

McCunnigan, Edward, Croaghlin

McCunnigan, Ellen, Braade Lower

McCunnigan, Francis, Cappagh

McCunnigan, Francis, Carrick Lower

McCunnigan, Francis, Croaghlin

McCunnigan, James, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

McCunnigan, James, Cappagh

McCunnigan, James, Carrick Lower

McCunnigan, James, Croaghlin

McCunnigan, James, Garveross

McCunnigan, Jn. Jr., Carrick Upper

McCunnigan, John, Cappagh

McCunnigan, John, Carrick Lower

McCunnigan, John, Croaghlin

McCunnigan, John, Drum

McCunnigan, John, Farranmacbride

McCunnigan, John, Gannew and Curreen

McCunnigan, John, Lougheraherk

McCunnigan, John, Malinmore

McCunnigan, John, Ummerawirrinan

McCunnigan, Mary, Cappagh

McCunnigan, Mary, Croaghlin

McCunnigan, Mary, Malinmore

McCunnigan, Owen, Cashel

McCunnigan, Owen, Gannew and Curreen

McCunnigan, Patrick, Carrick Lower

McCunnigan, Patrick, Lergadaghtan

McCunnigan, Patrick, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

McCunnigan, Patrick, Straleel South

McCunnigan, Peter, Meenacharvy

McDermott, Connell (Rev.), Cashel

Meehan, Margaret, Meenavean

Meenan, Anne, Meenadiff

Meenan, Cornelius, Beefan

Meenan, Cornelius, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Meenan, James, Ballymore

Meenan, Patrick, Malinmore

Meenan, Patrick, Malinmore

Meenin, Patrick, Aghragh

Menelis, Anthony, Malinbeg

McGenty, Anne, Gannew and Curreen

McGenty, Patrick, Killaned

McGill, Charles, Carrick Lower

McGinley, Anne, Meenacross

McGinley, Bridget, Bangort

McGinley, Bridget, Killaned

McGinley, Bridget, Kinnakillew

McGinley, Bridget, Meenacross

McGinley, Bryan, Cloghan

McGinley, Bryan, Drum

McGinley, Bryan, Malinbeg

McGinley, Bryan, Meenasillagh

McGinley, Bryan, Straid or Glebe

McGinley, Catherine, Drum

McGinley, Charles, Drum

McGinley, Charles, Meenacross

McGinley, Charles, Meenaneary

McGinley, Condy, Kinnakillew

McGinley, Connell, Kinnakillew

McGinley, Connell, Malinbeg

McGinley, Connell (tailor), Malinbeg

McGinley, Cornelius, Cashel

McGinley, Daniel, Cloghan

McGinley, Daniel, Meenasillagh

McGinley, Elizabeth, Meenacross

McGinley, Francis, Drum

McGinley, Francis, Lougheraherk

McGinley, Francis, Malinbeg

McGinley, Henry, Glenlough

McGinley, James, Dooey

McGinley, James, Killaned

McGinley, James, Kinnakillew

McGinley, James, Malinmore

McGinley, James, Meenacross

McGinley, James, Meenacross

McGinley, James, Meenasillagh

McGinley, James, Port

McGinley, James, Toralaydan Island

McGinley, James (Suide), Kinnakillew

McGinley, John, Cashel

McGinley, John, Cloghan

McGinley, John, Malinbeg

McGinley, John, Malinmore

McGinley, John, Meenacross

McGinley, John, Meenadiff

McGinley, John, Meenasillagh

McGinley, John (Charles), Meenacross

McGinley, John (Wary), Kinnakillew

McGinley, John Jr., Malinbeg

McGinley, Manus, Malinbeg

McGinley, Margaret, Malinmore

McGinley, Mary, Drum

McGinley, Mary, Meenacross

McGinley, Michael, Cloghan

McGinley, Michael, Faugher

McGinley, Michael, Faugher Mountain

McGinley, Michael, Kinnakillew

McGinley, Michael, Malinbeg

McGinley, Michael, Malinmore

McGinley, Michael, Meenacross

McGinley, Michael, Meenasillagh

McGinley, Michael (More), Malinmore

McGinley, Moses, Cashel

McGinley, Neal, Malinbeg

McGinley, Owen, Meenacharvy

McGinley, Owen, Meenacross

McGinley, P. (Connor), Meenacross

McGinley, Patrick, Drum

McGinley, Patrick, Malinbeg

McGinley, Patrick, Malinmore

McGinley, Patrick, Meenacharvy

McGinley, Patrick, Port

McGinley, Patrick (Charles), Meenacross

McGinley, Patrick (Owen Bawn), Meenacross

McGinley, Richard, Meenacross

McGinness, Charles, Straleel North

McGonegal, John, Cashel

McGrory, Patrick, Straid or Glebe

McGuinness, Denis, Straleel South

McGuire, Patrick, Straboy

McGunegal, John, Cashel

McGunnigan, John, Gannew and Curreen 

McHugh, John, Meenacharvy
Miller, James, Malinmore 

McIntyre, Michael, Malinbeg 

Mitchell, Samuel, Carrick Lower 

McKee, Thomas, Malinmore 

McLoughlin, Bridget, Aghragh

McLoughlin, Bryan, Aghragh 

McLoughlin, Charles, Aghragh 

McLoughlin, Condy, Aghragh 

McLoughlin, Condy, Carrick Upper

McLoughlin, Condy, Straleel South

McLoughlin, Francis, Aghragh

McLoughlin, Francis, Malinmore

McLoughlin, James, Aghragh

McLoughlin, John, Aghragh

McLoughlin, John, Meenavean

McLoughlin, Noble, Cappagh

McLoughlin, Patrick, Aghragh

McLoughlin, Patrick, Carrick Lower

McLoughlin, Susan, Aghragh

McLoughlin, WIlliam, Aghragh

McMunigan, Ellen, Carrick Upper

McNelis, Anne, Braade Lower

McNelis, Anthony, Dooey

McNelis, Catherine, Ballard

McNelis, Charles, Doonalt

McNelis, Condy, Doonalt

McNelis, Denis, Ballard

McNelis, Denis, Ballymore

McNelis, Denis, Lergadaghtan

McNelis, Denis, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

McNelis, Denis, Malinbeg

McNelis, Francis, Lergadaghtan

McNelis, Francis, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

McNelis, Francis, Malinmore

McNelis, Giles, Dooey

McNelis, James, Doonalt

McNelis, James, Kilgoly

McNelis, Jane, Cashel

McNelis, John, Braade Upper

McNelis, John, Doonalt

McNelis, John, Malinbeg

McNelis, John, Straleel North

McNelis, John (More), Doonalt

McNelis, John (More), Doonalt

McNelis, Lanty, Drum

McNelis, Laurence, Straleel South

McNelis, Mary, Cappagh

McNelis, Mary, Meenacharvy

McNelis, Michael, Malinmore

McNelis, Michael, Straleel South

McNelis, Patrick, Braade Upper

McNelis, Patrick, Malinbeg

McNelis, Patrick, Malinmore

McNelis, Philip, Straleel South

McNelis, Thomas, Bangort

McNulty, Patrick, Malinmore

Molloy, Edward, Drum

Molloy, Gilles, Meenacharvy

Molloy, James, Drumroe

Molloy, Margaret, Lougheraherk

Molloy, Margaret, Meenacharvy

Molloy, Patrick, Lougheraherk

Molloy, Unity, Drumroe

Mooney, Hugh, Lougheraherk

Morrow, William, Malinmore

McShane, Anne, Lergadaghtan

McShane, Anne, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

McShane, Bridget, Malinbeg

McShane, Bryan, Cashel

McShane, Catherine, Shanbally

McShane, Condy, Rinnakill

McShane, Condy, Ummerawirrinan

McShane, Henry, Lergadaghtan

McShane, Henry, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

McShane, James, Ballymore

McShane, James, Cashel

McShane, James, Lergadaghtan

McShane, James, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

McShane, James, Shanbally

McShane, James, Ummerawirrinan

McShane, John, Carrick Upper

McShane, John, Shanbally

McShane, Neal, Malinbeg

McShane, Neal, Shanbally

McShane, Patrick, Cappagh

McShane, Patrick, Croaghlin

McShane, Patrick, "Lergadaghtan,  Mountain"

McShane, Patrick, Straid or Glebe

McShane, Patrick , Lergadaghtan

McShane, Thomas , Cappagh

Mulholland, John (herdcs house), Malinbeg

Mullowney, Hugh, Aghragh

Mullowney, James, Aghragh

Mullowney, Thomas, Aghragh

Mullowney, Thomas (Beg), Aghragh

Mullowney, Thomas (Big), Aghragh

Murrin, Connell, Malinbeg

O'Donnell, Anthony, Carrick Upper

O'Donnell, Dudley, Meenaneary

O'Donnell, Mary, Straleel South

O'Donnell, Patrick, Carrick Upper

O'Donnell, Patrick, Gannew and Curreen

O'Donnell, Patrick, Meenaneary

O'Donnell, Patrick, Shanbally

O'Donnell, Patrick, Straleel South

O'Gara, Hugh, Meenaneary

O'Loughlin, Nabb, Croaghlin

Osborne, George, Braade Upper

Osborne, James, Braade Upper

Osborne, John, Braade Upper

Osborne, John (Johny), Braade Upper

Parks, Thomas, Malinbeg

Quinn, William, Cappagh

Rahill, Patrick, Cappagh

Rahill, Patrick, Croaghlin

Realy, George, Drumroe

Realy, George, Faugher

Realy, George, Kinnakillew

Rooney, James, Gannew and Curreen

Rowen, Denis, Kilgoly

Ryan, Patrick, Aghragh

Shewlan, Patrick, Meenacharvy

Shewlan, Patrick, Stranagartan

Sweeney, Mary, Straleel South

Sweeney, Owen, Straleel North

Sweeny, Mary, Kinnakillew

Sweeny, Patrick, Malinmore

Walker, Andrew, Malinmore

Walker, Anne, Contycrow

Walker, Catherine, Faugher

Walker, Catherine, Faugher Mountain

Walker, Charles, Gannew and Curreen

Walker, Eliza, Bangort

Walker, Francis, Faugher

Walker, Francis, Faugher Mountain

Walker, George, Cashel

Walker, James, Contycrow

Walker, John, Contycrow

Walker, John, Malinmore

Walker, Joseph, Contycrow

Walker, Nathaniel, Malinmore

Walker, Rebecca, Cashel

Walker, William, Braade Upper

Walker, William, Straid or Glebe

Walsh, John, Carrick Upper

Ward, Daniel, Carrick Upper

Ward, Daniel, Meenavean

Ward, Francis, Carrick Lower

Ward, John, Aghragh

Ward, Maurice, Ballymore

Ward, Michael, Carrick Upper

Ward, Patrick, Aghragh

Ward, Patrick, Carrick Upper

Ward, Thaddeus, Meenavean

Wilson, George V., Rinnakill


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