Names on the Hearth Money Roll for the Parish of Inver, Co Donegal 1665


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Surname    First Townland
Boy      Francis                of Enver
Burnes    William              of Brenter
Curkoe     Thomas                 of Dolanconer
Curkoes            Allexander      of Dolanconer
Dunckan        Thomas          of Enver
Dunckan           John        of Drumkill
Dunckan, younger     John      of Kilm'crodan
Fall        Thomas                of Drumreny
Finlay          James             of Raneall
Griffith       Edward       of Boneglen
Griffith       William             of Boneglen
Harris    Francis                 of Enver
Kearns     Thomas             of Drumcre
Lang           John            of Creag
Leese        William           of Creag
Little       Thomas           of Creag
Logan        James                of Raneall
m'Cluer        William          of Raneall
m'Conelly    Tag boy             of Dolanconer
m'Congill       Richard           of Drumbourty
m'Cragh       John             of Creag
m'Cutcheon          William       of Raneall
m'Gettigan     Donnagh           of Boneglen
m'Gilmee       Neece        of Tanitaleen
m'Glinsy         Caher            of Drumbourty
Miller     George               of Drumcre
m'Kee       Henrie               of Littermore
Moore         John                of Littermore
Moorehead          William         of Dolanconer
m'Ready    Neal                 of Brenter
Murray    Allexander            of Drumcre
Murray       Allexander     of Drumkill
Murray       Charles         of Tanitaleen
Murray         James            of Drumbourty
Nisbet            James           of Tanitaleen
Nisbit     Andrew                 of Kilm'crodan
Nisbit      Andrew                of Brenter
o'Boyle      Hugh             of Boneglen
o'Cannan       James           of Boneglen
o'Carullen       Edmund oige       of Littermore
o'Cassidy     Tegg              of Brenter
o'Corr         John          of Tanitaleen
o'Crumleek    Connor              of Drumlost
o'Donell         Shan           of Drumkill
o'Douney         Donell         of Drumbourty
o'Fey         Torlagh             of Littermore
o'Gallogher        Teg            of Drumkill
o'Giver          Owen          of Boneglen
o'Harghie           Dermund   of Drumkill
o'Keany        Bryan            of Boneglen
o'Kenaghan          Bryan    of Tanitaleen
o'Kenaghan          James   of Tanitaleen
o'Keregan     Owen                of Littermore
o'Know    James                of Drumcre
o'Meaghan    Neal                 of Brenter
o'Meaghan     Donell           of Brenter
o'Meaghan     Pattrick          of Brenter
o'Moran      Tegg               of Kilm'crodan
o'Murry       Dermond          of Boneglen
o'Murry        Donnell           of Tanitaleen
o'Raghter    Owen                of Dolanconer
o'Raghter    Shan                  of Dolanconer
Patterson       John              of Drumcre
Patterson         William        of Raneall
Ralston        Andrew             of Dolanconer
Scot           James       of Creag
Scott         Allexander        of Littermore
Scott         George        of Creag
Scott         William      of Creag
Scott          James              of Creag
Taylor    John                    of Drumcre
Taylor        James              of Raneall
Ultagh          Christopher       of Littermore
Vaunce     Thomas              of Drumcre
Waugh       Martin             of Drumkill
Young        William           of Drumkill
        7 12 s for 76 hearths  


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