Church of Ireland Graveyard, Inver, Co Donegal

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(Photograph by Douglas Campbell 1959, used with permission)

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This is a transcription of all the pre-1900 headstones

Thanks go to the Donegal County Library in Letterkenny for their help with this survey

And, to Bernie, for photographs



Inver Parish traces its history back to St Natalis, who died 563 AD. The remains of the ancient Church and Monastery are on a small promentary about half a mile below the bridge.

The present Church was built in 1807, and the chancel was added in 1917. The site was presented by the Rev Alexander Mongomery of Bonnyglen, who was also Rector of Inver Parish for 49 years. He supervised the building of the church, He died on the 15th Oct 1848 and was laid to rest in the Old Inver Graveyard.

A grandniece of Rev Alexander Montgomery, Jemima Stewart of Drumbeg, was responsible for many improvements to the Church.

The Graveyard is well kept and surrounds the Church. The oldest stones date from 1830 and all stones with dates pre-1900 have been copied, as also were the Monumental inscriptions inside the Church.



(upright sandstone slab with white marble inset, in low stone enclosure,

with iron chain)

In Memoriam

Sara Carre Obut 19 Jul 1850, aetas 9

Jane Inch Ob 22 Dec 1852 aet 78

Rev Henry Carre Ob 5 Apr 1870 aet 70

Charlotte Carre Ob 5 Apr 1870 aet 95

Elizabeth Jane Carre Ob 9 Nov 1886 aet 84

Mary Carre Ob 19 Jan 1893 aet 46

Charlotte Carre Ob 3 Dec 1903 aet 92

Fenwick Carre FRCSI Ob 3 Apr 1915 aet 69



(upright freestone slab in iron chain enclosure)

Erected by Jane Cassidy

In Memory of her Beloved Husband

Andrew Cassidy

Who died 19 Jun 1874 aged 48 years

"O Thou Beyond what Verse or Speech can tell My Guide

My Friend My Best Beloved Farewell"

Also his Daughter

Who died 10 Apr 1864 aged 7 years

Also Jane Cassidy, his Wife

Who died 27 May 1900 aged 62 years

Tenderly Loved and Deeply Regretted By her Family

Also his Daughter

Isabella Cassidy

Who died 30 Aug 1919



Dau who died 10 Apr 1864 was Susan Jane Cassidy

See 1901 census Carraduffy



(upright freestone slab in low stone enclosure)

In Memory of

Harriet Francis

Wife of Rev SG Cochrane

She departed to be with Christ 6 Apr 1871 aged 39 years

Uxor Mate Filia Soror Amica Morte Paulisper Erepta:

Salvatore redeunte redit ura

Rev SG Cochrane MA

Canon Incumbent of Kilbarron

Died 12 Dec 1898 aged 70 years

Pater Mater Filia Iterum

Nunc Socii domini Diem expectant

(side of slab)


24 Mar 1871


(back of slab)

In centre grave is buried Harriet aged 27 years

Daughter of Rev SG Cochrane

AD 1890

Her Mother is buried to the North

Also in Loving Memory of

Francis, fourth Son

Died 1 Jan 1907 aged 37 years



(upright freestone slab with open book)

Erected in Memory of

William Colvin of Tullyvoos

Who died 15 May 1891 aged 78 years

And Jane Colvin, his Wife

Who departed this life 23 Aug 1900

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die in the Lord" Rev xiv.13



(upright freestone slab)

Erected in Memory of

Elizabeth Creighton of The Rock

Who departed this life 15 Feb 1891 aged 65 years

Also her Husband

Robert Creighton

Who departed this life 22 May 1911 aged 95 years

Also their Sons

James who died 28 Oct 1926 aged 64 years

And Edward died 17 Feb 1928 aged 74 years

Also their Daughter


Who died 19 Mar 1941 aged 83 years

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die in the Lord" Rev xiv.13



(upright black marble slab with 1906 at the top)

In Loving Memory of


The Beloved Wife of

Hugh Elliott of Drimcoe

Who died 11 Apr 1906 aged 76 years

And of their Daughters

Sarah Anne died 5 Mar 1872 aged 20 years

Mary died 25 Mar 1887 aged 30 years



(upright freestone slab with urn and open book at the top)

In Memory of

William Jervis of Salthill

Who departed this life 12 Oct 1894 aged 85 years

Also of his Wife, Anne

Who died 1 Nov 1903 aged 80 years

Walter Jervis

Died 19 Dec 1957 aged 94 years

His Wife, Mary Jane

Died 29 Oct 1983

Aged 99 years

Their Son

Walter Jervis

Died 26 Jan 1997

Aged 85 years

"Blessed Are The Dead

Which Die in the Lord" Rev xiv.13



(upright sandstone slab)

Sacred to the Memory of

Margaret Kilpatrick

Who departed this life 22 Sep 1853

Aged 19 years



Of Drumatumpher, dau of James & Ellen



(horizontal sandstone slab)

Erected to the Memory of

Margaret Kyle

Who departed this life 14 Nov 1858

Aged 67 years



(horizontal sandstone slab)

Sacred to the Memory of

Eliza McDonald alias Millar

Died 10 Sep 1850 aged 37 years

Also her Mother

Mary Millar

Who died 17 May 1870 aged 82 years



(horizontal sandstone slab in rion railed enclosure)

Erected by Andrew McKee

In Memory of his Daughter

Margaret McKee

Who departed this life 2 Nov 1857 aged 28 years



(upright freestone slab with urn at the top, in iron railed enclosure)

Sacred to the Memory of

George Millar of Kildery

A Loving Husband, A Kind Father

And a Good Neighbour

He died 13 Jan 1894 aged 49 years

His body sleeps here till waked at the Great Day

When we'll see as we're seen and learn the Deep meaning of things that have been

Also his wife


And their Family

Robert, Hugh, Ezekiel, Rebecca and Alfred

Be Patient therefore Brethren unto the Coming of the Lord



(upright pink marble slab in iron railed enclosure)

In Memory of

Patrick Millar, Hill End

Who died 18 Jan 1894 aged 73 years

Also his Wife

Elizabeth Millar

Who died 6 May 1887 aged 56 years

Also their Son


Who died 5 Jun 1905 aged 45 years

Also their Son


Who died 3 Feb 1915 aged 50 years

Their Daughter Elizabeth

Died 25 Dec 1928

Their Son George

Died 6 Feb 1929



(upright white marble slab with dove at the top)

Erected in the Faith of the Resurrection

To the Loving Memory of

Andrew Scott, Munterneese

Died 20 Apr 1937 aged 70 years

Also His Mother

Eliza Ann Scott

Died 2 Apr 1892 aged 62 years

And his wife

Mary Ann Scott

Died 23 Mar 1954 aged 85 years

And his Daughter

Eliza Ann Scott

Died 18 Jan 1974 aged 77 years

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

For they shall see God Matt 5.8



Andrew Scott son of Thomas Scott & Eliza Anne Bates

See 1901 census Munterneese

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