Headstone Inscriptions, Old Inver Graveyard, Inver, Co Donegal


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The Old Inver graveyard and Church ruin are situated on the River Eany Estuary, 8 miles west of Donegal Town, convenient to the Village of Inver. The Graveyard surrounds the Church and is rough because of the large amount of sand which has blown in from Inver warren. All denominations have use the Graveyard.

Many of the stones are badly weathered. The oldest stones date from 1731 and all stones with dates pre-1900 have been copied.

According to the Very Rev E Canon Maguire DD, in his History of the Diocese of Raphoe, "there was a King named Aongus Mac Nadfraich who held the sovereignty of Munster, and he had a son called Naail, Naail made arrangements with Columba to meet at Inver with a view to establishing a monastic settlement there. Columkille, as he was later known, gave the land to Naail to build a Church. Naail remained at Inver until the death of Molaise of Devenish in 563. He became successor to Molaise at Devenish, and he died in 564.

The present ruin dates back to 1460, when the Franciscan community of Monks founded a Monastery there. The small detachment of Inver Monks residing here was not dispersed for some time after 1609, for it was here, the aged Bishop Nial O'Boyle prepared himself for the final ordeal, and received the last summons on the 6th of February 1611.

The little estate was purchased by Daniel McDevitt JP, Glenties, in 1870 and was among the very first sold under the 1903 Land Purchase Act."




This is a transcription of all the pre-1900 headstones, and a few early 1900s stones

Thanks go to the Donegal County Library in Letterkenny for their help with this survey

Also to Bernie for photographs of the Abbey and headstones Sep 2010 & Aug 2012

And, Bosco, for more photographs, Aug 2012


Also see Photographs of the Old Inver Graveyard



(sandstone tablet inside ruin, southeast corner)

Here lieth the remains of

Murray Babington Esq

Who departed this life 3 Sep 1810 aged 83

And Mary Heron Babington

Died 3 Jan 1811 aged 71 years



(badly weathered sandstone tablet)

Here lieth the remains of

Joseph Bates

Who departed this life 20 Dec 1845 aged 55 years

He was a Schoolmaster under the Wesley Missionary Society

For upwards of 20 years



See 1901 census Munterneese

Researcher: Bryan - Email



(sandstone tablet, weathered)

In Memory of

Thomas Brishilin

Who departed this life 25 Feb 1863

Aged 68 years



(upright freestone slab)

Erected by William Cassidy

In Memory of his Wife


Who died 3 Mar 1899 aged 64 years

Also his Daughter


Who died 4 Mar 1897 aged 19 years

And his Son


Who died 1 May 1896 aged 31 years

Also William Cassidy

Died 1 Jan 1906 aged 68 years



Margaret nee McJunken, buried 7 March

Son John recorded as 29 yrs in burial register, buried 3 May

See 1901 census Drummacacullen



In Memory of
Thomas Cassidy, Corraduffy
Who departed this life
Feb 28th 1913 aged 82 years
Also his wife Catherine Cassidy
Who departed this life
27th Jan 1929 aged 71 years
See 1901 census Carraduffy

(freestone tablet, weathered and cracked)

Erected by MH Colvin, California

To the Memory of

Henry Colvin

Who died 6 Sep 1870 aged 53 years

Also Catherine Colvin

Who died 20 Jan 1862 aged 86 years

Also Henry Colvin jnr

Who died 6 Jun 1848 aged 26 years



Henry Colvin, 92 yrs, Drubeagh, buried 4 Oct 1870

Catherine Colvin, 80 yrs, Drumbeagh, buried 1 Feb 1862

Henry Colvin (jnr) buried 9 Jun aged 22 yrs


In Loving Memory of our dear Parents
William Colvin, Drimbeagh
Died 29th August 1933
And his wife Margaret
Died 20th December 1943
Baby Kathleen Mary
Died May 1913
Son William died 3rd May 1990


(upright freestone slab)

In Loving Memory of

George Corscadden 28 Nov 1888

Sara Corscadden 7 Oct 1873

BM Corscadden 19 Mar 1896

Ellennor 5 Nov 1885

Annie Kirk 26 May 1898

Sara Morrow 5 Jun 1925

Also Mary Corscadden

Who died 11 Nov 1922

Erected by Mary Corscadden



(sandstone tablet inside ruin along south wall)

Sacred to the Memory of

Jane Creighton

Relic of John Creighton of castlemurray

Who departed this life 2 Nov 1841

Being in the 67th year of her age

Also her Sister

Catherine Dinsmore..............

Who departed 10 Oct 1846 aged 63 years



(horizontal sandstone slab, weathered)

Erected by

James Gallaughir senior

In Memory of his Father

James Gallaughir of Cranny

Who departed this life 2 Jul 1848 aged 89 years

Also his Son Charles

Who departed this life 10 Mar 1839 aged 46 years



(horizontal sandstone slab)

This tomb was erected by

James Thomas

In Memory of his Wife

Rose Gallagher

Who departed this life 22 Aug 1881 aged 32 years


In Memory of
Robert Graham (Raneel)
Born 1835 died 1914
And his wife
Mary Margaret nee Stewart
Born 1844 died 1898
Erected by Grandchildren
Stephen Galbraith Graham and May Graham Higgins
Of Long Island, New York


(upright freestone slab)

Erected by

Andrew Hammond

Of The Rock

In Memory of his Wife

Eliza Jane Hammond

Who died 10 Apr 1892

Aged 62 years

Also his Daughter

Jane Hammond

Who died 29 Sep 1878

Aged 28 years



(fallen sandstone slab, unreadable)

In Memory of

John Harkin

Who died 15 Jun 1888 aged 63 years

Also his Son Thomas

Who died 20 Feb 1883 aged 15 years

Also Mary Harkin

The Dearly Beloved Wife of Hugh Harkin

Who died 21 Nov 1922 aged 67 years

Erected by Hugh Harkin


Pray For
John Hayes, Inver


(flaking sandstone slab built into outside wall of ruin,

facing north, inscribed with Hume Coat of Arms.

Motto - True to the End

This Stone was erected by

Mr John Hume

In Memory of his Son

Mr Thomas Hume

Who departed this life 28 Sep 1751

At the age of 20 years



(upright freestone slab in iron railed enclosure)

Erected by

Thomas and Ellen Jenkins of Philadelphia

In Memory of our Father

James Jenkins

Who died 31 Sep 1899 aged 80 years

Also Ellen Jenkins, his Wife

Who died 13 Feb 1907 aged 84 years



Headstone is all but unreadable in 2012


Photograph by Bosco



(horizontal sandstone tablet)

To the Memory of the Daughter

In affectionate remembrance of

Lizzie Kirk

Who fell asleep 18 Nov 1879

For so He Givith His Beloved Sleep

She came up like a Flower and was Cut Down

Also their beloved Daughter

Mary Kirk

Who departed this life 20 Apr 1869 aged 2 years

Also in Loving Memory of

Daniel Kirk

Who departed this life 26 Feb 1905 aged 80 years



Daniel Kirk, Mullanboys, buried 28 Feb 1905



In Loving Memory of

Thomas Kirk

Of Mullinbuoys

Who died 5 Jun 1926

Aged 86 years

Also Eliza, his Wife

Who died 12 Nov 1923

Aged 77 years


Thomas Kirk

Grandson of the above

Who died 21 Dec 1925

Aged 6 months

Also their Daughter Annie

Who died 6 Sep 1946

Aged 74 years

Even so them also which sleep in Jesus

Will God bring with Him



(horizontal sandstone tablet)

Erected in Memory of

Thomas Love

Who died 25 Jan 1857 aged 85 years

Also his beloved Wife

Jane Love alias Thompson

Who died 10 Feb 1817 aged 72 years

And also of their Daughter

Ann O'Connell

Who died 18 Aug 1868 aged 63 years



Thomas Love, The Rock, buried 27 Jan 1857



(upright limestone slab 1 ft high with letters INRI at the top)

Mary Maguire

Died 10 Apr 1808

Aged 6 years



(upright freestone slab)

This Stone

Was Erected in Memory of

John McJinkin



Who died 10 Mar 1899

Aged 98 years



(sandstone tablet)

Here lieth the remains of

William McNeely of Ardaughey

Who departed this life 1 Mar 1976 aged 78 years

Also his Wife

Margaret McNeely

Who died 13 Apr 1896 aged 88 years



To the Memory of
Gilbert Miller
Died 2nd August 1784 aged 64 years
Patrick Miller, Junior
Died 9th October 1802 aged 81 years
Hugh Miller
Died 9th October 1943
His wife Susan
Died 10th February 1950
Their Daughter Florence
Died 15th December 2003


(limestone tablet)

Underneath are deposited the remains of

The Rev Archdeacon James Montgomery

And of his Wife

Dorothea Montgomery

The former departed this life 11 Nov 1797 aged 73 years

The latter on the 13th of the same month and year aged 67

Having survived her Husband but two days

Also Mary Montgomery

Wife of the Rev Alexander Montgomery

Who departed this life 10 Dec 1825 aged 51 years

And the Rev Alexander Montgomery

Who departed this life 15 Oct 1848 aged 71 years

46 years Rector of the Parish of Inver



Rev Alexander Montgomery of Bonnyglen supervised the building of the present Church of Ireland in 1807

See History notes, Church of Ireland, Inver



(freestone tablet)

Sacred to the Memory of

Hugh Montgomery Esq of Cloverhill

Who departed this life 5 Apr 1817

Aged 69 years



(badly weathered limestone tablet)

Erected to the Memory of

Alexander Montgomery Esq

Late of the Hall

Who departed this life 17 Jan ???




(freestone tablet)

Underneath are deposited the remains of

John Montgomery

And of his Daughter

Margaret Montgomery

The former departed this life 1 Jun 1798 aged 33 years

The latter 14 Feb 1815 aged 18 years

Elizabeth, Wife to John Montgomery

Departed this life 19 Jul 1918 aged 51 years



(sandstone tablet inside the ruin, alongside the north wall)

Here lieth the body of

Alexander Montgomery Esq

Who departed this life 3 Feb 1807 aged 76 years

He was one of the worthyes of men, the best of friends

And an ornament to society

His many virtues will long survive this perishable record

This stone was erected by

Leslie Montgomery Esq

The affectionate Brother of the deceased



(horizontal limestone slab outside west gable,

badly weathered and broken)

Sacred to the Memory of

Thomas Nesbitt Esq of Kilmacredon

Who departed this life 1 Dec 1801 aged 72 years

Thomas Nesbitt invented the harpoon gun



(sandstone tablet)

Sacred to the Memory of

Connel O'Byrne

Who departed this life 10 Mar 1833 aged 65 years

Also Annie O'Byrne

Who departed this life 7 Jul 1839 aged 83 years

Requiescant in Pace

Erected by Connel O'Byrne of Killybegs


In Loving Memory of
Andrew Scott
Died 29th Aug 1917
And his wife
Anne Scott
Died 30th Dec 1922
Their son Matthew
Died 30th Mar 1919
And their daughter Annabella
Died 28th July 1919


(flaking sandstone tablet)

Here lieth the remains of

John Scott

Who departed this life 11 Jun 1863

Aged 66 years



(upright freestone slab)

In Memory of

John Scott, Glencoagh

Who died 22 Jun 1888 aged 76 years

Also his Wife

Mary Scott

Who died 23 May 1895 aged 76 years

Erected by their Son

JC Scott, USA



In Memory of
William Henry Scott, Creevin
Died 21st March 1961 aged 80 years
And his wife Lizzie
Died 6th April 1977 aged 84 years
Their son Harry
Died 22nd July 2004 aged 74 years

(upright freestone slab)

Erected by

James Stewart, Drumduff

In Memory of his Mother

Catherine Stewart

Who died 11 Mar 1912 aged 58 years

Also his Grandfather

Andrew Stewart

Who died 15 Mar 1882 aged 63 years

Also his Grandmother

Elizabeth Stewart

Who died 6 Sep 1888 aged 73 years



(upright freestone slab inside ruin, northeast corner)

Erected by

Ann Thompson

In Memory of her Husband

John Thompson

Who died 10 Jun 1876 aged 55 years

And also Catherine Thompson

Who died 29 Mar 1878 aged 19 months



(upright freestone slab, broken)

Erected by

Samuel J Underwood

In Memory of his Brother

David Underwood

Who died 23 Oct 1909 aged 35 years

Also his Father

Who died 24 Nov 1909 aged 76 years

Also his Mother

Ann Jane

Who died 1 Jun 1887 aged 65 years



Father, William Underwood, Meenawullaghan, buried 26 Nov 1909, aged 75 yrs



(horizontal limestone slab, broken and weathered)

Here lyeth the body of

James Vance

Who departed this life

In the 77th year of his age

20 Dec 1731



Bordered by his son Patrick Vance


In Remembrance of
Matthew Walker, Ardaghey
Formerly of Tullylaggin
Died 7th Dec 1991 aged 84 years


(Photograph used with the permission of Mark Fearon)


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