Old Clonleigh Graveyard, Clonleigh, Co Donegal


(Photograph by Bernie)

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St Columb built the church of Cluain-laedh, where St Lugad, one of his disciples, is honoured. St Carnech was Abbot and Bishop here

about the year 530, and was succeeded by Cassan, whose successor was Massan. Clonleigh was anciently called Cruchanligen, or Drimligen.

It is now a parish church.

(Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, Nicholas Carlisle, 1810)


These inscriptions are supplemented with those of a survey conducted Jun 1991 by the Letterkenny Heritage Centre

Used here with the permission of the Donegal County Library


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Here lae the body of

___ ? Hehiae A.G.



Sacred to the Memory of

Patrick Anderson, late of Porthall

Charles Anderson

Died 29th Oct 1882 aged 84 years



(the following two grave slabs beside each other)


James Ball of Shannon

Deptd this life Febry 18th 1803 aged 84 years

Isabella wife of John Ball

Deptd this life Febry 19th 1803 aged 37 years

John Ball deptd this life

June 2nd 1828 aged 71 years

Isabella daughter of James C. Ball

Deptd this life 5th October 1842 aged 15 years




Underneath this Stone lieth the Body of the

Revd John Ball

Presbyterian Minister of the Parish of Lifford 33 Years

Who died 28 Aug 1739 aged 58 Years

Also eight of his Children vis

Two Johns, three Elizabeths,

Euphemia and Maryann

Who Died Young



Hugh Carland

Died Aug ___ ? 1790



Here lie the body of

Liam Carland


(rest unreadable)



Sacred to the Memory of

Thomas Carland

Who died 11 Nov 1868

Aged 22 Years

Also His Mother

Margery Carland

Who Died 7 Jan 1881

Aged 72 Years

Also Her Husband

John Carland

Who Died 1 May 1881

Aged 78 Years

And His Son

Daniel Carland

Who Died 31 Mar 1915

Annie Carland

Died 12 Jul 1918

Margaret Carland

Died 3 Dec 1928 Aged 72 years




Here Lieth the body of

Joseph Clark who departed

This life 17th December 1735

Aged 61 years

In memory of Joseph Crockett

Late of Edenmore who died Monday

20th July 1876 aged 96 Years




Here Lyeth the Body of

Peter Clark

Who Departed this Life

17 Dec 1785 aged 82 years

Also the above named

Mary Mackey

The Beloved Wife of

William Mackey, Senior


Who Departed This Life

23 May 1881 aged 58 years

Also Her Daughter

Minnie Elizabeth Mackey

Died 27 Aug 1886 aged 28 years

Also Her Son

Joseph Armour Mackey

Died 18 Sep 1914 aged 62 years




Erected in Memory of

William Conaghan

Who died 19 Jul 1879 aged 21 years



In Loving Memory of

My Dear husband

Dan Connolly

Died 17th May 1923 aged 57 years

On Whose Soul Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy





Erected to the Memory of

Bernard Creanor

Who died July 2nd 1886 aged 66 years

Also his son John

Who died Ded 9th 1885 aged 51 years

Also his wife Margaret

Who died June 26th 1894 aged 89 years

Also their son Edward

Who died March 25th 1934 aged 86 years




In Loving Memory of

Hanah Crossan, Glenfad, Porthall

Her son Harry Crossan

And her Grandchildren

Margaret Rose

Hugh James

Margaret Hanora

Dermott Joseph

Padre Pio Pray for them



Here Remains the Body of

Nicholas Cunnea

Who Departed this Life

June 26th 1802 aged 45 years



(top part illegible)

Also the body of

Robert Cunningham

Who died 17 Dec 1740 aged 21 years





December 19th 1793



Devine Family Plot




Pray for the Souls of

Bernard Doherty

Died 21 Jan 1873

Aged 24 Years

Susannah Doherty

Died 28 Jun 1873 aged 30 years

William Doherty

Died March ? aged 85? Years

Babbington Hamilton

Died 20 May 1893 Aged 24 Years

Hugh Doherty

Died 12 Jul 1907 aged 62 Years

Susan Doherty

Died 23 May 1927 Aged 42 Years


Harriet? Doherty died 1 Feb 1939

Alexander Hamilton died 28 Nar 1940

Bernard Doherty died 17 Jul 1949



James Doherty
Died on 9 November 1960 age 85 years
And his wife Marey
Died on 27 January 1945 age 65 years
Port Hall


P Doherty

Feat der?

Also Ellen MacBeth

Who died at Camphill

___ 1911 aged 76 years



John Donohoy

Died 10 Sep 1927 aged 67 years

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on his Soul



Here under lye the body of

William Dougherty



Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on the Soul of

Mary Farncombe

Died 24th Nov 1993

Also her mother

Mary McNulty

Erected by her daughter Maureen


(plaque in same grave)

Sarah Doherty died Nov 1962

Love from your son William



In Loving Memory of

The FRIEL Family




Erected in Memory of

Bernard Gallagher

Who Died 22 ? 1890

(the rest unreadable)





Pray for the Soul of

Edward Gallaugher

Who Died 1st May 1894

Aged 59 years



James Gallagher
Who died January 12th 1776 aged 60 years
(more writing below this)


O Lord Have Mercy on

The Souls of

Rose Gallagher

Died 2nd August 1910 aged 53 years

Edward Gallagher

Died 23rd May 1910 aged 17 years

John Louge

Died 20th September 1879 aged 26 years

Frank Gallagher

Died 12th October 1920 aged 27 years

Toal Gallagher

Died 19th June 1922 aged 69 years




This headstone has been (re)erected on top of a Logue headstone -

In Memory of

? Logue

Died Sept 1879

(possibly Ann Logue, 57 yrs, whose death was recorded in Strabane Regn District Jul-Sep 1879)




(stone beside Edward Gallagher)

Pray for the Souls of

Sarah Gallagher

Died 8th June 1895

And Ellen Gallagher

Died Jan 7th 1921



Tolly O Gallagher


Departed this life 22 Sep 1707 aged 63 years


Also John

Aged 3 months


Aged 2 years 10 months

And Hugh

Departed this life 24 Nov 1808 aged 5 1/2 years

Sons to John O Gallagher


Also Toal Gallagher

Who died 23 May 1877 aged 83 years

And also Mary Gallagher

His wife

Who died 1 Feb 1878 aged 72 years


In Loving Memory of
Twins who died at birth 1921
Died 1922 aged 3 months
Died 1924 aged 10 months
Died 1939 aged 13 years
Their father James
Died 15th January 1956
Their mother Frances
Died 8th April 1989
Rest in Peace


In Loving Memory of

James Gamble

Died 15th January 1956

Also his wife

Francis Gamble

Died 8th April 1989

And their daughter


Died 1st June 1939



In Loving Memory of

Sarah Gillespie, Chapel St. Stranorlar

Died 14 June 1964

Her son Dilly

Died 9 Sept 1979



In Loving Memory of

Gertrude Gormley

Who died May 30th 1930 aged 21 years

And her Mother

Mary J. Gormley

Who died July 10th 1957 aged 79 years





Of your Charity

Pray for the Souls of

Mary Gormly

Who died June 1858

And of John Gormly

Who died July 1878





Andrew Hamilton


Who Died 2? Mar 1890

Aged 55 Years




In Memory of

Catherine Hamilton

Who Died 15 Feb 1880



In Loving and Affectionate Memory of

Margaret Harte

Who Departed this Life

October 27th 1896

Aged 64 years

Also Rose

Wife of James Harte

Who Departed this Life

July 20th 1912

Aged 34 years


William Harte

Who Departed this Life

December 22nd 1913

Aged 77 years

James Harte J.P

Died 24th November 1926

Aged 58 years



(black slab in front of above)

In Memory of the Harte Family

The Corner House Lifford.

William Harte C.C 1800 date of death unknown

His wife Frances died 5-4-1882 aged 74

Their son William died 22-12-1913 aged 77

His wife Margaret died 27-10-1896 aged 64

Their daughter Mary died 28-3-1936 aged 77

Lies with her husband in adjoining grave

Their son Patrick died 13-2-1902 aged 40

Lies Mount St Mary Kansas City

Their son John died 18-11-1941 aged 78

Their son William died 27-3-1938 aged 72

Their son Tom died 2-7-1941 aged 70

Lies Ballina N.S.W. Australia

Their children Henry & Emily died in Childhood

Their son James died 24-11-1926 aged 58

His wife Rose died 20-7-1912 aged 40

Their grandchildren John & Anne Harte

His second wife Frances died 22-8-1954 aged 74 OK

Their granddaughter Mary Frances Egan

Died in infancy 1946


Pray for the soul of

Rose Ann Harte, Lifford

Died November 8th 1914 aged 57 years







In Loving Memory of

Nancy Herron

Died 13th July 1889 aged 36 years

Susan Herron

Died 20th June 1904 aged 19 years

John Herron

Died 13th Dec 1913 aged 30 years

Owen Herron

Died 29th Dec 1917 aged 77 years

Sarah Herron

Died 16th Feb 1921 aged 75 years




In Loving Memory of

Joseph Houston, Ard McCarron

Died 20th March 1983 aged 30 years

Until we meet again



In Memory of

Jacobene Jack

Died 28 May 1891

Erected by Mrs Knox, Clonleigh


In Loving Memory of
Our dear Mother
Matilda Jarvis
Who died 17th March 1901 aged 66 years
Also her brother
James Cummins
Died 23rd May 1907 aged 76 years
And her daughter
Annie Elizabeth
Died 16th Feb 1927 aged 70 years
Her grandson
James McGonigle
Died 1st June 19?7 aged 31 years
Also his mother
Jane McGonigle
Died 2nd Jan 1960 aged 86 years
Thy will be done



Rosanna Kain

Departed this life 6 Sep 1848

Aged 62 years



Sacred to the Memory of

Mrs Jane Kermanan

Wife of the Rev Kermanan of Rosgoun

Who departed this life

Blest with each



Here lieth the body of

James King

Late of New York

Who departed this life 3 Apr 1835 aged 31 years

Also the body of

John King

Who departed this life 16 Sep 1817 aged 19 years

Also of

Mary King

Wife of Moses King, Glensmoyle

Who departed this life 1 Jan 1875 aged 76 years

Also her husband

Moses King

Died 15 Oct 1876 aged 84 years

Their Grand Daughter

Mary King

Died Feb 1895 aged 25 years



In Loving Memory of our dear brother

James King, Glensmoyle

Who died 23rd October 1915 (aged 56yrs)

Also May King

The beloved wife of John King

Who died 11th August 1917

Dearly loved

Also Mary Jane King

Eldest daughter of the late

James King, Glensmoyle

Died 20th March 1920?



Here lyeth the body of

Moses King

Who departed this life 24 Aug 1819

Aged 68 years

Also of

Anne Jane

Wife of James King of Glensmoyle

Who departed this life 7 Aug 1875

Aged 47 years

Also her other husband

James King



Here also are Interred the Mortal Remains of
Ann Law 
Daughter of William Law of Dunmore
And of Ann his Wife
Born at Edenmore on the 22 June 1776
Died at Woodlands near Stranorlar
On the
5th  February 1858


Darling Langan

His daughter died 1761 aged 7 years




The Body of

Charles Law

of Londonderry

Heni Characier?

___ and friends erected ___ for him

A Lasting Memoriam

He died 5 Jan 1765 aged 57 years



In Loving Memory of my Husband

James Lecky

Who died ___? 1905



Died 1903 aged 56?



Erected by a few friends and admirers

In Loving Memory of

John Lecky

died 24th May 1906 aged 38 years

Sacred heart of Jesus Have Mercy



In Memory of

John Logue

Died Jun 1? 1908

Aged 35 Years

Also His Father

Thomas Logue

Died 10 Jul 1921

Aged 85 years

And His Mother

Margaret Logue

Died 31 May 1927





Pray for the soul of

John Longin

Died 24th April 1884 aged 50 years




In Memory of

Oawn Lynch

Who Departed this Life

1st August 1866 aged 89 years

Also John Lynch (no dates)



Death of Owen Lynch, 89 yrs, registered Strabane Regn District 1866




Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on the Soul of

Patrick Lyons died 8th Dec 1976



Underneath this stone lies the remains of

Johnston Mackey

Who departed this life 19 Nov 1837

Aged 81 years

Also of

William Mackey, his son

Who departed this life 29 Jul 1839 aged 60


Elizabeth Mackey

Wife of the above William Mackey

Who departed this life 14 Nov 1873 aged 84 years


Mary Elizabeth

The dearly loved children

William and Mary Mackey

Aged 12 years and 10 months

Died at Lifford 10 Aug 1890


William Mackey

Who died at Coolatee

8 Jul 1894 aged 77 years

Also his sister

Barbara Taylor

Who died at Coolatee 2 Jan 1897 aged 79 years



This Tablet was Erected by

John Mackey, Solicitor, Ramelton

In affectionate remembrance of his mother

Mary Mackey

Who died at Coolatee 23rd May 1881 aged 58 years

Also her daughter

Minnie Elizabeth Mackey

Died 27th August 1886 aged 28 years

Also her daughter

Catherine Mackey

Died 27th Decr 1936 aged 74 years

He Giveth his Beloved Sleep

(stone fallen over)




In Loving Memory of

Margaret Mahaffy

Who died 26 Feb 1891 aged 68 years

Also her husband

Andrew Mahaffy

Who died 26 Feb 1899 aged 75 years

Also their son

John Mahaffy

Who died 8 Mar 1915



Sacred to the memory of

Robert Mahaffy, Craigadoes

Who died 7th Feby 1890 aged 75 Years

Also his brother

William Mahaffy

Who died 4 Apr 1889 aged 77 years

Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord



Sacred to the Memory of

James Marshall

Who died 1 Aug 1829 aged 68 years

Also Maryann Sproul

Who died 10 Feb 1856 aged 70

Also Isabella Marshall

Who died 14 Mar 1850 aged 84

Also Elleanor Marshall

Who died 4 Feb1850 aged 84

Also Anne Marshall

Wife of James Marshall

Who died 14 Mar 1845 aged 70

Also William Marshall

Who died 31 Mar 1883 aged 73

Also Isabella Marshall

Who died 24 Mar 1891

Also Florence PM


In Memory of
Catherine Martin
Died 23rd February 1923
And her grandson
Seamus Bernard Martin
Died 15th August 1946
Also her Grand-daughter
(no name given)


In Loving Memory of

Norah Martin, Dooish

Died 10th March 1976

Her husband Neil

Died 18th Oct 1993


To live in the hearts of those

We love, is not to die.



In Loving Memory of

William McBrearty

Died 23rd Aug 1930 aged 67 yrs

Catherine McBrearty

Died 3rd April 1936 aged 76 years

Patrick McBrearty

Died 2nd Mar 1977 aged 75 yrs

Bridget McBrearty

Died 18th April 1982 aged 76 yrs

Baby Madeline McBrearty aged 9 months

John McBrearty

Died 6th Dec 2005 aged 64 years



Underneath this stone lieth the remains of

James McColgan

Who departed this life 1822 aged 79 years

Also Mary Owens

Beloved wife of John McColgan

Who died 14 Jul 1880 aged 62 years

Also John McColgan

Who died 17 Jun 1871 aged 87 years

Also Daniel O'Connell

Alice and John

Their three children

Who died in infancy



Pray for the Soul of

George McCosker, Strabane

Died 29th August 1899 aged 34 years

Also his Son

Patrick George McCosker

Died 9th Feb 1911 aged 20 Years


Erected by his Wife




In Loving Memory of

Hugh McCosker

Died 12 Sep ___ ?



In Loving Memory of

John McCosker, Lifford

Died January 12th 1910 aged 78 years

Also James McCosker

Died November 18th 1916 aged 68 years


Here lieth the body of
Bernard McDermott
Who departed this life
The 9th June 1817 aged 12 years


In Memory of

Frank McDermott, Ballinabreen

Died 12th June 1881

His wife Margaret

Died 8th March 1883

And Ellen their daughter

Died 5th November 1893

Also the children of John McDermott

Mary died 20th April 1919

Francis D died 20th February 1920

Margaret died 12th January 1921

Also John McDermott, Rossgier

Died 15th March 1932

And his wife Mary McDermott

Died 14th June 1950

Brigid McDermott died 21st July 1955

John McDermott died 22nd September 1980

Nellie McDermott died 18th February 1984

Erected by John McDermott, Rossgier


This headstone is very close to an older (original?) headstone


Erected in Memory of

Francis McDermott, Ballinabreen

Who died 12 Jun 1881 aged 68 years

His wife Margaret

Died 9 Mar 1883 aged 66 years

Catherine McDermott

Who died 3 Dec 1891 aged 63 years

Ellen McDermott

Who died 5 Nov 1893 aged 40 years




Sacred to the Memory of

Isabella McDermott late of Rossgier

Who departed this life

The 4th of January 1855 aged 80 years

Also John McDermott

Who departed this life

22nd June 1858 aged 84 years

Also James McDermott

Who died 18th Sept 1866 aged 51 years

Also Daniel McDermott

Who died 5th July 1875 aged 61 years

Mary Quigley

Departed this life

19th August 1884 aged 48 years

Francis John Quigley

Who departed this life

25th Dec 1889 aged 17 years




Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Souls of

James McDermott


Who died 24 Jul 1884 aged 58 years

His father William

Who died 12 Jul 1884

His mother Sally

Who died 2 Mar 1914

His brothers

Charles, William, Edward

His sister

Mary Sarah



In Loving Memory of

John McDermott, Rosssgier,

Died 10th Dec 1933

His wife Hannah McDermott

Died 28th Sept 1952

And their sons

Daniel died 10th Sept 1957

Mandy died 29th March 1958

Norbert McDermott

Died 5th Oct 1975

Susan McDermott

Died 15th June 1979

Jim McDermott

Died 7th Aug 1980

Jack McDermott died 12th March 1984

Dans wife Bridget died 17th April 1984

Kate died 11th Sept 1987

Nora died 17th Nov 1988

Mary Afric died 5th May 1988




In Loving Memory of

John McFarland

Died 10th July 1914 Aged 42 years

Erected by the UVF and friends



In Memory of

John McGettigan

Died December 5th 1907

Bella A. Loughry

Died June 1st 1911

Alexander (Sandy) Loughrey

Died 4th July 1924 aged 23

Alexander Loughrey

Died 15th February 1948 aged 90


(Rose McGettigan headstone on the left, John McGettigan headstone on right)


In Loving Memory of

Rose McGettigan (Braide)

Died 9 August 1914

Her husband Patrick

Died 18 December 1915

Their son Hugh

Died 6 December 1934

Hugh-Ban McGettigan

Died 11 April 1981 aged 64 years

And his wife Molly

Died 26th December 2003 aged 77 years



In Loving Memory of

James McGinley

Who died 1903

His Wife Margaret

Died 16 May 1928

Aged 80 years




Teague McGinley

Died 18 Jan 1902





Erected by

Rev Daniel McGowan

And James McGowan

In Memory of

Their Parents

Daniel McGowan

Died 5 Oct 1919

And Eleanor McGowan

Died 4 Mar 1929



In Loving Memory of

John McHugh, Rossgier

Died 8th July 1954

His wife Mary Anne

Died 21st September 1940

Their sons


Died 12th March 1926


Died 11th Jan 1981




In Memory of

Margaret Mc Hugh

Died 17th of October 1870 aged 66 years

This stone placed by here by her sorrowing mistress

Is dedicated to the fond memory of a

Faithful servant and

Affectionate friend

She is not dead but sleepth

Luke VIII 52



Sacred to the Memory of

James McKinney of Rossgier

Who departed this life

February 4th 1853 aged 20 years

Also his mother

Ellen McKinney

Died June 3rd 1869 aged 66 years

And her son

Thomas McKinney

Died December 4th 1895 aged 71 years

Also her daughter

Margaret McKinney

Died January 15th 1902 aged 70 years



James McLaughlin

Died 24 Jul 1877

Aged 65 years

John McLaughlin

Died 12 Nov 1881

Aged 51 years




Here lyeth the body of

Brian McNaw (McKnaw)

Who died 16 Jul 1792



Here lyeth the cody of

Polly McNaw

Who died 9 Jan 1803 aged 35 years



Sacred to the Memory of

Daniel McShane of Rossgier

Who departed this life

July 24th 1834 aged 72 years

Also of his beloved wife

Mary McShane

Who departed this life

February 11th 1837 aged 52 years

Also of their son

James McShane

Who departed this life

November 2nd 1841 aged 18 years

Also of their son

William McShane

Who departed this life

October 9th 1852 aged 24 years



Erected in Memory of

John McShane

Who died 20th November 1883 aged 74 years

Also his sister Catherine

Who died 14th April 1887 aged 72 years

Also their brother Daniel

Who died 20th June 1887 aged 70 years

And of their brother Philip

Who died in San Franscisco

On 29th July 1887 aged 68 years

And of their sister Eliza McGinley

Who died 11th October 1899 aged 89 years

And of her daughter

Cecelia McShea

Who died 27th Feb 1907 aged 63 years

Also her husband

James McShea

Who died 26th June 1934 aged 78 years




Here lieth the body of

Toal McShane

Died 7 Dec 1783 aged 81

Also his son

Edward McShane

Died Feb ? aged 30



Mathew Mease

Departed this life 8 Feb 1776

Aged 48 years

Also interred here, five of his children

Also Andrew Hamilton


Who died 2 Mar 1890 aged 55 years



Sacred to the Memory of

Robert Mehaffy, Craigadoes

Who died 7th Feby 1896 aged 75 years

Also his brother

William Mehaffey

Who died 4th April 1899 aged 77 years



In Memory of

Margery Moore, Glencush

Who died 19th January 1863 aged 77 years

Also her husband

James Moore

Who died 25th December 1870 Aged 84 years




Here lieth the body of

Bryan Mullan

Died Jun 1792 aged 63 years



Here lieth the body of

Christopher Mulrine

Who departed this life on 31 Jul 1823 aged 60 years

And also of Eleanor

His daughter

Who departed on 12 Nov 1820 aged 28 years

And of Eleanor his wife

Who departed this life on 8 Mar AD 1847

Aged 76 years

And Margaret

Daughter of Patrick

Who died 14 Dec 1841 aged 3 years

Also of Nancy Mulrine

Who died 22 Oct 1875 aged 58 years

Also of

Mary Mulrine

Who died 2 May 1878 aged 60 years



In Loving Memory of

Sarah Murphy

Died 16th April 1871 aged 9 years

Also Mary Anne Murphy

Died 4th Nov 1873 aged 13 years

Also Bridget Murphy

Died 12th June 1895 aged 25 years

J. T. Murphy

Died 6th Sep 1935

His daughter Ada Patricia

Died 19th Nov 1954

His wife Elizabeth

Died ? April 1959




Of Your Charity

Pray for the Soul of

Patrick Murray

Who died 14th January 1899 aged 68 years

Also his wife Rose A Murray

Who died 15th Dec 1917 aged 84 years

Susan Murray

Died 6th Feb 1928 aged 42 years

Her husband Matt Murray

Died 20th Feb 1938 aged 62 years

Joseph Murray

Died 6th Mar 1983 aged 69 years

Agnes Murray

Died 14th June 1987 aged 77 years

Children Edward and Gerard

Mary Murray died 6th June 1935

Lily Murray died 2nd April 2007 aged 90 years




The body of

John O Nicholas


Died young AD 1818



In Loving Memory of

Anna Nolan, Rossgier

Died Friday 13th Oct 1922 aged 18 years

Pat French

Died Thursday 27 Jan 1994 aged 92 years


Erected by her boyfriend

Pat French, Slligo




Here lieth

John O'Donnal

Who died 27 Nov 1764

Aged 43 years



Pray for the soul of

Bernard O’Donnell,

Who died 20th August 1826 aged 50 years

Also his wife Rachel

Who died 16th Dec 1854 aged 70 years

Also Ellen wife of

Hugh O’Donnell

Who died 26th Nov 1883 aged 40 years

Also their children,

Bernard Joseph and Ellen Mary who died young

(inscription on LHS of above stone inaccessable)



In Loving Memory of

Bernard O’Donnell

Died 18th December 1966 aged 94 years

His Loving Wife Catherine

Died 25th April 1958 aged 83 years

And Their Son Hugh

Died 23rd August 1935 aged 26 years

May They Rest in Peace




Erected by the children of

Matthew and Eleanor Prior

As a Testimony of Devoted

Affection and Respect

For their Relatives who lye here

October 28th 1863

Eleanor Prior

Daughter of

Matthew and Eleanor

Died 27th January 1878




In Memory of
Alexander Quinn
Departed this life
On the 16th April 1869 aged 69 years
And his wife
Eliza Quinn
Departed this life
12th March 1855 aged 52 years
Also their son
Alexander Quinn
Who departed this life at N. York
16th Decr 1859 aged 36 years
Also their daughter
Eliza Anne Quinn
Who departed this life
4th Novr 1836 aged 12 years
This stone is erected to their memory
By their son
Thomas Quinn of N. York A.D. 1870


Daniel Quinn

Departed on the 17th ___ 1818 aged 95 years


Daniel Quinn

Died 27 May 1873 aged 13 years



In Loving Memory of

Denis Quinn

Died 4th July 1895 aged 45 years

His wife Margery

Died 24th Sept? 1924 aged 80 Years

His sister Mary A.Quinn

Died 10th May 1909 aged 69 years

His daughter Rose Sharkey

Died 1st May 1933 Aged 57 years

William Quinn

Died 23rd February 1957



Erected by Nicholas Quinn

In Memory of his father

John Quinn

Who Died 28 Feb 1881

Aged 92 Years

Ellen Quinn

Died 4 Dec 1905

Aged 102 Years




In Loving Memory of

Joseph Quinn

Died 24th June 1965 aged 79 yrs

Danny Quinn

Died 20th Aug 1948 aged 12 yrs

Anna Quinn

Died 14th March 1942 aged 2 ½ yrs

Elizabeth Quinn

Died 3rd Jan 1989 aged 85 yrs




Margaret Quinn

Died 12th August 1880 aged 29 years

William Quinn

Died 12th May 1914 aged 72 years

Also their son

William Quinn

Died  1st Sept 1927 aged 56 years




Here lyeth the body of

Owen O Quinn

Who departed this life 1 Nov 1720

Aged 77 years

Patrick McMullen

Died 3 Nov 1897

Martha McMullen

Died 2 Oct 1921



William Rodgers

Changed a Temporal for an Eternal State

6 Apr 1802 aged 36 years

Also Catherine

His daughter

Died 20 Oct 1813 aged 22 years



C Sharkey

(6 graves)



In Memory of

Sam Smyth

Who died 18 Mar 1875

Aged 75 years



Sacred to the Memory of

Lieut. John Stephenson of Toberoneil

Who departed this life July 1811 aged 34

Also Jane Stephenson his daughter,

Who died July 29th 1884 aged 80,

Also William Ellison of Toberoneil

His son in law who died January 17th 1869 aged 76

Also Thomas Ellison son of

William Ellison who died February 1 1885 aged 42

also Eliza S. Ellison relict of Wm Ellison

Who departed this life 2nd Feby 1888 aged 81

Also Rev J. W. Ellison

Presbyn Minister, Sunderland, England

Son of William Ellison

Who departed this life

6th December 1891 aged 56 years

Also Andrew John Ellison son of Wm Ellison

Who departed this life Sep 29 1899 aged 66 years.

Jane Ellison

Died Londonderry Nov 18 1907 aged 60 years



 In Memory of

Robert Stevenson of Cavan

Who died 17th March 1844 aged 60 years

And of his wife Jane

Who died 2nd September 1859 aged 54 years

Also of their children


Who died in infancy 1839


Who died 10th June 1861 aged 21 years

Ephraim Stephenson of Londonderry

Who died 23rd September 1874 aged 42 years

And the infant daughter of

Robert Stevenson of Strabane

Who died 24th July 1875

Also of Alexander Stevenson of Cavan

Who died 29th December 1917 aged 80 years

And of his wife Sarah

Who died 12th July 1926 aged 69 years



In Memory of

James Stilley

Died Feby 1835 Aged 63 years

James Stilley

Died July 1847 aged 19 years

Andrew Stilley

Died April 1848 aged 85 years

Ann Stilley

Died March 1882 aged 92 years

Catherine Stilley

Died 31st March 1910 aged 85 years

James Stilley

Died 25th November 1915 aged 69 years

Nenian Stilley

Died 2nd April 1919 aged 90 years

Erected by Nenian Stilley, Gortin, Co. Donegal




 Here Lieth the Remains of

Mary Weir of Mullinaveigh

Departed this Life the

3rd of March 1861 aged 56 years

Also James Weir

Who died 7th April 1865 aged 65 years




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Lindel Buckley

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