1901 Census Main Street, Letterkenny, Conwal, Co Donegal



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Households 1 to 64


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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Lang
1 Speer John P Head Pres RW 39 Grocer/Hardware Merchant Married Donegal  
  Speer Mary S Wife Pres RW 31   Married Donegal  
  Speer Annie  Dau Pres RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Speer Thomas A  Son Pres RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Speer Margaret J McK Dau Pres RW 9 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Speer Robert W Son Pres RW 7 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Speer Albert  Son Pres Can't read 3   Single Donegal  
  McKinney William C Boarder Brethren RW 24 Shopman - Grocer Single Donegal  
  Wilson William Boarder Pres RW 19 Apprentice - Grocer Single Donegal  
  Davison Thomas Boarder Pres RW 19 Apprentice - Grocer Single Donegal  
  McBride Annie  Servant RC Can't read 23 Gen Domestic svt Single Donegal IE
  Hegarty Eliza Servant RC RW 16 Nurse - Domestic svt Single Donegal  
2 Mercer Mary Anne Head Pres RW 52 Coffee House Keeper Widow Donegal  
  Mercer Maggie Jane Dau Pres RW 21   Single Donegal  
  Mercer Minnie Anne Dau Pres RW 19 Monitress Single Donegal  
  Watters Robert Stewart Boarder Pres RW 35 Clerk of Union/Council Single Donegal  
  Boyd Margaret Boarder Pres RW 26 Teacher Single Co Derry  
  Seed Edith Eleanor Boarder CofI RW 21 Teacher Single Co Down  
  Graham William John Boarder Pres RW 18 Branch Clerk Single Co Antrim  
  Ferry Annie  Servant RC RW 17 Domestic svt Single Donegal IE
3 Philson Charles Head Pres RW 68 Grocer Married Donegal  
  Philson Anne Wife Pres RW 65 Gracer Married Donegal  
4 Culkin John Michael Head RC RW 34 Acting SGT RIC Married Co Mayo  
  Culkin Sarah Wife RC RW 27   Married Donegal  
5 McBride Samuel Head CofI RW 26 Grocer/Provision Dealer Single Donegal  
  McBride Elizabeth Sister CofI RW 37 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
6 Harkin Andrew Head RC RW 61 Oainter/Glazier Married Donegal IE
  Harkin Catherine Wife RC RW 56 Monitress Married Donegal IE
  Doherty Patrick Boarder RC RW 48 Slater/Plasterer Married Donegal  
  Harkin George Boarder RC RW 20 Baker Single Donegal  
7 McAteer Patrick Head RC RW 45 Sadler Widower Donegal  
  McAteer James Nephew RC RW 23 Sadler Single Donegal  
  McAteer Sarah Niece RC RW 19 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
8 Devine Neal Head RC RW 101   Married Co Tyrone IE
  Devine Fanny Wife RC RW 90   Married Donegal IE
  Devine Bridget Dau RC RW 22 Housekeeper Single Donegal IE
  Henderson William Boarder RC RW 28 Stone Mason Single Donegal IE
  McCrossan Richard Boarder RC RW 28 Carpenter Single Co Tyrone IE
  Creaynor Michael Boarder RC RW 22 Stone Mason Single Donegal IE
  Mulhern Edward Boarder RC RW 35 Carpenter Single Co Tyrone IE
  Morris Patrick Boarder RC RW 35 Carpenter/Joiner Single Co Tyrone IE
9 Sweeney Patrick Head RC Can't read 32 Car driver Married Donegal  
  Sweeney Annie  Wife RC RW 40   Married Co Derry  
  Sweeney Bernard Son RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Sweeney Bernard Father RC Can't read 56 Labourer Corn Mill Widower Donegal  
  Charles Killen and Margaret Wallace Household          
10 Killen Charles Head RC RW 28 General labr Married Donegal  
  Killen Mary Anne Wife RC RW 22 Seamstress Married Donegal  
  Killen Maggie Dau RC Can't read 1   Single Donegal  
  Wallace Margaret Mother-in-law RC Can't read 68 Housekeeper Widow Donegal  

Notes :

Charles Killen, Letterkenny, son of Charles and Rachel Killen, Letterkenny, married Mary Wallace, dau of James and Margaret Wallace, Letterkenny, 22 Aug 1898. Witnesses Patrick McGlynn and Susan

Fullerton, Letterkenny

Civil marriage registration states Charles was a 24 yr old labourer, father's name not recorded. 'Minnie' Wallace was a 21 yr old factory girl

Charles Killen b Letterkenny Workhouse 26 Nov 1869, father's name not recorded, mother Rachel Killen

Mother Rachel Killen entered the Workhouse on 19 Oct 1869 and was recorded as 22 years old, single, dressmaker, Church of England, Pregnant, residence 'Union at Large'

- died in childbirth 26 Nov 1869

Mary Anne Wallace b 11 Sep 1877, parents James Wallace and Margaret Breslin, bapt 14 Sep, Godparent Catherine McGinley

James Wallace, Letterkenny, son of John Wallace, Co Tyrone & Letterkenny, married Margaret Breslin, Letterkenny, dau of Henry Breslin, ?car, 14 June 1875. Witnesses Anne B? and E? Doyle, Letterkenny

James Wallace, labourer, Letterkenny, d 28 Mar 1877 aged 45 yrs

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11 McCue Owen Head RC Can't read 44 General svt Married Donegal IE
  McCue Catherine Wife RC Can't read 39   Married Scotland  
  McCue Charles Son RC Only reads 19 Farm svt Single Scotland  
  McCue Owen Son RC Can't read 15 General svt Single Scotland  
  McCue Mary Dau RC Only reads 9 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McCue Grace Dau RC Only reads 9 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McCue Patrick Son RC Can't read 6 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McCue Sophia Dau RC Can't read 3   Single Donegal  
12 Fullerton Hugh Head RC RW 48 Labourer in quarry Married East Donegal  
  Fullerton Hettie Wife RC RW 46   Married East Donegal  
  Fullerton Susan Dau RC RW 21 Examiner in Shirt Factory Single East Donegal  
  Fullerton Marion Dau RC RW 18 Machinist in Shirt Factory Single East Donegal  
  Fullerton Cassie Dau RC RW 16 Porter in Shirt Factory Single East Donegal  
  Fullerton Bridget Dau RC RW 14 Scholar Single East Donegal  
  Fullerton Patrick Son RC RW 11 Scholar Single East Donegal  
  Fullerton Winnie Dau RC RW 8 Scholar Single East Donegal  
13 Scott William Head Pres Only reads 67 Clothes dealer Widower Donegal  
  Scott William Son Pres RW 26 Cattle dealer Single Donegal  
14 Ramsay Isabella Dau RC RW 34 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
  Ramsay Bartholomew Son RC RW 30 Draper Single Donegal  
  Unser Emma Gdau RC RW 10 Scholar Single Philadelphia, USA  
  Unser Lilly Gdau RC RW 7 Scholar Single Donegal  
15 McGlaughlin Denis Head RC RW 60 Shoemaker Married Donegal IE
  McGlaughlin Sarah Wife RC RW 68 Housekeeper Married Donegal IE
  McHugh Patrick Lodger RC RW 27 General labr Single Donegal IE
  McHugh Dan Lodger RC RW 20 General labr Single Donegal IE
  McGee Patrick Lodger RC RW 27 General labr Single Donegal IE
  Patrick Doherty and Mary Carroll Household          
16 Doherty Patrick Head RC RW 30 Publican Married Donegal  
  Doherty Mary Wife RC RW 26   Married Donegal  
  Doherty Michael Son RC   3mths   Single Donegal  
  McGinty Cassie Servant RC RW 20 Domestic svt Single Donegal  
  McGarvey Sarah Servant RC RW 17 Nurse - Domestic svt Single Donegal  
  Toner Michael Servant RC RW 20 Bar tender Single Donegal  
  O'Hanlon Edward Boarder RC RW 40 Clothes dealer Married Donegal  
  McGinley Francis Boarder RC RW 20 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Jones Thomas Boarder RC RW 46 Organ builder Married Co Dublin  
  White Michael Boarder Prot RW 30 Organ builder Single Co Dublin  

Notes :

Patrick Doherty, 27, son of Michael and Elizabeth, married Mary Carroll, 24, dau of Philip and Margaret, 11 Jan 1900, in Letterkenny

Patrick son of Michael Doherty and Elizabeth Kelly

- his sister Mary Anne married Connell Bradley - see household 62, below

17 McDevitt Daniel Head RC RW 42 Merchant/Publican Married Donegal  
  McDevitt Margaret Wife RC RW 45   Married Donegal  
  McDevitt Cormac Son RC   8 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McDevitt Mary Mother RC Can't read 93   Widow Donegal IE
  McDevitt Ann Sister-in-law RC RW 32 Domestic svt Single Donegal  
  Mervin Andrew Boarder CofI RW 27 Carpenter Single Co Tyrone  
  Hamilton William Boarder CofI RW 22 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Crommer George Boarder CofI RW 19 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
18 McCullagh Robert Head CofI RW 55 Watchmaker/Jeweller Married Co Fermanagh  
  McCullagh Margaret Wife CofI RW 55   Married Donegal  
  McCullagh Jeannie Dau CofI RW 26 Organist Single Donegal  
19 Doherty Patrick Head RC RW 46 Farmer Single Letterkenny, Donegal  
  Doherty John Nephew RC RW 35 Car owner Single Letterkenny, Donegal  
  Doherty Lizzie Niece RC RW 26 Housemaid Single Letterkenny, Donegal  
  Doherty Ellen Niece RC RW 24 Barmaid Single Letterkenny, Donegal  
  Doherty Willie Servant RC RW 17 Car driver Single Letterkenny, Donegal  
  McGettigan Lily Gniece RC Only reads 5 Scholar Single Dunkineely, Donegal  
  Gallagher Hugh Boarder RC RW 45 Shop asst Single Moville, Donegal  
20 McAuley David Head CofI RW 45 Grocer Married Donegal  
  McAuley Jane Wife CofI RW 34   Married Donegal  
  McAuley Mary G Dau CofI RW 13 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McAuley Sarah Dau CofI RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McAuley Isabel Dau CofI RW 8 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McAuley David Son CofI RW 7 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McAuley Thomas Son CofI Only reads 6 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McAuley Edward Son CofI Can't read 5 Scholar Single Donegal  
21 Diver Catherine Head RC RW 60 Car owner Widow Donegal  
  McMenamin Minnie Servant RC RW 20 Domestic svt Single Donegal  
  Kennedy Robert Charles Boarder RC RW 30 Clergyman Single Donegal  
22 Campbell Margaret Head Pres RW 52 Druggist/Stationer Single Co Leitrim  
  Humphries Margaret Niece CofI RW 19 Shop asst Single Donegal  
  Humphries Jessie Niece CofI RW 12 Scholar Single Stirling  
  Watters Kitty Servant RC Can't read 70 Domestic svt Single Donegal IE
23 Morrow Jane Head Pres RW 60 Temperance Hotel Proprietor Married Anglesea  
  Rowland Bernice Dau Pres RW 27 Asst Single Lancashire  
  Foot Simon Boarder CofI RW 25 Clergyman Single Co Armagh  
  Potter Lynden Boarder CofI RW 23 Clergyman Single Co Leitrim  
  Thompson George Boarder CofI RW 21 Station Master Single Co Fermanagh  
  McGeady Bridget Servant RC RW 22 Domestic svt Single Falcarragh, Donegal IE
24 McCay William Head Baptist RW 49 Grocer/General Merchant Married Donegal  
  McCay Isabella Wife Pres RW 46   Married Donegal  
  McCay Arthur C Son Pres RW 17 Grocer asst Single Donegal  
  McCay Florrie Dau Pres RW 13 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McCay Ernest Son Pres RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McCay James Son Pres RW 9 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McCay David Son Pres RW 8 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McCay Caroline Dau Pres RW 6 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McCay Henry George Son Pres Only reads 4 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Rankin David Servant CofI RW 24 Shop asst Single Donegal  
  Friel Mary Servant RC RW 24 Servant Single Donegal  
25 Kelly Hugh Head RC RW 40 Publican Single Londonderry  
  Sweeney Mary Cousin RC RW 21 Barmaid Single Donegal IE
  McFadden Tague Boarder RC RW 60 Stone Mason Single Donegal  
26 Gallagher Rose Anne Head RC Only reads 60 Boardinghouse keeper Widow Donegal  
  White Susan Dau RC RW 28 Domestic svt Widow Donegal  
  McNanney Fanny Boarder RC RW 29 Housekeeper Married Donegal  
  McNanney Mathew Boarder RC Can't read 3   Single Donegal  
  McNanney Patrick Boarder RC Can't read 1   Single Donegal  
  McCabe Rose Anne Gdau RC   11mths   Single Glasgow  
27 Doherty Mary Head RC RW 50 Spirit Dealer Widow Donegal IE
  Doherty James Son RC RW 21 Farmer Single Donegal  
  Doherty Mary A Dau RC RW 19 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Doherty Susan Dau RC RW 17 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Martin Ellen Servant RC Can't read 22 Domestic svt Single Donegal  
28 Kelly Daniel Head RC RW 56 Saddler & horse? , Donegal  
  Kelly Mary Wife RC RW 56 Housekeeper Married Donegal  
  Kelly Mary A Dau RC RW 17 Scholar Single Scotland  
  Kelly Bridget Dau RC RW 15 Scholar Single Scotland IE
29 Davis John Head Christian RW 62 Provision Merchant Widower Donegal  
  Lee Joseph Boarder Pres RW 21 Grocer's asst Single Donegal  
  Anderson Charles Boarder Pres RW 18 Grocer's asst Single Donegal  
  Lee James Boarder Pres RW 17 Grocer's asst Single Donegal  
  Russell William Boarder Pres RW 15 Grocer's asst Single Donegal  
  Boner Susan Servant RC RW 33 Domestic svt Single Donegal  
30 Wilkinson Matthew Head CofI RW 55 Posting Establishment Married Donegal  
  Wilkinson Margaret Wife CofI RW 45   Married Donegal  
  Wilkinson Willey J Son CofI RW 23 Coach driver Single Donegal  
  Wilkinson Annie J Dau CofI RW 21 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
  Wilkinson James Son CofI RW 19 Coach driver Single Donegal  
  Wilkinson Martha Dau CofI RW 14 Seamstress Single Donegal  
  Wilkinson Thomas A  Son CofI RW 13 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Wilkinson Harry Son CofI Only reads 8 Scholar Single Donegal  
31 White Margaret Head CofI Only reads 60 Housekeeper Widow Donegal  
32 Watt Sara Jane Head Pres RW 55 Milliner Single Co Derry  
  Watt Mary Eliza Sister Pres RW 34 Asst Single Co Derry  
  Creenley Jannis Boarder Pres RW 25 Dressmaker Single Co Derry  
  Watt Annie Sister Pres RW 38 Farmer's dau Single Co Derry  
33 Rankin Joseph Head CofI RW 28 Grocer/Merchant Single Donegal  
  Rankin Margaret Sister CofI RW 30 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
34 Stewart James Henry Head CofI RW 31 Grocer Married Donegal  
  Stewart Lizzie Wife CofI RW 27   Married Co Derry  
  McKenzie Peter Boarder Pres RW 49 Watchmaker Single Aberdeen  
  Stevenson Isabella Servant RC RW 25 Gen Domestic svt Single Donegal  
35 Houston John Head RC RW 57 Commercial traveller/Publican Married Donegal  
  Houston Joanne C Wife RC RW 27   Married Donegal  
  Houston William Eugene Son RC Can't read 3   Single City of Derry  
  Houston John Charles Son RC Can't read 1   Single City of Derry  
  Houston Kathleen A Dau RC   5mths   Single Donegal  
  Sheil Rose Clara Sister-in-law RC RW 18 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Sheil Josephine G Sister-in-law RC RW 16 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Gallagher William Servant RC RW 27 Shopman Single Donegal IE
  Harkin Mary Servant RC RW 21 Nurse - Domestic svt Single Scotland  
  Harkin Susan Servant RC RW 19 Gen Domestic svt Single Scotland  
36 Mahoney Eugene Head RC RW 29 Shopkeeper - draper Single Donegal IE
  Mahoney Mary Mother RC RW 60   Widow Meath?  
  Mahoney Julia Sister RC RW 22 Shop asst Single Donegal  
  Diveeney Edward Servant RC RW 16 Draper's apprentice Single Donegal  
37 Astle John Head CofI RW 42 Hotel keeper Married Chester  
  Astle Mary Ann Wife CofI RW 42   Married Salop  
  Astle Ethel Annie Dau CofI RW 20 Book keeper Single Chester  
  Astle Alice May Dau CofI RW 14 Scholar Single Chester  
  Tomlinson Annie Niece CofI RW 31 Housekeeper Single Chester  
  Hughes Letitia Ferguson Servant Pres RW 22 Waitress/Domestic svt Single Scotland  
  Hughes Annie White Servant Pres RW 14 Housemaid Single Scotland  
  White George Servant CofI RW 47 Boots Married Letterkenny, Donegal  
  Clarke William James Servant Pres RW 15 Messenger Single Letterkenny, Donegal  
  McMonagle Joseph Servant RC RW 28 Barman Single Donegal  
38 Kelly John Head RC RW 52 Inspector GRO Dublin Single Clare  
  Telford William Hodgson Boarder CofI RW 50 Organ builder Single Dublin  
  Houston John Dudgeon Boarder Freethinkers RW 24 Bank Official Single Kildare  
39 Feeney Peter? John Carr Head RC RW 46