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In Loving Memory of

Hamilton Blain

1896 - 1974

His Wife

Frances C

(Nee Walker)

1906 - 1984



Treasured Memories Of Our Dear

Father & Mother

Joseph H Blain

Died 17 Nov 1934

Aged 80 Years

Minnie E Blain

Died 24 Nov 1948

Aged 82 Years

Their Daughter

Frances M Blain

1899 - 1977

Their Son Reuben S Blain

1909 - 1986



See 1901 census Malin More




Hugh Browndow


Age 83 years

7 Jan 1884



In Loving Memory of

David Henry Buchanan

Died 11 Dec 1993

Aged 73 years

His Mother Frances Jane

Died 24 Sep 1950 aged 69 years

His Father David

Died 9 Jul 1954 aged 75 years

In Heavenly Love Abiding



See 1901 Census Gannew and Curreen



In Loving Memory of


Beloved Wife of

Sergt J Crawford RIC

Who departed this life 20 Jan 1893

Aged 59? years



Here lieth the body of

Rev John Ewing

The Rector of the Parish of Glencolumbkille

Who departed this life ? Sep 1824

Aged 71 years



In Loving Memory of

The Fuller Family


At Rest



In Loving Memory of

Jane Griffith

Who departed this life 14 May 1854

Daughter of the Late

Reverend Valentine Pole Griffith

(the Rector of this Parish)

Her dying Testimony was

Strong in the Lord

Then - "The Maid is not Dead but Sleepeth" (Matt IX 24)

Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep

From which none ever Wake to Weep

Jesus says "Come unto Me

All Ye that Labour and are heavy Laden

And I will give you Rest" (Matt XI 28)

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ

And thou shalt be Saved" (Acts XVI 31)



Jane dau of Rev Valentine Pole Griffith & Elizabeth Lucy Murphy

See Inscriptions, St Anne's, Killult



To the Memory of

William Hume Esq JP

of Glen Lodge in this Parish

Who died ?th Nov 1849

Aged 65? years

Fell Asleep in the Lord Jesus Christ




Remembered With Love

Susan Roberta Mathison


Died 14 Jul 1993 aged 89 years

And her Husband

Robert Gordon Mathison

Died 13 Jan 1997 aged 89 years

Interred in Hollywood, Co Down





In Loving memory

Of My Dear Husband


Died 15th Dec 1982 Aged 64 Years



See 1901 Census Contycro



In Loving Memory of

Mary A Maxwell

Wife of

William Maxwell

Died 26 May 1904

Aged 56 years



See 1901 Census Contycro



In Loving Memory of

William Maxwell

of Contycroe

Died 22 Dec 1910

Aged 68 years



William husband of Mary Ann nee Crawford, above

See 1901 Census Contycro





In Loving Memory of

Moses McNelis and Wife Hannah

And Their Children

Elizabeth McNelis Maxwell

William And His Wife Cassie

Catherine McNelis Dunleavy

James McNelis

Thomas Dunleavy

Died 7 Sep 1995

Aged 87 Years



See 1901 census Braade Upper


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Erected to the Memory of

Madge O'Byrne

Late of Indianapolis, Ind, USA

Born at Malinbeg Octr 4 1852

Died Octr 25 1886

May Her Soul Rest In Peace Amen

She Wished not Death In Stranger Lands

Nor Grave Neath Foreign Skies

But Home She Came That Kindred Hands

Might Place Her Where She Lies

She Loved The Land That Gave Her Birth

As But The Pure Can Love

Her Prayer A Grave In Irish Earth

My Soul To God Above



See 1901 census Malin Beg



In Memory of

Bess Osborne

Who died 17 Jul 1878

Aged 63 years

Also John Osborne

Died 3 Jun 1879

Aged 71 years

Also Eliza Osborne

Died 1 Jun 1889

Aged 42 years

Even SO Them Which Sleep in Jesus

Will God Bring With Him



Here lyeth the Body of

George Osburn

Who departed this life 8 Sep 1793

Aged 63 years

Who was a good Husband and a Loveing Parent



In Loving Memory of

William Francis Rogers

1908 - 1982

His Wife May (nee Gault)

1907 - 1878

His Brother George Thomas

1910 - 1936

His Parents

Ellen Crawford (nee Maxwell)

William Francis Rogers



Here lieth the Body of

M Hannah?

The Wife of Thomas Roulston

Rector of Glencolumbkille

Who died on 15? January 1790

Departed this life Aged 40 years

She was ? ?ond and an able Wife

A tender Mother

A kind affectionate friend



Here lyeth the body of

Walter James Roulston

Son of the

Revd Thomas Roulston

Rector of the Parish of Glencolumbkille

Who departed this life 1 ? 1790

Aged ?

Child of ?

?us and Lea?

Also the body of his Brother

Thomas Roulston

Who died 11 Jan 180?

Aged 19 years




In Loving Memory of

Arthur E Simmonds

Called Home 16 Sep 1912

Aged 10 years

Safe in the Arms of Jesus



In Loving Memory of

Minnie L Thompson

Wife of the

Rev David Thompson

Who Entered into Rest

22 Jun 1905

Aged 65 years


And of the

Rev David Thomspn

Canon of Raphoe

35 years Rector

of Glencolumbkille

Died 3 Aug 1921?

Aged 71 years



See 1901 census Straid or Glebe



In Loving Memory of

John Walker

Who Was Called By His Master

From His Labor

To Refreshment On Dec 7 1899

Aged 82 Years

Also His Wife Frances

Who Died Feb 27 1907

Aged 81 years



See 1901 Census Contycro



In Loving Memory of

Peter Watson, The Lodge, Carrick

Died 12 Nov 1942 aged 65 years

And his Wife Matilda Jane

Died 16 Feb 1959 aged 74 years

And their Sons

William died 26 Oct 1915

Aged 1 year 10 months

Stuart died 24 Feb 1931

Aged 4 years 5 months

Frank, lost at Sea 4 Jul 1943

Aged 27 years



For Peter with his parents & siblings - see 1901 census Drumnasillagh, Inishkeel

Also see 1911 census Kilgoly

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